hope, because the guns are stilled an instant and the fear T 23 D 6 T(834)653
and meaningless desires have been stilled. Await His Word in quiet W 125 L 6 W(254)
pile of dust silenced and stilled. For see, this dust can W 136 L 8 W(292)
uprooted, and has disappeared. The stillness and the peace of NOW T 16 H 6 T(627)- 454
calm within, where, in holy stillness, dwells the living God you T 18 B 5 T(661)488
23 B 10. The stillness of your certainty of Him T 23 B 10 T(824)643
bringing them an instants stillness, when the memory of God T 28 B 9 T(970)796
of eternity resound throughout the stillness, yet disturb it not. And T 28 B 11 T(971)797
render unremembered and undone. The stillness speaks in gentle sounds of T 28 B 11 T(971)797
always was. Surrounded by a stillness so complete no sound of T 30 D 9 T(1026)840
part of your mind where stillness and peace reign forever. Try W 49 L 2 W(86)
try to settle in perfect stillness, remembering only how much you W 69 L 5 W(129)
quiet in power, strong in stillness, and completely certain in Its W 106 L 1 W(213)
We ask for peace and stillness in the midst of all W 109 L 1 W(222)
rest and quiet, peace and stillness, and the safety and the W 109 L 2 W(222)
close your eyes, sink into stillness. Let these periods of rest W 109 L 5 W(223)
sound, yet more afraid of stillness; terrified of darkness, yet more W 121 L 3 W(241)
day be a day of stillness and of quiet listening. Your W 125 L 1 W(253)
125 L 3. In stillness we will hear His Voice W 125 L 3 W(253)
stay with Him in perfect stillness, silent and at peace, beyond W 183 L 8 W(395)
198 L 8. The stillness of your Self remains unmoved W 197 L 8 W(444)
the world. Now is there stillness where before there was a W 197 L 11 W(445)
with me. And in that stillness, we will find the peace W 208 L 1 W(455)
Brother, we find that stillness now. The way is open W 225 L 2 W(467)
silent now. And in the stillness, hallowed by His Love, God W 254 L 2 W(499)
1970 Lesson 273. The stillness of the peace of God W 273 W6 0 W(520)
our minds, with certainty, The stillness of the peace of God W 273 W6 1 W(520)
286 L 2. The stillness of today will give us W 286 L 2 W(534)
This is a day of stillness and of peace. W 291 L 0 W(540)
And if I need but stillness and a tranquil, open mind W 361 L 1 W(618)
His Voice is heard in stillness. And His Judgment comes to M 16 A 2 M(39)
and in every thought. Peace stills my heart, and floods my W 267 L 1 W(513)
T 1 B 36d. Stimuli of all kinds are identified T 1 B 36d T(24)24
certain specific ways to all stimuli which it perceives as related T 4 H 4 T(229)C 56
you do not respond to stimuli, but to STIMULI AS YOU T 11 A 1 T(449)- 276
respond to stimuli, but to STIMULI AS YOU INTERPRET THEM. Your T 11 A 1 T(449)- 276
between miracles and projection. The stimulus MUST precede the response, andT 1 B 36b T(24)24
through perception. You perceive the stimulus and behave accordingly. It followsT 1 B 36d T(24)24
touch him with the poisoned sting of fear. Attest his T 27 B 4 T(935)761
justify his pain. The constant sting of guilt he suffers serves T 27 C 9 T(940)766
hearts are tranquil, with a stir of deep anticipation, for the M 29 A 4 M(67)
sin, nor for a tiny stirring of guilts attraction. Would T 23 A 4 T(820)639
things because I feel the stirring of His strength in me W 60 L 2 W(110)
the voice of hope, the stirring of the truth within his W 95 L 16 W(188)
forever, as loves attraction stirs and calls to you. From T 19 K 5 T(727)551
right partner for procreating the stock (Wolff was not too far T 1 B 41t T(48)48
of you, you think you stole from Heaven. Give it back T 18 J 2 T(689)513
on YOU, for what you stole. Nor will God end His T 23 C 13 T(829)648
ENTITLED to believe that every stolen scrap of pleasure is their T 27 B 6 T(936)762
It is a real foundation stone of the thought system I T 6 F 10 T(291)118
