need to look WITHOUT, and snatch it guiltily from where you T 15 F 9 T(579)406
can ATTACK another self, and snatch it FROM the other, to T 16 F 10 T(619)446
does NOT destroy it, nor snatch it away from you. But T 18 C 8 T(666)493
Be tempted not to snatch away the gift of faith T 18 D 5 T(669)496
the Fatherhood of God, not snatch it FROM Him. T T 24 H 1 T(860)679
and death, and watch despair snatch from your fingers every scrap W 191 L 3 W(422)
a little while, before He snatches them away again in death W 197 L 6 W(442)
a garden covered by the snow? See but how easily this T 19 E 10 T(710)534
the veil, looking between the snow white petals of the lilies T 20 B 4 T(734)558
stored away a heap of snow that shone like silver. They T 28 D 6 T(977)- 803
the grass; as white as snow. It is delusional in what W 134 L 4 W(281)
you its flowers and its snow in thankfulness for your benevolence W 189 L 2 W(416)
you lay the gift of snow-white lilies on the world, replacing W 151 L 17 W(319)
your gaze upon a disappearing snowflake, and shiver in remembrance of T 19 E 10 T(710)534
is frail as is a snowflake, but without its loveliness. Is T 20 G 9 T(753)576
guilt and death is there snuffed out forever. U 5 U 5 A 7 U(9)
MY strength will support you, so dont worry and leave T 1 B 3d T(2)-2-
to miracles. (God created time so that man could use it T 1 B 15 T(4)-4-
which you both recognize is so intense that you are afraid T 1 B 22i T(7)-7-
I urge you to do so. You havent read the T 1 B 22q T(8)-8-
man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

T 1 B 24d T(13)13
workers is that they are so sure that what they are T 1 B 30f T(18)18
that HE should have done so does not exempt you from T 1 B 30aa T(21)21
feel concerned about it either; so he forgot? It happens all T 1 B 30ac T(21)21
36c. Behavior IS response, so that the question response to T 1 B 36c T(24)24
then, that: As ye perceive So will ye behave
T 1 B 36d T(24)24
family, as you perceive both, so will you behave toward both T 1 B 36h T(25)25
rather than for miracles and so you tried to PROTECT THE T 1 B 36i T(26)26
person who is very ill, so that when the list is T 1 B 36j T(26)26
if it votes to do so, becomes a medium by which T 1 B 37g T(30)30
not freely elect to do so, it retains this creative ability T 1 B 37g T(30)30
knew exactly what she meant, so her statement was the right T 1 B 37t T(32)32
a special meaning for you. So did Jack.) Your confusion of T 1 B 37y T(34)34
reasons why that evening was so exhilarating was because it represented T 1 B 37y T(34)34
that, because these fantasies are so frequent (or occur so reliably T 1 B 37ab T(35)35
are so frequent (or occur so reliably), that this implies validity T 1 B 37ab T(35)35
the real vision is still so dim. Everyone can use his T 1 B 40j T(39)39
by enlarging mans perception, so he can see the real T 1 B 40j T(39)39
right side up, (or valid), so you will ALWAYS be ready T 1 B 40q T(40)40
This is why you became so afraid about Atlantis. B. has T 1 B 41aa T(49)49
never really WANTED peace before, so there was no point in T 1 B 41ae T(50)50
as long as he does so, he must introduce correction from T 1 B 41aq T(51)51
This is why it is so closely associated with validity. Real T 1 B 43 T(54)54
non-significant before may ATTAIN significance, so we had better get this T 1 C 6 T(56)56
you are to stop, do so immediately.) T 1 C T 1 C 8 T(56)56
it does not limit fear so narrowly, it is more likely T 1 C 14 T(59)59
unless he chooses to do so. All of his miscreations can T 2 A 10 T(65)65
has not. God created Souls so He could depend on them T 2 B 7 T(74)74
He gave them His peace so they would not be shaken T 2 B 7 T(74)74
T 2 B 35. So far we have concentrated on T 2 B 35 T(78)78
this, because HE will do so automatically. The real question still T 2 B 37 T(78)78
needed a defense which was so splendid that he could not T 2 B 42 T(80) 80
I was really not sick, so I could return to my T 2 B 52 T(82) 82
while, but I thought it SO silly, that there is no T 2 B 54 T(83) 83
than error, though not completely so. T 2 B 57 T 2 B 56 T(83) 83
Hold fast, and please do so.

--- Manuscript
T 2 B 58 T(83) 83
the device will ultimately do so. T 2 B 73 T 2 B 72 T(88)87
using physical means to do so, he is not engaging in T 2 C 13 T(92)91
those who have NOT done so. The reason why you felt T 2 C 17 T(93)92
everything that DOES, if you so will. T 2 D T 2 D 1 T(97)96
without entirely WILLING to do so. This produces consistent behavior, but T 2 D 10 T(98)97
can produce fear. It does so whenever it is conflicted in T 2 D 15 T(99)98
you are not feeling loving, so you want me to sound T 2 E 6 T(101)100
want me to sound silly, so you wont have to T 2 E 6 T(101)100
chance, even though you are so resistant, because I MIGHT be T 2 E 6 T(101)100
are afraid of ESP, and so often react against it, is T 2 E 15 T(103)102
in electing the miracle. By so doing, you HAVE rejected fear T 2 E 20 T(104)103
T 2 E 32. So much, then, for the true T 2 E 32 T(108)107
need neither continue to do so, nor to suffer from his T 2 E 37 T(109)108
known recently. Unfortunately, he was so afraid of religion that the T 2 E 40 T(110)109
deeper level of the unconscious, so that the latter became increasingly T 2 E 42 T(111)110
E 52. And God so loved the world that He T 2 E 52 T(113)112
gave his only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth on Him T 2 E 52 T(113)112
It should read And God so loved the world that he T 2 E 52 T(113)112
error, or incompleteness, if he so elects. However, it is quite T 2 E 54 T(114) 113
it is quite apparent that so to elect IS to believe T 2 E 54 T(114) 113
I would not have said so if it had not been T 2 E 55 T(115)114
completed if both of you so willed. T 3 A T 3 A 3 T(120) 119
T 3 A 12. So far, this course has had T 3 A 12 T(122)121
from occurring, and will do so any time you permit it T 3 A 15 T(123)122
the reason why he was so strained yesterday is because he T 3 A 16 T(123)122
under some strain in doing so. This was unfortunate, and weakened T 3 A 16 T(123)122
them. B. had already become so misguided that it did not T 3 A 21 T(125)124
position, but did not do so. Answer: You were right about T 3 A 22 T(125)124
you, but thats ungracious, so Ill go. Whenever ANY T 3 A 30 T(127)126
had gotten up to do so, but remembered to ask. The T 3 A 35 T(128)127
may not decide to do so. If he does not, you T 3 A 35 T(128)127
C 7. It is so essential that all such thinking T 3 C 7 T(133)132
have encouraged Cayce to do so. T 3 C 26 T 3 C 25 T(139)138
that the mind cannot be so limited. It was equally apparent T 3 C 26 T(139)138
associations. Cayces accuracy was so great that, even when he T 3 C 29 T(140)139
This is why he was so different when he was asleep T 3 C 32 T(141)140
up all attempts to do so, because they can be only T 3 D 5 T(145)144
The reason why this is so short, despite its extreme importance T 3 D 7 T(145)144
because the ability to do so is IN him. Mans T 3 D 7 T(146)145
is why B. is having so much trouble in what he T 3 E 10 T(149)148
is SURE. Your perception is so variable that you swing from T 3 E 10 T(149)148
a stranger by misperceiving him, so that you CANNOT know him T 3 E 12 T(150)149
of him. PERCEIVE him correctly, so that your Soul can KNOW T 3 E 12 T(150)149
if he had not been so afraid. This is why he T 3 F 11 T(154)153
to counteract error with knowledge, so much as to CORRECT error T 3 F 21 T(157)156
and what you create is so profound that it has literally T 3 G 4 T(160)159
some knowing basis, it is so unstable that it doesnt T 3 G 6 T(160)159
is no wisdom in doing so. In fact, the whole historical T 3 G 27 T(166)165
28. As you have so often said, no-one has adopted T 3 G 28 T(166)165
OWN that would make him so eager to accept their misperception T 3 G 29 T(166)165
anyone accord an obvious misperception so much power? There cannot be T 3 G 30 T(167)166
abolish fear. This is necessary so that knowledge can happen. The T 3 G 42 T(171)170
to prepare you for knowledge. So is the only real purpose T 3 G 43 T(171)170
that you perceive yourself as so unworthy that deception is more T 3 G 44 T(172)171
would you want to remain so obscure to yourself?
T 3 G 46 T(173)172
connection. In fact, it was so relevant that he dropped it T 3 H 2 T(174)C 1
that any ability which is so debilitating should be so deeply T 3 H 7 T(176)C 3
is so debilitating should be so deeply cherished. But there is T 3 H 7 T(176)C 3
that some people have gone so far as to doubt whether T 3 H 11 T(177)C 4
not understand why you have so much trouble with this course T 3 I 2 T(180)C 7
that is why you become so fearful. As you approach the T 3 I 14 T(184)C 11
your scribal functions and working so late. You HAD committed a T 4 A 1 T(185)C 12
the cross. Unless he does so, he is free to crucify T 4 A 9 T(187)?23
the ego and the Soul, so that WHATEVER the ego makes T 4 B 2 T(188)C 15
claim (and has certainly done so in the past) that the T 4 B 3 T(188)C 15
not have had to work so hard either, if he had T 4 B 3 T(188)C 15
you can demonstrate by doing so that the Separation never occurred T 4 B 12 T(190)C 17
hopes to give his students so much of his own thinking T 4 B 14 T(191)C 18
I am willing to do so, because I have no right T 4 B 20 T(192)C 19
to learn this lesson together, so we can also be free T 4 B 34 T(196)C 23
encouraging your students to do so. This interpretation of your role T 4 B 38 T(196)C 23
had it. This willfullness is so apparent that B. need only T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
interest precisely because it is so apparent that it CAN be T 4 C 4 T(198)C 25
dim past, when it is so clearly happening right now? You T 4 C 7 T(200)C 27
why you find her shifts so hard to tolerate. Willfullness is T 4 C 10 T(201)C 28
are somehow getting something better so that you can do without T 4 C 14 T(202)C 29
are entirely perceptions and are so ambivalent in form, and so T 4 C 21 T(204)C 31
so ambivalent in form, and so characteristically good and evil in T 4 C 21 T(204)C 31
perception is uniformly without attack, so that wrong-mindedness is obliterated. TheT 4 C 23 T(205)C 32
false in your own unconscious, so it can break through the T 4 D 8 T(209)C 36
kind of experience that is so different from anything the ego T 4 D 13 T(211)C 38
as God, and must remain so forever. T 4 D T 4 D 14 T(211)C 38
to ask me to do so. I can help you only T 4 D 18 T(212)C 39
willed wrongly, and this is so whenever you are not joyous T 4 E 3 T(214)C 41
it NEVER attacks. Yours is so distorted that you believe that T 4 E 18 T(217)C 44
with which the ego identifies so closely, is more blatantly senseless T 4 F 4 T(219)C 46
IS identified with the body, so there is no point in T 4 F 6 T(220)C 47
chaotic, because he is not so much goal-divided as not goal-ORIENTED T 4 F 10 T(221)C 48
the ego willed to do so, it COULD have made the T 4 F 13 T(223)C 50
are peculiar, but no more so than the dilemma itself. The T 4 F 14 T(223)C 50
ever can. This gap is so small knowledge can easily flow T 4 G 9 T(226)C 53
have been chosen to live so as to demonstrate that You T 4 G 14 T(227)C 54
to you, because it is so important to your misbeliefs. Bill T 4 G 18 T(228)C 55
That is because dissociation was so extreme in your case that T 4 G 19 T(228)C 55
You have learned to be so much more clear-sighted about this T 4 G 21 T(228)C 55
bring it near very slowly, so he can learn how his T 4 G 23 T(229)C 56
only PART of it splits, so only PART of it is T 4 H 1 T(229)C 56
thus AGAINST communication, except in so far as it is utilized T 4 H 2 T(229)C 56
threat. While this is always so, individual egos perceive different kinds T 4 H 3 T(229)C 56
are NOT protecting their egos, so that nothing CAN hurt them T 4 H 11 T(231)C 58
want him to know them so we can share our goal T 4 H 12 T(231)C 58
with this, the mind that so meets them heals ITSELF. T 4 I 5 T(232)C 59
61 is so strong that it radiates throughout T 5 A 4 T(234) C 61
because the Holy Inspiration is so close to knowledge that it T 5 B 8 T(235)C 62
or true perception, which is so close to truth that God T 5 B 8 T(235)C 62
their perceptions until they became so lofty that they could reach T 5 C 1 T(235)C 62
of joy. This call is so strong that the ego always T 5 C 10 T(237)C 64
darkness enter your minds, and so you need a new light T 5 D 2 T(237)C 64
thought-transfer of perception TO knowledge, so we CAN use the terms T 5 E 1 T(241)C 68
in yourself while it is so weak in your OWN mind T 5 E 5 T(242)C 69
is not understandable to another. So it is with the ego T 5 E 7 T(243)C 70
is an idea of God, so the soul understands it perfectly T 5 E 8 T(243)C 70
a belief of the ego, so the lower mind, which IS T 5 E 8 T(243)C 70
the ego, because it is so calm. Peace is the ego T 5 E 11 T(244)C 71
it KEEPS TO ITSELF, and so it is without strength. Its T 5 F 5 T(248)C 75
to give you the foundation, so your own thoughts can make T 5 F 8 T(249)C 76
without interference by the ego, so we can clarify an earlier T 5 F 10 T(250)C 77
you have learned, because by so doing YOU can depend on T 5 F 13 T(251)C 78
it away. As you teach, so shall you learn. I will T 5 F 14 T(251)C 78
How can you who are so Holy suffer? All your past T 5 F 17 T(252)C 79
severity of the guilt is so acute that it MUST be T 5 G 6 T(255)C 82
you. God created one, and so you cannot eradicate it. YOU T 5 G 11 T(257)C 84
it. YOU made the other, so you CAN. Only what God T 5 G 11 T(257)C 84
the instant it has done so. Having given up its thought T 5 H 1 T(259)C 86
quotation is As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Another is T 5 H 7 T(261)C 88
8. As ye sow, so shall ye reap merely means T 5 H 8 T(261)C 88
truly give, because He is so truly blessed. And because He T 5 H 16 T(263)C 90
He has been given you so freely by God, you must T 5 H 16 T(263)C 90
thoughts. Freuds thought was so conflicted that he could not T 5 I 4 T(264)C 91
In fact, he even went so far as to equate it T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
pull of this fixation is so strong that you will never T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
on a level that is so high that it cannot BE T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
own awareness, since he is so clear about the remedy for T 5 I 17 T(269)C 96
his own ideas to him, so that you can share them T 5 I 17 T(269)C 96
and FEAR is not always so clear. Anger ALWAYS involves PROJECTION T 6 A 1 T(271)C 98
said before, As you teach so shall you learn. If you T 6 B 6 T(273)C 100
placed it there Himself, and so it is true forever. I T 6 B 7 T(274)C 101
deny me, but he did so three times. It should be T 6 B 8 T(274)C 101
nature of this association is so obvious that

