fear of waking, and the substitution of the will to wake T 8 I 5 T(374)C 201
The relationship in which the substitution occurred is thus fragmented, andT 18 A 1 T(659)486
fragment IS TO EXCLUDE, and substitution is the strongest defense the T 18 A 1 T(659)486
BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME. Substitution is clearly a process in T 18 A 2 T(659)486
The one emotion in which substitution is impossible, is love. But T 18 A 3 T(659)486
is love. But fear involves substitution by definition, for it is T 18 A 3 T(659)486
T 18 B. Substitution as a Defense (N 1456 T 18 B 0 T(660)487
is fear made but ONE substitution. It has taken many forms T 18 B 1 T(660)487
forms, because it was the substitution of fragmentation for wholeness. It T 18 B 1 T(660)487
YOU order. No limits on substitution are laid upon you; for T 18 C 3 T(664)491
for yours. And through this substitution is the ununderstandable made understandableM 12 A 3 M(31)
5. Your little, senseless substitutions, touched with insanity, and swirlingT 18 B 5 T(661)488
insane projections and your wild substitutions which YOU have placed OUTSIDET 18 B 6 T(661)488
end of dreams and futile substitutions for the truth? You are W 287 L 2 W(535)
knowledge. All of them were subsumed under possession fallacies. The denialT 2 A 15 T(68)68
although they are not particularly subtle. Yet, given a remaining wish M 26 A 5 M(61)
the concept of addition or subtraction in PHYSICAL terms is not T 2 B 65 T(86)85
was not neglected. He DID succeed in forcing recognition of the T 2 E 40 T(110)109
cab, you did not quite succeed. The error is showing up T 3 A 21 T(125)124
pupil or patient if they succeed. T 4 B 15 T 4 B 14 T(191)C 18
to relate the unrelated cannot succeed. T 4 C 27 T 4 C 26 T(207)C 34
situation. And you will also succeed. The ego regards this as T 5 G 8 T(256)C 83
ATTACK meaning, the ego DOES succeed in overlooking it, and is T 10 F 16 T(437)- 264
choose to banish fear WILL succeed. T 11 C 16 T 11 C 15 T(458)- 285
to learn but DO NOT SUCCEED.

--- Manuscript
T 11 F 7 T(466)- 293
you fight AGAINST learning, and SUCCEED, for that is your will T 11 F 10 T(467)294
of the attempt, IT WILL SUCCEED. The Holy Spirit asks you T 15 I 6 T(590)- 417
SACRIFICE COMPLETE. You will NOT succeed in being PARTIAL hostage to T 15 J 10 T(596)- 423
to each other. You will succeed only in frightening yourselves. The T 18 D 5 T(669)496
All such attempts will ultimately succeed, because of their purpose. But T 18 H 5 T(683)631b
to violate reality, AND TO SUCCEED. Sin is the proclamation that T 19 C 2 T(699)523
is it that it will SUCCEED? Can it be difficult to T 22 F 4 T(812)631
it MUST overcome, and WILL SUCCEED. T 23 B 2 T 23 B 1 T(821)640
sight of help that can succeed. ONLY destruction can BE the T 23 C 8 T(827)646
grounds that it will suddenly succeed, and bring what it has T 25 C 3 T(868)687
asleep? And CAN a dream succeed in making real the pictures T 29 H 7 T(1008)822
can make that ever will succeed. There IS no joy that T 31 A 7 T(1044)858
out of fear that will succeed. Nothing else will work; everything W 23 L 1 W(38)
feel confident that you will succeed today. It is the Will W 45 L 5 W(78)
yourself. Yet perhaps you will succeed in going past that, and W 67 L 4 W(124)
feel without them. If you succeed even by ever so little W 68 L 4 W(126)
you undertake with God must succeed. Then let the power of W 69 L 7 W(129)
But if you are to succeed, as God promises you will W 71 L 5 W(135)
the only plan that must succeed. Let us practice recognizing this W 71 L 6 W(135)
but Gods plan will succeed. It will lead to release W 71 L 7 W(135)
as well. You want to succeed in what we are trying W 73 L 6 W(142)
L 7. We will succeed today if you remember that W 73 L 7 W(142)
143) You will succeed today, the time appointed for W 73 L 9 W(143)
problem. Perhaps we will not succeed in letting all our preconceived W 79 L 8 W(158)
them with your determination to succeed. W 80 R2 4 W 80 R2 3 W(162)
means by which I will succeed. W 85 L 3 W 85 L 2 W(168)
L 10. If you succeed, the Thoughts that come to W 96 L 10 W(191)
be the day that you succeed! W 100 L 8 W 100 L 7 W(201)
L 8. You must succeed today if you prepare your W 105 L 8 W(211)
it truly and would not succeed. Today belongs to truth. Give W 107 L 6 W(217)
dream of death. Who could succeed where contradiction is the setting W 131 L 1 W(269)
you think that sickness can succeed in shielding you from truth W 136 L 7 W(292)
to be, and this cannot succeed. Today we ask that only W 137 L 12 W(298)
nothing is exempt. We will succeed to the extent to which W 140 L 9 W(309)
