Watch your minds for the temptations of the ego, and do T 4 E 9 T(215)C 42
face of much less extreme temptations to misperceive, and NOT to T 6 B 6 T(273)C 100
teaching aid to those whose temptations to give in to anger T 6 B 12 T(275)C 102
does NOT deny that the temptations to MAKE exceptions will occur T 6 H 5 T(299)C 126
It is upheld through ALL temptations to imprison and to BE T 20 E 5 T(746)569
idea, or preferably both. If temptations arise, a particularly helpful formW 39 L 10 W(66)
call to God, and all temptations disappear. Instead of words, we W 220 IN2 11 W(461)
One of the more difficult temptations to recognize is that to M 8 A 4 M(24)
Yet there will be temptations along the way the teacher M 17 A 8 M(42)
I had not once been tempted to believe them myself. Let T 4 B 34 T(196)C 23
teaching you. When you are tempted by the wrong voice, call T 5 D 12 T(239)C 66
His temple. When you are tempted to deny Him, remember that T 10 D 6 T(428)255
16. When you are tempted to yield to the desire T 11 H 16 T(476)- 303
to do, you may be tempted to wonder how you can T 11 J 7 T(482)309
13. Whenever you are tempted to undertake a foolish journey T 12 G 13 T(508)- 335
remember freedom. Whenever you are tempted to be dispirited by the T 15 B 10 T(566)393
Remember, then, when you are tempted to attack a brother, that T 15 B 11 T(566)393
lose sight of it, however tempted you may be to judge T 16 A 4 T(602)429
you do NOT understand. Be tempted not in this and yield T 16 B 2 T(602)429
you straight to illusions. Be tempted not by what it offers T 17 H 4 T(655)482
18 D 5. Be tempted not to snatch away the T 18 D 5 T(669)496
only YOURS. YOU are severely tempted to abandon HIM at the T 18 J 4 T(690)514
IS. Perhaps you would be tempted to AGREE with the ego T 19 C 9 T(701)525
8. When you are tempted to believe that sin is T 19 D 8 T(704)528
in any form. No-one is tempted by its vain appeal, for T 30 F 2 T(1030)844
s Son. When he is tempted, he DENIES reality. And he T 30 I 4 T(1041)855
and afraid when you are tempted by a dream of what T 30 I 6 T(1041)855
says, Release My Son be tempted NOT to listen, when you T 31 G 15 T(1068)882
this distinction. You may be tempted to obscure it.
W 9 L 3 W(15
anything. You will probably be tempted to dwell more on some W 21 L 3 W(36)
from me, if you are tempted to hold anything against anyone W 69 L 8 W(130)
this form immediately you are tempted to hold a grievance of W 73 L 11 W(143)
Should you be tempted, say to anyone who seems W 75 L 8 W(148)
tell yourself, should you be tempted: I will not trade miracles W 77 L 7 W(153)
Gods. I am constantly tempted to make up other laws W 88 L 5 W(171)
thoughts again. Should you be tempted to become angry with someone W 93 L 11 W(182)
your mind. If you are tempted to believe them true, remember W 99 L 12 W(199)
122 L 14. Be tempted not to let your gifts W 122 L 14 W(246)
and say whenever you are tempted to deny the power of W 132 L 17 W(276)
you feel that you are tempted to accuse someone of sin W 134 L 9 W(282)
may find that you are tempted still to walk ahead of W 155 L 9 W(334)
it instantly, should you be tempted to attack a brother and W 161 L 12 W(352)
these words when we are tempted to believe that pain is W 193 L 6 W(429)
reflection. And if we are tempted to attack, we will appeal W 194 L 9 W(434)
6. When you are tempted, hasten to proclaim your freedom W 200 R6 6 W(453)
of Him as we are tempted to forget our goal. W 220 IN2 3 W(459)
has succeeded. Should he be tempted to doubt this, he should M 8 A 2 M(23)
5. Do not be tempted. Do not fall away into G 3 A 5 G(7)
selection, which may be particularly tempting in connection with todays W 29 L 4 W(49)
abilities which can be curiously tempting. Here are strengths which the M 26 A 4 M(61)