T 6 B 18 T(276)C 103
Exclusion and separation are synonymous. So are separation and dissociation. WeT 6 C 2 T(277)C 104
since their goals are opposed, so is the result. The Holy T 6 C 5 T(278)C 105
is necessary, because it can so easily make the idea seem T 6 C 12 T(280)C 107
easily make the idea seem so difficult. But the Holy Spirit T 6 C 12 T(280)C 107
lies in that message, and so the peace of God lies T 6 C 14 T(281)C 108
abides ANYWHERE in the Kingdom, so your part is only to T 6 C 15 T(281)C 108
5. As you teach so will you learn. If that T 6 D 5 T(283)C 110
you free, and keep you so as others learn it of T 6 D 6 T(283)C 110
the ego without love, and so it does not love YOU T 6 E 2 T(284)C 111
are not open to Him, so that He cannot impart His T 6 F 2 T(289)C 116
communicate with Him as one. So He thought, My Children sleep T 6 F 2 T(289)C 116
the nightmares which frightened them so badly were not real, because T 6 F 3 T(289)C 116
DIFFERENCE between sleeping and waking, so that THEY will understand they T 6 F 3 T(289)C 116
shared. But this is not so real as it sounds. Those T 6 F 12 T(291)118
teaching it, but you did so often enough to enable him T 6 F 16 T(292)119
BELIEVE in attack and rejection, so this is what they perceive T 6 G 1 T(293)C 120
This MEANS conflicting motivation, and so the lesson CANNOT be learned T 6 G 3 T(294)121
it IS, though not more so than is any other product T 6 G 5 T(294)121
reinforced in HIS mind, and so he wanted to teach it T 6 G 6 T(295)122
yet realize this consistently, and so your progress is intermittent, but T 6 G 13 T(297)C 124
varies on this point, and so the ONE mood that He T 6 H 2 T(298)C 125
does NOT foster joy, and so He alone can keep you T 6 H 2 T(298)C 125
in order to unify it so it can perceive WITHOUT judgment T 6 H 3 T(298)C 125
necessary only in YOUR mind, so that you cannot PROJECT it T 6 H 3 T(299)C 126
proceeds FROM Him TO you, so must YOUR creative thought proceed T 7 A 2 T(303)C 130
YOU are His gifts, and so your gifts must be like T 7 B 1 T(304)C 131
is to change the form SO THAT the original meaning IS T 7 C 7 T(308)C 135
way you can LEARN consistency, so that you can finally BE T 7 C 10 T(309)C 136
to ONE RESULT, and by so doing, their SIMILARITY rather than T 7 D 6 T(311)C 138
what you ARE. This is so contradictory that it is clearly T 7 E 1 T(312)C 139
and a science, as has so often been said. It is T 7 E 6 T(314)C 141
strength of right perception is so great that it brings the T 7 E 11 T(317)C 144
decision in this matter are so apparent that they need no T 7 F 1 T(318)C 145
OR learning. This must be so, because you CAN act in T 7 F 2 T(318)C 145
its totally insane premise, and so it proceeds accordingly. T T 7 F 3 T(319)C 146
limited because he is LEARNING so little. His HEALING lesson is T 7 F 9 T(321)C 148
SICKNESS. Learning is constant and so vital in its power for T 7 F 9 T(321)C 148
you can hear two voices, so you can see in two T 7 F 11 T(321)C 148
change YOURS. Your minds are so powerful a light that you T 7 F 13 T(322)C 149
denial is a defense, and so it is as capable of T 7 H 2 T(330)C 157
both have and are, and so you do NOT know your T 7 H 6 T(332)C 159
want you to find it so intolerable that you will INSIST T 7 I 3 T(335)C 162
fallacies which may not be so apparent. T 7 I T 7 I 3 T(335)C 162
it by believing in it, so you can dispel it by T 7 I 8 T(336)C 163
Spirit to be undone completely, so that ALL their effects will T 7 I 8 T(337)C 164
it, and YOU HAVE DONE SO. Disobeying Gods will is T 7 J 7 T(339)C 66
perfect peace. Its radiance is so intense that it creates in T 7 J 8 T(339)C 66
Spirit will direct you ONLY so as to avoid all pain T 7 J 12 T(341)C 168
prerogative, which the ego guards so jealously, is not accomplished by T 7 K 7 T(343)C 170
willing to throw it away so readily, when the ego asks T 8 A 2 T(346)C 173
is a condition which is so ALIEN to the Kingdom that T 8 B 1 T(347) C 174
have established for yourselves, but SO IS ITS OUTCOME. If the T 8 B 3 T(347) C 174
to you because He has so willed it. Ask and it T 8 D 1 T(350)C 177
according to your decision, AND SO WILL YOU. Never forget your T 8 D 7 T(352)C 179
you THAT THIS IS NOT SO. You can encounter ONLY part T 8 D 9 T(353)C 180
glory belong to God alone. So do YOU. God gives WHATEVER T 8 D 11 T(353)C 180
He sent me to you, so will I send you to T 8 E 5 T(355)C 182
go to them WITH you, so we can teach them union T 8 E 5 T(355)C 182
MINE. If it were not so, the Sons

T 8 E 8 T(355)C 182
truth will ASSAIL them, and so they DO NOT SEE IT T 8 E 15 T(357)C 184
with us AND CANNOT DO SO. Sensing defeat and angered by T 8 E 21 T(358)C 185
strength is offered to all, so they, too, can lay aside T 8 F 2 T(359)C 186
extends His Fatherhood to you so that you can extend yourself T 8 F 8 T(361)C 188
created separate from His, and so it wills as HE wills T 8 F 8 T(361)C 188
Him. But their thought is so powerful that they can even T 8 F 9 T(361)C 188
Gods Son IF THEY SO CHOOSE. This choice DOES make T 8 F 9 T(361)C 188
body that THIS IS NOT SO, you will begin to understand T 8 G 3 T(363)C 190
because you have already done so BY misusing it. Interpret ANYTHING T 8 G 5 T(364)C 191
are lost to you and SO ARE YOURS. You HAVE attacked T 8 G 6 T(364)C 191
Will for you when you so will it yourself. He has T 8 G 7 T(365)C 192
9. There is nothing so frustrating to a learner as T 8 G 9 T(365)C 192
no relationship to each other, so that it appears to be T 8 G 10 T(365)C 192
different constellations. Knowledge never changes, so that its constellation is permanentT 8 H 2 T(369)C 196
end to another without ceasing, so that YOU will continue to T 8 H 3 T(370)C 197
does not exist can be so insistent. Have you ever seriously T 8 H 9 T(372)C 199
ONLY to reach your brothers so He can teach His message T 8 H 10 T(373)C 200
201 do so little, because It is so T 8 I 2 T(374)C 201
so little, because It is so powerful that your little part T 8 I 2 T(374)C 201
means EXACTLY what it says. So does the Bible, if it T 8 I 7 T(375)C 202
set this strange situation up so that it is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE T 8 J 3 T(377)C 204
NOTHING can hurt you and SO YOU ARE ASKING FOR NOTHING T 8 J 11 T(380)C 207
YOU through him. What can so holy a brother tell you T 8 K 5 T(383)210
to price is to VALUE, so that YOUR return is IN T 8 K 11 T(385) 212
have denied Him nothing, and so you can SHARE EVERYTHING. This T 8 K 14 T(385) 212
The confusion of functions is so typical of the ego, that T 9 C 7 T(390)217
NEVER find satisfaction in fantasy, so that his ONLY hope is T 9 C 10 T(391)218
Children may believe them, and so, for a while, they ARE T 9 C 12 T(391)218
am a miserable sinner, and so are you. If he is T 9 D 1 T(392)219
really believes in attack, and so does the patient, but it T 9 D 1 T(392)219
GIVE RISE to joy, and so you will not always recognize T 9 E 2 T(396) 223
abide in peace, when you so decide.

T 9 F 2 T(398)- 225
reason is very simple, and so obvious that it is often T 9 F 3 T(399)- 226
of what you ARE, and so He evaluates you truly. And T 9 F 3 T(399)- 226
because its own perceptions are so shifting. The ego is therefore T 9 F 4 T(399)- 226
The truth about YOU is so lofty that nothing that is T 9 F 10 T(401)228
value, would not have it so, and so it is NOT T 9 G 11 T(404)231
not have it so, and so it is NOT so. Your T 9 G 11 T(404)231
and so it is NOT so. Your value is in GOD T 9 G 11 T(404)231
the Source is true, and so is its answer. Listen and T 9 G 12 T(404)231
the question of your being, so that you can cease to T 9 G 12 T(404)231
to create for YOUR self, so you would be LIKE Him T 9 H 3 T(405)- 232
it your will to do so? You know, from your own T 9 H 6 T(406)- 233
yet that it once was so, and it is in this T 9 H 7 T(406)- 233
will know it can be so again. T 9 H T 9 H 7 T(406)- 233
what has once been is so now, if it is eternal T 9 H 8 T(406)- 233
that no-one is separate, and so no-one is sick. To believe T 9 I 9 T(409)- 236
you would HAVE to do so, if you give him up T 9 I 19 T(412)- 239
What you have made is so unworthy of you, that you T 9 J 7 T(413)- 240
Him. And if it is so for Him, it is so T 9 J 8 T(414)- 241
so for Him, it is so for you. His definitions ARE T 9 J 8 T(414)- 241
has kept the spark alive, so the rays can never be T 9 J 10 T(414)- 241
IS. Depression is isolation, and so it could not have BEEN T 9 K 5 T(416)- 243
love, would not have it so. Yet He would not interfere T 9 K 10 T(417)- 244
it IS true in time, so that, while time lasts in T 9 K 14 T(418)245
diametrically opposed in all respects, so that partial allegiance is impossibleT 10 A 1 T(419)- 246
to be extended, and why so much is waiting for your T 10 B 5 T(421)- 248
limit what HE created, and so you believe that ALL creation T 10 B 6 T(421)- 248
what He gives He holds, so that nothing He gives CAN T 10 B 13 T(424)251
it is that it be so. T 10 B 14 T 10 B 13 T(424)251
Him. Think like Him ever so slightly, and the little spark T 10 C 6 T(426)253
light that fills your mind so that He becomes your only T 10 C 6 T(426)253
place, He will lighten it so much, that you will gladly T 10 C 8 T(426)253
and your heart will be so filled with joy that it T 10 D 3 T(427)- 254
is part of a Light so great that it can sweep T 10 D 5 T(428)255
yours? You could not do so, if you realized that YOU T 10 E 3 T(430)- 257
As you bring HIM back, so will YOUR mind return. That T 10 E 3 T(430)- 257
the love of Christ, for so does your Father love you T 10 E 7 T(431)258
egos GOAL, which is so clearly senseless that any effort T 10 F 4 T(434)- 261
is WHY its perceptions are so variable. It does not reject T 10 H 2 T(443)- 270
and what God created, and so you do not know the T 10 H 4 T(444)- 271
understand what they perceive, and so they ASK WHAT IT MEANS T 10 H 6 T(444)- 271
know what they ARE, and so YOU perceive them as ghosts T 10 H 17 T(448)- 275
if he had actually DONE so, BECAUSE you have made his T 11 A 1 T(449)- 276
help as what it is, so God can answer YOU. T 11 B 6 T(451)- 278
but it will not be so for long. You are in T 11 C 9 T(456)283
from magnitude to littleness. And so the way back is to T 11 C 9 T(456)283
fitting offerings for Christ, and so they are not fit gifts T 11 C 12 T(457)- 284
is YOUR will to do so. What has been accomplished FOR T 11 C 13 T(457)- 284
denial of perfection is not so difficult as the denial of T 11 C 15 T(458)- 285
DENYING him? For to do so is to deny yourself, and T 11 D 4 T(460)287
ago we said that God so loved the world that He T 11 D 9 T(461)- 288
He would not have it so, and so it is NOT T 11 D 10 T(462)- 289
not have it so, and so it is NOT so. You T 11 D 10 T(462)- 289
and so it is NOT so. You still could not will T 11 D 10 T(462)- 289
and you will surely do so when you realize exactly what T 11 E 2 T(463)- 290
see no need to do so. BEFORE the idea of attack T 11 F 1 T(465)292
You use attack to do so, because you believe that ATTACK T 11 F 1 T(465)292
of your OWN invulnerability is so important in the restoration of T 11 F 2 T(465)292
your learning skills that are so impaired, that you can progress T 11 F 5 T(466)- 293
This kind of learning has so weakened your mind that you T 11 F 9 T(467)294
speaks against your will. And so you fight AGAINST learning, and T 11 F 10 T(467)294
IS your will to do so. You who have tried to T 11 F 10 T(467)294
teachers. But it is not so yet, and will not BE T 11 F 11 T(467)294
yet, and will not BE so until the whole learning situation T 11 F 11 T(467)294
did NOT will to do so. And THEREFORE, you CAN decide T 11 G 3 T(469)- 296
As it was MY decision, so is it YOURS. YOU DO T 11 G 3 T(469)- 296
value comes from self EXTENSION, so does the PERCEPTION of self T 11 G 3 T(469)- 296
of the Holy Spirit, and so it BELONGS to you. Correction T 11 G 4 T(469)- 296
knowledge, because perception has become so holy that its transfer to T 11 G 7 T(470)- 297
perception and knowledge have become so similar that they share the T 11 G 8 T(471)- 298
of Gods Son becomes so enlightened that light streams into T 11 G 9 T(471)- 298
function in Heaven is creation, so your function on earth is T 11 H 4 T(473)- 300
believe you have two functions, so long will you need correction T 11 H 5 T(473)- 300
and as you look out so will you see in. Two T 11 H 5 T(473)- 300
13. As you decide so will you see. And all T 11 H 13 T(475)- 302
and WANTS TO KEEP IT SO. For the memory of God T 11 I 5 T(478)305
rejoice that it is not so. T 11 I 6 T 11 I 5 T(478)305
remember that it was always so. Nothingness will become invisible, for T 11 I 9 T(479)306
will realize that this is so. For this world is the T 11 J 2 T(480)307
and cruel and senseless, for so it is. T 11 T 11 J 7 T(482)309
only yourself, and by doing so, you cannot know that you T 11 J 10 T(483)310
to be without him. And so it has always been. Let T 11 J 11 T(483)310
past has never been, and so the future is needless. The T 11 J 13 T(484)311
remembering God, Whose pull is so strong that YOU cannot resist T 12 A 1 T(485)312
egos destructive urge is so intense, that nothing short of T 12 B 1 T(485)312
increasingly convinced that this is so. T 12 B 5 T 12 B 4 T(486) 313
Little children, this is not so. Your guilty secret is nothing T 12 B 7 T(487)314
may wonder why it is so crucial that you look upon T 12 C 1 T(488)315
is GIVEN you, is not so dear as what you MADE T 12 C 6 T(489)316
concealment, they APPEAR to do so, and thus they seem to T 12 C 7 T(489)316
pain in this mind is so apparent, when it is uncovered T 12 C 7 T(489)316
your grandiosity, which you hold so dear, is your real call T 12 C 9 T(490)317
therefore believed that it was so. T 12 C 13 T 12 C 12 T(491)318
it closes over the present, so that no gap in the T 12 D 9 T(494)321
ONLY to their maker, and so they have no meaning at T 12 E 1 T(496)- 323
NOT LET CONDEMNATION GO. And so they SEPARATE into their private T 12 E 4 T(497)- 324
for as we are united, so would we unite with them T 12 E 8 T(498)- 325
as continuous, and make them so FOR YOU. But do not T 12 F 4 T(501)328
for it accordingly. And by so doing, you are ALIGNING past T 12 F 4 T(501)328
brother WITHOUT his past, and so perceive him as born again T 12 F 5 T(501)328
join with theirs, in power so compelling, that it will draw T 12 F 11 T(504)- 331
no past APART from Him. So he has never ceased to T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
DID NOT LEAVE HIM. And so it is that he can T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
not give it that, and so, although you turn in sadness T 12 G 3 T(505)332
love points out. Love leads so gladly! And as you follow T 12 G 5 T(506)333
nothing. In Heaven this is so, for what could you need T 12 G 9 T(507)334
salvation IT SEES SEPARATION, and so you lose whatever you have T 12 G 10 T(508)- 335
is my gift to you, so was it the Fathers T 12 G 15 T(509)- 336
join you to your brothers, so do your creations establish your T 13 B 7 T(512)- 339
but YOU do not, and so you do not SHARE His T 13 B 8 T(512)- 339
ALWAYS condemn, and HAVING done so, they WILL condemn, linking the T 13 C 1 T(513)340
that THEY are guilty, and so they MUST condemn. Between the T 13 C 1 T(513)340
like a lamp that shines so brightly, that the chain of T 13 C 1 T(513)340
your VALUING will make it so. T 13 C 4 T 13 C 3 T(514)341
WAS guilty choose to REMAIN so. You have denied HIS freedom T 13 C 4 T(514)341
denied HIS freedom, and by so doing, you have denied the T 13 C 4 T(514)341
for ALL your brothers. For so you learn that IT IS T 13 C 6 T(515)- 342
It is not shared, and so it is not real. T 13 D 2 T(516)- 343
do, and has ALWAYS done so. He has SEEN separation, but T 13 D 7 T(518) - 345
together, we shine with brightness so intense, that none of us T 13 D 14 T(520)- 347
that you experience will be so purified, that it is fitting T 13 D 14 T(520)- 347
his peace of mind, and so destroy him. But if he T 13 D 15 T(520)- 347
have His Son embattled, and so His Sons imagined enemy T 13 D 16 T(520)- 347
as you made not freedom, so you made not a war T 13 D 16 T(520)- 347
here you value wholly, and so you do not value it T 13 E 1 T(521)348
is a sense of peace so deep, that no dream in T 13 E 1 T(521)348
is yours, to MAKE it so. It IS so. But the T 13 E 8 T(523)350
MAKE it so. It IS so. But the will of God T 13 E 8 T(523)350
to learn it MUST be so. The KNOWLEDGE is not taught T 13 F 2 T(525)352
a thought-system which has become so