what it entails, and to succeed in everything you do that W 154 L 3 W(329)
on reaching it, you will succeed today. And once you have W 161 L 10 W(352)
that, even if you should succeed, you will inevitably lose your W 181 L 4 W(389)
yet be one which can succeed where all the rest have W 185 L 7 W(403)
what you have already must succeed. To ask that what is W 200 L 3 W(449)
For in that will I succeed, because it is Your Will W 246 L 2 W(490)
impossible. Therefore they can only succeed. In this as in all M 5 C 2 M(12)
are honest. They can only succeed, because they never do their M 5 C 2 M(12)
Creator. How could they not succeed? They choose in perfect honesty M 5 C 2 M(12)
his conviction that he will succeed. He must be sure success M 17 A 8 M(42)
the Will of God and succeed. That this can hardly be M 18 A 5 M(45)
if you are indeed to succeed in overlooking the error. And U 1 A 1 U(1)
must share it wholly to succeed. It is impossible to share P 3 C 6 P(7)
comes from God. They can succeed where many who believe they P 3 C 7 P(7)
may. But he will not succeed except to some extent and P 3 H 7 P(17)
money, and he will not succeed to the extent to which P 4 C 2 P(25)
or an entreaty. It cannot succeed until you realize that it S 1 B 1 S(3)
his arts and learning, will succeed. S 3 D 3 S 3 D 2 S(24)
the present, but he never succeeded in separating the past FROM T 3 C 34 T(142)141
his efforts, even if he succeeded. The ego has also countenanced T 4 F 15 T(223)C 50
to banish love have not succeeded. But you who choose to T 11 C 15 T(458)- 285
done them alone. You have succeeded whenever you have reached another T 16 C 4 T(605)432
IS guilty, and has thus SUCCEEDED in losing his innocence, and T 19 C 2 T(699)523
you will think that you succeeded, and attack again. It is T 23 A 2 T(819)638
acknowledgment that guilt has NOT succeeded, by your wish, to make T 30 G 9 T(1036)850
whether you feel you have succeeded or not. W 67 W 67 L 4 W(125)
today. And once you have succeeded, you will not be willing W 161 L 10 W(352)
channel for healing he has succeeded. Should he be tempted to M 8 A 2 M(23)
easily detected. If you are succeeding, you will feel a deep W 74 L 5 W(145)
tries, and all too frequently succeeds, in doing both, by using T 15 B 3 T(564)391
achieve for you. If it succeeds, you think you LIKE the T 29 E 4 T(1000)814
is sad. But whether it succeeds or fails is not its T 29 E 4 T(1000)814
8 E 20. Our success in transcending the ego is T 8 E 20 T(358)C 185
that to ACHIEVE it is SUCCESS? The belief that you MUST T 8 J 12 T(380)C 207
more inclined to regard HIS success, as witness to the possibility T 15 G 2 T(581)408
retreats YOU have evaluated as success.

--- Manuscript
T 18 F 1 T(673)- 580
indeed, achieved their instants of success. This course does not attempt T 18 H 4 T(682)631a
God maintaining it, and promising success. Yet, of the two, it T 24 G 12 T(858)677
hopes, and NO suggestions of success at all. To place your T 25 C 2 T(868)687
illusions to be true, WITHOUT SUCCESS. Nor never will success BE T 26 H 12 T(922)748
WITHOUT SUCCESS. Nor never will success BE possible in trying to T 26 H 12 T(922)748
thus you judge disaster and success, advance, retreat, and gain and T 30 H 2 T(1037)851
never fail completely, and instant success is possible. W 41 W 41 L 8 W(69)
another situation will yet offer success. W 71 L 4 W 71 L 3 W(134)
wane and your hope of success flicker and go out, repeat W 72 L 11 W(139)
with the promise of complete success. And since time has no W 98 L 6 W(195)
goal can keep you from success when He Who calls to W 100 L 8 W(201)
of all that would prevent success today. Now are you ready W 105 L 7 W(211)
We are as certain of success as we are sure we W 107 L 7 W(217)
A major hazard to success has been involvement with your W 181 L 4 W(389)
a choice to make between success and failure; love and fear W 200 L 6 W(450)
and certain of your ultimate success. He has forgiven you already W 220 W1 5 W(462)
can but try, and his success depends on his conviction that M 17 A 8 M(42)
succeed. He must be sure success is not of him, but M 17 A 8 M(42)
completed learning guarantees your own success. Is he still available for M 24 A 3 M(56)
it has achieved its ultimate success. Its whole function, in the P 3 A 1 P(3)
God were necessary to psychotherapeutic success. Nor is belief in God P 3 C 4 P(6)
Now the extent of their success depends on how much of P 3 D 2 P(8)
end there must be some success. One asks for help; another P 3 D 3 P(8)
a giver of assurance of success in ultimate attainment of the S 3 A 1 S(20)