4 H 4. The specificity of the egos thinking T 4 H 4 T(229)C 56
YOU ARE AFRAID OF HIS SPECIFICITY, for fear of what you T 10 H 9 T(445)- 272
practice the exercises with great specificity. Each one applies to every W 1 IN1 4 W(1)
todays idea, the usual specificity is required. Do not be W 4 L 2 W(6)
that idea to as many specifics as possible. Be sure that W 1 IN1 4 W(1)
L 3. Thus were specifics made. And now it is W 161 L 3 W(350)
made. And now it is specifics we must use in practicing W 161 L 3 W(350)
true. But fear attaches to specifics, being false. W 161 W 161 L 5 W(351)
They may ask together for specifics, and not realize that they S 1 E 2 S(10)
come in which are all specifics satisfied; all separate wishes unified S 1 E 2 S(10)
E 3. Prayers for specifics always ask to have the S 1 E 3 S(10)
1 IN 4. Unless specified to the contrary, the exercise W 1 IN1 4 W(1)
Holy Spiritís whole curriculum is specified exactly as it is. M 21 A 5 M(51)
did not create that disaster (specify), and so it is not W 14 L 4 W(24)
did not create that illness(specify with name of person) and W 14 L 4 W(24)
world. He did not create (specify the situation which is disturbing W 14 L 7 W(25)
I am determined to see (specify the situation) differently. Try to W 21 L 4 W(36)
I am determined to see (specify the attribute) in (name of W 21 L 4 W(36)
from our assignment on the specious grounds that modesty is outraged W 186 L 3 W(406)
little piece of glass, a speck of dust, a body, or T 13 G 2 T(527)354
And, to defend this little speck of dust, it bids you T 18 I 2 T(685) 509
The body is an isolated speck of darkness; a hidden secret T 20 G 5 T(751)574
it is regarded as a spectacle.) T 1 B 11 T 1 B 10 T(3)-3-
use of miracles as a spectacle to INDUCE belief is wrong T 1 B 11 T(3)-3-
cannot BE perceived. The endless speculation about the meaning of mind T 3 F 6 T(153)152
and contradictory. Consider what a speechless professor means as a conceptT 4 B 2 T(188)C 15
And may the holy instant speed you on the way, as T 16 G 10 T(625)- 452
your shining gift of lilies speed him on his way to T 20 B 3 T(733) 557
what time is FOR. And speed the end of idols in T 29 H 7 T(1008)822
methods for attaining it. The speed by which it can be T 30 A 1 T(1016)830
s idea brings wings to speed you on, and hope to W 101 L 8 W(204)
the experience of truth, and speed its advent into every mind W 169 L 4 W(373)
real meaning of the celestial speed- up. Strong wills can do T 3 F 23 T(157)156
But note that the term speed-up is not one which relates T 1 B 41m T(47)47
the effectiveness of the present speed-up. We have frequently noted that T 2 F 1 T(117)116
for is NOT happiness. Be speeded on your way by honesty T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
are needed for the Celestial speedup at this time. But note T 1 B 41m T(47)47
a major step in the speedup, must be properly understood before T 3 C 36 T(143)142
if you do not. The speedup has placed you both in T 4 C 11 T(201)C 28
men and are even sometimes spelled with a capital S. If T 1 B 22j T(7)-7-
anger when their names are spelled or pronounced incorrectly. T T 1 B 36n T(27)27
the fact that the Nazis spelled their appalling error with capital T 1 B 37s T(32)32
which once THROUGH me (note spelling, threw) into a fit. I T 2 B 55 T(83) 83
I am upset, but the spelling slip is reassuring. T T 2 B 55 T(83) 83
1 B 30r. Casting spells merely means affirming error, and T 1 B 30r T(20)20
medicines are a form of spells. In one way, they are T 2 C 13 T(92)91
Each instant that we spend together will teach you that T 18 D 6 T(669)496
And every instant that you spend WITHOUT awareness of it gives T 18 H 2 T(682)631a
the truth. Let us not spend this holy week brooding on T 20 A 1 T(733) 557
given him to choose to spend this instant paying tribute to T 20 G 12 T(754)577
has given, and gives still. Spend but an instant in the T 21 G 9 T(786)607
every situation in which you spend any long period of time W 1 IN1 3 W(1)
difficult, it is better to spend the practice period alternating between W 42 L 6 W(71)
eyes as you do so. Spend a fairly short period in W 45 L 6 W(79)
as you do so, and spend a minute or two in W 46 L 3 W(81)
repeating todays idea. Then spend a minute or two in W 47 L 4 W(83)
truth about you, and then spend a few minutes adding some W 67 L 2 W(124)