perfect honesty. Open the dark stone of terror on which it T 10 B 1 T(419)- 246
share WITH Him. Not one stone you place upon it but T 10 B 3 T(420)- 247
its wrappings. As each senseless stone that SEEMS to shine in T 17 E 13 T(644)471
8. There is no stone in all the egos T 19 C 8 T(701)525
erect the heavy walls of stone and iron doors he thought W 134 L 12 W(283)
he is but made of stone. He can do nothing. We W 170 L 7 W(378)
before this mindless piece of stone? Or will you make another W 170 L 8 W(378)
upon this bit of carven stone you made, and call it W 170 L 11 W(379)
my help to roll the stone away, and it is done U 8 A 2 U(13)
such as the effects of stones on the mind, and some T 3 C 33 T(141)140
leaving in your way no stones to trip on, and no T 20 E 9 T(747)570
and fall down upon the stones you did not recognize. But T 21 B 1 T(764)586
himself fall lower than the stones upon the ground, and look T 29 J 1 T(1012)826
irritated at the girl who stood next to the door on T 3 A 20 T(124)123
Cayces illiteracy never stood in his way. This is T 3 C 31 T(140)139
quite warped, and their misperceptions stood in the way of their T 3 G 34 T(168)167
is nothing in itself, and STOOD FOR nothing when you had T 19 E 10 T(710)534
welcome made at last. Where stood a cross stands now the T 26 J 7 T(930)756
and guilt. And all that stood BETWEEN your image of yourself T 30 F 5 T(1031)845
salvation now with him who stood beside you when you were W 69 L 1 W(128)
shining light where each one stood before. For every grievance is W 78 L 3 W(154)
replace their little names, you stood before them worshipfully, naming themW 182 L 4 W(391)
be salvation. Yet it merely stood for the belief the fear W 196 L 5 W(439)
remedy from every choice that stood for a mistake. What prayer S 1 E 3 S(10)
thought it was alone and stood against the world. Humility brings S 1 F 1 S(10)
the place where once they stood there is a gateway to G 2 A 2 G(4)
a better person deigns to stoop to save a baser one S 2 C 2 S(15)
Brothers are special. He should stop interpreting this as all except T 1 B 35c T(23)23
to ask me when to stop. This is an example of T 1 B 37i T(30)30
anyway. If you are to stop, do so immediately.) T T 1 C 8 T(56)56
The ONLY way is to STOP MISCREATING NOW, and accept the T 2 E 38 T(109)108
then are you ABLE to stop asking questions about him. T 3 E 8 T(149)148
Being limitless, it DOES NOT STOP. It creates forever, but NOT T 7 A 3 T(304)C 131
EXTENDS itself. It does not STOP at the body, for if T 8 G 11 T(366)C 193
universe of love does not stop because you do not see T 10 B 8 T(422)- 249
relationship is threatened by ANYTHING, stop instantly and offer the Holy T 18 F 6 T(675)- 572
is not strong enough to stop a buttons fall, nor T 18 J 7 T(691)515
repeat it; you will merely stop, and let it go. UNLESS T 19 D 3 T(702)526
hands, to give. Would you stop now, to LOOK for guilt T 19 G 6 T(716)540
does the Son of God stop briefly by, to offer his T 20 G 11 T(754)577
LET IT IN. Only to stop your INTERFERENCE with what will T 21 C 8 T(769)591
go beyond. Watch how they STOP at nothingness, unable to go T 22 D 6 T(806)626
power to make the body stop its evil deeds, because you T 27 I 7 T(963)789
this unless you choose to stop it. It is merely taking W 44 L 7 W(76)
them. Go on; clouds cannot stop you. W 69 L W 69 L 5 W(129)
We will try today to stop these senseless attacks on salvation W 72 L 7 W(138)
to close our eyes and stop our ears. Now we would W 72 L 10 W(139)
by not allowing sight to stop before it sees. We will W 78 L 2 W(154)
we practiced yesterday. You cannot stop with the idea the world W 129 L 1 W(263)
suffer, twist your limbs and stop your heart, commanding you to W 136 L 8 W(292)
that is the time to stop. M 17 A 5 M 17 A 4 M(41)
it again as your defense. Stop for a moment now and M 21 A 4 M(51)
do what is impossible. Then stop a while, long enough to P 4 C 7 P(26)