40. I was very sorry about this, because his was T 2 E 40 T(110)109
of witch doctors. I am sorry that Cayce himself could not T 3 C 38 T(143)142
of bodily protection. I AM sorry when my brothers do not T 6 B 8 T(274)C 101
WITHIN your tiny kingdom, a sorry king, a bitter ruler of T 18 I 7 T(686)510
hate. They are indeed a sorry army, each one as likely T 21 H 3 T(788)609
will escape. This sick and sorry picture YOU accept, if only T 27 B 2 T(935)761
THIS has been achieved, the sorry dream of judgment has FOREVER T 30 B 9 T(1019)833
still concealed, to shake your sorry concept of yourself, and blacken T 31 G 2 T(1063)877
against temptation, and escape its sorry consequences if you yield to W 97 L 9 W(193)
and earth the others sorry outcome which is Heavens W 131 L 7 W(270)
6. He seems a sorry figure, weary, worn, in threadbare W 166 L 6 W(365)
and that magic is a sorry substitute for true assistance. It M 17 A 8 M(43)
God did not choose this sorry path for you. What you S 2 D 4 S(18)
for shifting dreams within a sorry world? Do not forget the S 3 E 3 S(26)
you in prayer beyond the sorry reaches of the world. S 3 E 6 S(27)
as one by one the sorry gifts of earth are joyously G 2 A 2 G(4)
triumph, vengeance, self-debasement, and all sort of expressions of the lackT 1 B 37ab T(35)35
The concept of ANY sort of need HIERARCHY arose because T 1 B 41ao T(51)51
of these statements implies any sort of level involvement, or, in T 2 A 9 T(65)65
ascendance, a state of some sort of possession by external forces T 2 A 21 T(70)70
as a vessel of some sort whose purpose was uncertain but T 2 B 62 T(85) 84
course is intended for some sort of preparation. I can only T 3 A 4 T(120) 119
But this sort of thing happens all the T 3 A 24 T(126)125
has to offer you some sort of reward for maintaining this T 4 D 9 T(210)C 37
Spirits function is to sort out the true from the T 8 J 3 T(377)C 204
handle it by making some sort of insane arrangement with the T 11 D 6 T(461)- 288
temptation to believe that some sort of sacrifice is being asked W 27 L 2 W(46)
not cherish grievances of some sort. This has left you alone W 68 L 5 W(127)
primarily to healing of one sort or another as their chief P 4 B 1 P(21)
1 B 43c. In sorting out the false from the T 1 B 43c T(55)55
freedom, then, MUST entail a sorting out of the false from T 2 F 3 T(118)117
to the Holy Spirits SORTING OUT of truth and falsity T 17 G 4 T(652)479
is, however, no point in sorting out the valuable from the M 5 B 5 M(10)
the valuable. Yet his own sorting out was meaningless in teaching M 5 B 7 M(11)
It is in the sorting out and categorizing activities of M 9 A M(26)
two categories are meaningful in sorting out the messages the mind M 9 A 6 M(27)
go through a period of sorting-out. This is always somewhat difficult M 5 B 4 M(9)
and your mind ONLY, He sorts out the true from the T 6 H 1 T(298)C 125
opposition, to look upon all sorts of sources underneath awareness, providedT 13 D 1 T(516)- 343
the frame are woven all sorts of fanciful and fragmented illusions T 17 E 8 T(642)469
information it would give? All sorts of QUESTIONS may arise in T 21 F 5 T(781)602
and accepted opposition there, having SOUGHT it there. But do not T 11 H 9 T(474)- 301
the decision OF WHAT YOU SOUGHT. T 11 H 11 T 11 H 10 T(475)- 302
hear the answer which you sought. But that is only because T 11 H 12 T(475)- 302
holds. Valuing nothing, you have sought it and found it. By T 11 I 6 T(478)305
is guiltless. He has always sought his guiltlessness, and he has T 11 J 9 T(482)309
THIS place that you have sought to LEAVE. T 12 T 12 C 2 T(488)315
FIND the treasure that you sought. But you will add another T 13 G 2 T(527)354
or you would NOT have sought another. You will believe that T 13 G 2 T(527)354
you WILL see what you sought. You will not see the T 13 I 1 T(536)363
can be neither lost, nor sought, nor found. It is there T 14 D 2 T(547)- 374
your power. You who have sought AND FOUND littleness, remember this T 15 D 3 T(570)- 397
love means because you have sought to purchase it with little T 15 D 9 T(572)399
on whom vengeance is REALLY sought, are centered on, and SEPARATED T 17 D 4 T(636)- 463
with whom the union was sought. For it was FORMED to T 17 D 6 T(636)- 463
all the ways you once SOUGHT for satisfaction, and THOUGHT you T 17 F 9 T(648)475
light could enter. And you sought a blackness so complete that T 18 D 1 T(668)495
For PART of it is sought through the body, THOUGHT OF T 19 B 4 T(695)519
in them, but must be sought in what they REPRESENT. And T 19 J 10 T(724)548
for sin by which you sought to FIND it. But as T 21 D 6 T(773)595
not complete. And so He sought for your completion in each T 24 F 6 T(853)672
is defined ANOTHER way, and sought for differently. T 25 T 25 E 1 T(877)696
MORE unfair than HE has sought to be.

