is a distorted attempt to steal the Atonement, and deny its T 2 B 63 T(85) 84
creation. Do not try to steal it from him, or you T 14 B 5 T(541)- 368
from every thought that would steal it away, and keep it T 14 B 5 T(541)- 368
to its friends. Its messengers steal guiltily away in hungry search T 19 F 4 T(712)536
theres nothing left to steal, and then move on. And T 22 A 3 T(795)- 616
sex crimes, and 2) to stealing. The kleptomaniac is a good T 1 C 11 T(58)58
HS considered changing iron to steel. Correction: No. Steel would Not T 1 B 21b T(6)-6-
iron to steel. Correction: No. Steel would Not be a better T 1 B 21b T(6)-6-
Not be a better word. Steel is very useful but it T 1 B 21b T(6)-6-
mind in heavy bands of steel with iron overlaid, returning but W 153 L 3 W(324)
and witnesses which make the steep ascent more gentle and more S 3 A 1 S(20)
can tell another he is steeped in sin, and yet perceive S 2 C 2 S(15)
HIS real specialness does NOT stem from exclusion, but from inclusion T 1 B 35c T(23)23
37t. All actions which stem from reverse thinking are literally T 1 B 37t T(32)32
of its opponents. Both attitudes stem from the same false belief T 1 C 17 T(59)59
in purpose, except that they stem more from a sense of T 2 B 63 T(85) 84
All of your difficulties ultimately stem from the fact that you T 3 E 4 T(147)146
you have completed the SCT stem: When I was called on T 4 A 4 T(185)C 12
is perfectly genuine and does stem from knowledge, cannot help her T 4 C 5 T(199)C 26
is free to complete the stem: When I was completely on T 4 C 19 T(204)C 31
never real, and COULD not stem from his reality. For that T 30 I 2 T(1040)854
all concern about the past stem from injustice. Here is the M 20 A 3 M(49)
dream from which all illusions stem. Is it not madness to M 28 A 1 M(63)
Freud. His reactions to Freud stemmed from his own unfortunate acceptance T 2 E 28 T(107)106
M(25) embarrassment stemming from false humility. The form M 8 A 5 M(25)
right, because they KNOW it stems from love, that they do T 1 B 30f T(18)18
is reliable only because it stems from an error which men T 1 B 40e T(38)38
is a poor word, which stems from the brain-mind confusion. Right-MindednessT 2 B 25 T(77)77
the kind of thinking which stems from it. The idea of T 4 B 1 T(188)C 15
from which ALL guilt really stems.

--- Manuscript
T 5 G 3 T(254)C 81
itself is enormous, but it stems from the power of the T 7 G 3 T(325)C 152
FOR NOTHING. ANY desire which stems from the ego IS a T 8 J 11 T(380)C 207
what it IS. Everything that stems from the ego is the T 10 F 5 T(434)- 261
your fear of this course stems ultimately from this interpretation, but T 12 B 4 T(486) 313
Every decision that you make stems from WHAT YOU THINK YOU T 15 D 3 T(570)- 397
PERCEPTION from which the behavior stems. NO-ONE IS SEEN COMPLETE. The T 18 A 3 T(659)486
but, if the basic question stems from REASON, it will not T 21 F 5 T(781)602
ask it. Like ALL that stems from reason, the basic question T 21 F 5 T(781)602
than this. The rest but stems from this, to hold it T 25 D 1 T(873)692
all a piece because it stems from one emotion, and reflects W 130 L 6 W(267)
Defense is frightening. It stems from fear, increasing fear as W 135 L 4 W(285)
total, and the goal that stems from It shares Its totality W 319 L 2 W(570)
it to others. The second step is inherent in the first T 1 B 22 T(6)-6-
you remain in the first step. (see bottom of p. 6 T 1 B 22t T(9)-9-
1) or 2), and a step somewhat further away from the T 1 C 15 T(59)59
