s altar to rise and tower far above the world, and T 26 E 3 T(910)729
had the sharpest pencil in town. (The language here is intentional T 1 B 37ab T(35)35
to play with, or a toy you would pick up from T 20 C 6 T(737)561
accomplishment. Judgment is but a toy, a whim, the senseless means T 20 I 7 T(760)583
dream attack? Or CAN a toy grow large and dangerous and T 29 J 5 T(1013)827
he makes of ANYTHING a toy, to make his world remain T 29 J 5 T(1013)827
you to abandon Him? What toys or trinkets in the gap T 29 B 5 T(992)818
dream, and idols are the toys you dream you play with T 29 J 4 T(1013)827
with. Who has need of toys but children? They pretend they T 29 J 4 T(1013)827
the world, and give their toys the power to move about T 29 J 4 T(1013)827
for them. Yet everything their toys appear to do is in T 29 J 4 T(1013)827
the dream in which their toys are real, and recognize their T 29 J 4 T(1013)827
Nightmares are childish dreams. Their toys have turned against the child T 29 J 5 T(1013)827
and gives them to his toys instead. And their reality becomes T 29 J 5 T(1013)827
Seek not to retain the toys of children. Put them all T 29 J 6 T(1013)827
made are blown-up childrens toys. A child IS frightened when T 30 E 2 T(1027)841
not there is filled with toys in countless forms. And each T 30 E 3 T(1027)841
at popping heads and squeaking toys, as does the child who T 30 E 3 T(1027)841
at the mercy of his toys? And CAN they represent a T 30 E 3 T(1027)841
rise again. They are but toys, my children. Do not grieve T 30 E 4 T(1028)842
looked upon as childrens toys, without a SINGLE meaning of T 30 E 4 T(1028)842
itself? Look calmly at its toys, and understand that they are T 30 E 5 T(1028)842
to be perceived without the toys of terror that you made T 30 E 7 T(1029)843
gap is emptied of the toys of fear, and then its T 30 E 8 T(1029)843
with intellectual feats nor logical toys. We are dealing only in W 39 L 1 W(64)
unwilling now to play with toys of sin, unheeding of the W 151 L 9 W(317)
Who would replace their fearful toys with joyous games, which teach W 153 L 12 W(326)
which we put away the toys of guilt, and lock our W 153 L 13 W(326)
in exchange for all the toys of battle you have made W 183 L 12 W(396)
away these sharp-edged childrens toys? How soon will you be W 250 W4 5 W(495)
shine in unawareness, while the toys and trinkets of the world W 258 L 1 W(503)
Son, forgetting all the foolish toys I made as I behold W 346 L 1 W(600)
the giving up of childrenís toys? Does one whose vision has M 14 A 4 M(35)
to find among the shabby toys of earth. I take them G 2 A 2 G(4)
REMOVE all doubt, and every trace of guilt, that His dear T 13 E 3 T(521)348
in gladness, and remove all trace of guilt from his disturbed T 19 L 9 T(730)554
MUST disappear, and leave no trace behind their going. The unholy T 20 G 9 T(753)576
everything that is eternal. No trace of anything in time can T 22 G 6 T(815)634
let forgiveness sweep away all trace of the belief in sin T 23 B 10 T(824)643
so complete, that not one trace of conflict still remains to T 24 G 1 T(855)674
and threatening, and not a trace of all the happy sparkle T 26 K 6 T(932)758
truly pardoned, and retains no trace of condemnation that
T 27 C 3 T(938)764
place where it began. No trace of it remains. Not one T 31 G 11 T(1072)886
old one has left no trace upon it in its passing W 75 L 2 W(146)
merely vanish, leaving not a trace by which to be remembered W 107 L 1 W(216)
a future undisturbed, without a trace of sorrow, and with joy W 135 L 20 W(289)
He shares His glory any trace of sin and guilt? And W 239 L 1 W(482)
reached God directly, retaining no trace of worldly limits and remembering M 27 A 2 M(62)
opposite has gone without a trace. Where evil was there U 3 A 6 U(4)
time is over, and no trace remains of dreams of spite U 7 A 5 U(12)
forever. There can be no trace of it remaining, if the S 2 B 9 S(15)
unremembered world will leave no trace behind its going, when Godís G 1 A 8 G(3)
