sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness. See T 15 K 2 T(597)- 424
of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal sky T 30 D 8 T(1025)839
the time which keeps this star invisible to earth. But those T 30 D 8 T(1025)839
for idols CANNOT know this star is there.

T 30 D 8 T(1025)839
no eternal sky, no changeless star, and NO reality. The Mind T 30 D 10 T(1026)840
but from your own. The star shines still; the sky has T 30 D 10 T(1026)840
remains as radiant as a star, as pure as light, as T 31 F 6 T(1062)876
tiny candle from a distant star, or what you chose from W 131 L 6 W(270)
foot to stride ahead, a star is left behind to point W 134 L 12 W(283)
to stand you find a star; a miracle of grace. The W 182 L 3 W(391)
thought we made. The morning star of this new day looks U 8 A 6 U(14)
the street a stream of stardust brushing lightly past all sickly P 3 H 8 P(18)
its unstable, tiny breath. Death stares at them as every moment S 3 B 2 S(20)
of fear, and sometimes to stark terror. But you WILL advance T 18 D 2 T(668)495
the sane can look on stark insanity and raving madness with T 19 L 4 T(729)553
the fear of God most starkly represented. For in that thought M 18 A 7 M(46)
light. Before your loveliness the stars stand transfixed, and bow to T 1 B 30w T(21)21
altar, which rises above the stars, and reaches even to Heaven T 15 D 13 T(573)400
17 C 4. The stars will disappear in light, and T 17 C 4 T(633)- 460
great it reaches past the stars and to the universe that T 17 H 6 T(655)482
body, beyond the sun and stars, past EVERYTHING you see and T 21 B 6 T(766)588
will have an end. The stars will disappear, and night and T 29 G 2 T(1004)818
universe beyond the sun and stars, and all the thoughts of M 21 A 6 M(51)
end was written in the stars and set into the Heavens U 8 A 3 U(13)
see His Word among the stars, where He has set your U 8 A 4 U(13)
error I mentioned at the start. The Disciples were also prone T 1 B 30g T(18)18
would be most unwise to start on this step at all T 3 A 13 T(122)121
this kind of chain reaction START. You will NOT be able T 3 A 33 T(128)127
a starting point. You DO start from this point, and your T 3 H 16 T(180)C 7
LOSING is gone. Let us start our process of re-awakening with T 5 B 4 T(234) C 61
he is more likely to start with the equally incredible idea T 9 D 1 T(392)219
T 15 C 7. Start NOW, to practice your little T 15 C 7 T(569)- 396
as if it were its start and ending, both. Yet was T 27 H 11 T(960)786
does the dream of separation start to fade and disappear. For T 30 E 7 T(1029)843
however differently they seem to start; however differently they seem to T 31 D 2 T(1052)866
things in practicing today, and start your longer practice periods with W 99 L 10 W(199)
no consequence. So should you start your practice periods, and then W 101 L 7 W(204)
Today our practice periods will start a little differently. Begin today W 105 L 6 W(211)
you received. Thus does salvation start and thus it ends; when W 106 L 7 W(214)
Give it direction at the start, and then lean back in W 110 R3 6 W(229)
This we acknowledge as we start upon our practice periods. Begin W 131 L 10 W(271)
our assignment for today. We start with this review of what W 139 L 10 W(306)
at night. So do we start each practice period in this W 140 R4 4 W(311)
iron overlaid, returning but to start again. There seems to be W 153 L 3 W(324)
journey, which you make and start today, with the experience, this W 157 L 8 W(340)
11. With this we start each day of our review W 170 R5 11 W(383)
our review. With this we start and end each period of W 170 R5 11 W(383)
5. And so we start our journey beyond words by W 180 IN2 5 W(387)
With this in mind, we start our practicing in which we W 200 R6 2 W(452)
central theme with which we start and end each lesson. It W 200 R6 3 W(452)
9. And so we start upon the final part of W 220 IN2 9 W(461)
that it is well to start the day right. It is M 17 A 2 M(41)
it. But somewhere one must start. Justice is the beginning. M 20 A 2 M(49)
Why would you choose to start again, when he has made M 24 A 5 M(57)
Still others may need to start at the more abstract level M 30 A 1 M(68)
Be not afraid. We only start again an ancient journey long U 8 A 4 U(13)
Sometimes he is able to start to open his mind without P 1 A 1 P(1)
cure? It is ridiculous from start to finish. Yet having started P 3 E 4 P(10)
has begun. What man must start his Father will complete. For P 3 F 6 P(13)
are still at the very start of the beginning stage of P 4 B 8 P(23)
3 A 28. You started well in your attempt to T 3 A 28 T(127)126
control it once it has started, because everything and everyone will T 3 A 33 T(128)127
the basis from which he started, when he began with yes T 3 C 27 T(139)138
step now, but you have started on this way by realizing T 6 G 13 T(297)C 124
newness, remember that you have started again, TOGETHER. And take each T 17 F 10 T(649)476
of God has undertaken. He started with the sign of victory T 20 B 3 T(733) 557
ending, both. Yet was it started by your SECRET dream, which T 27 H 11 T(960)786
it never was. The separation started with the dream the Father T 28 C 8 T(974)- 800
concern. For you have barely started to allow your first, uncertain T 28 D 1 T(975)- 801
we must BEGIN. And, having started, will the way be made T 28 D 1 T(975)- 801
make them now, you have started on the way to keeping W 28 L 1 W(47)
we received the way it started. Now is it complete. This W 220 IN2 11 W(461)
start to finish. Yet having started, it must finish thus. It P 3 E 4 P(10)
the dream in which illusions started, and which serves to keep G 3 A 5 G(7)
literally a making or a starting point. You DO start from T 3 H 16 T(180)C 7
of thought MUST have a starting point. It begins with either T 3 I 1 T(180)C 7
light is IN it. Your starting point IS truth, and you T 3 I 13 T(184)C 11
creation has no end. Its starting and its ending are the T 28 C 1 T(972)- 798
of the ideas already presented, starting with the first and ending W 50 R1 1 W(90)
it serves but as a starting point from which another kind W 184 L 7 W(399)
say that time devoted to starting the day right does indeed M 17 A 3 M(41)
DO follow neatly from their starting-point. Each is a different form T 23 C 22 T(832)651
and you have become a startling example of fidelity to variability T 6 A 3 T(271)C 98
and others will seem quite startling. It does not matter. You W 1 IN1 5 W(2)
This exercise can bring very startling results even the first time W 41 L 8 W(69)
hears may indeed be quite startling. It may also seem to M 22 A 5 M(53)
develop abilities that seem quite startling to him. Yet nothing that M 26 A 1 M(60)
COULD you see? All vision starts WITH THE PERCEIVER, who judges T 12 G 4 T(506)333
world apart. A holy relationship starts from a different premise. Each T 22 A 3 T(795)- 616
one. And where your thinking starts, there must it end. T 23 C 22 T(832)651
forms of circularity, whose ending starts at its beginning, ending at T 27 I 6 T(963)789
2. 1. The outlook starts with this: Today I will T 30 B 2 T(1016)830
learned the way the lesson starts, but do not yet perceive T 31 D 4 T(1053)867
within, for there all vision starts. There is no sight, be W 188 L 2 W(413)
through inward vision. There perception starts and there it ends. It W 188 L 2 W(413)
process in my mind, which starts with my idea of what W 325 L 1 W(577)
Both result in self imposed starvation. T 1 C 14 T 1 C 13 T(58)58
and at grief, at poverty, starvation and at death. He recognizes W 187 L 6 W(411)