not need to extend this step unduly. The correct focus will T 2 B 39 T(79)79
Temple is only the first step in correcting this kind of T 2 B 64 T(86)85
not appropriate. But the next step is to realize that a T 2 B 65 T(86)85
C 4. A major step in the Atonement plan is T 2 C 4 T(89)88
all corrective processes, the first step is know that this is T 2 C 16 T(93)92
After taking the first corrective step, i.e., Knowing it IS T 2 E 1 T(99)98
temporarily by adding another next step BEFORE going on with the T 2 E 1 T(99)98
3. The final procedural step T(3) is inherent in T 2 E 3 T(100)99
s calculations about himself, a step in the right direction which T 2 E 40 T(110)109
cannot but continue. The first step toward freedom, then, MUST entail T 2 F 3 T(118)117
themselves. However, since this obvious step has not occurred to you T 3 A 1 T(120) 119
by definition, only as a step toward changing from a bad T 3 A 7 T(121)120
A 13. The next step, however, DOES involve the direct T 3 A 13 T(122)121
unwise to start on this step at all without very careful T 3 A 13 T(122)121
past notes, as an important step before reviewing them. A major T 3 A 36 T(128)127
the Cayce material, a major step in the speedup, must be T 3 C 36 T(143)142
Questioning delusions is the first step in undoing them. The miracle T 3 E 5 T(148)147
restored. Right-mindedness dictates the next step automatically, because right perception isT 4 C 23 T(205)C 32
a wall, but I can step around it.

T 4 D 17 T(211)C 38
you have taken the first step toward preparing your minds for T 4 D 20 T(212)C 39
that hinder its accomplishment, and step away from them. Judge how T 4 E 14 T(216)C 43
G 22. Your giant step forward was to INSIST on T 4 G 22 T(228)C 55
carried over, for the last step is taken by God. T 5 C 2 T(236)C 63
you feel. Therefore, the first step in the undoing is to T 5 I 19 T(269)C 96
This is a very preliminary step, and THE ONLY ONE YOU T 6 F 14 T(292)119
necessary that you COMPLETE the step yourself, but it IS necessary T 6 F 14 T(292)119
6 F 15. This step APPEARS to exacerbate conflict rather T 6 F 15 T(292)119
because it is the BEGINNING step in reversing your perception and T 6 F 15 T(292)119
Some people remain at this step for a very long time T 6 F 15 T(292)119
than to take the next step toward its resolution. But having T 6 F 15 T(292)119
But having taken the first step, they WILL be helped. Having T 6 F 15 T(292)119
You, Helen, had taken this step, and because you believed in T 6 F 16 T(292)119
H., had taken a giant step INTO conflict, but B. turned T 6 F 17 T(292)119
G 3. The first step in the reversal or undoing T 6 G 3 T(294)121
This is still a preliminary step, because having and being are T 6 G 10 T(296)C 123
more advanced than the first step, which is really only a T 6 G 10 T(296)C 123
a thought REVERSAL. The second step is a positive affirmation of T 6 G 10 T(296)C 123
WANT. This, then IS a step in the direction OUT of T 6 G 10 T(296)C 123
has degrees. Therefore, although this step is essential for the ultimate T 6 G 11 T(296)C 123
AS a creator. The second step, then, is still perceptual but T 6 G 12 T(296)C 123
it is nevertheless a giant step toward the unified perception that T 6 G 12 T(296)C 123
As you take this step and HOLD THIS DIRECTION, you T 6 G 13 T(297)C 124
You are only beginning this step now, but you have started T 6 G 13 T(297)C 124
is intermittent, but the second step is easier than the first T 6 G 13 T(297)C 124
