Searching Tips (Firexfox Browser only)

1.     Searching in a particular frame


When you’re using the Wordlist frame to find a single word, sometimes the “Find Button” ([CONTROL]+[F]) will search in other frames.  This can happen after doing a phrase search in the Text frame and then returning to do a word search in the Wordlist frame.  To force the search back to the Wordlist frame there are several things you can do to force the search to act on the Wordlist Frame first.

1)     Press the “START New Search” button (top left of screen) and then left click on any blank spot in the Wordlist frame.

2)     Check the box “Match case” in the “Find” dialogue box (bottom left of screen, it appears after pressing [CONTROL]+[F]) and enter the search string in CAPITAL letters.  Because the Wordlist is all capitals, this will often get you back to that frame.

3)     If neither of those work, this will:

a.      Place the cursor in the Wordlist frame and Right Click.

b.     Select “This Frame” from the dialogue box that opens

c.     Select “Show Only This Frame” from the next dialogue box.

4)     This will make the Wordlist frame fill the whole screen and the search will then apply to this frame only.  When you find the word you’re looking for, click the “back” button and the multi-frame screen will return, and the “Find Button” will now start searching in the Wordlist frame.

5)     Should you wish to confine your search to any other frame, technique “3” (“Show Only This Frame)above will work in any frame.


2.     Small words found in larger words (whole word only)


If you search for a short word, for instance the word “one” then the first hit will be the word ABANDONED.  The next will be ALONE.  And so on.  This can be annoying.  You can enter a space at the beginning and/or end of the word to force a search for that string only.