all your world appears to totter and prepare to fall. Now W 136 L 7 W(292)
does with all issues that touch on the real question in T 4 F 14 T(223)C 50
to everything you see and touch and remember are literally denying T 7 L 4 T(344)C 171
WHICH HE SEES, will never touch him, for although he BELIEVES T 11 J 8 T(482)309
to all your brothers, and touch them with the touch of T 12 F 8 T(502)329
and touch them with the touch of Christ. In timeless union T 12 F 8 T(502)329
has not the power to touch the living world at all T 12 G 3 T(505)332
world HAS the power to touch you even here BECAUSE YOU T 12 G 3 T(505)332
Gods Will that nothing touch His Son except Himself, and T 12 G 6 T(506)333
Reach out of time and touch it, with the help of T 14 F 2 T(554)- 381
and in Whom you dwell. Touch no-one, then, with littleness, in T 15 D 7 T(571)- 398
knows how to bring a touch of Heaven to them here T 15 F 8 T(579)406
surrounds It. No fear can touch the Host Who cradles God T 15 K 2 T(597)- 424
a foundation. Try but to touch it, and it disappears; attempt T 18 J 7 T(691)515
grim master, lord of death? Touch any one of them with T 19 I 2 T(721)545
Nothing but this can touch them, for they see ONLY T 20 E 5 T(746)569
out your JOINED hands and touch this heavy-seeming block, and you T 22 E 9 T(810)629
deep and quiet that no touch of doubt can EVER mar T 23 E 8 T(837)656
HE created safe. YOU cannot touch it with the false ideas T 24 H 5 T(861)680
reach beyond the universe to touch the heart of ALL creation T 26 E 3 T(910)729
hands made gentle by His touch, the Holy Spirit lays a T 27 B 3 T(935)761
justified, and NO attack can touch him with the poisoned sting T 27 B 4 T(935)761
bodies seem to get in touch, and signify a meeting place T 29 B 1 T(991)817
any thought, however light the touch of evil on it may T 29 F 5 T(1002)816
in them, and they will touch you not. T 30 T 30 E 4 T(1028)842
- a prayer the miracle touch not some dreams, but KEEP T 30 I 3 T(1040)854
and all Heaven bends to touch your eyes, and bless your T 31 F 1 T(1061)875
few situations thoroughly than to touch on a larger number. W 26 L 6 W(45)
literally attempting to get in touch with the salvation of the W 69 L 2 W(128)
the clouds. Reach out and touch them in your mind. Brush W 69 L 5 W(129)
guaranteed by God. Nothing can touch it, nor can change what W 93 L 6 W(181)
without attack, and with no touch of pain? What but a W 99 L 4 W(197)
time goes by without its touch upon you, for your rest W 109 L 5 W(222)
fail in nothing. Everything we touch takes on a shining light W 124 L 1 W(250)
your mind, or whom you touch, or those who seem to W 137 L 10 W(298)
report. You think your fingers touch reality and close upon the W 151 L 3 W(316)
ears, nor what your fingers touch reports of him. He passes W 151 L 7 W(317)
every happening which seems to touch on you in any way W 151 L 12 W(318)
given you to feel a touch of Heaven, though you will W 157 L 3 W(339)
your fingertips to those you touch, and blesses those you look W 157 L 5 W(340)
you should feel Christs touch upon your shoulder, and perceive W 166 L 8 W(365)
you had forgotten. For His touch on you has made you W 166 L 12 W(366)
to those who feel the touch of Christ and recognize God W 166 L 13 W(366)
the giver of Christs touch; your change of mind becomes W 166 L 14 W(367)
proof of what Christs touch can offer everyone. God has W 166 L 15 W(367)
His gifts and feel the touch of Christ. Such is your W 166 L 15 W(367)
of sights or sounds or touch? What would they hear or W 250 W4 1 W(495)
past is over. It can touch me not. W 289 L 0 W(537)
it. Even now my fingers touch it. It is very close W 355 L 1 W(610)
to reach His Son and touch his heart. In such a P 3 F 5 P(13)
and grow; a patient will touch his heart, and the therapist P 4 B 3 P(21)
Put out your hand to touch eternity and disappear into its G 3 A 10 G(9)
near you cannot fail to touch its heart because it beats G 5 A 4 G(14)
The sexual aspects were naturally touched off in both of you T 1 B 37y T(34)34
Adams sin could have touched none of you, had you T 11 J 3 T(481)308
all relationships which guilt has touched, are used but to avoid T 13 D 2 T(516)- 343
that no guilt has ever touched him. T 13 D T 13 D 11 T(519)- 346
ever held against him, has touched his innocence in any way T 13 D 12 T(519)- 346
perception that it has not touched, and your dream IS sacred T 13 F 3 T(526)353
for everyone who will be touched, in any way by the T 13 H 16 T(535)362
attempted, that we have not touched on. Very simply, the attempt T 16 F 1 T(616)443
Your little, senseless substitutions, touched with insanity, and swirling lightlyT 18 B 5 T(661)488
from above, and NOT be touched. But, from within it, you T 23 D 6 T(834)653
