of fear, when any situation strikes you with terror and makes T 19 J 10 T(724)548
your saner moments, its ranting strikes no terror in your hearts T 21 E 5 T(778)599
an interval in which disaster strikes, to be perceived as good T 26 I 7 T(927)753
prisoner to your beliefs. Death strikes it everywhere because you hold W 132 L 3 W(273)
will remember, as the hour strikes, our function is to let W 137 L 13 W(299)
a minute as the hour strikes to hear the answer to W 140 L 12 W(309)
can offer as the hour strikes. Sometimes we will forget. At W 153 L 16 W(327)
to ensure that when He strikes He will not fail to W 197 L 1 W(441)
it every time the hour strikes, or we remember, in between W 200 R6 3 W(452)
THE EGO BETTER. They provide STRIKING examples, both of the ego T 18 C 2 T(664)491
armature but must have terror striking at his heart. W W 135 L 3 W(285)
all else, cruel beyond conception, striking down all who acknowledge Him W 170 L 10 W(379)
little metal discs or paper strips the world proclaims as valuable T 27 I 2 T(962)788
have stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs W 76 L 3 W(149)
the world you see. It strips all meaning from the gifts W 105 L 2 W(210)
CAN content you. When you strive for anything in the world T 15 D 1 T(570)- 397
You do not have to strive for it, because you HAVE T 15 D 4 T(570)- 397
need of your willingness to strive for this, that you cannot T 15 I 3 T(589)- 416
goals are altogether UNattainable, will strive for them with all its T 15 I 11 T(591)- 418
the means by which you strive for them are meaningless as W 131 L 2 W(269)
His holy home we strive to keep today as He W 167 L 11 W(370)
itself. Its purpose is to strive. Yet can the goal of W 250 W4 2 W(495)
illusions, for he must yet strive to have the last illusion P 4 C 1 P(25)
Surely it is impractical to strive for nothing, and to attempt P 4 C 7 P(26)
things NOT wanted, and not striven FOR. The possibility of freedom T 30 F 2 T(1030)844
innocent mind HAS everything and strives only to PROTECT its Wholeness T 3 C 21 T(137)136
THEM BOTH. The mind always strives for integration, and if it T 11 H 6 T(473)- 300
the choices open to your striving and your vigilance. You will T 15 D 1 T(570)- 397
you HAVE it. All your striving must be directed AGAINST LITTLENESS T 15 D 4 T(570)- 397
good and valuable and worth striving for can hurt you, and T 26 G 1 T(917)743
the mind made in its striving to deceive itself. Its purpose W 250 W4 2 W(495)
Yet can the goal of striving change. And now the body W 250 W4 2 W(495)
serves a different aim for striving. What it seeks for now W 250 W4 2 W(495)
gain autonomy but by our striving to be separate, and that W 328 L 1 W(580)
How much is gained by striving for illusions? How much is P 4 C 7 P(26)
sounds of harsh and bitter striving and defeat there is a S 3 E 7 S(27)
cannot help until you are strong. The Everlasting Arms are your T 1 B 24b T(13)13
contact at all levels becomes strong and accurate, thus permitting correct T 1 B 31 T(22)22
miracle, he will be equally strong in his belief in that T 1 B 41s T(48)48
them to others, a very strong chain of Atonement is welded T 1 B 42b T(54)54
in human terms, is a strong defense because it entails two T 1 C 2 T(55)55
why that had such a strong impact on you originally was T 2 B 7 T(74)74
This resulted in his increasingly strong attempts to make the illogical T 2 E 39 T(110)109
check the miscreative abilities of strong but misdirected wills. T T 3 A 6 T(120) 119
of the celestial speed- up. Strong wills can do this NOW T 3 F 23 T(157)156
except your own will is strong enough or worthy enough to T 4 D 14 T(211)C 38
this goal confusion, given a strong will, MUST produce chaotic behavior T 4 F 10 T(221)C 48
is so strong that it radiates throughout the T 5 A 4 T(234) C 61
joy. This call is so strong that the ego always dissolves T 5 C 10 T(237)C 64
its survival. The ego becomes strong in strife because if you T 5 E 11 T(244)C 71
it, and the hands are strong to give it. We cannot T 5 F 17 T(252)C 79
lose. My judgment is as strong as the wisdom of God T 5 F 17 T(252)C 79
to involve it in a strong defense system because he perceived T 5 I 7 T(266)C 93
of this fixation is so strong that you will never overcome T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
not consider sickness such a strong witness on behalf of the T 8 H 5 T(371)C 198
fearful, and if they are strong they WILL induce panic. WILLING T 8 J 14 T(380)C 207
Is your faith in him strong enough to LET you listen T 8 K 6 T(383)210
from without, there is a strong tendency to harbor it within T 10 E 4 T(430)- 257
therefore ego identification, and as strong an ego defense as blaming T 10 E 6 T(431)258
The case for insanity IS strong to the insane. For reasoning T 10 F 17 T(438)265
it directly, you have a strong tendency to TRY TO ESCAPE T 11 C 7 T(455)- 282 -