--- Manuscript
T 13 F 6 T(526)353
twisted and so complex, that you CANNOT SEE T 13 F 6 T(527)354
misery IS happiness. This has so confused you, that you have T 13 G 1 T(527)354
out of it. Nothing is so alien to you as the T 13 G 3 T(528)- 355
the chains have disappeared, and so they MUST have been nothing T 13 G 5 T(528)- 355
LEARN IT WITH HIM. And so you learn

T 13 G 6 T(528)- 355
content you. IT IS NOT SO. T 13 G 7 T 13 G 6 T(529)- 356
quietness of its simplicity is so compelling, that you will realize T 13 G 9 T(529)- 356
GUILTY ABOUT LEARNING. This is so ESSENTIAL to learning, that it T 13 H 1 T(530)- 357
forgotten. The guiltless learner learns so easily, BECAUSE HIS THOUGHTS ARET 13 H 1 T(530)- 357
gift of God, which He so freely, and so gladly offers T 13 H 11 T(533)- 360
which He so freely, and so gladly offers you. He offers T 13 H 11 T(533)- 360
created holy, for to do so is TO EVALUATE HIS FATHER T 13 H 14 T(534)361
impossible. Why would you struggle so frantically to anticipate all that T 13 H 15 T(534)361
yourself, alone WITHOUT you. And so He gives you what is T 13 H 15 T(535)362
would have me LEARN. And so I trust Him to communicate T 13 H 17 T(535)362
is all He knows, and so it is ALL knowledge. For T 13 I 3 T(536)363
function as He KNOWS it. So will He teach you to T 13 I 6 T(537)364
is denial of the Father so complete, that knowledge is swept T 14 A 1 T(539)- 366
selves away, and valued God so little, hear me speak for T 14 A 2 T(539)- 366
Him, that resembles it ever so faintly. You cannot even give T 14 A 2 T(539)- 366
unite us in this world. So will the world of separation T 14 B 5 T(541)- 368
hidden CANNOT be shared, and so its value is unknown. The T 14 C 1 T(544) - 371
concealed CANNOT be loved, and so it MUST be feared. T 14 C 1 T(544) - 371
what WAS fearful, will be so no longer. Without protection of T 14 C 3 T(544) - 371
them with each other. And so you do not realize that T 14 C 4 T(545)- 372
not what you say, and so you know not what is T 14 C 7 T(545)- 372
As darkness disappears in light, so ignorance fades away when knowledge T 14 D 1 T(547)- 374
Therefore, to Him, it is so easy, that it was accomplished T 14 D 6 T(548)- 375
mind with clarity and brightness so intense, you could not wish T 14 D 9 T(549)- 376
would have it be. And so it IS. T 14 T 14 D 12 T(550)- 377
is NOT. The Atonement is so gentle, you need but whisper T 14 E 3 T(552)- 379
in great numbers. You are so used to this, that it T 14 F 4 T(555)- 382
bring with you a light so powerful, that what you see T 14 F 11 T(557)- 384
the Holy Spirit in you, so does the Holy Spirit TRANSLATE T 14 F 12 T(557)- 384
TRANSLATE His communications THROUGH you, so YOU can understand them. God T 14 F 12 T(557)- 384
power, but you have interposed so much between it and your T 14 G 1 T(558)- 385
and a SHOW of strength, so pitiful that it MUST fail T 14 G 1 T(558)- 385
SON OF GOD, a lesson so unthinkable that only the insane T 14 G 2 T(558)- 385
did not abandon you. And so you have another lesson, sent T 14 G 4 T(559)- 386
His power, which He shares so gladly with His Son. Learn T 14 G 5 T(559)- 386
you can learn a lesson so COMPLETELY different from everything you T 14 G 7 T(559)- 386
anything, INCLUDING THIS, means. And so I do NOT know HOW T 14 G 7 T(560)- 387
but turn to Him ever so little. Yet He cannot COMPEL T 14 G 8 T(560)- 387
9. How can you, so firmly bound to guilt and T 14 G 9 T(560)- 387
bound to guilt and committed so to remain, establish FOR YOURSELF T 14 G 9 T(560)- 387
lessons FROM Him. And, by so limiting the guidance that you T 14 G 9 T(560)- 387
would establish His bright teaching so firmly in your mind, that T 14 G 11 T(561)- 388
held as one in God, so do we learn as one T 14 G 12 T(561)- 388
effect, each to the other, so, where one is absent, the T 14 G 13 T(562)- 389
have invited Him to do so, by abandoning the ego on T 14 G 14 T(562)- 389
HIMSELF, fill every mind that so makes room for Him. If T 14 G 14 T(562)- 389
not His Will to do so. With your perfection ever in T 14 G 15 T(562)- 389
deny the Source of effects so powerful, they COULD not be T 14 G 16 T(562)- 389
and you will find yourself so filled with power, that NOTHING T 14 G 16 T(562)- 389
the future. This is not so. For the Holy Spirit USES T 15 A 2 T(563)- 390
s thought-system before, but never so clearly as here. For the T 15 B 3 T(564)391
holding its contradictory aims together, so that they SEEM to be T 15 B 3 T(564)391
hell. Even when it attacks so savagely that it tries to T 15 B 4 T(564)391
present EXTENDS FOREVER. It is so beautiful and so clean and T 15 B 7 T(565)392
It is so beautiful and so clean and free of guilt T 15 B 7 T(565)392
taken time to misguide you so completely, but it takes no T 15 B 8 T(565)392
take to change your mind so completely, ask yourself, How long T 15 B 10 T(566)393
instant? Could you not give so SHORT a time to the T 15 B 10 T(566)393
holiness, and changes not. And so it is no longer time T 15 B 13 T(567)394
have been removed? Truth is so far beyond time, that ALL T 15 C 2 T(567)394
as it was created one, so its oneness depends not on T 15 C 2 T(567)394
witness TO Him will speak so clearly OF Him, that you T 15 C 5 T(568)- 395
will learn much from doing so. But its shining and glittering T 15 C 6 T(569)- 396
teach you what is yours, so that, together, we can replace T 15 D 10 T(572)399
recognition that His Will IS so. The holy instant is THIS T 15 E 1 T(573)400
and cherish littleness instead, by so much is it far from T 15 E 2 T(574)401
it far from you. By so much as you want it T 15 E 2 T(574)401
BECAUSE YOU WOULD HAVE IT SO. It is impossible to RECOGNIZE T 15 E 8 T(576)403
teaches you IT IS NOT SO.

