There are many other so-called dynamic concepts which are profound T 2 B 33 T(78)78
your own pregnancy fears. The so-called anal behavior is a distorted T 2 B 63 T(85) 84
as it is of the so-called higher ego needs. Bodily appetites T 4 C 18 T(203)C 30
My brothers slept during the so-called agony in the garden, but T 6 B 8 T(274)C 101
ACCEPT IS healing. When the so-called healing works, then, the impulse T 7 F 5 T(319)C 146
its wings in peace, and soar above the turmoil of the W 121 L 2 W(241)
leave this world behind and soar beyond its petty scope and W 128 L 1 W(261)
what WAS tiny then has soared into a magnitude of song T 26 E 5 T(911)730
the sparrow how the eagle soars, for those with little wings T 20 E 5 T(746)569
s idea may seem quite sobering until you see its meaning W 186 L 3 W(406)
error from the viewpoint of society, it is nevertheless inherently dangerousT 3 C 23 T(137)136
both by resorting to inhibition. Society depends on inhibiting the former T 4 D 7 T(209)C 36
for themselves, but as a soft reminder of what would make T 21 B 6 T(765)587
LACK of contradiction makes the soft transition from means to end T 22 G 3 T(814)633
surrounds you gently in its soft embrace, so strong and quiet T 29 F 2 T(1001)815
s Love for you, the soft reminder of his Fathers T 29 F 3 T(1001)815
opened suddenly. Or when a soft and silent wooly bear begins T 30 E 2 T(1027)841
but calls to you in soft appeal to be your friend T 31 A 8 T(1044)858
31 A 9. The soft, eternal calling of each part T 31 A 9 T(1044)858
feel salvation cover us with soft protection, and with peace so W 140 L 12 W(309)
you, cares for you, makes soft your resting place and smooth W 165 L 2 W(362)
and you can feel its soft embrace surround your heart and W 200 L 10 W(451)
than to that of a softer one? Will he dismiss more M 9 A 5 M(26)
an illusion. It gives way softly to the mountain tops that T 18 J 7 T(691)515
cleansed of all guilt, and softly brushed with beauty. The world T 19 F 7 T(712)536
sound but singing and a softly joyous whispering is ever heard T 19 F 8 T(713)537
these are happy dreams. Dream softly of your sinless brother, who T 27 H 14 T(961)787
The sky embraces it, and softly holds it in its perfect T 30 D 8 T(1025)839
in gentleness; the thorns fall softly from the bleeding brow of S 3 E 9 S(27)
that you may walk in softness, while the wind sinks to W 156 L 4 W(337)
in its unnourishing and shallow soil. They need the light and W 159 L 8 W(345)
grass is pushing through the soil, the trees are budding now W 230 W2 4 W(473)
emptiness never find any lasting solace. (This really answers Bs T 3 D 2 T(144)143
the suffering, and sometimes offers solace. It believes that it is T 31 E 2 T(1055)869
to which you turn for solace and escape from doubts about W 170 L 5 W(378)
What, then, can be his solace but what You are offering W 334 L 2 W(587)
A 2. The seeming solace of illusions’ gifts are now G 3 A 2 G(6)
purchased it BECAUSE you have sold everything else. BUT YOU CANNOT T 11 E 6 T(464)- 291
can neither be bought NOR sold. There can BE no disinherited T 11 E 6 T(464)- 291
avoidance of within-error distinctions. Its SOLE concern is to distinguish betweenT 2 A 25 T(71)71
93 The sole responsibility of the miracle worker T 2 C 17 T(94)93
really reacting Irresponsibly. If the sole responsibility of the miracle-worker isT 5 G 13 T(258)C 85
Holy Spirit NEVER questions. Its sole function is to UNdo the T 7 E 5 T(314)C 141
you are willing to accept sole responsibility for the egos T 7 I 8 T(336)C 163
everything the ego does. Its sole aim is to lose sight T 8 H 6 T(371)C 198
you take unto yourself the sole responsibility for deciding what can T 13 H 16 T(535)362
of God, whole and omnipotent, sole ruler of the kingdom it T 18 J 1 T(689)513
PURPOSE does not change. Its sole intent is murder, and what T 23 D 1 T(833)652
another. That is why your sole responsibility MUST be to take T 25 J 8 T(899)718
guilt is recognized as the sole cause of pain in any T 30 F 2 T(1030)844
arm or an apple. The sole criterion for applying the idea W 2 L 2 W(4)
and you acknowledge Him as sole Creator of Reality. And you W 182 L 7 W(392)
pupil healed with him. The sole responsibility of Gods teacher M 19 A 4 M(48)
