idea of cessation cannot be tolerated, a strange compromise involving BOTH T 1 C 25 T(61)61
himself) has arisen, and is tolerated. Fourth, that since man can T 2 A 5 T(64)64
idea of cessation cannot be tolerated, a strange compromise involving BOTH T 2 A 16 T(69)69
of man which the ego tolerates all too frequently, but the T 4 A 8 T(187)?23
awesome secrets and no darkened tombs where terror rises from the T 28 F 7 T(984)810
that confronts you today and tomorrow and throughout time. In this W 50 L 1 W(88)
10. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will see your own W 124 L 10 W(252)
better spent. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will look into this W 124 L 10 W(252)
some day, perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will understand and comprehendW 124 L 11 W(252)
IS communication, how can this tongue mean ANYTHING? Yet even this T 14 C 6 T(545)- 372
quite UNAWARE of it, its tongue can not relay ITS messages T 18 J 4 T(690)514
understand WILL BE his native tongue, through which he will communicate T 22 B 7 T(798)618
his will be no alien tongue. He will need NO interpreter T 22 B 9 T(799)619
Lesson 353. My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet today W 353 L 0 W(608)
in many tongues was originally an injunction to T 1 C 18 T(60)60
impossible to communicate in alien tongues. You and your Creator can T 8 J 5 T(378)C 205
brother and yourself in different tongues. And yet to both the T 27 B 5 T(936)762
power greater than a thousand tongues. For here is his forgiveness T 27 C 5 T(939)765
our ears attend to lying tongues. Only reality is free of W 514 L 2 W(514)
those who speak in different tongues and appeal to different symbols M 24 A 7 M(57)
close our eyes in sleep tonight we reaffirm the choice that W 138 L 12 W(303)
away. B regards himself as too weak to accept it. You T 1 B 16b T(5)-5-
right, but the explanation stops too soon. If iron is the T 1 B 22e T(7)-7-
of this kind of creation, too, being in the image and T 1 B 23b T(10)-10-
already, but he is still too fearful for Revelations.) T T 1 B 25c T(15)15
wrong, because the notion is too fragmented. What CANt be T 1 B 35e T(24)24
merely added and its true, too. The RIGHT answer to the T 1 B 36t T(28)28
though she was a bit too literal for your kind of T 1 B 37t T(32)32
put it, and very correctly, too, it IS objectionable, but only T 1 B 40h T(39)39
between God and man is too great for man to encompass T 1 B 40z T(42)42
references, or it will be too confusing.) T 1 B T 1 B 41q T(47)47
the stock (Wolff was not too far off here), and also T 1 B 41t T(48)48
will be a Right one, too. T 1 B 41u T 1 B 41t T(48)48
behaviorist, and hes RIGHT, too.) T 1 B 41ak T 1 B 41aj T(51)51
in him. The next point, too, has already been made, but T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
be brought back. Angels came, too, but their protection was not T 2 B 43 T(80) 80
53. I am not too sure of the sequence, but T 2 B 53 T(82) 82
The above may have been too passively interpreted. Note that B T 2 B 59 T(84) 83a
the body in itself is too dense. The mind, however, can T 2 C 18 T(94)93
9. You are much too tolerant of Mind-wandering, thus passively T 2 D 9 T(98)97
try to listen a little, too.) T 2 E 7 T 2 E 6 T(101)100
notes intentionally, because it seemed too Rankian. Apparently, there was aT 2 E 13 T(103)102
because the underlying depreciation was too effective for tolerance. T T 2 E 14 T(103)102
does NOT change your minds too much, and leaves you free T 2 E 21 T(105)104
another valid idea, was also too limited, in that it did T 2 E 27 T(106)105
deepest level at all. This, too, was inevitable, because Freud could T 2 E 42 T(111)110
You should therefore not have too great difficulty with this. The T 2 E 52 T(114) 113
you reminded B. that he, too, was being prepared for something T 3 A 5 T(120) 119
part of this course rests too heavily on the earlier part T 3 A 10 T(121)120
this, you will become much too fearful when the unexpected DOES T 3 A 10 T(121)120
usually enough. You are getting too close to the misuse of T 3 A 16 T(123)122
HIMSELF. And before YOU get too self-satisfied, I would remind you T 3 A 24 T(126)125
do it all the time, too. T 3 A 25 T 3 A 24 T(126)125
a better use for time, too. I would have liked to T 3 A 36 T(128)127
He is FACT. The Atonement, too, is totally without symbolism. It T 3 C 10 T(134)133
lamb as blood-stained (an all too widespread conceptual error) do NOT T 3 C 17 T(136)135