1. Only love is strong because it is UNDIVIDED. The T 11 F 1 T(465)292
because it is UNDIVIDED. The strong do not attack, because they T 11 F 1 T(465)292
weaken you, YOU ARE STILL STRONG. You therefore HAVE no need T 11 F 3 T(465)292
God, Whose pull is so strong that YOU cannot resist it T 12 A 1 T(485)312
My faith is you is strong as all the love I T 13 D 13 T(519)- 346
13. He is the strong protector of your innocence, which T 13 H 13 T(534)361
love, YOUR call remains as strong. Nor do you think that T 15 G 2 T(581)408
relationship, so holy and so strong, that it can overcome even T 15 H 13 T(588)- 415
is magnified, and what is strong and powerful, cut down to T 16 G 6 T(623)- 450
Its call for faith is strong. Use not your faithlessness against T 17 H 8 T(656)483
the sun. It is not strong enough to stop a button T 18 J 7 T(691)515
faith so gentle, yet so strong, that it would lift you T 19 L 14 T(732)556
thorns and nails, and his strong arm is free to guide T 20 C 10 T(738)562
raise your eyes unto your strong companion, in whom the meaning T 20 D 10 T(743)567
must perceive that what is strong enough to MAKE a world T 21 C 4 T(768)590
and trust in THIS is strong indeed. The Holy Spirit can T 21 C 7 T(769)591
he faithless to HIMSELF, but STRONG in faith in his illusions T 21 D 5 T(773)595
ends. Faith and belief are STRONG in madness, guiding perception toward T 21 F 10 T(782)603
cause. Frantic and loud and strong the dark ones SEEM to T 21 H 3 T(788)609
4. Those who are strong are NEVER treacherous, because they T 21 H 4 T(789)610
will be the others strong protector from EVERYTHING that seems T 22 E 7 T(809)628
WEAKNESS interferes? YOU are the strong ones in this seeming conflict T 22 F 1 T(811)630
STRENGTH, and nothing else is strong. The sinless cannot fear. And T 23 A 1 T(819)638
unreal BE hidden? No-one is strong who has an enemy. And T 23 A 1 T(819)638
One becomes weak, the other strong BY HIS DEFEAT. And fear T 23 C 5 T(826)645
emerging here. The enemy, made strong by keeping hidden the valuable T 23 C 10 T(828)647
him down, and recognize his strong support? Who can detract from T 24 C 2 T(842)661
the love and care, the strong protection, the thought by day T 24 H 3 T(860)679
dependable as Heaven, and as strong as God Himself. The world T 25 H 1 T(886)705
for death is just as strong as is His Will for T 25 H 2 T(886)705
your faith in it be strong, unswerving, and without attack from T 25 I 2 T(891)710
perceived as weak and vengeance strong. For love has LOST when T 25 I 8 T(893)712
in its soft embrace, so strong and quiet, tranquil in the T 29 F 2 T(1001)815
And if you find resistance strong and dedication weak, you are T 30 B 1 T(1016)830
your power to learn is strong enough to teach you that T 31 A 3 T(1042)856
find that you will encounter strong resistance. The reason is very W 44 L 5 W(75)
your belief can be very strong. But they are idle indeed W 73 L 1 W(141)
little they may be, have strong support. Did you but realize W 91 L 4 W(174)
I am not weak, but strong. I am not helpless, but W 91 L 8 W(175)
come. It is through Their strong support that you will feel W 91 L 10 W(176)
and dreams that it is strong and conquering, a victor over W 92 L 6 W(178)
created you, you must be strong, and light must be in W 94 L 2 W(183)
God. You stand in light, strong in the sinlessness in which W 94 L 2 W(183)
with faith and confidence so strong and steady they will light W 98 L 8 W(195)
of truth, quiet in power, strong in stillness, and completely certain W 106 L 1 W(213)
mighty, and illusions are as strong in their effects as is W 132 L 1 W(273)
often emphasized. It will be strong and healthy if the mind W 135 L 8 W(286)
in defenselessness I will be strong, And I will learn what W 135 L 23 W(289)
other minds, to be forever strong.

--- Manuscript
W 137 L 8 W(297)
with terror and anxiety so strong that it will not relinquish W 138 L 8 W(301)
irrational. And its defense seems strong, convincing, and without a doubtW 151 L 1 W(316)
the day. We rise up strong in Christ, and let our W 153 L 19 W(328)
to make your weak commitment strong; your scattered goals blend into W 180 IN2 3 W(387)
might learn of Him how strong is he who comes without W 183 L 9 W(396)
with one intent become so strong that what they will becomes W 185 L 3 W(402)
is your salvation. You are strong, and it is strength you W 196 L 9 W(440)
Guide, your Savior and Defender, strong in hope and certain of W 220 W1 5 W(462)
threatened. It may still be strong enough to rally under this M 26 A 5 M(61)
tendency, and it is very strong, to hear this song of P 3 G 2 P(14)
became the cover, dark and strong, for what should be the P 3 H 4 P(17)
fear of letting go is strong. S 1 D 6 S 1 D 6 S(9)
its progress swift. Without its strong support it would be vain S 2 A 1 S(12)