This is a major step toward FUNDAMENTAL change. Yet it T 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
what is MORE desirable. This step, which follows from the second T 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
inevitable. But while the first step seems to INCREASE conflict, and T 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
CLEAR-CUT PRIORITY FOR VIGILANCE. This step is unequivocal in that it T 6 H 5 T(299)C 126
is INHERENT in the third step, which brings together the lessons T 6 H 6 T(300)127
believed in it. The final step will still be taken FOR T 6 H 7 T(300)127
God. But by the third step, the Holy Spirit has PREPARED T 6 H 7 T(300)127
H 9. The third step is thus one of PROTECTION T 6 H 9 T(301)128
H 14. The third step, then, is a statement of T 6 H 14 T(302)C 129
were just beginning the second step, but I also told you T 6 H 14 T(302)C 129
have said that the last step in the re-awakening of knowledge T 7 B 3 T(305)C 132
you something about this last step, but this one you must T 7 B 3 T(305)C 132
B 5. The last step that God was said to T 7 B 5 T(306)C 133
you. This is an intermediary step toward the knowledge that YOU T 7 E 9 T(315)C 142
BE HEALED is the first step toward RECOGNIZING WHAT YOU TRULY T 10 C 1 T(424)251
WANT. Every ATTACK is a step AWAY from this, and every T 10 C 1 T(424)251
EXCEPTION. This is a crucial step in the re-awakening. The beginning T 10 E 4 T(430)- 257
denying THEIR reality. The next step is obviously to recognize that T 10 F 2 T(433) 260
must be meaningless. The next step, then, is obvious. If consistent T 10 F 15 T(437)- 264
ego proceeds to the next step in its thought system; that T 10 F 15 T(437)- 264
you, and take the last step for you, by raising you T 10 H 18 T(448)- 275
you would have taken a step AWAY from reality, not toward T 11 B 7 T(452)279
WITHOUT DISGUISE, as a crucial step in the undoing of the T 11 B 7 T(452)279
need but last until you step aside from ALL your needs T 12 G 11 T(508)- 335
it possible. Yet the last step must be taken by God T 13 B 1 T(510)337
by God, because the last step in your redemption, which SEEMS T 13 B 1 T(510)337
for it is the ONLY step in it He understands. Therefore T 15 I 8 T(591)- 418
REAL, and so perpetuate it. Step gently aside, and let the T 16 A 4 T(602)429
YOURSELF. This is the last step in the readiness for God T 16 E 2 T(611)438
understand nothing. But, as you step lightly across it, upheld BY T 16 E 13 T(615)442
world at all. This little step, so small it has escaped T 17 C 2 T(632)- 459
17 C 3. This step, the smallest ever taken by T 17 C 3 T(632)- 459
God will take the last step swiftly, when you have reached T 17 C 4 T(633)- 460
17 D 5. Every step taken in the making, the T 17 D 5 T(636)- 463
UNDOES it. And, with each step in HIS undoing, is the T 17 D 8 T(637)- 464
into all your relationships, and step between you and your fantasies T 17 D 13 T(638)- 465
The holy relationship, a MAJOR step toward the perception of the T 17 F 1 T(646)473
time to re-interpret each slow step, according to its liking. Only T 17 F 5 T(647)474
you ready for the final step in the journey inward. Here T 18 J 10 T(692)516
Himself can take the final step unhindered. For here does nothing T 18 J 11 T(692)516
letting it be Itself. A step BEYOND this holy place of T 18 J 11 T(692)516
holy place of forgiveness. A step still further inward, but one T 18 J 11 T(692)516
God has taken the last step Himself, the Holy Spirit will T 19 D 18 T(707)- 531
FEAR OF GOD, the final step in your dissociation.
