and translates HIS perception into sureness by continually extending it, andT 9 D 10 T(394)221
fears insane insistence that sureness lies in doubt. This HAS T 21 E 7 T(779)600
knows not God. In perfect sureness of Its changelessness and of T 30 D 9 T(1026)840
is made in certainty and sureness of the road. A blindfold T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
and it will fly in sureness and in joy to join W 128 L 6 W(262)
remains. Yet God is fair. Sureness is not required to receive W 165 L 4 W(362)
of Him is never absent. Sureness must abide within you who W 165 L 7 W(363)
Word directs we do. His sureness lies beyond our every doubt W 165 L 7 W(363)
with all Its Thought, Its sureness being Theirs. Gods memory W 320 W11 4 W(572)
6. There is no surer proof idolatry is what you T 30 G 6 T(1035)849
than they? Who could be surer that his happiness is fully W 153 L 10 W(326)
a firmer purpose and a surer goal. W 170 R5 W 170 R5 1 W(381)
Souls He created remain in surety, and therefore KNOW that no T 3 F 21 T(157)156
and His Sons, in the surety of Being, KNOW that what T 7 C 6 T(308)C 135
within the Holy Instants surety. For there the problem WILL T 27 E 3 T(947)773
a blanket of protection and surety. Let no idle and foolish W 50 L 5 W(88)
try today. Share, then, its surety, for it is yours. Be W 95 L 15 W(188)
that doubt is gone and surety has come. We have a W 98 L 2 W(194)
means whereby conviction comes, and surety of Your abiding Love is W 327 L 2 W(579)
the faintest ripple on the surface of the ocean. In its T 18 I 3 T(685) 509
Its SHADOW rises to the surface, enough to hold its most T 18 J 5 T(690)514
churn and bubble on the surface of your mind, and reach W 47 L 7 W(84)
5 A 1. The surface traits of Gods teachers M 5 A 1 M(8)
no more difficult than to surmount your little wall. For in T 19 E 5 T(709)533
said that peace must first surmount the obstacle of your desire T 19 G 1 T(714)538
am there ALREADY. We will surmount all obstacles TOGETHER, for we T 19 G 5 T(716)540
your mind, peace must still surmount a final obstacle, AFTER which T 19 K 1 T(726)550
flesh which it can not surmount. The world obeys the laws W 137 L 2 W(296)
high that it cannot BE surmounted. You are ALWAYS being pulled T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
YOU would interpose will be surmounted. To overcome the world is T 19 E 5 T(709)533
I be. And if I surmounted guilt and overcame the world T 19 G 7 T(716)540
The fourth obstacle to be surmounted, hangs like a heavy veil T 19 K 2 T(726)550
peace must flow across is surmounted in just the same way T 19 K 4 T(727)551
called, and each has been surmounted by the power of the T 19 K 5 T(727)551
obstacle to peace can BE surmounted through ITS help. IT does T 19 L 1 T(728)552
as every obstacle was finally surmounted that seemed to rise and T 22 E 8 T(810)629
From below, it cannot BE surmounted. From above, the limits it T 23 E 7 T(837)656
block, impenetrable, fearful and beyond surmounting, is the fear
W 170 L 9 W(378)
resurrection is the overcoming or surmounting of death. It is a M 29 A 1 M(66)
returned to you, it will surpass in might the little gift W 97 L 7 W(193)
And through His lessons to surpass perception and return to truth W 269 L 1 W(515)
for it is consummated and surpassed with this. It is the M 29 A 1 M(66)
or one who, is of surpassing excellence or merit.) (from Dictionary T 1 B 23 T(9)-9-
or one who, is of surpassing excellence or merit. Man is T 1 B 23b T(10)-10-
principle of continuity of behavior. Surprise is a reasonable response to T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
has systematically failed. It may surprise you to learn that had T 4 F 13 T(223)C 50
psychologist, and does not produce surprise. The lack of surprise, however T 4 F 18 T(224)C 51
produce surprise. The lack of surprise, however, is NOT a sign T 4 F 18 T(224)C 51
it can cause you little surprise. Yet you are also used T 14 F 4 T(555)- 382
2. You have expressed surprise at hearing how VERY different T 18 B 2 T(660)487