and come to know myself. Spend the remainder of the practice W 68 L 6 W(127)
be no better way to spend a half-minute or less than W 71 L 9 W(136)
cannot be in conflict. Then spend several minutes in adding same W 74 L 3 W(144)
mind wandering, but try to spend the major part of the W 80 R2 2 W(162)
away your foolish self-images, and spend the rest of the practice W 93 L 8 W(181)
full awareness. Every time you spend five minutes of the hour W 96 L 11 W(191)
each five minutes that you spend with Him, He will accept W 98 L 8 W(195)
next five minutes you will spend again with Him. Repeat today W 98 L 10 W(196)
is there once more to spend a little time with you W 98 L 11 W(196)
thoughts and limited ideas, and spend a happy time again with W 98 L 11 W(196)
W 105 L 9. Spend your five minutes thus with W 105 L 9 W(211)
will trust in Him. Then spend the quiet moment, opening your W 126 L 11 W(257)
an hour twice today, and spend it with the Guide Who W 134 L 15 W(284)
Heaven as we wake, and spend five minutes making sure that W 138 L 11 W(302)
which the day began, and spend a quiet moment with It W 140 R4 7 W(312)
beginning of the time you spend with God. We introduce these W 151 L 14 W(319)
W 151 L 16. Spend fifteen minutes thus when you W 151 L 16 W(319)
alone as we arise, and spend five minutes practicing its ways W 152 L 11 W(323)
too short a time to spend with God. Nor will we W 153 L 15 W(327)
the time you give to spend with Him beyond the world W 164 L 3 W(359)
L 12. Each hour spend a little time today, and W 193 L 12 W(430)
to this holy place, and spend a while together. Here we W 230 W2 4 W(473)
This day I choose to spend in perfect peace. W 255 L 0 W(500)
is there I choose to spend today.

W 255 L 2 W(500)
In fearlessness and love I spend today. W W 310 L 0 W(560)
day, my Father, would I spend with You, as You have W 310 L 1 W(560)
310 L 2. We spend this day together, you and W 310 L 2 W(560)
only this, that we may spend this day in fearlessness, without W 339 L 1 W(592)
remember that he chooses to spend time with God as soon M 17 A 4 M(41)
If it is expedient to spend this time earlier, at least M 17 A 5 M(42)
3. We will continue spending time with Him each morning W 220 IN2 3 W(459)
not escape, and so he spends his time in keeping watch W 192 L 8 W(426)
issue. Note that night you spent in the scent of roses T 1 B 37y T(34)34
what you have created. (We spent a lot of time on T 2 E 20 T(105)104
would have liked to have spent some time on corrections of T 3 A 36 T(128)127
question. The time that was spent on questioning in the dream T 6 E 7 T(286)C 113
4. You who have spent days, hours, and even years T 15 C 4 T(568)- 395
dreams. All your time is spent in dreaming. Your sleeping and T 18 C 6 T(665)492
1. You who have spent your lives in bringing truth T 18 D 1 T(668)495
you desire it. Many have spent a lifetime in preparation, and T 18 H 4 T(682)631a
OF SAVING TIME. One instant spent TOGETHER restores the universe to T 18 H 6 T(683)631b
whatever way that life be spent. And so take pleasure in T 27 B 6 T(936)762
seeing be perceived as idly spent, a time unoccupied.
T 27 D 3 T(944)770
of time NOT seen as spent and fully occupied, become a T 27 D 4 T(945)771
B 9. An instant spent without your old ideas of T 31 B 9 T(1049)863
minute or so to be spent in using the idea, merely W 11 L 2 W(19)
time than usual should be spent with each one. Todays W 26 L 6 W(45)
if possible, would be well spent on this today.
W 74 L 7 W(145)
miracle in which a minute spent in using these ideas becomes W 97 L 4 W(192)
hour let your time be spent in happy preparation for the W 98 L 10 W(196)
today. For each five minutes spent in listening a thousand minds W 106 L 9 W(214)
no time was ever better spent. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you W 124 L 10 W(252)
and effort dissipated. It is spent for nothing in return. And W 138 L 3 W(300)
even though your time is spent in offering salvation to the W 153 L 18 W(328)
feeling and awareness. You have spent long days and nights in W 157 L 1 W(339)
with Him will now be spent. We say the words of W 220 IN2 5 W(460)
holy year, which we have spent together in the search for W 220 IN2 9 W(461)
much time should be so spent? This must depend on the M 17 A 3 M(41)