The Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the T 3 C 17 T(136)135
C 22. The lamb taketh away the sins of the T 3 C 22 T(137)136
than usual notes you are taking today reflect the Revelatory experience T 1 B 25i T(16)16
bodies really refer to the taking over by their own earth-bound T 1 B 30j T(19)19
for work) because you were taking dictation is merely because you T 1 B 37i T(30)30
correctly. In the sense of taking over, the concept does not T 2 A 29 T(71)71
there is no point in taking it seriously. T 2 T 2 B 54 T(83) 83
2 E 1. After taking the first corrective step, i T 2 E 1 T(99)98
cold. Actually, the girl was taking care of the younger child T 3 A 20 T(124)123
find this way except by taking your brother with you? T 5 F 13 T(251)C 78
you believe that others are TAKING IT FROM YOU. One MUST T 7 H 9 T(333)C 160
Dreams are ILLUSIONS of joining, taking on the egos distortions T 8 I 3 T(374)C 201
you believe that asking is TAKING, and you do not perceive T 10 H 9 T(445)- 272
that you can get by taking. But BY that perception, you T 10 H 10 T(446)- 273
own way, have joined together, taking their part in the unified T 14 B 7 T(541)- 368
guilty for the sin of TAKING, and of giving nothing of T 16 F 7 T(618)445
transfer illusions TO the truth, taking all FALSE ideas of what T 25 B 7 T(867)686
made has TURNED against him, taking on the role of its T 28 C 8 T(974)- 800
are the glad effects of taking back the consequence of sickness T 28 C 12 T(975)- 801
than this. You have continued, taking every step, however difficult, withoutT 31 A 4 T(1043)857
have already been replaced. By taking the first two steps, you W 23 L 5 W(39)
stop it. It is merely taking its natural course. Try to W 44 L 7 W(76)
think I see now is taking the place of vision. I W 51 L 1 W(92)
role in salvation, and in taking no other. It is not W 61 L 2 W(112)
is a giant stride toward taking your rightful place in salvation W 61 L 3 W(112)
abandon God and His Son, taking on a physical appearance. It W 64 L 1 W(117)
it will kill, but slowly, taking everything away before it grants W 101 L 3 W(203)
but conceal this one by taking different forms. Here is the W 138 L 6 W(301)
us and lifts us up, taking salvations final step Himself W 168 L 3 W(371)
is the thought of evil taking form, and working havoc in W 190 L 8 W(420)
the way salvation shows us, taking every step in its appointed W 196 L 4 W(438)
this you would undo by taking back your gifts because they W 197 L 3 W(441)
step, and time has disappeared, taking perception with it as it W 290 W8 5 W(539)
that everyone may learn the tale he reads of terrifying destiny W 153 L 14 W(327)
bewildered memory of this distorted tale. Gods Son can smile W 153 L 14 W(327)
and this will make the talent useless. T 1 B T 1 B 5 T(2)-2-
more secure; assumes its natural talent of protecting others. The inner T 2 B 50 T(82) 82
would decide to use that talent of his constructively. He has T 3 F 19 T(156)155
ITSELF. This is its natural talent. T 6 D 2 T 6 D 1 T(282)C 109
trained, or is perhaps more talented and wise. Therefore, he can S 3 D 2 S(24)
application of some rather unusual talents. His own role, which he T 1 B 41i T(46)46
Atonement has been completed, ALL talents will be shared by ALL T 1 B 41k T(46)46
and B. DO have special talents which are needed for the T 1 B 41m T(47)47
9 C 12. Fairy tales can be pleasant or fearful T 9 C 12 T(391)218
power to move about, and talk and think and feel, and T 29 J 4 T(1013)827
one need see him or talk to him or even know P 3 D 3 P(8)
is for the purpose of talking to someone who is not W 25 L 4 W(42)
in him you stand as tall and stately, clean and honest T 24 C 1 T(842)661
their results, I would be tampering with a basic law of T 2 E 16 T(103)102
compromising in connection with all TANGENTIAL questions, it hopes to hide T 4 F 14 T(223)C 50
idol is a wish, made tangible and given form, and thus T 29 I 3 T(1009)823
see His thanks expressed in tangible perception and in truth. You W 130 L 9 W(267)
He chooses them to bring tangible form to his desires. And M 6 C 2 M(19)
Dreams are perceptual temper tantrums, in which you literally scream T 18 C 4 T(664)491