is involved.) Cayces notes, too, could have been much shortened T 3 C 24 T(137)136
to attempt it. There is too much that IS invalid. When T 3 C 37 T(143)142
notes. His tentative perception is too uncertain for knowledge, because knowledgeT 3 E 10 T(149)148
point, because he was getting too far UP for comfort according T 3 F 15 T(155)154
God. This confusion is all too frequently made, by parents, teachers T 3 G 42 T(171)170
before that B. is not too sure of this, and that T 3 G 46 T(173)172
which the ego tolerates all too frequently, but the Soul NEVER T 4 A 8 T(187)?23
separated. This cannot be repeated too often because you have NOT T 4 B 18 T(192)C 19
your role and theirs is too charitable to induce fear. T 4 B 38 T(196)C 23
you that your thinking is too abstract at times, and he T 4 C 1 T(197)C 24
4 D 3. You, too, have a Kingdom which your T 4 D 3 T(208)C 35
but you still have much too much energy invested in your T 4 E 9 T(215)C 42
in this, because you are too confused to recognize your own T 4 E 20 T(218)C 45
It cannot be emphasized too often that CORRECTING perception is T 4 G 1 T(224)C 51
Creator of that consciousness. He, too, MUST begin to think of T 4 G 8 T(226)C 53
is right that you are too abstract in this matter. Ego-illusions T 4 H 1 T(229)C 56
anything else, because it is too often misused as an expedient T 4 I 1 T(231)C 58
me to help you? He, too, has asked for help, and T 4 I 2 T(232)C 59
threaten your ego, but also too limited to give YOU joy T 4 I 4 T(232)C 59
YOU are at home there, too, because it is a place T 5 E 14 T(245)C 72
share, and which were therefore too weak to increase, but you T 5 F 8 T(249)C 76
of the Kingdom, making them, too, worthy of being shared. When T 5 F 15 T(252)C 79
and as you know all too well, fear is incompatible with T 5 I 3 T(264)C 91
reminded him of, he was too honest to deny more than T 5 I 7 T(265)C 92
I also came to teach, too well to engage in upside-down T 6 B 15 T(276)C 103
as real now, its lesson, too, has equal reality WHEN IT T 6 B 19 T(277)C 104
cannot USE it. We have too much to accomplish on behalf T 6 F 10 T(291)118
waken HIMSELF. This placed him, too, in command of the journey T 6 F 16 T(292)119
recently, and with good examples too. It is interesting that Helen T 6 G 6 T(295)122
therefore IN NEED. If you, too, see him this way, you T 7 B 6 T(306)C 133
WITH the mind. This fact, too, can be used either for T 7 F 3 T(319)C 146
ALL of it. Mind is too powerful to be subject to T 7 H 2 T(330)C 157
the FOLLOWER IS. However, this, too, is merely a matter of T 7 K 5 T(342)C 169
offered to all, so they, too, can lay aside their weakness T 8 F 2 T(359)C 186
guidance. But the Holy Spirit, too, has use for sleep, and T 8 I 3 T(374)C 201
by sick minds, who are too divided to know that Creation T 9 I 11 T(410)- 237
you YOURS. It cannot be too often repeated that you do T 10 B 11 T(423)250
and hearing His answer, you too will laugh at your fears T 10 H 17 T(447)- 274
HIS MIND. His insane thoughts, too, must be in his mind T 11 D 7 T(461)- 288
12 D 10. You, too, will interpret the function of T 12 D 10 T(495)322
which they shroud them, are too afraid to look upon the T 13 C 8 T(515)- 342
to illusion. And the past, too, was changed, and INTERPOSED between T 14 E 1 T(552)- 379
division, for you are much too confused, either to recognize love T 14 F 8 T(556)- 383
NEED for love. You are too bound to form, and NOT T 14 F 8 T(556)- 383
the ego tries, and all too frequently succeeds, in doing both T 15 B 3 T(564)391
as a substitute, is much too poor a gift to satisfy T 15 D 2 T(570)- 397
little gifts, thus VALUING it too little to be able to T 15 D 9 T(572)399
truth? For you have come too near to truth to renounce T 16 C 7 T(606)433
not unwilling now, you are too near, and you WILL cross T 16 E 2 T(611)438
suffer, for you have come too far to yield to the T 16 G 9 T(624)- 451
Heaven. It is a picture, too, set in a frame. But T 17 E 11 T(643)470
it is WITHIN, the gladness, too, IS yours. You ARE joined T 17 F 14 T(650)477
needed for its fulfillment. Nothing too small or too enormous, nothing T 17 H 5 T(655)482
fulfillment. Nothing too small or too enormous, nothing too insignificant orT 17 H 5 T(655)482
small or too enormous, nothing too insignificant or too imposing, too T 17 H 5 T(655)482
enormous, nothing too insignificant or too imposing, too weak or too T 17 H 5 T(655)482
too insignificant or too imposing, too weak or too compelling, but T 17 H 5 T(655)482