T 19 K 3 T(726)550
to your horrified awareness. They step AWAY from sin, reminding you T 20 I 11 T(762)584
Let reason take another step. If you attack whom God T 22 B 1 T(797)617a
a logical conclusion; a valid step in ordered thought. The steps T 23 C 22 T(832)651
from truth. Think not one step is smaller than another, nor T 23 C 22 T(832)651
Brothers, take not one step in the descent to hell T 23 C 23 T(832)651
to falter now. Just one step more, and every vestige of T 24 C 9 T(844)663
C 8. He will step forth from darkness as you T 25 C 8 T(870)689
could choosing be a necessary step in the advance toward Oneness T 26 D 1 T(907)726
others hand and keeping step to Heavens song, is T 26 F 2 T(912)731
free to take the final step Himself. For this you need T 27 D 6 T(945)771
true. This is a crucial step in dealing with illusions. No-one T 28 C 7 T(973)- 799
is the separations final step, with which salvation, which proceeds T 28 C 9 T(974)- 800
OTHER way, begins. This final step is an effect of what T 28 C 9 T(974)- 800
The miracle is the first step in giving BACK to cause T 28 C 9 T(974)- 800
change the course of every step in the descent to separation T 28 C 12 T(975)- 801
Forgiving dreams are means to step aside from dreaming of a T 29 F 7 T(1003)817
your willingness to practice every step. Each one will help a T 30 A 1 T(1016)830
yourself become preoccupied with every step you take. The proper set T 30 B 1 T(1016)830
way for the next easy step, which follows this. T T 30 B 5 T(1018)832
8. 7. This final step is but acknowledgment of LACK T 30 B 8 T(1019)833
HE made ready for the step in which is all forgiveness T 30 F 3 T(1030)844
F 4. The final step is Gods, because it T 30 F 4 T(1031)845
light and easy is the step across the narrow boundaries of T 30 F 6 T(1031)845
You have continued, taking every step, however difficult, without complaint, untilT 31 A 4 T(1043)857
advancing only when he would step back, and falling back when T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
before you, so that every step is made in certainty and T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
instead. To fight AGAINST this step is to defeat your purpose T 31 D 5 T(1053)867
E 12. Although this step has gains, it does not T 31 E 12 T(1058)872
inclusive it is but a step from there to Heaven. To T 31 G 7 T(1070)884
them separately is the first step in ultimately recognizing they are W 5 L 1 W(8)
real ideas, is the first step to opening the way to W 8 L 3 W(13)
any other exercises. Each little step will clear a little of W 9 L 2 W(15
time. This is a beginning step in learning to give them W 12 L 2 W(20)
idea for today is another step in learning to let go W 14 L 3 W(24)
for today is a beginning step in dispelling the belief that W 16 L 1 W(28)
This idea is another step in the direction of identifying W 17 L 1 W(30)
idea for today is another step in learning that the thoughts W 18 L 1 W(31)
idea for today is a step toward opening your mind so W 24 L 2 W(40)
idea for today is a step in this direction. W W 25 L 5 W(43)
s exercises. Try merely to step back and let the thoughts W 42 L 6 W(71)
for today is a beginning step in bringing thoughts together and W 42 L 7 W(71)
own frailty is a necessary step in the correction of your W 47 L 6 W(84)
true. This is a beginning step in accepting your real function W 61 L 3 W(112)
we take the largest single step this course requests in your W 127 L 6 W(259)
want. Now is the last step certain; now you stand an W 129 L 5 W(264)
Who will take this giant step with you in gratitude. Nor W 130 L 9 W(267)
go still farther, or perhaps step back a while and then W 132 L 6 W(274)
to fear and misery. His step is light, and as he W 134 L 12 W(283)
loving blessing shine in every step you ever took. While you W 135 L 19 W(289)
central theme that unifies each step in the review we undertake W 140 R4 2 W(311)
Lesson 155. I will step back and let Him lead W 155 L 0 W(333)
is even here, then they step back and let It lead W 155 L 2 W(333)
he is saved. As they step back he finds himself again W 155 L 8 W(334)
s completion, holy as Himself. Step back in faith, and let W 155 L 10 W(335)
than the truth. And we step forth toward this, as we W 155 L 11 W(335)
this thought today: I will step back and let Him lead W 155 L 14 W(336)
way salvation works. As you step back, the Light in you W 156 L 6 W(338)