B 6. They will surprise you with their loveliness. The T 28 B 6 T(969)795
see. A tiny moment of surprise, perhaps, will make you pause W 131 L 13 W(271)
the slightest with the glorious surprise of remembering Who he is M 26 A 1 M(60)
toward this one great final surprise, and he will not be M 26 A 1 M(60)
present, why should he be surprised that it occurred that way T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
7. Why are you surprised that something happened in the T 4 C 7 T(200)C 27
minute, and yet you are surprised that you cannot SEE it T 11 I 1 T(477)304
There is nothing special or surprising about this at all. The T 1 B 3c T(1)
is complete, will be equally surprising. He will need your help T 1 B 41i T(46)46
made is not at all surprising. In fact, it duplicates in T 4 C 7 T(200)C 27
is confusion, this is hardly surprising. T 7 K 6 T 7 K 5 T(342)C 169
it. Its holy witnesses will surround you, because you CALLED UPON T 11 H 12 T(475)- 302
be NOT disturbed that shadows surround it. THAT IS WHY YOU T 18 E 2 T(671)- 498
OUTSIDE you, and SEEMS to surround you, shutting you off from T 18 G 9 T(679)506
rest. Nor does a fence surround it, preventing it from JOINING T 18 I 6 T(686)510
for the One Who DOES surround it has brought union to T 18 J 2 T(689)513
are. That is because you surround yourself with the environment you W 35 L 2 W(57)
suffer when love and joy surround me through Him? Let me W 59 L 1 W(108)
it in the clouds that surround the light, and it is W 70 L 7 W(132)
this wish which seems to surround the mind with a body W 72 L 2 W(137)
minutes, and the errors which surround the world will be corrected W 107 L 10 W(218)
that we review but we surround with it, and use the W 170 R5 11 W(383)
you invite the angels to surround the ground on which you W 182 L 2 W(391)
can feel its soft embrace surround your heart and mind with W 200 L 10 W(451)
all Gods holy Thoughts surround me, and be still with W 303 L 1 W(553)
or for fear, For You surround me. And in every need W 348 L 0 W(602)
without them the walls that surround all the separate places of M 26 A 2 M(60)
not awake in God, safely surrounded by what is yours forever T 10 G 6 T(441)268
BECAUSE you hid it, and SURROUNDED IT WITH FEAR. Under each T 14 D 2 T(547)- 374
Its thought-system is offered here, surrounded by a frame so heavy T 17 E 8 T(642)469
illusions in which you have surrounded it. When you retreat to T 18 D 4 T(669)496
He CANNOT be? You are surrounded ONLY by Him. What limits T 18 G 11 T(679)506
which you set it up, surrounded by darkness, guarded by attack T 18 J 2 T(689)513
special ones are all asleep, surrounded by a world of loveliness T 24 D 7 T(848)667
EXACTLY as It always was. Surrounded by a stillness so complete T 30 D 9 T(1026)840
as a vast round area, surrounded by a layer of heavy W 69 L 4 W(128)
Lesson 264. I am surrounded by the Love of God W 264 L 0 W(510)
have given me. I am surrounded by Your Love, forever still W 272 W6 1 W(519)
he saw physically discernible auras surrounding it. This is a curious T 3 C 30 T(140)139
Arched high above it, and surrounding it, with love, is the T 18 I 7 T(687)511
EVERY aspect of your lives, surrounding both of you with glowing T 19 D 15 T(706)- 530
Try to feel safety surrounding you, hovering over you, and W 68 L 7 W(127)
other things by emphasizing space surrounding it. This space you lay W 184 L 1 W(398)
gentleness and innocence they see surrounding them; the joy with which W 189 L 4 W(416)
W 267 L 1. Surrounding me is all the life W 267 L 1 W(513)
murder? What can it perceive surrounding it but safety, love and W 290 W8 3 W(539)
today! What holiness we see surrounding us! And it is given W 291 L 1 W(540)
attack, when all there is surrounding him is everlasting peace, forever W 330 W12 3 W(583)
and I am not alone. Surrounding me is everlasting Love. I W 348 L 1 W(602)
for anger or for fear? Surrounding me is perfect safety. Can W 348 L 1 W(602)
eternal promise goes with me? Surrounding me is perfect sinlessness. WhatW 348 L 1 W(602)