too imposing, too weak or too compelling, but will be gently T 17 H 5 T(655)482
1. You still have too much faith in the body T 18 H 1 T(682)631a
living water, but has grown too weary to go on alone T 18 I 10 T(687)511
cannot BE attained. There is too much to learn. The readiness T 18 K 2 T(693)517
19 F 8. Love, too, would set a feast before T 19 F 8 T(713)537
sacrifice you feel to be too great to make, too much T 19 G 2 T(715)539
be too great to make, too much to ask of you T 19 G 2 T(715)539
given. For the Holy Spirit, too, is a communication medium, receiving T 19 H 10 T(720)544
is really its ATTRACTION. Guilt, too, is feared and fearful. Yet T 19 I 1 T(721)545
POSSIBLE to look on this too soon. This is the place T 19 L 3 T(729)553
ITSELF, and therefore values him too little. What is inestimable clearly T 20 F 3 T(748)571
in YOUR judgment, to be TOO MUCH to pay for peace T 21 C 1 T(767)589
the ego claims it IS. TOO loudly and TOO often. For T 21 E 2 T(777)598
it IS. TOO loudly and TOO often. For underneath this constant T 21 E 2 T(777)598
egos whole defensive system too seriously for it to bother T 21 E 2 T(777)598
along the way of truth; too far to falter now. Just T 24 C 9 T(844)663
and with His Father. Specialness, too, takes joy in what it T 24 F 1 T(852)671
of them. They are illusions, too, as much as yours. And T 24 F 5 T(853)672
do you deem THIS cost too heavy. But a tiny willingness T 24 G 12 T(858)677
a burden wearisome and tedious, too heavy to be borne. Yet T 24 G 12 T(858)677
other Voice. No effort is too great, no cost too much T 24 H 1 T(860)679
is too great, no cost too much, no price too dear T 24 H 1 T(860)679
cost too much, no price too dear, to save his specialness T 24 H 1 T(860)679
itself to you as separate, too. NOT that it is the T 25 B 5 T(867)686
made possible. The Holy Spirit, too, sees what He sees as T 25 D 9 T(875)694
LITTLE while, in twisted forms too far away for recognition, and T 25 E 4 T(878)697
left its side, and is too weak to SAVE from punishment T 25 I 8 T(893)712
you are a miserable sinner too.

--- Manuscript
T 25 I 13 T(895)714
eternal, passed away in Heaven too soon for anything to notice T 26 F 4 T(913)732
F 5. What disappeared too quickly to affect the simple T 26 F 5 T(913)732
the past, an ancient past, too short to make a world T 26 F 5 T(913)732
Son of God ask NOT too much, but FAR too little T 26 H 10 T(921)747
NOT too much, but FAR too little. He would sacrifice his T 26 H 10 T(921)747
J 2. Is it too much to ask a little T 26 J 2 T(928)754
hurt. You can have pleasure, too, but ONLY at the cost T 27 G 2 T(954)780
but what it REPRESENTS. Love, too, has symbols in a world T 27 G 5 T(955)781
these ideas are one illusion, too ridiculous for anything but to T 27 I 5 T(963)789
then; let Him not come too close, and leave a gap T 29 A 1 T(990)816
seem thorny, rough, and far too difficult for you to follow T 29 C 1 T(993)819
unremembered thought is born again too YOU when it returns to T 30 D 7 T(1025)839
that you must be forgiven too. There CAN be no appearance T 30 G 5 T(1035)849
it hard to learn, or too complex to grasp. T T 31 A 2 T(1042)856
Its lessons are not true; too hard to learn, too difficult T 31 A 5 T(1043)857
true; too hard to learn, too difficult to see, and too T 31 A 5 T(1043)857
too difficult to see, and too opposed to what is REALLY T 31 A 5 T(1043)857
find this course to be too difficult to learn, let me T 31 D 6 T(1053)867
use a means as yet too alien to your thinking to T 31 G 1 T(1063)877
your innocence, for you are too confused about yourself. But should T 31 G 2 T(1063)877
minute or so. You are too inexperienced as yet to avoid W 4 L 4 W(7)
aesthetic reactions to the cup, too, based on past experiences? How W 7 L 3 W(11)
You may find even this too long. Terminate the exercises whenever W 12 L 6 W(21)
minute if the discomfort is too great. Do not reduce it W 26 L 5 W(45)
It is in my mind too, because He created it with W 53 L 4 W(97)
anywhere except from you. So, too, does the source of guilt W 70 L 1 W(131)
The shorter practice periods, too, will be joyful reminders of W 75 L 8 W(147)
them whenever you ask. Remember, too, not to be satisfied with W 77 L 7 W(153)
they made. Those still uncertain, too, will join with us, and W 98 L 4 W(194)
asked. It might be helpful, too, to think of one to W 108 L 9 W(220)
all worn and tired minds, too weary now to go their W 109 L 7 W(223)
give forgiveness and receive forgiveness too.