dark no more. The darkness touched him not, nor you who T 25 C 8 T(870)689
welcome everyone whose feet have touched the holy ground whereon you T 29 C 4 T(994)820
idea beyond what can be touched, a purity undimmed by errors W 158 L 7 W(342)
a form he can be touched and seen and heard, and W 161 L 7 W(351)
thought of sin has never touched. All this today you will W 164 L 4 W(359)
last. Christs hand has touched your shoulder, and you feel W 166 L 9 W(365)
destroyed nor attacked nor even touched. It will merely cease to M 15 A 2 M(37)
fear has entered and has touched your sight with gross distortions G 1 A 5 G(2)
miracle is never lost. It touches many people you may not T 1 B 40 T(37)37
is the strongest thing that touches on this world at all T 17 C 2 T(632)- 459
all. Each spot HIS reason touches, grows alive with beauty. And T 17 C 5 T(633)- 460
center of the situation, and touches everyone to whom the situation T 17 H 7 T(656)483
think or say or do touches all the universe. A Son W 54 L 4 W(98)
with power to save whoever touches Him however lightly, asking for W 110 L 6 W(226)
longer with his feet still touching earth. Yet is he glad T 30 F 3 T(1030)844
mind that it becomes the touchstone for the holy Thoughts of W 157 L 5 W(340)
willful consciousness as an impulse toward sexual gratification. T 1 T 1 B 24i T(14)14
You are asked to behave toward others as you would have T 1 B 36f T(25)25
you would have them behave toward you. This means that the T 1 B 36f T(25)25
both, so will you behave toward both. The way to perceive T 1 B 36h T(25)25
expression of fear. Your love toward each other is NOT perfect T 1 B 41u T(48)48
2.Retain your miracle-minded attitude toward Rosie VERY carefully. She onceT 1 B 41ab T(50)50
in that they are directed toward those who can use them T 1 B 42b T(54)54
essentially magic, and tends more toward anxiety-proneness. c. The tendency toT 1 C 12 T(58)58
Creative Ability out of Himself toward the Souls which He created T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
retracing his steps without advancing toward his return. T 2 T 2 B 47 T(81) 81
learned to look beyond density toward light. T 2 C T 2 C 18 T(94)93
altar, it also looks immediately toward Atonement. Nothing which the spiritualT 2 C 19 T(95)94
spiritual awareness merely is channelized toward correction. Discomfort is aroused onlyT 2 C 19 T(95)94
limitations, though toward the higher levels. T T 2 C 21 T(96) 95
but continue. The first step toward freedom, then, MUST entail a T 2 F 3 T(118)117
final judgment cannot be directed toward himself, because he is not T 2 F 5 T(119)118
definition, only as a step toward changing from a bad to T 3 A 7 T(121)120
own ability to behave healingly toward B. at the time, and T 3 A 16 T(123)122
the time, and later also toward Louis, both of whom DID T 3 A 16 T(123)122
25. B. acted inappropriately toward YOU, by saying that he T 3 A 25 T(126)125
only true of your attitudes toward your parents, but also of T 3 G 34 T(168)167
of it as a change toward HEALING the separation. They ALWAYS T 4 B 6 T(189)C 16
is not HOW man responds toward his ego, but only what T 4 C 8 T(200)C 27
go together. Your attitudes, even toward this, are necessarily conflicted, becauseT 4 C 12 T(201)C 28
have taken the first step toward preparing your minds for the T 4 D 20 T(212)C 39
when you direct it genuinely toward perceiving someone ELSE truly. Your T 4 E 10 T(215)C 42
ACCURATE perception is a stepping-stone toward it. The whole value of T 4 G 1 T(224)C 51
me. Whenever you react egotistically toward each other, you are throwing T 4 G 9 T(226)C 53
even though it can grow toward it. It is possible, with T 5 F 1 T(247)C 74
in you, speaking for patience toward the Sonship, in the name T 5 H 15 T(263)C 90
could have been a means toward real release from the time T 5 I 6 T(265)C 92
enter into the thought system toward which I am guiding you T 6 B 17 T(276)C 103
INSPIRE perception and lead it toward God by making it PARALLEL T 6 C 10 T(280)C 107
to take the next step toward its resolution. But having taken T 6 F 15 T(292)119
B. turned you both forwards TOWARD THE WAY OUT. The more T 6 F 17 T(292)119
is nevertheless a giant step toward the unified perception that parallels T 6 G 12 T(296)C 123
DIRECTION, you will be pushing toward the center of your thought T 6 G 13 T(297)C 124
This is a major step toward FUNDAMENTAL change. Yet it is T 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
FROM choice, and direct it toward creation WITHIN the Kingdom. Choosing T 6 H 6 T(300)127
others, and goes beyond them toward real integration. T 6 T 6 H 6 T(300)127
This is an intermediary step toward the knowledge that YOU are T 7 E 9 T(315)C 142
