key fear. It is a symbolic statement of an inverted decision T 1 C 7 T(56)56
of the tree) is a symbolic reference to some of the T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
God Himself is not symbolic; He is FACT. The Atonement T 3 C 10 T(134)133
the mind, and some curious symbolic attempt to integrate churches and T 3 C 33 T(141)140
is because it is not symbolic. This means that it is T 3 D 7 T(145)144
one. The spiritual eye is symbolic, and therefore NOT a device T 3 E 7 T(148)147
product of knowing. Images are symbolic, and stand for something else T 3 G 5 T(160)159
t any more. This is symbolic only in the sense that T 3 H 1 T(174)C 1
symbols. The Separation is NOT symbolic. It is an order of T 3 I 6 T(181)C 8
forbidden to man in his symbolic garden. But God could not T 3 I 7 T(182)C 9
tree of knowledge is a symbolic expression for incorporating into the T 3 I 8 T(182)C 9
undertaking. Cervantes wrote an excellent symbolic account of this procedure, thoughT 4 A 7 T(186)C 13
the Holy Trinity which is symbolic. He is referred to in T 5 B 6 T(235)C 62
grasp, precisely because it IS symbolic, and therefore open to many T 5 B 7 T(235)C 62
light with you. Remember the symbolic reference we made before to T 5 H 13 T(262)C 89
it uses words, which are symbolic, and cannot express what lies U 1 A 3 U(1)
description I once gave you symbolically. Remember that HE understood it T 4 G 8 T(226)C 53
Atonement, too, is totally without symbolism. It is perfectly clear, becauseT 3 C 10 T(134)133
freely to His Creations. The symbolism here is open to many T 3 I 7 T(182)C 9
did not understand his own symbolism. The REAL point of his T 4 A 7 T(186)C 13
not persist, because they merely symbolize true perception, and they are W 15 L 3 W(26)
you. Ask him not to symbolize your fear. Would you request W 161 L 9 W(352)
trouble; a Savior who can symbolize Himself? Yet do we need M 24 A 7 M(57)
him. This separating off is symbolized, in your perception, by a T 26 H 7 T(920)746
wholly cancelled out, because it symbolized a contradiction which cancelled outT 27 D 3 T(944)770
what they say cannot be symbolized. Their knowledge is direct and W 129 L 4 W(263)
life is NOT alive, and symbolizes but your wish to be T 29 C 6 T(995)821
an attack on God. It symbolizes fear. And what is fear W 240 W3 2 W(484)
does healing stand for? It symbolizes the defeat of Gods M 6 B 2 M(18)
has any meaning, because it symbolizes that which has no human M 22 A 3 M(52)
when it comes to twisting symbols around. T 3 C T 3 C 9 T(134)133
one of their most fearful symbols ever since. Authority has been T 3 H 10 T(177)C 4
must be clearly understood, without symbols. The Separation is NOT symbolicT 3 I 6 T(181)C 8
Its ability to deal with symbols enables it to work AGAINST T 5 E 9 T(243)C 70
equal ability to look BEYOND symbols into eternity also enables it T 5 E 9 T(243)C 70
many of the egos symbols, and they have confused you T 6 E 6 T(285)C 112
in words, because words are symbols, and nothing that is true T 7 B 3 T(305)C 132
will not find it. The symbols of fantasy are of the T 9 C 11 T(391)218
therapist interprets the egos symbols IN the nightmare, and uses T 9 D 4 T(393)220
speak in dark and devious symbols, do not understand the language T 14 C 6 T(545)- 372
unrecognized, AND THEREFORE UNHEALED. The symbols of hate against the symbolsT 16 E 2 T(611)438
symbols of hate against the symbols of love play out a T 16 E 2 T(611)438
that does not exist. For symbols stand for something ELSE, and T 16 E 2 T(611)438
night. But place no terror symbols on the path, or you T 27 A 1 T(934)760
now he stands for nothing. Symbols which but represent ideas that T 27 D 2 T(944)770
For this there are NO symbols. Nothing points BEYOND the truth T 27 D 4 T(945)771
7. Forgiveness vanishes and symbols fade, and nothing that the T 27 D 7 T(946)772
and beyond the world of symbols and of limitations. He would T 27 D 7 T(946)772
it REPRESENTS. Love, too, has symbols in a world of sin T 27 G 5 T(955)781