--- Manuscript
W 121 L 8 W(242)
you cannot understand, a joy too deep for you to comprehend W 124 L 11 W(252)
you to comprehend, a sight too holy for the bodys W 124 L 11 W(252)
You do not ask too much of life, but far W 133 L 2 W(277)
much of life, but far too little. When you let your W 133 L 2 W(277)
you chose seems fearful and too dangerous to be the nothingness W 133 L 11 W(279)
no defense. This cannot be too often emphasized. It will be W 135 L 8 W(286)
this position is extreme, and too inclusive to be true. Yet W 152 L 2 W(321)
opposite. This can not be too often said and thought about W 152 L 3 W(321)
might play when he becomes too sleepy to remember what he W 153 L 6 W(325)
that half an hour is too short a time to spend W 153 L 15 W(327)
mind of Christ beholds it too. W 158 L 6 W 158 L 5 W(342)
are seen to be unsure, too quickly lost however hard to W 163 L 3 W(356)
is afraid indeed, and homeless too; an outcast wandering so far W 166 L 4 W(364)
keep your vision narrow, and too limited to let you see W 180 IN2 4 W(387)
house. We have been gone too long, and we would linger W 193 L 10 W(430)
to crucify. Yet your redemption, too, will come from you. W 196 L 12 W(440)
thus will I be able, too, to recognize my Self as W 514 L 1 W(514)
as well as You. I, too, must give, and so all W 343 L 1 W(597)
of this and teach it, too, if we exemplify the words W 350 W14 2 W(605)
relives. So has the teacher, too, made an inevitable choice out M 3 A 4 M(5)
cannot exist within it, so too are illusions without distinctions. The M 9 A 6 M(27)
these foolish thoughts. They are too small and meaningless to occupy M 16 A 3 M(40)
what appear as facts. Regardless, too, of the intensity of the M 18 A 4 M(45)
be merely slight irritation, perhaps too mild to be even clearly M 18 A 4 M(45)
to you He has forgotten, too. M 18 A 7 M 18 A 6 M(46)
Word stands for. And this, too, is enough.

M 22 A 3 M(52)
4. It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this course M 25 A 4 M(59)
role of Godís teachers. They too have not attained the necessary M 27 A 1 M(62)
Let us not, then, be too concerned with goals for which M 27 A 4 M(63)
peace. And look an instant, too, on what you left behind U 3 A 7 U(5)
It is a symbol, too, but as the symbol of U 4 A 5 U(6)
unseen through His eyes is too fragmented to be meaningful. P 3 C 6 P(7)
of the process of healing, too advanced to believe in sickness P 3 D 4 P(8)
to believe in sickness and too near to God to keep P 3 D 4 P(8)
is safe. It cannot be too strongly emphasized that the insane P 3 E 10 P(11)
Voice. This statement cannot be too often remembered by all who P 3 G 7 P(15)
24) Many patients, too, consider this strange procedure as P 4 B 9 P(24)
Endless the harmony, and endless too the joyous concord of the S 1 A 1 S(1)
of prayer, and great need, too. What does the phrase really S 1 C 4 S(6)
from guilt. Yet these things, too, are used for goals that S 1 D 7 S(9)
Its importance should not be too strongly emphasized, for healing is S 3 A 1 S(20)
us. But we are thankful, too, the need is done to S 3 C 3 S(21)
His you are His Fatherís too. He brings with Him the G 4 A 10 G(12)