situation to which it is transferred.

--- Manuscript
T 5 C 2 T(235)C 62
knowledge, but it can be TRANSFERRED to knowledge, or CROSS OVER T 5 C 2 T(236)C 63
dream of waking is easily transferred to its reality. For this T 18 C 11 T(667)494
NOT mean that what it transfers TO is measurable. On the T 6 H 10 T(301)128
On the contrary, unless it transfers to the whole Sonship, which T 6 H 10 T(301)128
11 G 8. Love transfers to love without ANY interference T 11 G 8 T(470)- 297
you will see your own transfiguration in the glass this holy W 124 L 10 W(252)
sin and death. Through your transfiguration is the world redeemed and W 151 L 17 W(319)
your loveliness the stars stand transfixed, and bow to the power T 1 B 30w T(21)21
use it. What He cannot TRANSFORM to the Will of God T 9 G 9 T(403)230
And you will LET it transform the relationship, so you can T 17 D 9 T(637)- 464
your special relationships, but would TRANSFORM them. And by that, all T 17 E 2 T(640)467
bleak and joyless kingdom, and transform it into a garden of T 18 I 11 T(688)512
light your images, and so transform them that you will love W 23 L 4 W(38)
your experience today will so transform your mind that it becomes W 157 L 5 W(340)
the learning will generalize and transform the world. The transfer value M 6 C 4 M(20)
now, by REAL comparison, a TRANSFORMATION of both pictures can at T 17 E 14 T(645)472
of Christ. Now is its transformation clear to you. W W 164 L 5 W(360)
the top there is a transformation much like your own, for S 1 C 7 S(7)
Kingdom, guilt melts away, and, transformed into kindness, will never moreT 13 D 14 T(520)- 347
you have ALL of it transformed into a radiant message of T 14 B 2 T(540)- 367
Gods creation, it is TRANSFORMED into forever. T 15 T 15 B 13 T(567)394
remains IS eternal, and the TRANSFORMED past is made LIKE THE T 17 D 7 T(637)- 464
clear-cut and unmistakable contrast, is transformed into what lies BEYOND theT 17 E 15 T(645)472
is the old, unholy relationship, transformed and seen anew. T T 17 F 1 T(646)473
to lead you to illusions, transformed to means for truth. Truth T 17 H 8 T(656)483
see your little garden gently transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven T 18 I 10 T(688)512
light; nothing perceived, forgiven, nor transformed. But merely KNOWN. TT 18 J 11 T(692)516
more. The world will be transformed before your sight, cleansed of T 19 F 7 T(712)536
to have your whole relationship transformed to joy. The LITTLE gift T 21 C 1 T(767)589
here is sight of differences transformed to VISION. T 22 T 22 A 4 T(796)- 617
on your peace is here transformed before your sight into the T 23 B 4 T(822)641
WITHOUT a cure, has been transformed into a universal blessing. Sacrifice T 26 C 6 T(906)725
of your hate has been transformed into a world of Love T 26 F 12 T(916)742
is its holy purpose, now transformed from the intent you gave W 138 L 7 W(301)
as each thought is thus transformed, it takes on healing power W 151 L 15 W(319)
you will see him suddenly transformed from enemy to Savior; from W 161 L 12 W(352)
in your happiness to how transformed the mind becomes which chooses W 166 L 15 W(367)
which was slave to time, transformed into a holy instant when W 194 L 5 W(433)
Heaven, that it quickly is transformed into the Light which it W 249 L 1 W(493)
behold earth disappear, at first transformed, and then, forgiven, fade entirelyW 326 L 2 W(578)
the light their purpose is transformed and understood. And we, Godís M 29 A 4 M(67)
then all things will be transformed together, and returned unblemished intoS 1 C 9 S(7)
this and you have been transformed. Accomplish this and you will S 2 A 1 S(12)
see WITHOUT forgiveness. The Great Transformer of perception will undertake WITHT 17 C 5 T(633)- 460
the darkness of other minds, transforming them into majesty. The majesty T 7 L 5 T(345)C 172
Itself Which walks with you, transforming in its gentle Light all W 156 L 5 W(338)
forgiving eyes. For forgiveness literally TRANSFORMS vision, and lets you seeT 17 C 6 T(633)- 460
use instead. This power INSTANTLY transforms ALL situations into one sure T 17 I 3 T(657)484
if you forgive him his transgressions, you but ADD to all T 27 C 1 T(938)764
are welcome. Ask not this transient stranger, who am I? He T 20 D 7 T(742)566
fancied value, trivial effect, or transient promise never to be kept W 122 L 3 W(244)
present ONLY as a brief transition TO the future, in which T 12 D 4 T(493)320