you HAVE gone beyond it toward truth. T 8 E T 8 E 19 T(358)C 185
8 H 1. Attitudes toward the body are attitudes toward T 8 H 1 T(369)C 196
toward the body are attitudes toward ATTACK. The egos definitions T 8 H 1 T(369)C 196
not going BEYOND yourself, but TOWARD yourself. Hear only Gods T 8 K 9 T(384)211
HEALED is the first step toward RECOGNIZING WHAT YOU TRULY WANT T 10 C 1 T(424)251
way, are all illusions. Turn toward the Light, for the little T 10 D 5 T(428)255
step AWAY from reality, not toward it. Yet we have repeatedly T 11 B 7 T(452)279
you are not strongly impelled TOWARD each other, but it DOES T 11 C 7 T(455)- 282 -
destruction is the one end toward which it works, and the T 11 H 14 T(476)- 303
your learning has been directed toward ESTABLISHING the relationship between themT 16 D 2 T(608)435
unholy relationship, is a move toward further fragmentation and unreality. TheT 17 D 5 T(636)- 463
holy relationship, a MAJOR step toward the perception of the real T 17 F 1 T(646)473
so long despised. You go TOWARD love, still hating it, and T 18 D 3 T(668)495
they are BARGAINS with reality, toward which the seeming union is T 21 D 1 T(772)594
served sin are REDIRECTED now toward holiness. For what you think T 21 D 7 T(774)596
STRONG in madness, guiding perception toward what the mind has valued T 21 F 10 T(782)603
leads steadily AWAY from madness, toward the goal of truth. T 21 G 7 T(786)607
look AWAY from it, and TOWARD each other. And let the T 22 G 10 T(816)635
be. And so you walk toward Heaven or toward hell, but T 25 F 5 T(881)700
you walk toward Heaven or toward hell, but NOT alone. How T 25 F 5 T(881)700
Son of God may cherish toward himself is God believed to T 25 F 6 T(882)701
necessary step in the advance toward Oneness. What is everything leaves T 26 D 1 T(907)726
but choose whether to go toward Heaven, or away to nowhere T 26 F 1 T(912)731
surely set AWAY from idols toward reality, for when they joined T 30 F 6 T(1031)845
who looks with fixed determination toward the light that shines beyond T 31 G 10 T(1071)885
you in the first steps toward the goal of separating the W 4 L 3 W(6)
beyond it. Our direction is toward perfect safety and perfect peace W 14 L 3 W(24)
for today is a step toward opening your mind so that W 24 L 2 W(40)
those which occur to you toward the end, less acceptable to W 26 L 7 W(45)
Try to avoid the tendency toward self-directed selection, which may be W 29 L 4 W(49)
of your perception of yourself. Toward the latter part of the W 35 L 5 W(57)
changeless. It is this foundation toward which the exercises for today W 45 L 7 W(79)
everything I see will lean toward me to bless me. I W 60 L 3 W(110)
I am walking steadily on toward truth. There is nowhere else W 60 L 4 W(110)
It is a giant stride toward taking your rightful place in W 61 L 3 W(112)
regarded as the central thought toward which all our exercises are W 74 L 1 W(144)
exercises for today are directed toward finding it. The idea itself W 74 L 2 W(144)
reversed, as we look out toward truth, away from fear. W 78 L 3 W(154)
Our efforts will be directed toward recognizing that there is only W 79 L 9 W(158)
will be a giant stride toward your release, and a milestone W 94 L 5 W(184)
will again direct our exercises toward reaching your One Self, which W 95 L 3 W(185)
are one through practicing forgiving toward one whom you think of W 121 L 9 W(243)
course requests in your advance toward its established goal. If you W 127 L 6 W(259)
truth. And we step forth toward this, as we progress along W 155 L 11 W(335)
his energies and concentrated drive toward goals like these? The functionsW 186 L 10 W(408)
s idea takes another step toward quick salvation, and a giant W 194 L 1 W(432)
way is easy, sloping gently toward the bridge where freedom lies W 200 L 8 W(450)
you look up and on toward Heaven, with the bodys W 200 L 10 W(451)
practice, day by day, advancing toward the goal He set for W 200 R6 7 W(453)
set, and find the end toward which our practicing is geared W 220 IN2 1 W(459)
born in the holy relationship toward which the teaching-learning situation isM 5 A 1 M(8)
true sense is always directed. Toward Them it looks, seeking until M 5 J 2 M(17)
worlds training is directed toward achieving a goal in direct M 10 A 2 M(28)
all his effort be directed toward this one great final surprise M 26 A 1 M(60)
necessary. It is this experience toward which the course is directed U 1 A 2 U(1)
only to set the direction toward it. Therefore it uses words U 1 A 3 U(1)
Forgiveness is for God and toward God but not of Him U 4 A 1 U(6)
away from error and not toward it. U 4 A U 4 A 1 U(6)
direction is one of progress toward the truth. P 3 P 3 B 1 P(4)
in time he can go toward it. Many holy instants can P 4 B 8 P(23)