ITSELF AWAY, and tries to TRADE itself for the self of T 16 F 7 T(617)444
of God. And would you trade Them for an ancient hate T 26 J 2 T(928)754
be tempted: I will not trade miracles for grievances. I want W 77 L 7 W(153)
you wait for this and trade it for illusions, when His U 8 A 1 U(13)
bartering, in which guilt is traded back and forth, and grievances W 73 L 3 W(141)
of Him? Can this be traded for a bit of trifling S 1 B 4 S(4)
middlemen the ego employs to traffic in grievances, and stand between W 73 L 2 W(141)
phrases, This kind of human tragedy is far easier to avert T 3 A 32 T(127)126
what becomes of all the tragedy you sought to make for W 166 L 8 W(365)
Strengths turned to weakness are tragedy indeed. Yet what is not M 26 A 4 M(61)
applications, and genuinely tragic on a mass basis. Persecution T 3 C 5 T(133)132
respect. There is nothing as tragic as the attempt to deceive T 3 G 44 T(172)171
in eternity, but it IS tragic in time. You have elected T 5 H 2 T(259)C 86
is, despite the serious and tragic forms it may take. W 41 L 2 W(68)
its painful pleasures and its tragic joys. God made no contradictions W 131 L 7 W(270)
them. Yet is he really tragic when you see that he W 166 L 6 W(365)
by as worthless in their tragic offerings. You do not want S 2 C 8 S(17)
about repression, Bill, but DO train yourself to be alert to T 4 G 20 T(228)C 55
are safe NOW. Then you train them to RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE T 6 F 3 T(289)C 116
purpose of these exercises to train the mind to think along W 1 IN1 1 W(1)
of these exercises is to train the mind to a different W 1 IN1 3 W(1)
time. The purpose is to train the mind to generalize the W 1 IN1 3 W(1)
You will find, if you train yourself to look at your W 4 L 1 W(6)
The aim here is to train you in the first steps W 4 L 3 W(6)
today is to begin to train your mind to recognize when W 8 L 3 W(13)
that is needful is to train our minds to overlook all W 258 L 1 W(503)
thinking, but they CAN be TRAINED to think that way. T 2 E 17 T(104)103
All miracle-workers HAVE to be trained that way. I have to T 2 E 18 T(104)103
clear, and natural. You have trained yourselves NOT to see it T 7 L 6 T(345)C 172
Fears messengers are trained through terror, and they tremble T 19 F 4 T(711)535
send INSTEAD of those YOU trained through fear. THEY are as T 19 F 6 T(712)536
This witness is insane. You trained it in its testimony, and T 21 C 5 T(768)590
in the world for the trained mind, just as it seems W 44 L 4 W(75)
real world, and can be trained to do so increasingly. Yet U 2 A U(3)
has levels and can be trained demonstrates that consciousness cannot reach U 2 A U(3)
knows better, has been better trained, or is perhaps more talented S 3 D 2 S(24)
situations, the transfer of your training, under the Holy Spirits T 11 G 8 T(470)- 297
from 1 to 365. The training period is one year. Do W 1 IN1 2 W(1)
is also the beginning of training your mind to recognize what W 4 L 3 W(6)
a major goal of mind training. It embodies precisely what the W 44 L 3 W(75)
untrained mind lacks. Yet the training must be accomplished if you W 44 L 3 W(75)
of the long range disciplinary training which your mind needs so W 65 L 4 W(119)
of your need for mind training. It is necessary that you W 95 L 4 W(185)
and fairly early in his training, that harmfulness completely obliterates hisM 5 E 1 M(13)
newly-made teacher of Gods training. There is, however, no set M 10 A 1 M(27)
however, no set pattern, since training is always highly individualized. ThereM 10 A 1 M(27)
majority are given a slowly-evolving training program, in which as many M 10 A 1 M(27)
of God advances in his training, he learns one lesson with M 10 A 2 M(28)
personally insulting. The worlds training is directed toward achieving a M 10 A 2 M(28)
it works. All through his training, every day and hour, and M 17 A 11 M(44)
this, however, he needs special training, because the curriculum by which P 4 B 2 P(21)
Most of the worlds training follows a curriculum in judgment P 4 B 2 P(21)