T 25 J 6 T(898)717
IS the treasure he has sought to find. And he COULD T 26 H 10 T(921)747
the hurt that war has sought to bring; the broken bodies T 27 F 3 T(950)776
other attributes with which you sought to keep concealed the truth T 28 B 4 T(968)794
8. You who have sought to lay a judgment on T 28 B 8 T(970)796
has judged no-one, nor has sought to be released THROUGH judgment T 29 J 10 T(1015)829
friend whose counsel you have sought perceives your happiness. You ALWAYS T 30 B 10 T(1019)833
PLACE of idols, which are sought no longer, for their gifts T 30 F 1 T(1030)844
it. What happiness have you sought here that did not bring T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
It. And this has learning sought to demonstrate, and you HAVE T 31 A 5 T(1043)857
and in self-concepts which you sought to make real. Recognize that W 70 L 6 W(132)
is obvious. That you have sought salvation in strange ways; have W 93 L 2 W(180)
of this self-perception. You have sought many such solutions, and none W 96 L 1 W(189)
found the function that it sought to lose. Your Self will W 96 L 10 W(191)
witnessed to by them, and sought for only in a world W 104 L 3 W(208)
these are worthy to be sought? What fancied value, trivial effect W 122 L 3 W(244)
remain unreal. They can be sought, but they can not be W 130 L 4 W(266)
goal is valued now nor sought; nothing before this door you W 131 L 12 W(271)
worthy or not of being sought at all, entirely desirable or W 133 L 12 W(279)
all the heavy chains you sought to lay upon your brother W 134 L 17 W(284)
pursuits with double purposes insanely sought, remaining in your mind. It W 136 L 16 W(294)
suffer sickness. Healing must be sought but where it is, and W 140 L 7 W(308)
different from all things you sought before, that you will know W 164 L 4 W(359)
s vision worthy to be sought above the worlds unsatisfying W 164 L 8 W(360)
the treasure you have always sought. What would you then exchange W 165 L 5 W(363)
of all the tragedy you sought to make for him whom W 166 L 8 W(365)
you from the solitude you sought to make, in which to W 166 L 12 W(366)
to love what you have sought to wrest from it, and W 170 L 8 W(378)
the brotherhood that hate has sought to sever, but which still W 185 L 14 W(405)
glad of freedom. You have sought to be both weak and W 196 L 9 W(440)
strength beside them, to be sought and claimed and found and W 197 L 2 W(441)
they find what they have sought. The bodys purpose now W 199 L 6 W(448)
meaning to you, though you sought to make them meaningful. This W 200 L 4 W(449)
the trees of hopelessness you sought before. Now are they underfoot W 200 L 10 W(451)
of Your coming. We have sought to find our way by W 220 IN2 8 W(460)
me. For I have not sought for illusions to replace the W 226 L 1 W(468)
truth of the identity I sought to lose, but which my W 229 L 1 W(471)
thing I seek, or ever sought. For there is nothing else W 231 L 1 W(474)
251 L 1. I sought for many things, and found W 251 L 1 W(496)
I need. All that I sought before I needed not, and W 251 L 1 W(496)
trinkets of the world are sought instead? God is our only W 258 L 1 W(503)
nowhere else can peace be sought and found.

W 262 L 2 W(508)
find what it has vainly sought without. For here, and only W 336 L 1 W(589)
the truth. And all he sought before to crucify are resurrected M 29 A 6 M(67)
be impossible. Therefore, the defenses sought for must be magical. They P 3 E 6 P(10)
is merely added. You have sought first the Kingdom of Heaven S 1 B 3 S(4)
is not understood, NOR TRULY SOUGHT FOR . What was meant to S 2 B 1 S(12)
Source. This goal is also sought by those who seek the S 2 C 4 S(16)
nothing else, or you have sought your death, and prayed for S 2 C 7 S(17)
help is needed and forgiveness sought. The form the seeking takes S 2 D 5 S(18)