--- Manuscript
T 15 F 3 T(577)404
why they shift and change so frequently. They are NOT based T 15 F 4 T(578)405
s use of relationships is so fragmented, that it frequently goes T 15 F 7 T(578)405
406 and so, however much you seek for T 15 F 7 T(579)406
and, although this is not so in Heaven, the Holy Spirit T 15 F 8 T(579)406
NEEDS THEM ALL EQUALLY, and so do YOU. In time, you T 15 F 10 T(579)406
because YOU would have him so. T 15 F 13 T 15 F 12 T(580)407
F 13. You have so little faith in yourself, because T 15 F 13 T(580)407
love is IN you. And so you seek WITHOUT for what T 15 F 13 T(580)407
CANNOT doubt his holiness. And so we love him.
T 15 F 13 T(580)407
God is an IDEA, and so YOUR faith in Him is T 15 G 2 T(581)408
loss are BOTH accepted, and so no-one is aware that perfect T 15 G 3 T(581)408
its ONE attraction. An attraction so weak, that it would have T 15 H 2 T(584)- 411
believe that BODIES communicate, and so he would be gone. T 15 H 8 T(586)- 413
salvation. And He will do so, for the power of God T 15 H 13 T(588)- 415
is joined in REAL relationship, so holy and so strong, that T 15 H 13 T(588)- 415
REAL relationship, so holy and so strong, that it can overcome T 15 H 13 T(588)- 415
you cannot conceive of need so great. Behold the only need T 15 I 3 T(589)- 416
are forever in a relationship so holy, that it calls to T 15 I 4 T(589)- 416
WHATEVER form it takes. And so He has kept this Channel T 15 I 6 T(590)- 417
your brothers to the body, so would the Holy Spirit RELEASE T 15 I 8 T(591)- 418
Great Rays shining from them, so unlimited that they reach to T 15 I 8 T(591)- 418
just what this shift entails, so you will become willing to T 15 I 8 T(591)- 418
419 - so with the strength that YOU T 15 I 11 T(592)- 419
SACRIFICE GETS NOTHING. Sacrifice is so essential to your thought-system, thatT 15 J 6 T(595)- 422
of sacrifice and love is so profound that you cannot conceive T 15 J 6 T(595)- 422
would demand total sacrifice. And so the ego seems to demand T 15 J 8 T(596)- 423
the demand of sacrifice is so savage and so fearful, that T 15 J 9 T(596)- 423
sacrifice is so savage and so fearful, that you CANNOT accept T 15 J 9 T(596)- 423
NOT accepting this has been so great, that you have GIVEN T 15 J 9 T(596)- 423
IS, that makes the decision so easy! Salvation is simple, being T 15 J 11 T(597)- 424
the body as your reality, so long will you perceive yourself T 15 K 5 T(598)- 425
as lonely and deprived. And so long will you also perceive T 15 K 5 T(598)- 425
T 15 K 6. So is it that, in all T 15 K 6 T(598)- 425
no sacrifice of anyone, for so will you offer me the T 15 K 8 T(599)- 426
we will be released TOGETHER. So will the year begin in T 15 K 10 T(600)427
born, and take your place, so long left unfulfilled, in the T 15 K 10 T(600)427
MAKE THE PAST REAL, and so perpetuate it. Step gently aside T 16 A 4 T(602)429
would bring it about, is so distorted that it would imprison T 16 B 2 T(602)429
you do not understand. And so there must be Something IN T 16 C 2 T(604)431
your minds, has made THEM so UNnatural that they do not T 16 C 3 T(604)431
a LOSS to you, and so you are unwilling to believe T 16 C 5 T(605)432
witnesses that speak of it so clearly, that only the blind T 16 C 8 T(606)433
clearly, and yet you have so little faith in what you T 16 C 9 T(606)433
NOR will you ever do so. You have never tried to T 16 C 10 T(607)434
from BEYOND your thought-system, and so could look upon it fairly T 16 D 1 T(608)435
And He MUST have done so from the basis of a T 16 D 1 T(608)435
faith in what you have so diligently taught yourself to believe T 16 D 2 T(608)435
being joined within it. And so the one who would cross T 16 D 8 T(610)437
the illusion of hatred lasts, so long WILL love be an T 16 E 5 T(612)439
lift the veil, which seems so dark and heavy, it is T 16 E 10 T(614)441
HAS ASKED FOR HELL, and so he will NOT interfere with T 16 F 8 T(618)445
is that GOD MUST DIE SO YOU CAN LIVE. And it T 16 F 10 T(619)446
think you have ATTACKED? For so fearful has the truth become T 16 F 11 T(619)446
you are DENYING truth, and so are making YOURSELF unable to T 16 F 14 T(620)447
in bondage! As you release, so will you BE released. FORGET T 16 G 2 T(622)- 449
VALUE WOULD BE LOST. And so your whole INVESTMENT in seeing T 16 G 3 T(622)- 449
Across the bridge, it is so different! For a time the T 16 G 5 T(623)- 450
VALUE of the body is so diminished in YOUR sight, that T 16 G 5 T(623)- 450
took to fix your minds so firmly on illusions. Delay will T 16 G 7 T(624)- 451
vengeance it believes that you so justly merit. Yet, without your T 16 H 4 T(627)- 454
the dreamer that this is so, for dreams are what they T 17 A 1 T(630)457
their purpose. They CANNOT do so IN reality, but they CAN T 17 A 2 T(630)457
reality, but they CAN do so in the mind that would T 17 A 2 T(630)457
you would have this be, so long will the ILLUSION of T 17 B 2 T(631)458
and some to another. And so you learn to deal with T 17 B 2 T(631)458
have you ever seen anything so lovely. Nothing you see here T 17 C 1 T(632)- 459
like unto this, nor hold so dear. Nothing that you remember T 17 C 1 T(632)- 459
that world and this is SO little and SO easy to T 17 C 2 T(632)- 459
this is SO little and SO easy to cross that you T 17 C 2 T(632)- 459
is the meeting-place of worlds so different. Yet this little bridge T 17 C 2 T(632)- 459
at all. This little step, so small it has escaped your T 17 C 2 T(632)- 459
the real world will be so short, that you will barely T 17 C 4 T(633)- 460
to give you this, is so intense He would not wait T 17 C 7 T(634)- 461
NOT harm yourself. They speak so clearly for the separation, that T 17 D 2 T(635)- 462
IS, enables Him to do so. If all but loving thoughts T 17 D 7 T(637)- 464
resolutions complete and perfect. And so He seeks and FINDS the T 17 D 8 T(637)- 464
to you. Its loveliness will so attract you, that you will T 17 D 9 T(637)- 464
LET it transform the relationship, so you can see it more T 17 D 9 T(637)- 464
aim of occupying your minds so completely that YOU WILL NOT T 17 E 3 T(640)467
here, surrounded by a frame so heavy and so elaborate, that T 17 E 8 T(642)469
a frame so heavy and so elaborate, that the picture is T 17 E 8 T(642)469
why the holy instant is so important in the defense of T 17 E 10 T(643)470
ARE truth, accept an idea so DANGEROUS to truth, YOU THREATEN T 17 E 10 T(643)470
ego lies in ITS gifts, so the whole of Heaven lies T 17 E 11 T(643)470
You who have tried so hard, and are STILL trying T 17 E 13 T(644)471
into the wrong frame, and so combine what cannot BE combined T 17 E 13 T(644)471
in praise of ITS maker, so is the holy relationship a T 17 F 1 T(646)473
structure of the relationship is SO apparent that they CANNOT co-exist T 17 F 4 T(647)474
you choose not to do so. But you MUST exclude MAJOR T 17 F 7 T(648)475
the Sonship that it is so. As you begin to recognize T 17 F 15 T(650)477
ACCEPT the gifts you have so freely given to EACH OTHER T 17 F 15 T(650)477
can GIVE. But this is so ONLY from the viewpoint of T 17 G 6 T(653)480
faith in one another was so limited and little. Your faith T 17 H 3 T(654)481
YOUR dedication is divided. And so you have been faithless TO T 17 H 4 T(655)482
faith go hand in hand, so must its faith go everywhere T 17 H 5 T(655)482
goal has been established, is so far beyond your little conception T 17 H 5 T(655)482
Yet, for all its might, so great it reaches past the T 17 H 6 T(655)482
than before. This is not so. Before, the strain was there T 17 I 4 T(658)485
that ONE error. It was so vast and so COMPLETELY incredible T 18 B 2 T(660)487
It was so vast and so COMPLETELY incredible, that from it T 18 B 2 T(660)487
for such it was, and so it still remains. Invest it T 18 B 4 T(660)487
into the mad world and so DEPART FROM YOU. Inward is T 18 B 4 T(661)488
HAS no substitute. You are so firmly joined in truth, that T 18 B 8 T(662)489
And as He loves you, so you ARE. You are NOT T 18 B 8 T(662)489
illusions, but in the Thought so holy and so perfect that T 18 B 8 T(662)489
the Thought so holy and so perfect that illusions cannot remain T 18 B 8 T(662)489
that, in them, reality is so OUTRAGEOUSLY violated, becomes apparent. Yet T 18 C 2 T(664)491
NOT willing to accept. And so you SUBSTITUTE the fantasy that T 18 C 4 T(665)492
is the dream. You are so used to choosing between dreams T 18 C 10 T(666)493
dreams, from which awaking is so easy and so natural. For T 18 C 11 T(667)494
awaking is so easy and so natural. For, as your sleeping T 18 C 11 T(667)494
same wishes in YOUR mind, so do the real world and T 18 C 11 T(667)494
And you sought a blackness so complete that you could hide T 18 D 1 T(668)495
flicker of your eyelids, closed so long, has not yet been T 18 D 3 T(668)495
give you confidence in yourselves, so long despised. You go TOWARD T 18 D 3 T(668)495
shine away the past and so make room for His Eternal T 18 D 9 T(670)497
realization that you NEED do so little that enables HIM to T 18 E 2 T(671)- 498
that enables HIM to give so much. Trust not your good T 18 E 2 T(671)- 498
that makes the holy instant so easy and so natural. You T 18 E 8 T(673)- 580
holy instant so easy and so natural. You make it difficult T 18 E 8 T(673)- 580
idea that you need give so LITTLE, to receive so much T 18 E 8 T(673)- 580
give so LITTLE, to receive so much. And it is very T 18 E 8 T(673)- 580
the Holy Spirits are so extremely disproportionate. You are still T 18 E 8 T(673)- 580
impossible will BE, if God so wills it, but you will T 18 E 9 T(673)- 580
because they are HAPPY. And so they MUST be loving. Their T 18 F 4 T(674)- 521
your relationship IS ONE, and so it MUST be that whatever T 18 F 6 T(675)- 572
just as THIS is impossible, so is it equally impossible that T 18 F 7 T(675)- 572
to SHARE it NOW. And so I choose THIS instant as T 18 F 7 T(675)- 572
and forever WITHOUT alternative. And so it is. T 18 T 18 G 10 T(679)506
would BE with it. And so you rush to meet it T 18 G 14 T(680)507
YOU would not have it so. You are not really lifted T 18 G 15 T(681)508
ABSENT, that will keep it so, in your awareness of it T 18 H 10 T(684) 631c
your tiny kingdom you have so little! Should it not, then T 18 I 8 T(687)511
and receive their blessing there. So will it grow, and stretch T 18 I 10 T(687)511
awareness, ARE little and limited, so fragmented that they are meaningless T 18 J 3 T(690)514
keep the guilt in place, so that the world could RISE T 18 J 5 T(690)514
T 18 J 9. So should it be with the T 18 J 9 T(692)516
you, AND YOURS OF HIM, so FAR transcends ALL learning, that T 18 K 2 T(693)517
He HAS given it, and so He healed THROUGH YOU. It T 19 A 2 T(694)518
had driven you APART, and so you did not RECOGNIZE salvation T 19 B 11 T(697)521
little kingdoms barren and separate, so will faith help the Holy T 19 B 14 T(698)522
For faith brings peace, and so it calls on truth to T 19 B 14 T(698)522
IS guilty, and will forever so remain, unless a mind NOT T 19 C 1 T(699)523
a MISTAKE, ENTIRELY correctable, and so easily escaped from that its T 19 C 9 T(701)525
this attraction. Fear can become so acute that the sin is T 19 D 1 T(702)526
HAS THE POWER TO DO SO. Is it not EASIER to T 19 D 8 T(704)528
SOURCE has been removed, and so it can be cherished but T 19 D 11 T(705)529
be the cost you are so unwilling to pay? The little T 19 E 2 T(708)532
little wall will fall away so quietly, beneath the wings of T 19 E 5 T(709)533
love must look past fear, so must fear see love not T 19 F 1 T(711)535
symbol of your sin, and so I had to die INSTEAD T 19 F 9 T(714)538
ego, sin MEANS death, and so Atonement IS ACHIEVED THROUGH MURDER T 19 F 9 T(714)538
be satisfied and happy with so little, IS to hurt yourself T 19 F 10 T(714)538
other, you acknowledged this is so. This has NO cost. But T 19 G 5 T(715)539
for if YOU are guilty, so must I be. And if T 19 G 7 T(716)540
what I have NOT done. So will YOU learn the freedom T 19 G 9 T(717)541
freedom to each other, and so releasing me. I am within T 19 G 9 T(717)541
hold its extension back, and so would limit YOUR awareness of T 19 H 1 T(717)541
it. If peace is homeless, so are you. And so am T 19 H 1 T(717)541
homeless, so are you. And so am I. And He Who T 19 H 1 T(717)541
recognizes that this is not so, but as the enemy of T 19 H 8 T(720)544
and FINDING what it seeks. So does the ego FIND the T 19 H 10 T(720)544
it, and seek it out. So it is with death. Made T 19 I 1 T(721)545
egos mournful chorus, plodding so heavily AWAY from life, dragging T 19 I 2 T(721)545
As you look upon it, so will it seem to be T 19 J 5 T(723)547
fear of God be lifted, so you could look upon the T 19 K 4 T(727)551
to the love beneath, and so the fear is gone. And T 19 K 4 T(727)551
the fear is gone. And so it is with this. T 19 K 4 T(727)551
of seeming agony and death. So will we prepare TOGETHER the T 19 L 11 T(731)555
as you look on HIM, so will the gift ITSELF appear T 19 L 13 T(732)556
of guilt or of salvation, so will his OFFERING be seen T 19 L 13 T(732)556
his OFFERING be seen, and so RECEIVED. The crucified give pain T 19 L 13 T(732)556
watches over you in faith so gentle, yet so strong, that T 19 L 14 T(732)556
in faith so gentle, yet so strong, that it would lift T 19 L 14 T(732)556
nails, when his redemption is so near. But let the whiteness T 20 B 3 T(733) 557
by. For if you do, so will it be to you T 20 C 6 T(737)561
us, as is our home. So will we find what we T 20 C 9 T(738)562
a belief that what was so before has been made DIFFERENT T 20 D 1 T(740)564
or it to them. And so they saw that it was T 20 D 3 T(740)564
in its arrogance and yet so tiny and so meaningless it T 20 D 8 T(742)566
and yet so tiny and so meaningless it slips unnoticed through T 20 D 8 T(742)566
and exhausted, and with eyes so long cast down in darkness T 20 D 10 T(743)567
to take hold on life so long forgotten. Strengthen your hold T 20 D 10 T(743)567
Son holy, and kept him so. In your brother is the T 20 D 12 T(744)567
it the power to do so. For YOU give power as T 20 E 1 T(745)568
lies his OWN salvation. And so it is with YOURS. Salvation T 20 E 3 T(745)568
is to release him, and so to free himself. In the T 20 E 6 T(746)569
are in time, there is so much that must be done T 20 E 8 T(747)570
As THAT was given you, so will its fulfillment be. God T 20 E 9 T(747)570
lost, but never lost forever. So do the parts of God T 20 F 1 T(748)571
attempt to judge what lies so far BEYOND your judgment you T 20 F 3 T(748)571
is in him will shine so brightly in your grateful vision T 20 F 4 T(749)572
line. Why should it take so many holy instants to let T 20 F 5 T(749)572
smiling welcome, and in sincerity so simple and so obvious it T 20 G 2 T(751)574
in sincerity so simple and so obvious it cannot BE misunderstood T 20 G 2 T(751)574
place its idols in, and so establish them as temples to T 20 G 4 T(751)574
afraid of love. For nothing so severely threatens them as love T 20 G 7 T(752)575
the ILLUSION of reality. And so it SEEMED to have a T 20 G 8 T(753)576
malevolence of the unholy relationship, so seeming powerful and so bitterlyT 20 G 9 T(753)576
relationship, so seeming powerful and so bitterly misunderstood, and so investedT 20 G 9 T(753)576
and so bitterly misunderstood, and so invested in FALSE attraction, your T 20 G 9 T(753)576
as does His purpose. Being so simple and direct, this course T 20 H 1 T(755)578
to imagine one that asks so little, or could offer more T 20 H 1 T(755)578
reach, the means to do so MUST be possible as well T 20 H 3 T(755)578
effects of sin be lifted, so what was ALWAYS true is T 20 H 4 T(756)579
attained but in illusion. And so the illusion of a brother T 20 H 5 T(756)579
as WORTH the seeing, and so you will NOT see. T 20 H 8 T(757)580
As IT was given you, so will be its EFFECTS. T 20 I 2 T(758)581
condition. As a man thinketh, so does he perceive. Therefore, seek T 21 A 1 T(763)585
they THOUGHT were closed. And so it is with
T 21 B 1 T(763)585
for inference are wrong, and so you stumble and fall down T 21 B 1 T(764)586
they do NOT believe. And so they keep the world they T 21 B 4 T(764)586
little that they have. And so it is with all who T 21 B 4 T(765)587
world you learned is half so dear as this. Listen, and T 21 B 6 T(765)587
an ancient song you knew so long ago, and held more T 21 B 6 T(765)587
And, being true, it is so simple that it cannot fail T 21 C 1 T(767)589
goes with it. Never was so much given for so little T 21 C 4 T(768)590
was so much given for so little. In the holy instant T 21 C 4 T(768)590
to make God powerLESS. And so to take it from HIMSELF T 21 C 6 T(769)591
it wants, to make it so. There is no better demonstration T 21 C 9 T(770)592
have introduced, to MAKE it so. T 21 C 10 T 21 C 9 T(770)592
Cause he would deny. And so he seems to BE the T 21 C 10 T(770)592
in its ability to do so, you ARE denying your Creator T 21 C 11 T(770)592
DESIRES it. For nothing is so cherished and protected, as is T 21 D 2 T(772)594
is dear to you. And so the BODY has your faith T 21 D 7 T(774)596
those who value sin. And so is sacrifice INVARIABLY a means T 21 D 10 T(776)597
with night and day. And so they MUST be joined. Yet T 21 D 11 T(776)597
sin. And, in the darkness so it still is seen. Yet T 21 D 12 T(776)597
blind. This you believe, and so you do NOT look. Yet T 21 E 2 T(777)598
is NOT certain it is so. Beneath your fear to look T 21 E 2 T(777)598
Holy Spirits purpose, and so there MUST be something else T 21 E 4 T(778)599
rule has kept it out so long. Heaven has come because T 21 E 6 T(778)599
question not what MUST be so.