Yet hate MUST have a target. There can BE no faith T 21 H 5 T(789)610
s sins become the central target for correction, lest your errors T 27 C 13 T(942)768
person you have used as target for your grievances, and lay W 78 L 4 W(154)
see. The body is the target for attack, for no-one thinks W 161 L 6 W(351)
to protect its goals from tarnish and from rust, that you W 133 L 8 W(278)
because he looks upon the tarnish as his own, the rust W 133 L 10 W(279)
and helpless. Sin can not tarnish the truth in you, and W 186 L 6 W(407)
yet must he perceive its tarnished edges and its rusted core W 133 L 10 W(278)
the way. We need not tarry, and we cannot stray except W 324 L 2 W(576)
the IDEA of weariness. Our task is the joyous one of T 5 D 11 T(239)C 66
The Holy Spirit has the task of UNDOING what the ego T 5 E 7 T(243)C 70
this. It is therefore the task of the Holy Spirit to T 5 E 10 T(244)C 71
Holy Spirit always has the task of translating the useLESS into T 7 B 3 T(305)C 132
curriculum presents an IMPOSSIBLE learning task. They are teaching you ENTIRELYT 8 B 5 T(348)C 175
We said before that your task is only to meet the T 8 I 10 T(376)C 203
NOT come from God. His task is NOT to make anything T 8 J 9 T(379)C 206
making no sense, but your task is still to tell him T 9 A 2 T(386)213
could not be sick. The task of the miracle-worker thus becomes T 11 C 4 T(454)- 281
redemptions hymn alone. My task is not completed til I T 12 G 15 T(509)- 336
You have set yourselves the task of sharing what can NOT T 13 F 5 T(526)353
join Him in the holy task of bringing light to darkness T 13 G 8 T(529)- 356
14 A 2. Your task is not to make reality T 14 A 2 T(539)- 366
of preservation and release. His task is mighty, but the power T 14 D 6 T(548)- 375
world of littleness, is a task the little cannot undertake. Yet T 15 D 4 T(571)- 398
for YOU. It is our task TOGETHER to restore the awareness T 15 D 8 T(572)399
15 I 9. Our task is but to continue, as T 15 I 9 T(591)- 418
speaks for Him. For His task is to TRANSLATE the miracle T 16 C 6 T(605)432
16 E 6. Your task is NOT to seek for T 16 E 6 T(612)439
IS PERFECT. It is His task to atone for your UNwillingness T 16 G 11 T(625)- 452
ready to fulfill the mighty task for which it was GIVEN T 19 J 8 T(724)548
Undoing is not YOUR task, but it IS up to T 21 C 9 T(770)592
T 25 B. The Appointed Task (N 1737 11:112) T 25 B 0 T(865)684
is hard to do the task that Christ appointed you to T 25 B 1 T(865)684
up the hopeless and unrewarding task you set YOURSELF. Can it T 25 C 3 T(868)687
him freedom to complete the task God gave to him. Remembering T 25 F 5 T(881)700
the Holy Spirit from His task of showing you that it T 26 B 4 T(902)721A
Could YOUR function be a task apart and SEPARATE from His T 26 B 7 T(903)722
T 26 K. The Remaining Task (N 1862 11:237) T 26 K 0 T(931)757
may have overlearned your chosen task, the lessons which reflects the T 31 A 7 T(1044)858
changing concepts IS salvations task. For it must deal in T 31 G 1 T(1063)877
yourself as unworthy of the task assigned to you by God W 64 L 3 W(117)
led back to his appointed task.

--- Manuscript
W 131 L 4 W(269)
another part of your appointed task is yet to be accomplished W 154 L 9 W(331)
fences work, and do the task his mind assigns to them W 260 W5 2 W(506)
himself that it is their task to escape from what is M 19 A 1 M(47)
from you? It is your task to heal the sense of M 23 A 6 M(55)
the individual faces now, his task would still be only to M 25 A 2 M(58)
illusion. Now it becomes your task to let the illusion be M 28 A 7 M(65)
Gone is forgiveness, for its task is done. And gone are U 5 A 7 U(9)
official therapist. Either way, the task is the same; the patient P 1 A 1 P(1)
he believes is real. The task of therapy is one of P 3 A 4 P(3)
fact, this is his central task; the core of psychotherapy. The P 3 E 9 P(11)
without defense. It is his task to demonstrate that defenses are P 3 E 10 P(11)
it does not see. Their task is to make agreeable whatever P 3 G 3 P(14)
to interfere. Forgiveness-for-salvation is His task, and it is He Who S 2 D 2 S(18)