be honored. This is the sole criterion this course requires. No M 25 A 6 M(59)
Since the creative ability rests solely in the mind, everything which T 2 E 44 T(111)110
Since the creative ability rests solely in the mind, everything which T 2 E 57 T(116)115
Actually, it will be undertaken solely by man, with My help T 2 F 2 T(118)117
The purpose of time is solely to give him time to T 2 F 5 T(119)118
unknown to God. It arises solely from fear of the Records T 3 C 15 T(136)135
entire system he originally doubted, solely on the basis of this T 3 G 45 T(173)172
of any teaching device, lies solely in the kind of learning T 6 B 1 T(272)C 99
THE SEPARATION GOING. It is solely a device of the ego T 6 C 3 T(278)C 105
interpret their bodies AND YOURS solely as a means of JOINING T 8 G 3 T(363)C 190
result of using the body SOLELY for communication. Since this IS T 8 G 11 T(366)C 193
own health. Its condition lies solely in your interpretation of its T 8 H 1 T(369)C 196
WHAT YOU WANT. This is SOLELY because you are afraid you T 8 J 6 T(378)C 205
errors of ANY kind lies solely in the RELINQUISHMENT of the T 9 A 2 T(386)213
WILL attack. The ego depends SOLELY on your willingness to tolerate T 9 G 6 T(402)229
conflict, until you perceive time SOLELY as a means to REGAIN T 9 H 1 T(405)- 232
must learn that time is solely at YOUR disposal, and that T 9 H 1 T(405)- 232
Fear not to recognize as SOLELY OF YOUR MAKING the whole T 15 K 1 T(597)- 424
LOVE IS LOST, is undertaken SOLELY to OFFSET this, but NOT T 16 E 1 T(611)438
DISTORTION of the world, planned solely around what you have PREFERRED T 18 C 1 T(664)491
the Son of God lies solely in his relationship with his T 20 G 1 T(750)573
even SEE. It wants them solely for the offerings on which T 20 G 4 T(751)574
by laws which it came solely to UNDO. The laws of T 27 G 6 T(956)782
realize that all guilt is solely an invention of your mind W 70 L 1 W(131)
he changes his mind, teaches solely to convince himself that he M 1 A 4 M(2)
be one. His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow, somewhere he M 2 A 1 M(3)
he is. Forgiveness here rests solely on the base of gracious S 2 C 2 S(15)
bodys praise continually, in solemn celebration of the egos T 19 H 9 T(720)544
its sovereignty is but the solemn vow, the promise made in T 19 K 3 T(726)550
The reason why a solid foundation is necessary at this T 3 A 11 T(121)120
a ladder planted in the solid rock of faith, and rising T 18 F 2 T(674)- 521
that seem to be a solid wall before the sun. Its T 18 J 7 T(691)515
a whole world rising. A solid mountain range, a lake, a T 18 J 8 T(691)515
second obstacle is no more solid than the first. For you T 19 G 4 T(715)539
s eyes behold it as solid granite, so thick it would T 22 D 3 T(805)625
as if it WERE a solid wall, see truly? It is T 22 D 6 T(806)626
will see it as a solid block, nor realize how thin T 22 E 5 T(809)628
its nothingness. It is no solid wall. And only an illusion T 22 E 9 T(810)629
it looks like an enormous, solid body, immovable as is a T 22 F 5 T(812)631
SEEM to stand, heavy and solid and unmovable, between you and T 22 F 6 T(812)631
God in place, unmovable and solid as a rock. While this T 22 G 11 T(817)636
in sanity, with feet on solid ground, and through a world T 23 C 14 T(829)648
ground beneath your feet seem solid. And it IS here you T 23 C 14 T(829)648
built a wall so seeming solid that it looks as if T 26 B 1 T(901)720
It SEEMS to be quite solid and substantial IN ITSELF. But T 28 H 5 T(988)814
of something else, something more solid and more sure; more worthy W 91 L 7 W(175)
that we begin again on solid ground. Do not forget how W 110 R3 12 W(230)
held in pieces by a solid wall of sickened flesh which W 137 L 2 W(296)
body seems to be more solid and more stable than the W 137 L 6 W(297)
forgiveness. Things which seem quite solid here are merely shadows there W 159 L 5 W(345)
and judges it as certain, solid, trustworthy and trued believes in W 166 L 2 W(364)
with the appearance of a solid block, impenetrable, fearful and beyond W 170 L 9 W(378)
in its illusions but a solid base where truth exists, upheld W 240 W3 3 W(484)
upon a certain base more solid than the shadow world we W 359 L 1 W(614)
as merely shadows before become solid gains, to be counted on M 5 B 8 M(11)