--- Manuscript
T 21 E 7 T(779)600
other. Nor COULD they do so. But minds cannot BE separate T 21 F 4 T(781)602
Yet if it MUST be so, it must exist. And, if T 21 F 7 T(781)602
if what MUST be is so. But it IS meaningful to T 21 F 8 T(782)603
are UNAWARE of what is so. For this MUST have an T 21 F 8 T(782)603
is yours to give. And so you WILL not give it T 21 G 1 T(784)605
allow it not to do so, you deny it to yourself T 21 G 1 T(784)605
must RECOGNIZE, if it be so. If you choose sin INSTEAD T 21 G 5 T(785)606
to UNDERSTAND that this is so. For reason, kind as is T 21 G 7 T(786)607
OTHER. For, had they done so, hatred would be impossible. The T 21 H 3 T(788)609
shift even as it attacks, so that it runs at once T 21 H 5 T(789)610
this enemy appear, who changes so, it is impossible even to T 21 H 5 T(789)610
Why is the final question so important? Reason will tell you T 21 H 10 T(792)613
to see the real world, so the desire becomes the ONLY T 21 H 11 T(792)613
be necessary they be ASKED so often, if they HAD? Until T 21 H 12 T(792)613
happiness. But he MAY do so, if he does not know T 21 H 12 T(792)613
he CAN be killed. And so he dies, BECAUSE of what T 21 I 1 T(793)614
like itself, and SEES it so. NOTHING has power to confound T 21 I 2 T(793)614
Take pity on yourselves, so long enslaved. Rejoice whom God T 22 A 1 T(795)- 616
be real, if sin were so. For an unholy relationship is T 22 A 2 T(795)- 616
and then move on. And so they wander through a world T 22 A 3 T(795)- 616
from home can a relationship so like to Heaven BE? Think T 22 A 4 T(796)- 617
removes ALL sense of differences, so that the sameness that lies T 22 A 5 T(796)- 617
T 22 B 8. So, in each holy relationship, is T 22 B 8 T(799)619
reborn. Yet a holy relationship, so recently reborn itself from an T 22 B 8 T(799)619
reborn into His ancient home, so seeming new and yet as T 22 B 9 T(799)619
time to what was ALWAYS so? Think what that instant brought T 22 B 11 T(799)619
or false. This MUST be so, if the idea is LIKE T 22 C 5 T(802)622
MADE believes it is not so. Now MUST you choose between T 22 C 6 T(802)622
if God would have it so. What God has given to T 22 C 11 T(804)624
behold it as solid granite, so thick it would be madness T 22 D 3 T(805)625
22 D 7. Nothing so blinding as perception of form T 22 D 7 T(806)626
MISTAKES have different forms, and so they CAN deceive. You CAN T 22 D 7 T(806)626
to PERPETUATE his sins. And so it MUST become impossible for T 22 D 9 T(807)627
3. This is not so. A choice made with the T 22 E 3 T(808)808a
22 E 5. And so you stand, here in this T 22 E 5 T(809)628
seems to rise between you. So shall you walk the world T 22 E 7 T(809)628
what they have received. And so they learn that it is T 22 E 8 T(810)629
Yet how can peace BE so fragmented? It is STILL whole T 22 F 2 T(811)630
NOT pass over lightly, and so easily that you MUST be T 22 F 6 T(812)631
body HAS no meaning. And so the mind is DEDICATED to T 22 G 2 T(813)632
illusions. This is a situation SO contradictory and SO impossible that T 22 G 2 T(813)632
a situation SO contradictory and SO impossible that anyone who chooses T 22 G 2 T(813)632
Yet even in this confusion, so profound it cannot BE described T 22 G 2 T(813)632
role of means and end so easily in what God loves T 22 G 3 T(813)632
a rock. While this remains, so will it seem to be T 22 G 11 T(817)636
IS IMPOSSIBLE. And this is so, BECAUSE the universe is one T 22 G 14 T(817)636
Only the DIFFERENT can attack. So you conclude, BECAUSE you can T 22 G 14 T(818)637
And, BECAUSE it joins you, so it makes you one with T 22 G 17 T(818)637
littleness of any kind. And so it is at variance with T 23 A 4 T(820)639
the way to his, and so is YOURS protected, and KEPT T 23 A 5 T(820)639
light of Heaven in it. So will you come to understand T 23 A 6 T(820)639
Both are NOT true. And so it matters not what form T 23 B 6 T(822)641
either goes, the other disappears. So is the memory of God T 23 B 12 T(824)643
world, the kind cannot survive. So they MUST take, or else T 23 C 10 T(828)647
How could it NOT be so? Chaos is lawlessness, and HAS T 23 C 16 T(830)649
hurt you, and will do so just as much as in T 23 D 1 T(833)652
and indistinguishable from one another. So WILL they be, to those T 23 E 2 T(835)654
not complete as yet. And so it cannot be extended to T 23 E 4 T(836)655
and a sense of love so deep and quiet that no T 23 E 8 T(837)656
than you MUST be attacked, so that your specialness can live T 24 B 5 T(840)659
purpose that you share. And so it is the only one T 24 B 7 T(840)659
of the Son of God, so like his Father that the T 24 C 6 T(843)662
make God and His Heaven so remote that they cannot be T 24 C 9 T(844)663
silent blessing, and in peace so real and so encompassing that T 24 C 9 T(844)663
in peace so real and so encompassing that NOTHING stands outside T 24 C 9 T(844)663
himself as lovely still. And so he calls it unforgivable, and T 24 D 1 T(847)666
instant that he gave it so. And thus HIS secret guilt T 24 D 1 T(847)666
YOUR enemy, not Gods. So does it seem to split T 24 D 2 T(847)666
is not YOU that is so vulnerable and open to attack T 24 D 3 T(847)666
IS. Nor is mind limited; so must it be that harmful T 24 E 3 T(850)669
God has given you instead. So are you bound with him T 24 E 6 T(851)670
ARE one with him. And so is specialness HIS enemy, and T 24 E 6 T(851)670
LACK faith that it is so. WISHING MAKES REAL, as surely T 24 F 1 T(852)671
you were not complete. And so He sought for your completion T 24 F 6 T(853)672
it in gentleness and blessing so complete, that not one trace T 24 G 1 T(855)674
the sign that this is so lies in your brother, offered T 24 G 1 T(855)674
purpose separate, because they were so made and so perceived. And T 24 H 8 T(862)681
they were so made and so perceived. And therefore do we T 24 H 8 T(862)681
Love and shared HIS Purpose, so does the body testify to T 24 H 11 T(863)682
will, AND WISHES IT WERE SO. And thus does his perception T 24 H 12 T(864)683
are He CANNOT be. And so they carry Him unknowingly, and T 25 A 2 T(864)683
the Mind is HIS. And so it MUST be yours. HIS T 25 B 1 T(865)684
purity, in love celestial and so complete It wishes ONLY that T 25 B 4 T(866)685
s purpose in your mind, so that the aim of specialness T 25 B 6 T(867)686
that it is one, AND SO EXPERIENCED. It is the Holy T 25 B 6 T(867)686
is apparent that a mind so split could NEVER be the T 25 B 7 T(867)686
ALL things within Itself. And so what IS within this mind T 25 B 7 T(867)686
to hold the picture up, so that it can be seen T 25 C 4 T(869)688
Father that He is. And so His joy is made complete T 25 C 9 T(871)690
sanity went there WITH him, so he could not be lost T 25 D 2 T(873)692
is ATTACKED by punishment, and so PRESERVED. But to forgive it T 25 D 9 T(875)694
they REJOICE that this is so, seeing their safety in this T 25 E 1 T(877)696
sin will bring you joy, so long will they be there T 25 E 2 T(877)696
a world that is not so, take rest and comfort in T 25 E 3 T(878)697
the rest YOU found extend, so that YOUR peace can never T 25 E 5 T(878)697
to attack is gone, and so there is no reason to T 25 F 1 T(880)699
Alone does NEITHER have it. So must it remain useless to T 25 F 4 T(881)700
to let YOURS be. And so you walk toward Heaven or T 25 F 5 T(881)700
And AS you see him, so do YOU define
T 25 F 5 T(881)700
And, as he loves them, so he looks upon HIMSELF with T 25 G 1 T(883)702
was given TO himself, and so they MUST be one. T 25 G 4 T(884)703
special part in time, for so he chose, and choosing it T 25 G 5 T(884)703
of sin is death. And so it IS. For sin is T 25 H 1 T(886)705
more carefully. It MUST be so that either God is mad T 25 H 3 T(886)705
the truth. If ONE belief so deeply valued here were true T 25 H 4 T(887)706
that you remember this, and so emerge from deepest mourning into T 25 H 11 T(889)708
you AGAINST your will. And so you would not learn it T 25 I 1 T(891)710
keep and NOT give up. So is the victim seen as T 25 I 4 T(892)711
in justice MUST entail. And so they fear the Holy Spirit T 25 I 6 T(892)711
T 25 I 7. So do they think the LOSS T 25 I 7 T(893)712
pays the cost of sin, so it BE paid, the Holy T 25 I 11 T(895)714
he will be that one, so justice may return to love T 25 I 11 T(895)714
but from a larger Self, so great and holy that He T 25 I 12 T(895)714
understanding will be YOURS. And so the Holy Spirits Special T 25 I 12 T(895)714
thinks HE is deprived. And so MUST he be envious, and T 25 I 13 T(896)715
be removed FOR you. And so they gather dust and grow T 25 J 8 T(899)718
entity is built a wall so seeming solid that it looks T 26 B 1 T(901)720
as he is in Heaven, so MUST he be eternally and T 26 B 6 T(903)722
forms, and it will do so while the problem lasts. It T 26 C 1 T(904)723
the situation is worked out so NO-ONE loses, is the problem T 26 C 2 T(904)723
yet you COULD not think so, if you saw them vanish T 26 C 3 T(904)723
IS suffering, but needlessly. And so He takes the thorns and T 26 C 3 T(905)724
unfair, and therefore is not so. T 26 C 4 T 26 C 3 T(905)724
Heaven was never lost, and so cannot be saved. Yet who T 26 D 5 T(908)727
in the recognition this is so, lies the ability to give T 26 D 6 T(908)727
the choice between two things so clearly UNalike. There IS no T 26 D 6 T(908)727
miracle could change his mind, so that he understands that love T 26 E 4 T(911)730
to YOU to be complete, so will you go with them T 26 E 5 T(911)730
NO effect upon eternity. And so is ALL time past, and T 26 F 3 T(912)731
Uncertainty was brought to Certainty so long ago that it is T 26 F 4 T(913)732
this world APPEAR to rise. So VERY long ago, for such T 26 F 5 T(913)732
of terror that has been so long ago corrected and undone T 26 F 8 T(914)740
was replaced by Love. And so you die each day to T 26 F 11 T(916)742
hurt you, and will do so. NOT because it has the T 26 G 1 T(917)743
for hell. If this were so, would Heaven be opposed by T 26 H 5 T(919)745
consider what the error IS, so it can be corrected, NOT T 26 H 11 T(921)747
to attack of any kind. So is attack DEPRIVED of its T 26 H 15 T(923)749
Father willed that it be so. And in your hand does T 26 H 15 T(923)749
Salvation IS immediate. Unless you so perceive it, you WILL be T 26 I 2 T(925)751
as if this is not so. Good in disasters form T 26 I 6 T(926)752
be DISGUISED as time, and so preserved BECAUSE its form is T 26 I 8 T(927)753
now you stand on ground so holy Heaven leans to join T 26 J 3 T(928)754
of what has been withheld so long. For They have come T 26 J 5 T(929)755
give LESS in gratitude for so much MORE?