is nothing more than a transition in your PERSPECTIVE of reality T 16 G 6 T(623)- 450
down to littleness. In the transition, there is a period of T 16 G 6 T(623)- 450
pace with you, in your transition. The urgency is only in T 16 G 7 T(623)- 450
disorientation, which precedes the actual transition, is far shorter than theT 16 G 7 T(624)- 451
of contradiction makes the soft transition from means to end as T 22 G 3 T(814)633
CHAPTER 26 THE TRANSITION T 26 A. Introduction T 26 0 0 T(901)720
His gift whereby a sweet transition can be made from death W 159 L 10 W(346)
level of past communion. Its transitory nature comes from the descent T 1 B 25g T(15)15
obvious. They are subject to transitory states, and this implies variabilityT 3 E 5 T(148)147
With full recognition of its transitory nature, (a recognition which I T 4 C 5 T(199)C 26
there is no room for transitory thoughts and dead ideas to W 107 L 3 W(216)
you must remain unchangeable with transitory states by definition false. AndW 152 L 5 W(322)
of the world becomes a transitory phase; a prison house from W 184 L 10 W(400)
personal, and is actually not translatable into conscious content at all T 1 B 25e T(15)15
is GETTING YOU READY to translate having into being by the T 6 H 7 T(300)127
because ONLY His patience can translate attack into blessing. Those who T 7 H 8 T(333)C 160
a child is helped to translate his ghost into a curtain T 10 H 16 T(447)- 274
The Holy Spirit must still TRANSLATE it into truth. If you T 11 B 7 T(452)279
replace fear with love, and translate error into truth. And thus T 11 C 3 T(453)- 280
so does the Holy Spirit TRANSLATE His communications THROUGH you, so T 14 F 12 T(557)- 384
Teacher HE has appointed, to translate time to eternity.
T 15 C 2 T(567)394
them may be, He can TRANSLATE them into holiness, by removing T 15 F 5 T(578)405
For His task is to TRANSLATE the miracle into the knowledge T 16 C 6 T(605)432
the Holy Spirit uses to TRANSLATE specialness from sin into salvation T 25 G 5 T(884)703
Who has the power to translate into form the wholly formless W 192 L 3 W(425)
and it has power to translate all that the bodys W 270 L 1 W(516)
given Him the power to translate your prayers of the heart M 30 A 6 M(70)
projection. Lucifer could be literally translated Light Bearer. He literally PROJECTEDT 1 B 30e T(18)18
how sexual-impulses can be directly translated into miracle-impulses.) The fantasies thatT 1 B 41q T(47)47
In effect, they must be TRANSLATED for those who speak a T 7 C 7 T(308)C 135
that YOUR forgetting MUST be translated into a way of remembering T 7 E 10 T(316)C 143
is how perception ultimately is translated into knowledge. The miracle-worker beginsT 9 D 10 T(394)221
ONLY real perception will be translated into knowledge, will leave you T 10 H 5 T(444)- 271
Seek and do NOT find. Translated into curricular terms, this is T 11 F 7 T(466)- 293
truly. Redeemed perception is easily translated into knowledge, for ONLY perceptionT 11 I 9 T(479)306
turned to your own good, translated by Him from means of T 14 D 6 T(548)- 375
s altar, where He gently translated hell into Heaven. For it T 15 C 3 T(568)- 395
THAT YOU WANT, it is translated into knowledge, by the part T 15 I 8 T(591)- 418
the bridge in perfect safety, translated quietly from war to peace T 16 E 2 T(611)438
come to Him, to be translated into truth. He will exchange W 270 W6 4 W(517)
sights and sounds must be translated from the witnesses of fear W 280 W7 2 W(528)
illusion. So closely is one translated into the other, that a P 3 G 5 P(15)
what you have made and translates it into a learning device T 6 F 8 T(290)C 117
Spirit, which leads to God, translates communication into being, just as T 6 F 11 T(291)118
being, just as He ultimately translates perception into knowledge. T T 6 F 11 T(291)118
the FORM of what he translates, NEVER changes the meaning. In T 7 C 7 T(308)C 135
naturally EXACTLY the opposite. He translates ONLY to preserve the originalT 7 C 8 T(308)C 135
the ability to SHARE, He TRANSLATES what you have made, into T 9 C 3 T(388)215
begins by PERCEIVING light, and translates HIS perception into sureness byT 9 D 10 T(394)221
by which the Holy Spirit translates your nightmares into happy dreams T 20 I 11 T(762)584
of Heavens justice. It translates the world of sin into T 26 E 1 T(910)729
G 3. The ear translates; it does not hear. The P 3 G 3 P(14)
the Christ in you, Who translates His Answer into whatever language S 1 A 7 S(3)