arbitrary. Yet there is no step along the road that anyone W 158 L 3 W(341)
up, taking salvations final step Himself. All steps but this W 168 L 3 W(371)
is not learned. The final step must go beyond all learning W 169 L 3 W(373)
understanding. We would take this step completely, that we may go W 170 R5 1 W(381)
the journeys ending. Every step we take brings us a W 170 R5 5 W(382)
to us, and teach us, step by step, how to return W 170 R5 5 W(382)
and teach us, step by step, how to return to the W 170 R5 5 W(382)
1. 155) I will step back and let Him lead W 173 L 1 W(385)
what is true. And then step back to darkness, not because W 184 L 10 W(400)
shift and change with every step you take. W 185 W 185 L 9 W(404)
it be to you another step to Him and to salvation W 193 L 13 W(430)
God will take this final step Himself. Do not deny the W 193 L 13 W(431)
Todays idea takes another step toward quick salvation, and a W 194 L 1 W(432)
await with certainty the final step of God. How far are W 194 L 1 W(432)
Todays idea is one step we take in leading us W 196 L 4 W(438)
freedom. Let us take this step today that we may quickly W 196 L 4 W(438)
salvation shows us, taking every step in its appointed sequence as W 196 L 4 W(438)
may be soon, - today. Step back from fear and make W 196 L 11 W(440)
Here is the second step we take to free your W 197 L 1 W(441)
He will take the final step Himself. And we are sure W 220 IN2 2 W(459)
for Him to take the step to us that He has W 220 IN2 5 W(460)
upheld and fully kept. No step remains for time to separate W 220 IN2 6 W(460)
come to You. I will step back and merely follow You W 233 L 1 W(476)
such thoughts occur, we quietly step back and look at them W 254 L 2 W(499)
made ready for Your final step. Shall I demand that You W 289 L 2 W(537)
God to take His final step, and time has disappeared, taking W 290 W8 5 W(539)
how truly faithfully is every step in my salvation set already W 297 L 2 W(546)
309 L 2. The step I take today, my Father W 309 L 2 W(559)
is as merciful as every step in His appointed plan to W 310 W10 4 W(561)
role to take, and every step in my appointed path. I W 324 L 1 W(576)
valueless unless the next obvious step is taken. The third step M 5 B 5 M(10)
step is taken. The third step is rarely if ever begun M 5 B 5 M(10)
every circumstance. Were not each step in this direction so heavily M 5 B 7 M(11)
would not be the first step in the newly-made teacher of M 10 A 1 M(27)
him. Teacher of God, this step will bring you peace. Can M 11 A 6 M(30)
possible to take the next step. The interpretation can be changed M 18 A 8 M(46)
is but the first small step in the direction of the M 20 A 2 M(49)
for each reflects a different step along the way. M M 21 A 1 M(50)
the Workbook lesson I will step back and let Him lead M 22 A 4 M(53)
distorted perception does not heal. Step back now, teacher of God M 23 A 5 M(55)
God is therefore wise to step away from all such questions M 25 A 4 M(59)
God to take His final step. It is the relinquishment of M 29 A 1 M(66)
which God takes the final step Himself. Here time and illusions U 2 A 5 U(2)
no more than just a step inside. It is the final U 4 A 4 U(6)
inside. It is the final step. And this we leave to U 4 A 4 U(6)
time to time. The final step is also but a shift U 4 A 6 U(7)
a lifeless image when a step away the Holy of the U 8 A 1 U(13)
go no further than a step or two from hell. P 3 D 2 P(8)
The descent into hell follows step by step in an inevitable P 3 E 3 P(9)
into hell follows step by step in an inevitable course, once P 3 E 3 P(9)
hear it is the first step in recovery. To question it P 3 G 1 P(14)
you are ready for a step ahead now. There are joint S 1 A 5 S(2)
it will be an easy step to the next level. It S 1 D 3 S(8)
It is apparent that this step cannot be reached by anyone S 1 D 4 S(8)
be long delayed, because this step may seem to be dangerous S 1 D 4 S(8)
the merciful nature of this step may for some time be S 1 D 4 S(8)
1. Until the second step at least begins, one cannot S 1 E 1 S(9)
so reach up yourself. This step begins the quicker ascent, but S 1 E 2 S(9)
to rise above the bottom step, or even to attempt to S 2 A 1 S(12)
you need do is to step back and not to interfere S 2 D 2 S(18)
will be to you another step to Heaven and to peace S 2 D 3 S(18)
an end to time and step into eternity with me. There G 1 A 8 G(3)
that everyone may come and step aside from time. Put out G 3 A 10 G(9)