T 26 J 6 T(929)755
limited can NOT be Heaven. So it MUST be hell. T 26 K 2 T(931)757
and attack are ONE mistake, so firmly joined that where one T 26 K 3 T(931)757
lighten up your way. And so you see YOURSELF deprived of T 26 K 6 T(932)758
who could live a life so soon cut short, and NOT T 27 B 6 T(936)762
that life be spent. And so take pleasure in the quickly T 27 B 6 T(936)762
still are there to see, so that the cause can NEVER T 27 B 7 T(937)763
it has given unto you. So does your healing show your T 27 C 5 T(939)765
he did NOT do. And so is HE convinced his innocence T 27 C 5 T(939)765
is on his hands, and so he stands condemned. But it T 27 C 6 T(939)765
ends. Correction, to a mind so split, MUST be a way T 27 C 11 T(941)767
both a DIFFERENT role. And so you CANNOT be perceived as T 27 C 11 T(941)767
and yours are One. And so your OWN identity is found T 27 C 12 T(941)767
which cannot BE shared, and so it CANNOT be the function T 27 C 15 T(942)768
above all, a living-death. And so he has NO meaning to T 27 D 2 T(944)770
half it cancelled out, and so they BOTH are gone. And T 27 D 2 T(944)770
undoing must be kind. And so the first replacement for your T 27 D 4 T(945)771
nothingness can not BE pictured, so there IS no symbol for T 27 D 5 T(945)771
you to occupy the space so lately left unoccupied and vacant T 27 D 6 T(945)771
He would merely BE, and so He merely IS.
T 27 D 7 T(946)772
the senses from WITHIN itself, so are the answers to the T 27 E 5 T(948)774
your wishes FROM the answer, so it can be GIVEN you T 27 E 6 T(948)774
is meaningful at all. And so, UNLESS the answer tells of T 27 E 6 T(948)774
die. Would not a world so bitterly bereft be looked on T 27 F 4 T(951)777
has a different NAME, and so it seems to answer to T 27 G 2 T(954)780
fear is witness unto death, so is the miracle the witness T 27 G 5 T(955)781
world WERE hurting you. And so it seems as if there T 27 H 3 T(957)783
T 27 H 9. So little is his worth that T 27 H 9 T(959)- 785
and made war upon himself. So fearful is the dream, so T 27 H 13 T(961)787
So fearful is the dream, so seeming real, he could not T 27 H 13 T(961)787
dreamer, but the DREAM. And so you wander idly in and T 27 I 3 T(962)788
yourself. The universe proclaims it so. But, to its witnesses, you T 27 I 12 T(965)791
NOT to hurt, if you so wish. T 28 A T 28 A 2 T(967)793
B 2. You are so long accustomed to believe that T 28 B 2 T(968)794
make use of it, and so it is a way to T 28 B 4 T(968)794
their cause is gone. And so you CANNOT understand what they T 28 B 5 T(969)795
happy consequences of a cause so ancient that it FAR exceeds T 28 B 6 T(969)795
No more have YOU. And so your innocence has NOT been T 28 B 8 T(970)796
would MAKE it cause. And so it never was. The separation T 28 C 8 T(974)- 800
as he hated HIS Creator, so the figures in the dream T 28 C 8 T(974)- 800
split off, and then REVERSED, so that effect becomes a cause T 28 C 9 T(974)- 800
NEED NOT BE FEARED. And so they are NOT sick. T 28 C 10 T(974)- 800
pain, as he in YOURS. So do you BOTH become illusions T 28 E 1 T(979)805
the dream he made. And so he CANNOT be a part T 28 F 2 T(982)808
It can NOT think, and so it cannot HAVE effects. T 28 F 4 T(983)809
wonder what it is. And so it has no NEED to T 28 G 1 T(985)811
taken out upon the body, so that IT will suffer pain T 28 G 5 T(986)812
and loves to hate, and so he thinks that love is T 29 A 2 T(990)816
if you would have it so. It WILL allow but limited T 29 B 3 T(991)817
know what loving means. And so you MUST misuse each circumstance T 29 B 3 T(991)817
Why does an EASY path, so clearly marked it is impossible T 29 C 1 T(993)819
accepted healings Cause, and so it MUST be you are T 29 C 2 T(993)819
has not been recognized. And so it seems to be a T 29 C 9 T(996)822
to understand this must be so. For who COULD give unless T 29 D 1 T(997)823
overlook your brothers dreams. So perfectly can you forgive him T 29 D 3 T(997)823
what REALLY fills the gap so long perceived as keeping you T 29 D 3 T(997)823
of Him in your creation, so the light in him is T 29 D 5 T(998)824
There is a resting place so still no sound except a T 29 F 1 T(1001)815
of Heaven is in you, so deep within that nothing in T 29 F 2 T(1001)815
gently in its soft embrace, so strong and quiet, tranquil in T 29 F 2 T(1001)815
hate. Why does it seem so hard to share this dream T 29 F 6 T(1002)816
glad indeed that this is so, and seek not the eternal T 29 F 7 T(1003)817
IN him, this cannot be so. And therefore, BY his coming T 29 H 2 T(1006)820
offer death. It is not so. Salvation seeks to prove there T 29 H 8 T(1008)822
for It HAS BEEN created, so It IS. An idol is T 29 I 5 T(1010)824
is a dream of judgment. So must he judge NOT, and T 29 J 2 T(1012)826
this the idol REPRESENTS, and so its worship IS the worship T 29 J 3 T(1012)826
the THOUGHTS are real. And so he makes of ANYTHING a T 29 J 5 T(1013)827
Forgiveness, once complete, brings timelessness so close the song of HeavenT 29 J 8 T(1014)828
pain of self-betrayal and uncertainty, so deep and bitter that the T 29 J 9 T(1014)828
T 29 J 10. So do your childish terrors melt T 29 J 10 T(1015)829
figures in the dream. And so they bring the dreamer full T 29 J 10 T(1015)829
thought to you as yet. So now we need to practice T 30 A 1 T(1016)830
to make them habits now, so you will have them ready T 30 A 1 T(1016)830
contradicts what you perceive, and so you feel attacked, AND THEREFORE T 30 B 2 T(1017) 831
4. If you are so unwilling to receive you cannot T 30 B 5 T(1018)832
than to continue with And so I HOPE I have been T 30 B 6 T(1018)832
you have decided is NOT so. Until this point is reached T 30 B 7 T(1018)832
question that makes sense, and so the ANSWER will make sense T 30 B 8 T(1019)833
And as you have received so MUST you give.
T 30 B 12 T(1020)834
done to him whom God so loves is done to God T 30 C 4 T(1022)836
is universal, being limitless. And so it has NO form, nor T 30 D 1 T(1023)837
the understanding of its purpose. So you see YOUR will within T 30 D 2 T(1023)837
had sinned could this be so. For sin is the IDEA T 30 D 3 T(1023)837
Which thought of you. And so there ARE no separate parts T 30 D 6 T(1025)839
unchangeable in an eternal sky. So high in Heaven is it T 30 D 8 T(1025)839
was. Surrounded by a stillness so complete no sound of battle T 30 D 9 T(1026)840
the truth behind them is so lovely and so still in T 30 E 1 T(1027)841
them is so lovely and so still in loving gentleness, were T 30 E 1 T(1027)841
he made for his enjoyment. So there still are rules which T 30 E 3 T(1027)841
Be glad indeed salvation asks so little, NOT so much. It T 30 E 8 T(1029)843
salvation asks so little, NOT so much. It asks for NOTHING T 30 E 8 T(1029)843
hope of happiness in him so sure and constant he can T 30 F 3 T(1030)844
is forgiveness, NOT idolatry. And so is Heavens Son prepared T 30 F 4 T(1031)845
that they have sinned. And so they do not MERIT the T 30 G 3 T(1033)847
you can NOT forgive. And so there cannot be appearances which T 30 G 7 T(1035)849
everywhere, unchanged by circumstance. And so you OFFER it to all T 30 H 4 T(1038)852
are. This is a state so seemingly unsafe that fear MUST T 30 H 7 T(1039)853
of symbols are we joined, so that they mean the same T 30 H 7 T(1039)853
any form BECAUSE IT CAN SO EASILY BE CHANGED. This demonstrates T 30 I 2 T(1040)854
wish that NO reality be so. But it IS an assertion T 30 I 3 T(1040)854
have taught yourselves have been so overlearned and fixed they rise T 31 A 3 T(1042)856
accomplishment of learning; an enormity so great the Holy Spirits T 31 A 4 T(1043)857
Is this a LITTLE Voice, so small and still It cannot T 31 A 6 T(1043)857
call was hidden in. And so you did not hear it T 31 A 8 T(1044)858
would not want to lose. So in their fusion there appears T 31 B 2 T(1046)860
he would go ahead? For so do you forget the journey T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
decide to walk WITH him, so neither leads nor follows. Thus T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
while you walk alone, and so you cannot SEE which way T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
which way you go. And so there IS confusion, and a T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
holds the light before you, so that every step is made T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
become a habit of response so typical of everything you do T 31 C 1 T(1050)864
all that causes change. And so the body, where no learning T 31 C 4 T(1051)865
and shelter innocence deserves. And so this face is often wet T 31 E 2 T(1055)869
the concept of the self so proudly wears can tolerate attack T 31 E 3 T(1055)869
terrible displacement, and a fear so devastating that the face which T 31 E 4 T(1056)870
your goodness, and attacks it so? Let us forget the concept T 31 E 9 T(1057)871
to throw you into panic. So He merely asks if just T 31 E 10 T(1058)872
chosen that you want it so. But choose the Spirit, and T 31 F 1 T(1061)875
Who could have trust where so much change is seen, for T 31 F 2 T(1061)875
passed that both may disappear, so that perception finds no hiding T 31 F 3 T(1061)875
forgiven it its trespasses. And so it looks on you with T 31 F 5 T(1062)876
Are YOU a body? So is all the world perceived T 31 F 6 T(1062)876
stain of sin upon you? So the world is seen as T 31 F 6 T(1062)876
see them as meaningless. And so they come in fearful form T 31 G 2 T(1063)877
him who walks with you, so that your fearful concept of T 31 G 5 T(1064)878
sight and warps your vision, so that you behold nothing with T 31 G 7 T(1065)879
to see it everywhere. And so they call it forth in T 31 G 11 T(1066)880
ideas and ancient concepts held so long and dear AGAINST the T 31 G 13 T(1067)881
to learn presented once again, so where you made a faulty T 31 G 2 T(1069)883
as God created you, and so is every living thing you T 31 G 6 T(1070)884
whose loveliness can yet be so intense and so inclusive it T 31 G 7 T(1070)884
yet be so intense and so inclusive it is but a T 31 G 7 T(1070)884
vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh T 31 G 7 T(1070)884
walk the world, and find so many chances to perceive another T 31 G 8 T(1071)885
but do Your holy Will, so will they choose. And I T 31 G 9 T(1071)885
mind to generalize the lessons, so that you will understand that W 1 IN1 3 W(1)
range outward. Turn your head so that you include whatever is W 2 L 1 W(4)
more than a minute or so. You are too inexperienced as W 4 L 4 W(7)
you think it is doing so. W 5 L 4 W 5 L 3 W(8)
more than a minute or so, and try to identify a W 5 L 4 W(9)
anger, fear, worry, depression, and so on) and the perceived source W 6 L 1 W(10)
preceded by a minute or so of mind-searching, as before, and W 6 L 2 W(10)
time idea is not really so strange as it may sound W 7 L 2 W(11)
your lips, having breakfast, and so on? Are not your aesthetic W 7 L 3 W(11)
for the usual minute or so, merely noting the thoughts you W 8 L 4 W(13)
about (name of emotion), and so on, concluding at the end W 8 L 4 W(14)
find it helpful to do so, you might imagine that you W 10 L 4 W(17)
more than a minute or so of mind-searching. It is not W 10 L 5 W(18)
anywhere. During the minute or so to be spent in using W 11 L 2 W(19)
yourself, being sure to do so without haste and with no W 11 L 2 W(19)
slowly. Try to pace yourself so that the slow shifting of W 12 L 2 W(20)
world, a crazy world, and so on, using whatever descriptive terms W 12 L 3 W(20)
more than a minute or so at most each time, are W 13 L 4 W(22)
did not create it, and so it is not real. Say W 14 L 4 W(24)
not create that war, and so it is not real. God W 14 L 4 W(24)
create that airplane crash, and so it is not real. God W 14 L 4 W(24)
create that disaster (specify), and so it is not real. God W 14 L 4 W(24)
with name of person) and so it is not real. W 14 L 4 W(24)
which is disturbing you), and so it is not real. W 14 L 7 W(25)
think you think them, and so you think you see them W 15 L 1 W(26)
things during the minute or so of practice that is recommended W 15 L 5 W(27)
not extend it by doing so. W 16 L 3 W 16 L 2 W(28)
mind for a minute or so, with eyes closed, and actively W 16 L 4 W(28)
think. If it were not so, perception would have no cause W 17 L 1 W(30)
less than the minute or so which is otherwise recommended. W 17 L 4 W(30)
my seeing. A minute or so or even less will be W 18 L 3 W(31)
3. The minute or so of mind-searching which todays W 19 L 3 W(32)
your mind as you do so, say: I am not alone W 19 L 3 W(32)
hour today, attempting to do so every half hour. Do not W 20 L 5 W(35)
if you forget to do so, but make a real effort W 20 L 5 W(35)
more obvious. This is not so. It is merely an example W 21 L 3 W(36)
can light your images, and so transform them that you will W 23 L 4 W(38)
identified and then let go, so that it can be replaced W 23 L 5 W(39)
will see that this is so. W 23 L 6 W 23 L 5 W(39)
step toward opening your mind so that learning can begin. W 24 L 2 W(40)
happen, and to happen, and so on. Try to cover as W 24 L 5 W(41)
resting on each subject you so select, say, for example: I W 25 L 6 W(43)
to you this is not so.

--- Manuscript
W 26 L 4 W(44)
you have a moment or so, repeat it to yourself slowly W 30 L 3 W(51)
to take a minute or so to sit quietly and repeat W 33 L 4 W(54)
followed by a minute or so of looking about you as W 37 L 4 W(60)
your outer world if you so desire; you may alternate between W 37 L 5 W(61)
his name as you do so. It is essential to use W 37 L 6 W(61)
all problems. It can do so in connection with yourself and W 38 L 2 W(62)
anyone. If you are holy, so is everything God created. You W 38 L 2 W(62)
fear, worry, attack, insecurity, and so on. Whatever form they take W 39 L 6 W(65)
unloving and therefore fearful. And so it is from them that W 39 L 6 W(65)
the idea should be stated so that its meaning remains that W 39 L 10 W(65)
an inevitable consequence of separation. So are anxiety, worry, a deep W 41 L 1 W(68)
then closed, then open, and so on than it is to W 42 L 6 W(71)
with God, perception will become so changed and purified that it W 43 L 1 W(72)
aside from the ego ever so little, you will have no W 44 L 6 W(76)
them the power to do so.

--- Manuscript
W 44 L 10 W(76)
are part of His Mind, so are your thoughts part of W 45 L 2 W(78)
your eyes as you do so. Spend a fairly short period W 45 L 6 W(79)
in mind as you do so. After you have added some W 45 L 6 W(79)
As you condemn only yourself, so do you forgive only yourself W 46 L 1 W(81)
your eyes as you do so, and spend a minute or W 46 L 3 W(81)
you take a minute or so whenever possible to close your W 48 L 2 W(85)
confidence, knowing that in doing so we are joining our will W 49 L 3 W(86)
s idea very frequently. Do so with your eyes open when W 49 L 5 W(87)
limit to where you are, so that your peace is everywhere W 50 R1 5 W(90)
anything. The reason this is so is that I see nothing W 51 L 1 W(92)
that it has no meaning, so that vision may take its W 51 L 1 W(92)
by being willing to do so. Is not this a better W 51 L 3 W(92)
make all things my enemies, so that my anger is justified W 51 L 5 W(93)
past away, realizing that in so doing I am giving up W 52 L 3 W(94)
They do not exist, and so they mean nothing. Yet my W 52 L 5 W(95)
this world is insane, and so is what it produces. Reality W 53 L 1 W(96)
my will that they do so. My will is His, and W 53 L 5 W(97)
arises from my thinking errors, so will the real world rise W 54 L 1 W(98)
of mind can change. And so I also know that the W 54 L 2 W(98)
the separation thoughts of others, so my real thoughts await the W 54 L 3 W(98)
be completely undone if I so choose? My chains are loosened W 57 L 1 W(104)
merely by desiring to do so. The prison door is open W 57 L 1 W(104)
As I recognize my holiness, so does the holiness of the W 58 L 2 W(106)
call upon this gift today, so that this day may help W 59 L 2 W(108)
must be replaced by forgiveness, so that thoughts of life may W 62 L 2 W(114)
is to arrange your day so that you have set apart W 65 L 4 W(119)
training which your mind needs so that the Holy Spirit can W 65 L 4 W(119)
to continue a minute or so longer, attempting to catch a W 65 L 6 W(120)
of what your function is. So does it do constant battle W 66 L 2 W(121)
possible, because your mind is so preoccupied with false self-images. FourW 67 L 5 W(125)
you believed all this were so? Perhaps you do not think W 68 L 4 W(126)
you succeed even by ever so little, there will never be W 68 L 4 W(126)
in turn as you do so: I would see you as W 68 L 6 W(127)
from anywhere except from you. So, too, does the source of W 70 L 1 W(131)
you to be healed, and so He has kept the Source W 70 L 3 W(131)
wants us to be healed. So do we. W 70 W 70 L 4 W(132)
idols there, when you could so easily walk on into the W 70 L 8 W(133)
here, it is perhaps not so apparent why holding grievances is W 72 L 3 W(137)
Son is only a body, so must He be as well W 72 L 4 W(137)
We have shouted our grievances so loudly that we have not W 72 L 10 W(139)
Then wait a minute or so in silence, preferably with your W 72 L 12 W(139)
world reflects your will, and so it must be in you W 73 L 4 W(141)
You know it is not so. You can not want this W 73 L 6 W(142)
your will in truth. And so salvation is your will as W 73 L 6 W(142)
do not want to do so. Salvation is for you. Above W 73 L 7 W(142)
quarter of an hour or so that today is a time W 75 L 8 W(147)
what you see will be so welcome that you will gladly W 75 L 8 W(147)
to understand that this is so, you must first realize salvation W 76 L 1 W(149)
to rejoicing that this is so. It is no longer a W 76 L 7 W(150)
that you accepted must be so. There is no room for W 77 L 6 W(153)
not look upon our grievances. So is the seeing of the W 78 L 3 W(154)
Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved. W 79 L 0 W(157)
They seem to be on so many levels, in such varying W 79 L 5 W(157)
answer by recognizing the problem, so that the problem and the W 79 L 8 W(158)
Let me recognize this problem so it can be solved. Then W 79 L 10 W(159)
to attack my Self today, so that I can remember who W 84 L 5 W(167)
not left its Source and so it cannot have left my W 85 L 5 W(168)
Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved. W 90 L 1 W(173)
answer together with the problem, so that they cannot be separated W 90 L 5 W(173)
a lack in all, and so it gives its light that W 92 L 5 W(178)
light and guide your seeing, so you do not dwell on W 92 L 8 W(179)
would be struck with horror so intense that you would rush W 93 L 1 W(180)
2. These are beliefs so firmly fixed that it is W 93 L 2 W(180)
not perceive that this is so. W 93 L 4 W 93 L 3 W(180)
in you because this is so.