its questions. When the ego tempts you to sickness, do not T 8 I 1 T(373)C 200
ANY form of special relationship tempts you to seek for love T 16 F 12 T(619)446
while a single sin still tempts you to remain in misery T 22 C 13 T(804)624
honesty. And when an idol tempts you, think of this; there T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
when any situation arises which tempts you to become disturbed. For W 33 L 3 W(54)
same as a million or ten or eight thousand parts) of T 2 E 53 T(114) 113
ones are necessary. Once every ten minutes would be highly desirable W 40 L 1 W(67)
happy. At least once devote ten or fifteen minutes to reflecting W 64 L 7 W(118)
days to follow, set aside ten to fifteen minutes for a W 65 L 3 W(119)
of which should last some ten to fifteen minutes. We will W 70 L 5 W(132)
own behalf. We will devote ten minutes in the morning, and W 121 L 8 W(242)
morning, and at night another ten, to learning how to give W 121 L 8 W(242)
most suitable for silence, give ten minutes set apart from listening W 125 L 7 W(254)
L 7. Give it ten minutes rest three times today W 128 L 7 W(262)
willingness to make this change ten minutes in the morning and W 129 L 7 W(264)
10. We will devote ten minutes to this goal three W 131 L 10 W(271)
day with this, and give ten minutes to these thoughts with W 137 L 14 W(299)
the only goal we have. Ten would be better; fifteen better W 153 L 15 W(327)
so uncertain that they change ten times an hour at their W 186 L 10 W(408)
is in one sense more tenable than the view that they T 3 H 11 T(177)C 4
ANY form of this be tenable? Yet you believe them FOR T 23 C 19 T(831)650
in time. The religiously ego-oriented tend to believe that the Soul T 4 C 22 T(205)C 32
of your purpose frequently, you tend to forget about it for W 95 L 5 W(185)
concentrate more on HIS dissociative tendencies and not try to deal T 4 G 18 T(228)C 55
is suffering in consequence. These tendencies are often described as self-destructiveP 2 A 3 P(2)
I emphasize again that your tendency to forget names is not T 1 B 36i T(26)26
emotional disturbances result: a. The tendency to maintain the illusion thatT 1 C 12 T(58)58
This produces depression. b. The tendency to invest the physical with T 1 C 12 T(58)58
more toward anxiety-proneness. c. The tendency to vacillate from one to T 1 C 12 T(58)58
the self very unexpectedly. This tendency CANNOT be controlled EXCEPT by T 2 B 49 T(82) 82
in some detail: namely, the tendency to endow the physical with T 3 C 29 T(140)139
rid himself of a slight tendency in this direction. But fortunately T 3 C 38 T(143)142
and this fear inhibits the tendency to question at all. T 3 E 6 T(148)147
of his own worth. This tendency can ALWAYS be regarded as T 3 G 29 T(166)165
WEAKNESS, and explained by a tendency of the self to create T 3 I 8 T(182)C 9
Most teachers have an unfortunate tendency to teach the COURSE abnormally T 4 B 37 T(196)C 23
to be alert to any tendency to withdraw from your brothers T 4 G 20 T(228)C 55
crucified. This is a marked tendency of the separated, who ALWAYS T 6 B 3 T(272)C 99
There has been a marked tendency on the part of many T 8 I 7 T(375)C 202
without, there is a strong tendency to harbor it within. T 10 E 4 T(430)- 257
directly, you have a strong tendency to TRY TO ESCAPE FROM T 11 C 7 T(455)- 282 -
2. There is a tendency to fragment, and then to T 16 C 2 T(604)431
1. There is a tendency to think the world can T 31 D 1 T(1052)866
as yet to avoid a tendency to become pointlessly preoccupied. Further W 4 L 4 W(7)
specifically. Try to avoid the tendency toward self-directed selection, which mayW 29 L 4 W(49)
world, there is an astonishing tendency to join contradictory words into P 3 C 2 P(5)
2. There is a tendency, and it is very strong P 3 G 2 P(14)
to decide. There is a tendency to assume that you are P 4 A 1 P(19)