chose to let Loves symbols TAKE THE PLACE of sin T 27 G 7 T(956)782
REALLY be established, while the symbols which are used mean different T 30 H 5 T(1038)852
and he with you. In symbols which you BOTH can understand T 30 H 5 T(1038)852
And through His use of symbols are we joined, so that T 30 H 7 T(1039)853
Seek not your Self in symbols. There can be no concept T 31 E 14 T(1059)873
the most trivial and insane symbols; pills, money, protective clothing, influenceW 50 L 1 W(88)
wholes within themselves, they become symbols standing for attack upon theW 136 L 6 W(292)
life. Yet bodies are but symbols of a concrete form of W 161 L 5 W(351)
form of fear. Fear without symbols calls for no response, for W 161 L 5 W(351)
calls for no response, for symbols can stand for the meaningless W 161 L 5 W(351)
the meaningless. Love needs no symbols, being true. But fear attaches W 161 L 5 W(351)
bodies easily become fears symbols. You have many times been W 161 L 6 W(351)
1. You live by symbols. You have made up names W 184 L 1 W(398)
so accepts the signs and symbols which assert the world is W 184 L 6 W(399)
asked to go beyond all symbols of the world, forgetting them W 184 L 9 W(400)
have need to use the symbols of the world a while W 184 L 9 W(400)
all the little names and symbols which delineate the world of W 184 L 11 W(400)
can now replace the senseless symbols written there before. Forgiveness isW 192 L 4 W(425)
an instant longer. Then are symbols done, and everything you ever W 197 L 11 W(445)
Godís messengers, they are the symbols of salvation. They ask the M 6 D 2 M(21)
however, that words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus M 22 A 1 M(52)
words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed M 22 A 1 M(52)
22 A 2. As symbols, words have quite specific references M 22 A 2 M(52)
asker. The words, then, are symbols for the thing asked for M 22 A 2 M(52)
that which has no human symbols at all. The Holy Spirit M 22 A 3 M(52)
have Godís Word behind their symbols. And He Himself gives to M 22 A 5 M(53)
Spirit, raising them from meaningless symbols to the call of Heaven M 22 A 5 M(53)
tongues and appeal to different symbols? Certainly there are. Would God M 24 A 7 M(57)
of content differences but because symbols must shift and change to M 24 A 7 M(57)
cannot express what lies beyond symbols. It is always the ego U 1 A 3 U(1)
a time, for time needs symbols, being itself unreal. Their names U 6 A 1 U(9)
as a psychiatric (or disturbed-level) symptom. Both of you do this T 3 A 8 T(121)120
4 B 2. Every symptom which the ego has made T 4 B 2 T(188)C 15
teaching. The form of the symptom is only a reflection of T 4 B 17 T(192)C 19
ALL separation anxiety is a symptom of a continuing will to T 4 B 18 T(192)C 19
of understanding. It is a symptom of the psychologists ability T 4 F 18 T(224)C 51
to question the validity of symptom cure. But NO-ONE believes that T 5 G 14 T(258)C 85
for the removal of a symptom WHICH HE HAS SELECTED. This T 8 K 2 T(382)- 209
and your whole fear. Every symptom of sickness and fear arises T 10 B 12 T(423)250
1. Fear is a symptom of your deep sense of T 11 C 1 T(452)279
removing fear, NOT as a symptom, but at its source. T 21 D 7 T(774)596
psychotherapy invites Him. What is symptom cure, when another is always P 3 H 2 P(16)
really mean anything at the symptom-level, where it cannot work. T 2 D 7 T(98)97
preoccupation with ones own symptoms. This is why this area T 2 A 28 T(71)71
referred to, produces all physical symptoms. T 2 C 6 T 2 C 5 T(89)88
spoken of many different human symptoms, and at this level there T 4 B 1 T(188)C 15
also hardly a danger. ALL symptoms of hurt need true helpfullness T 4 I 5 T(232)C 59
beyond doubt, how can its symptoms remain? You have reason to T 5 G 14 T(258)C 85
But NO-ONE believes that the symptoms can remain if the underlying T 5 G 14 T(258)C 85
of the appearance of continuing symptoms is a mistake in the M 8 A 4 M(24)
and peace. These are the symptoms of the ideal patient-therapist relationshipP 3 H 2 P(16)