--- Manuscript
W 93 L 9 W(181)
exercises. Try, however, to do so when you can. At least W 93 L 10 W(182)
at least a minute or so to closing your eyes and W 93 L 10 W(182)
to realize it must be so, only because you believe that W 95 L 1 W(185)
for the next week or so, to be willing to forgive W 95 L 9 W(186)
understand each time you do so, someone hears the voice of W 95 L 16 W(188)
in terms of a reward so great it has no measure W 98 L 5 W(195)
bright with faith and confidence so strong and steady they will W 98 L 8 W(195)
forget each time you do so, you have let your mind W 98 L 10 W(196)
s Son completes his Father, so your part in it completes W 100 L 1 W(200)
light that shines in Heaven, so your joy on earth calls W 100 L 3 W(200)
He wills for you. And so you do not recognize that W 100 L 4 W(200)
asks that you be happy, so the world can see how W 100 L 5 W(201)
your sins. This is not so. Yet you must think it W 101 L 1 W(203)
Yet you must think it so while you believe that sin W 101 L 1 W(203)
sin; it has no consequence. So should you start your practice W 101 L 7 W(204)
mind deny that this is so, believing there are gaps in W 103 L 1 W(207)
W 104 L 5. So do we clear the way W 104 L 5 W(209)
reverse your view of giving, so you can receive. For giving W 105 L 3 W(210)
a source of fear, and so you would avoid the only W 105 L 3 W(210)
Gods gift to you, so does the joy of your W 105 L 3 W(210)
come to you at last. So tell yourself Gods peace W 105 L 8 W(211)
a way to lose. And so the world becomes ready to W 106 L 8 W(214)
receiving it to give away, so you can teach the world W 106 L 10 W(214)
they have no life, and so they disappear to nothingness, returning W 107 L 1 W(216)
He is your Brother, and so like to you your Father W 107 L 8 W(217)
you and give you peace so deep and tranquil that you W 107 L 9 W(218)
of mind which has become so unified that darkness cannot be W 108 L 2 W(219)
because it can be tried so easily and seen as true W 108 L 6 W(220)
W 108 L 8. So we begin the practice periods W 108 L 8 W(220)
reality, nor changed the universe so that what God created was W 110 L 1 W(225)
least try to divide them so you undertake one in the W 110 R3 8 W(229)
these reviews with learning gains so great that we begin again W 110 R3 12 W(230)
nothing else brings joy. And so I choose To entertain no W 117 L 1 W(237)
abiding comfort, and a rest so perfect it can never be W 122 L 1 W(244)
and rests upon your eyelids so you see no dreams of W 122 L 2 W(244)
memory of all dead thoughts so that remembrance of your Father W 122 L 3 W(244)
today rejoice that this is so, for here we have an W 122 L 6 W(245)
sharing them with you. And so they grow in power and W 123 L 6 W(249)
ourselves at one with Him, so that the world may share W 124 L 7 W(251)
this meaningful because it is so alien to the thoughts to W 126 L 8 W(256)
limit placed upon Himself, and so are you unlimited as well W 127 L 4 W(258)
can have no enemy, and so they have no cause, no W 130 L 4 W(266)
give it power to do so. Otherwise, you still are free W 131 L 3 W(269)
it. Angels light the way, so that all darkness vanishes and W 131 L 13 W(271)
are standing in a light so bright and clear that you W 131 L 13 W(271)
are your wishes, acted out so you can look on them W 132 L 4 W(273)
by which you were created, so it is your thoughts which W 132 L 11 W(275)
mind in quietness be changed so that the world is freed W 132 L 15 W(276)
time, and not been brought so clearly to the place where W 133 L 4 W(277)
his sins if this were so? W 133 L 11 W 133 L 10 W(279)
133 L 11. And so we come to the criterion W 133 L 11 W(279)
is its honesty, which is so uncorrupted that it sees illusions W 134 L 8 W(282)
day, for there will be so many times when you forget W 134 L 18 W(284)
of time, corruptible and crumbling, so unsafe it must be guarded W 135 L 6 W(286)
until it recognizes this is so. But when it has accepted W 135 L 13 W(287)
must forget you made it, so it seems to be external W 136 L 4 W(291)
not separate from you, and so you must be separate from W 136 L 7 W(292)
your choice to die. And so the body is more powerful W 136 L 9 W(293)
And my mind Cannot attack. So I can not be sick W 136 L 19 W(295)
they look upon is false. So healing, never needed by the W 137 L 4 W(296)
place of what you made, so healing must replace the fantasies W 137 L 7 W(297)
for such a gift. And so we will begin the day W 137 L 14 W(299)
W 138 L 7. So we begin today considering the W 138 L 7 W(301)
mind with terror and anxiety so strong that it will not W 138 L 8 W(301)
is self-deception on a scale so vast its magnitude can hardly W 139 L 3 W(304)
in your own. It is so far beyond all doubt and W 139 L 7 W(305)
sickness takes another form, and so the patient now perceives himself W 140 L 1 W(307)
awakened from the dream, and so his mind remains exactly as W 140 L 2 W(307)
induce another form of sleep, so that the dreamer dreams another W 140 L 3 W(307)
from sleep to gentle waking, so that dreams are gone. And W 140 L 3 W(307)
applied to what is sick so that it can be cured W 140 L 7 W(308)
us as our own thoughts, so close it is impossible to W 140 L 8 W(308)
W 140 L 10. So do we lay aside our W 140 L 10 W(309)
soft protection, and with peace so deep that no illusion can W 140 L 12 W(309)
moon on it at night. So do we start each practice W 140 R4 4 W(311)
be shared with Him. And so each one will bring the W 140 R4 5 W(312)
messages of yours to Him. So will communion with the Lord W 140 R4 5 W(312)
Own completion joins with Him, so will He join with you W 140 R4 5 W(312)
Why would you trust them so implicitly? Why but because of W 151 L 2 W(316)
you believe that this is so with stubborn certainty. Yet underneath W 151 L 5 W(317)
because it rests on Certainty so great that doubt is meaningless W 151 L 8 W(317)
Who is One with Him. So will you see the holy W 151 L 13 W(318)
all your thoughts are purified. So are you taught to teach W 151 L 16 W(319)
Such is your Eastertide. And so you lay the gift of W 151 L 17 W(319)
no exceptions, for to do so is to contradict the truth W 152 L 3 W(321)
lies madness in a form so grim that hope of sanity W 153 L 4 W(324)
threat the world encourages is so much deeper and so far W 153 L 4 W(324)
is so much deeper and so far beyond the frenzy and W 153 L 4 W(324)
attacked because it recognizes strength so great attack is folly, or W 153 L 6 W(325)
take it from your hands, so will you recognize it as W 153 L 11 W(326)
W(327) So is the story ended. Let W 153 L 14 W(327)
ourselves, nor need we do so. These are but attempts to W 154 L 1 W(329)
His lasting union with itself. So is its Self the one W 154 L 4 W(329)
them by His authority. And so they gain by every message W 154 L 7 W(330)
messages you have received, and so you do not know that W 154 L 8 W(330)
have denied that it is so. And so they need a W 155 L 3 W(333)
that it is so. And so they need a Teacher Who W 155 L 3 W(333)
as truth goes before us so it goes before our brothers W 155 L 11 W(335)
surely from the basic thought so often mentioned in the text W 156 L 1 W(337)
cannot die, Whose Presence is so holy that the world is W 156 L 4 W(337)
For your experience today will so transform your mind that it W 157 L 5 W(340)
he be lost in sin so must you be; if you W 158 L 10 W(343)
is reflected in a way so accurate its image shares its W 158 L 11 W(343)
for it sees a world so like to Heaven that what W 159 L 3 W(344)
who comes from an idea so foreign to the truth he W 160 L 2 W(347)
would let himself be dispossessed so needlessly unless he thought there W 160 L 3 W(347)
am the stranger here. And so I leave my home to W 160 L 5 W(348)
a different point of view, so we can see a different W 161 L 3 W(350)
loveliness reflected in a form so holy and so beautiful that W 161 L 9 W(351)
a form so holy and so beautiful that you could scarce W 161 L 9 W(351)
familiar gestures which he makes so frequently. Then think of this W 161 L 11 W(352)
of him who uses them. So wholly is it changed that W 162 L 4 W(354)
whisper fearfully that it is so. W 163 L 6 W 163 L 5 W(357)
the death of God is so preposterous that even the insane W 163 L 7 W(357)
could triumph over His, and so Eternal Life gave way to W 163 L 7 W(357)
only time there is. And so today, this instant, now, we W 164 L 1 W(359)
practicing today will bring rewards so great and so completely different W 164 L 4 W(359)
bring rewards so great and so completely different from all things W 164 L 4 W(359)
promise fail? Can you withhold so little when His Hand holds W 164 L 9 W(361)
the Will of God, and so it is not real. Yet W 166 L 2 W(364)
homeless too; an outcast wandering so far from home, so long W 166 L 4 W(364)
wandering so far from home, so long away, he does not W 166 L 4 W(364)
him, and a treasure his so great that everything the world W 166 L 5 W(364)
not know about a plan so alien to His Will. There W 166 L 10 W(366)
merciful reply, It is not so. He points to all the W 166 L 11 W(366)
them. As they are made, so will their making be. As W 167 L 5 W(369)
be. As they were born, so will they then give birth W 167 L 5 W(369)
created perfect. As we were, so are we now and will W 167 L 12 W(370)
mirroring the Lord of Life so perfectly it fades into what W 167 L 12 W(370)
for grace presents a state so opposite to everything the world W 169 L 2 W(373)
in still another form, and so the fear of God returned W 170 L 11 W(379)
W 170 R5 3. So do we bring our practicing W 170 R5 3 W(381)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. This Self alone W 170 R5 4 W(381)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 170 W 170 R5 10 W(383)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 171 L 0 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 171 W 171 L 1 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. Lesson 172 W 171 L 2 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 172 L 0 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 172 W 172 L 1 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. Lesson 173 W 172 L 2 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 173 L 0 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 173 W 173 L 1 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. Lesson 174 W 173 L 2 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 174 L 0 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 174 W 174 L 1 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. Lesson 175 W 174 L 2 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 175 L 0 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 175 W 175 L 1 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I.

W 175 L 2 W(385)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 176 L 0 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 176 W 176 L 1 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. Lesson 177 W 176 L 2 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 177 L 0 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 177 W 177 L 1 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. Lesson 178 W 177 L 2 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 178 L 0 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 178 W 178 L 1 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. Lesson 179 W 178 L 2 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 179 L 0 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 179 W 179 L 1 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. Lesson 180 W 179 L 2 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 180 L 0 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I. W 180 W 180 L 1 W(386)
is but Love, and therefore so am I.

W 180 L 2 W(386)
itself. Your motivation will be so intensified that words become of W 180 IN2 4 W(387)
180 L 5. And so we start our journey beyond W 180 IN2 5 W(387)
you cannot accept its presence. So we now attempt to go W 180 IN2 5 W(387)
magnify and call our sins. So, for a little while, without W 181 L 6 W(389)
from somewhere all unknown. Nothing so definite that you could say W 183 L 1 W(394)
shelter are a memory now so distorted that you merely hold W 183 L 4 W(394)
He desires to go home so deeply, so unceasingly, His Voice W 183 L 5 W(395)
to go home so deeply, so unceasingly, His Voice cries unto W 183 L 5 W(395)
far from home. He is so little that He seems so W 183 L 6 W(395)
so little that He seems so easily shut out, His tiny W 183 L 6 W(395)
shut out, His tiny Voice so readily obscured, His calls for W 183 L 6 W(395)
will you hear His Voice. So poignantly He calls to you W 183 L 8 W(395)
to think that it is so accepts the signs and symbols W 184 L 6 W(399)
minds with one intent become so strong that what they will W 185 L 3 W(402)
the peace of God. And so do all who seem to W 185 L 10 W(404)
if He deems us worthy, so we are. It is but W 186 L 4 W(406)
be sure that it is so. The arrogant must cling to W 186 L 5 W(407)
186 L 8. And so we find our peace. We W 186 L 8 W(407)
which the world esteems are so uncertain that they change ten W 186 L 10 W(408)
And sacrifice is an idea so mad that sanity dismisses it W 187 L 7 W(411)
was never there? It can so easily be looked upon that W 188 L 2 W(413)
of God reveals. It is so different from the world you W 189 L 3 W(416)
189 L 9. And so today we do not choose W 189 L 9 W(418)
190 L 11. And so again we make the only W 190 L 11 W(421)
dreams, but of a kind so close to waking that the W 192 L 3 W(425)
to perceive that this is so. Without its kindly light we W 192 L 7 W(426)
our attack. Our understanding is so limited that what we think W 192 L 7 W(426)
he does not escape, and so he spends his time in W 192 L 8 W(426)
the prison-house of death. And so you owe him thanks instead W 192 L 9 W(427)
sure, because the lesson is so simple that it cannot be W 193 L 4 W(428)
hide forever from a truth so very obvious that it appears W 193 L 4 W(428)
way to look upon them so that they will disappear. Truth W 193 L 11 W(430)
the happenings the hour brought, so that the next one is W 193 L 12 W(430)
giant stride it is indeed! So great the distance is that W 194 L 1 W(432)
can one even die. And so each instant given unto God W 194 L 3 W(432)
are one to Him, and so they should be one to W 194 L 4 W(432)
progression still seems real. And so you are not asked to W 194 L 4 W(432)
see salvation in all things, so will the world perceive that W 194 L 6 W(433)
nothing but a black despair so bitter and relentless that there W 195 L 3 W(435)
see that it is there so that it would be possible W 196 L 6 W(439)
seems to grip your mind so wholly that escape appears quite W 196 L 10 W(440)
lest they be withdrawn. And so you think Gods gifts W 197 L 1 W(441)
the Son of Sinlessness Itself, so like to Him Whose Son W 197 L 12 W(445)
this vision of the Son, so brief that not an instant W 197 L 12 W(445)
a body. Be you free, so that the Holy Spirit can W 199 L 7 W(448)
glad and thankful it is so.

--- Manuscript
W 200 L 11 W(451)
be no exceptions made. And so we need to use them W 200 R6 2 W(452)
I am set free. And so I choose to learn His W 213 L 1 W(457)
and it will be accepted. So our times with Him will W 220 IN2 5 W(460)
is your will He do so. And you could have never W 220 IN2 6 W(460)
IN2 7. I am so close to you, we cannot W 220 IN2 7 W(460)
220 IN2 9. And so we start upon the final W 220 IN2 9 W(461)
protects projection, tightening its chains, so that distortions are more veiledW 220 W1 2 W(462)
My true identity is so secure, so lofty, sinless, glorious W 224 L 1 W(466)
true identity is so secure, so lofty, sinless, glorious and great W 224 L 1 W(466)
L 1. If I so choose, I can depart this W 226 L 1 W(468)
as I see it now, so will it still remain for W 226 L 1 W(468)
broken dreams, when Heaven can so easily be mine?
W 226 L 2 W(468)
227 L 2. And so today we find our glad W 227 L 2 W(469)
no more. Love has prevailed. So still it waited for my W 229 L 1 W(471)
me when it is forever so? W 230 L 2 W 230 L 1 W(472)
is a need of healing. So the Thought Which has the W 230 W2 2 W(473)
This is His day. And so it is a day of W 233 L 2 W(476)
elapsed between eternity and timelessness. So brief the interval there wasW 234 L 1 W(477)
in His mercy wills it so. W 235 L 2 W 235 L 1 W(478)
trust in me has been so great I must be worthy W 238 L 1 W(481)
238 L 2. And so again today we pause to W 238 L 2 W(481)
forgiven one another now, and so we come at last to W 241 L 2 W(485)
not understand the world. And so to try to lead my W 242 L 1 W(486)
242 L 2. And so we give today to You W 242 L 2 W(486)
I recognize that this is so. And so I am relieved W 243 L 1 W(487)
that this is so. And so I am relieved of judgment W 243 L 1 W(487)
245 L 2. And so we go in peace. To W 245 L 2 W(489)
well, and only that. And so I choose to love Your W 246 L 2 W(490)
W 247 L 2. So would I look on everyone W 247 L 2 W(491)
endless giving. It is now so like to Heaven, that it W 249 L 1 W(493)
Light which it reflects. And so the journey which the Son W 249 L 1 W(493)
and as I see him so I see myself. Today I W 250 L 2 W(494)
would bring with them. And so we do not choose to W 254 L 2 W(499)
255 L 2. And so, my Father, would I pass W 255 L 2 W(500)
256 L 2. And so, our Father, would we come W 256 L 2 W(501)
one with Gods. And so I can perceive creations W 265 L 1 W(511)
has been reached at last? So therefore let us seek to W 270 W6 5 W(517)
Your gifts to me. And so the peace You gave Your W 273 W6 2 W(520)
protects all things today, and so I leave all things to W 275 W6 2 W(522)
creation, to remember Him and so recall our Self. W W 276 W6 1 W(523)
Your Name is Love, and so is mine. Such is the W 282 L 2 W(530)
created part of us. And so we offer blessing to all W 283 L 2 W(531)
who bears Your Name, and so remember that It is my W 288 L 1 W(536)
except through eyes forgiveness blesses, so they see a world where W 290 W8 1 W(539)
Help us not interfere, and so delay the happy endings You W 292 L 2 W(541)
learn, and that alone. And so our learning goal becomes an W 296 L 2 W(545)
together, knows that it is so. W 299 L 2 W 299 L 1 W(548)
s vision finds a peace so deep and quiet, undisturbable and W 305 L 1 W(555)
which I see a world so like to Heaven that an W 306 L 1 W(556)
306 L 2. And so, our Father, we return to W 306 L 2 W(556)
and we cannot judge. And so we let Your Love decide W 311 L 2 W(562)
beholds all things as sinless, so that fear has gone, and W 313 L 1 W(564)
cast no shadows on it, so that fear has lost its W 314 L 1 W(565)
my brothers give is mine, so every gift I give belongs W 316 L 1 W(567)
limit on Your will. And so all power has been given W 320 L 2 W(571)
sacrifice remains forever inconceivable. And so I cannot sacrifice except inW 322 L 2 W(574)
W 324 L 2. So let us follow One Who W 324 L 2 W(576)
Will to have a Son so like his Cause that Cause W 326 L 1 W(578)
an Effect of God, and so I have the power to W 326 L 1 W(578)
as it is in Heaven, so on earth. Your plan I W 326 L 1 W(578)
change. As You are One, so am I one with You W 329 L 1 W(581)
Your Will that it be so. W 329 L 2 W 329 L 1 W(581)
for faith in it is so immense that crucifixion of the W 330 W12 4 W(583)
is my choice today. And so I go to find the W 334 L 1 W(587)
smile in love and tenderness so deep and dear and still W 341 L 1 W(595)
and Fatherhood complete; in sinlessness so perfect that the Lord of W 341 L 1 W(595)
me to be like You, so sacrifice becomes impossible for me W 343 L 1 W(597)
I, too, must give, and so all things are given unto W 343 L 1 W(597)
perception of all things. And so begins a day I share W 346 L 1 W(600)
the things of time, and so I will not look upon W 346 L 1 W(600)
claim Your gift today. And so I give all judgment to W 347 L 1 W(601)
W 349 L 1. So would I liberate all things W 349 L 1 W(603)
to meet them all. And so we trust in Him to W 349 L 2 W(603)
thus you joined with me, so what I am are you W 350 W14 2 W(605)
You speak for God, and so You speak for me, and W 358 L 1 W(613)
God. What You created sinless so abides forever and forever. Such W 359 L 1 W(614)
His own completion in reality. So let us not forget our W 360 FL 4 W(616)
nearer to your reach. And so we walk with Him from W 361 EP 5 W(620)
to teach is to learn, so that teacher and learner are M 1 A 1 M(1)
your demonstration others learn and so do you. The question is M 1 A 2 M(1)
to become perfect here, and so they teach perfection over and M 1 A 5 M(2)
of the course varies greatly. So do the particular teaching aids M 2 A 3 M(3)
is entirely apart from time. So is all reality, being of M 3 A 2 M(4)
goes backward to an instant so ancient that it is beyond M 3 A 4 M(5)
instant which he now relives. So has the teacher, too, made M 3 A 4 M(5)
teacher of God cannot learn, so there is no one whom M 4 A 1 M(6)
painful, but it usually is so experienced. It seems as if M 5 B 3 M(9)
the shift entirely internally. And so the plan will sometimes call M 5 B 3 M(9)
All that he really learned so far was that he did M 5 B 7 M(11)
difference. The idea of sacrifice, so central to his own thought M 5 B 7 M(11)
each step in this direction so heavily reinforced, it would be M 5 B 7 M(11)
Who is their Source. And so their will, which always was M 5 E 2 M(13)
understood at the time. Even so, the teacher of God is M 5 I 1 M(16)
while keeping others apart? If so, his advancement is limited and M 5 J 1 M(16)
the mind against Godís Teacher, so open-mindedness invites Him to come M 5 K 1 M(17)
Son of God as evil, so open-mindedness permits him to be M 5 K 1 M(17)
would send him to hell, so open-mindedness lets Christís image be M 5 K 1 M(17)
in newness and in joy so glorious they never could have M 5 K 2 M(17)
but sparkles now which seemed so dull and lifeless before. And M 5 K 2 M(17)
What God has given is so far

M 5 K 3 M(17)
of healing. And this is so for healing in all forms M 6 C 2 M(19)
patient decides that this is so, and he recovers. If he M 6 C 2 M(19)
in this brother who would so deceive himself as to believe M 6 D 3 M(21)
the minds of their brothers, so that illusions are not reinforced M 6 D 3 M(21)
is not brought to them. So are they dispelled, not by M 6 D 3 M(21)
to death? When this is so, a sudden healing may precipitate M 7 A 1 M(22)
and a sense of loss so deep that the patient may M 7 A 1 M(22)
the patient, and he must so regard himself. He has made M 8 A 1 M(23)
makes for giving truly, and so he has not received the M 8 A 1 M(23)
maximal, because the Holy Spirit so accepted it and so used M 8 A 2 M(23)
Spirit so accepted it and so used it. Now the teacher M 8 A 2 M(23)
one to stay with. And so the teacher of God can M 8 A 3 M(24)
the mind evaluates their messages, so only the mind is responsible M 9 A 3 M(26)
these categories. And having done so, it concludes that the categories M 9 A M(26)
them as real, and so they are real to him M 9 A 5 M(27)
illusions they will disappear. And so it is with healing. The M 9 A 5 M(27)
differences cannot exist within it, so too are illusions without distinctionsM 9 A 6 M(27)
no distortion in his perception, so that his judgment would be M 11 A 3 M(29)
you free of a burden so great that you could merely M 11 A 5 M(30)
about the world, and things so opposite that it is pointless M 12 A 2 M(31)
is wrong. It must be so. M 12 A 3 M 12 A 2 M(31)
it is welcomed without fear. So do Godís teachers need a M 13 A 3 M(32)
illusion that replaces the first, so both can finally disappear. The M 14 A 1 M(34)
he is asking for. And so he seeks it in a M 14 A 5 M(35)
sin and ending guilt forever. So ends the world that guilt M 15 A 1 M(37)
thinking of the world, but so does Heaven. M 15 M 15 A 3 M(38)
be you thankful it is so.

--- Manuscript
M 15 A 5 M(38)
with him will find him, so they can learn the lessons M 17 A 1 M(40)
How much time should be so spent? This must depend on M 17 A 3 M(41)
he awakes. If this is so, let him but remember that M 17 A 4 M(41)
possible, and let him do so. Duration is not the major M 17 A 4 M(41)
in dreams. It is not so. Your safety lies not there M 17 A 6 M(42)
this. How foolish to be so afraid of nothing! Nothing at M 17 A 6 M(42)
and knows it to be so. He has a Guide Who M 17 A 7 M(42)
the reason it can be so easily escaped. What has no M 17 A 9 M(43)
from all deception if he so decides. Perhaps he needs to M 17 A 10 M(43)
it that it can. And so it is their function to M 17 A 11 M(44)
teachers know that this is so, and have learned that everything M 17 A 11 M(44)
is withdrawn from them and so they go. And thus the M 17 A 11 M(44)
believed as fact is surely so. And herein lies the birthplace M 18 A 5 M(45)
give rise to guilt. And so they can be overlooked, and M 18 A 8 M(46)
give rise to anger? Hardly so. Remember then, teacher of God M 18 A 9 M(47)
truth of what they are, so they will gladly be returned M 19 A 2 M(47)
what the response should be. So is he healed, and in M 19 A 4 M(48)
him with a body. In so doing, he has refused to M 23 A 5 M(55)
did not create bodies, and so he is seeing in a M 23 A 5 M(55)
Son, created perfect and forever so.

--- Manuscript
M 23 A 7 M(55)
Indeed, he has already done so. Temptation may recur to others M 24 A 2 M(56)
God created him, and in so doing he has recognized all M 24 A 2 M(56)
is the Power of God. So has his name become the M 24 A 2 M(56)
for the Word of God, so close to What it stands M 24 A 4 M(56)
his eyes your loveliness is so complete and flawless that he M 24 A 5 M(57)
belief unless his Internal Teacher so advised. And this is most M 25 A 5 M(59)
would be impossible to do so. The limits the world places M 26 A 2 M(60)
helpful for them to do so. To those to whom such M 27 A 2 M(62)
on earth. But this is so rare that it cannot be M 27 A 3 M(62)
realistic goal. If it happens, so be it. If it does M 27 A 3 M(62)
If it does not happen, so be it as well. All M 27 A 3 M(62)
in bondage and still asleep, so that by their awakening can M 27 A 3 M(62)
be destroyed as certainly. And so do all things live because M 28 A 3 M(64)
is. As God created us so will we be forever and M 29 A 5 M(67)
time divides teacher and pupil, so that the difference is temporary M 30 A 1 M(68)
to assume it. To do so is His function. To refer M 30 A 2 M(68)
decisions about which you understand so little? Be glad you have M 30 A 2 M(68)
the illusion you have done so, making fear inevitable. To return M 30 A 3 M(68)
it is feasible to do so, and thank Him for His M 30 A 5 M(69)
the means to prove it so. Ask all things of His M 30 A 7 M(70)
and as he was created so he is. In confidence I M 30 A 7 M(70)
for you that this is so. M 30 A 8 M 30 A 7 M(70)
can be trained to do so increasingly. Yet the very fact U 2 A U(3)
that seem to make it so. U 3 A 3 U 3 A 2 U(4)
is their will to do so. This makes God appear to U 4 A 2 U(6)
4 A 3. And so they need an illusion of U 4 A 3 U(6)
it cannot be divided. And so the Unity that it reflects U 4 A 5 U(6)
become unwelcome. That must be so because the ego cannot be U 4 A 7 U(7)
are holy and perceive it so. And now the mind returns U 4 A 8 U(7)
more illusions of reality. And so they do. For everything they U 5 A 2 U(7)
than just a fragile veil, so easily dispelled that it can U 5 A 4 U(8)
his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ U 6 A 2 U(10)
no effects at all. And so they were but dreams. Arise U 6 A 4 U(10)
real indeed. Psychotherapy is necessary so that individuals can begin to P 1 A 1 P(1)
that enables him to do so. Sometimes he needs a more P 1 A 1 P(1)
the sane mind it is so clearly impossible, what they seek P 3 A 2 P(3)
attempt to formalize religion is so obviously an ego attempt to P 3 C 2 P(5)
the patient, and only rarely so to the therapist. The world P 3 C 3 P(6)
As true religion heals, so must true psychotherapy be religious P 3 C 7 P(7)
with someone else, and in so doing, lose all sense of P 3 C 8 P(7)
to see that this is so? And what is psychotherapy except P 3 C 9 P(7)
however, not be recognized. And so the little light that can P 3 D 1 P(8)
As all therapy is psychotherapy, so all illness is mental illness P 3 E 1 P(9)
of the world, and justly so. For not one of them P 3 E 4 P(9)
own minds, and having done so, seek for magic by which P 3 E 4 P(9)
hell. This is a mockery so alien to God that it P 3 E 8 P(11)
burden of guilt it carries so wearily, and healing is accomplished P 3 E 11 P(11)
the recognition that this is so. For when an unforgiveness is P 3 G 4 P(14)
Sickness takes many forms, and so does unforgiveness. The forms of P 3 G 5 P(15)
they are the same illusion. So closely is one translated into P 3 G 5 P(15)
that God created you, and so you will not know you P 3 H 9 P(18)
He declared it perfect, and so it was. And since His P 4 B 4 P(22)
not change and last forever, so it is now. Yet neither P 4 B 4 P(22)
for both of them, and so it is not the dream P 4 B 6 P(22)
he believes he has. And so there is a place for P 4 B 6 P(22)
have chosen that it be so. They take the place of P 4 B 7 P(23)
He cannot give it, and so he does not have it P 4 C 2 P(25)
salvation. They make demands, and so they cannot give. Patients can P 4 C 3 P(25)
and not of the world. So it is with Gods P 4 C 5 P(26)
the world it would be so. Yet not one worldly thought P 4 C 7 P(26)
is it possible to do so? Surely it is impractical to P 4 C 7 P(26)
gift of healing, if you so elect. The Holy Spirit never P 4 C 8 P(27)
be used for reparation, and so it must entail levels of S 1 C 3 S(6)
now of anything at all. So it extends, as it was S 1 C 8 S(7)
to help in prayer, and so reach up yourself. This step S 1 E 2 S(9)
What prayer can offer now so far exceeds all that you S 1 E 3 S(10)
Illusions and humility have goals so far apart they cannot coexist S 1 F 2 S(10)
a part of me. And so he is in truth. Now S 1 F 3 S(11)
prayer is always for yourself, so is forgiveness given you. It S 2 B 4 S(13)
Others will make mistakes and so will you, as long as S 2 B 6 S(13)
you. As He would give, so must you give as well S 2 B 8 S(14)
fits? Therefore we make distinctions, so that prayer can be released S 2 B 9 S(15)
the base of gracious lordliness so far from love that arrogance S 2 C 2 S(15)
seeming charity forgive to kill, so healing can be false as S 3 C 1 S(21)
can give way to fear, so sickness will be apt to S 3 C 2 S(21)
usefulness of body functioning. And so it is discarded as a S 3 C 2 S(21)
healing has restored their wholeness so they can forgive, and join S 3 E 1 S(25)
choose to be to him so are you to yourself, and S 3 E 5 S(26)
beset with fear, that ends so soon it might as well S 3 E 8 S(27)
S 3 E 10. So now return your holy S 3 E 10 S(27)
Yet its snares can be so easily escaped a little child G 1 A 3 G(1)
God unless you want it so. In peace I come, and G 1 A 8 G(3)
all, can have no substitute. So fear was made, and with G 3 A 1 G(6)
the veil be drawn away so that its lack of substance G 3 A 2 G(6)
to this. It is not so. For I am not a G 3 A 5 G(7)
faithful still, because He is so like His Father He remembers G 3 A 7 G(8)
creation is inseparable from Creator, so He understands that you are G 3 A 7 G(8)
a dream destroy a truth so holy and so pure that G 3 A 8 G(8)
a truth so holy and so pure that it encompasses all G 3 A 8 G(8)
Can you betray a love so perfect that its gifts become G 3 A 8 G(8)
that was an ancient dream so long ago no-one remembers now G 3 A 9 G(8)
gives His gifts to him, so is He grateful for the G 4 A 1 G(10)
Spirit sees in it, and so it is the only one G 4 A 7 G(11)
be secret to the world so full of sorrow and so G 5 A 1 G(13)
so full of sorrow and so racked with pain. You could G 5 A 1 G(13)
that we know. Remember love, so near you cannot fail to G 5 A 4 G(14)