its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating T 2 E 8 T(102)101
every Son of God who sleeps. In His sight, the Son T 11 G 5 T(470)- 297
must be, when in him sleeps your OWN salvation, with HIS T 26 J 1 T(928)754
but does NOT know he sleeps. He sees ILLUSIONS of himself T 28 C 6 T(973)- 799
make in reality? One either sleeps or wakens. There is nothing W 140 L 2 W(307)
his body healed, because he sleeps and wakens with the truth W 162 L 3 W(354)
The mind can think it sleeps, but that is all. It W 167 L 6 W(369)
make when it believes it sleeps. W 167 L 8 W 167 L 7 W(369)
he is not because he sleeps and sees in dreams an W 167 L 10 W(370)
Gods Son no longer sleeps. His waking eyes perceive the W 290 W8 4 W(539)
play when he becomes too sleepy to remember what he wants W 153 L 6 W(325)
Time is a trick; a sleight of hand, a vast illusion W 158 L 4 W(341)
B 8. My brothers slept during the so-called agony in T 6 B 8 T(274)C 101
to WERE violated while you slept. T 9 H 7 T 9 H 6 T(406)- 233
sight, for Christ has never slept. He is waiting to be T 11 G 6 T(470)- 297
AND HIS OWN. Although he slept, CHRISTs VISION DID NOT T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
teach him that he never slept.

--- Manuscript
T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
world you saw BEFORE you slept. Rather, it is a DISTORTION T 18 C 1 T(664)491
be blown away with a slight breeze. T 1 B T 1 B 22f T(7)-7-
Eternal Life needs only one slight correction to be entirely meaningful T 2 E 52 T(113)112
19. Bs original slight to Dora, because of his T 3 A 19 T(124)123
justifying it by a very slight misinterpretation of what I said T 3 A 24 T(125)124
not rid himself of a slight tendency in this direction. But T 3 C 38 T(143)142
with every seeming blow, each slight, or fancied judgment on itself T 24 B 9 T(841)660
his specialness from the least slight, the tiniest attack, the whispered T 24 H 1 T(860)679
become increasingly aware that a slight twinge of annoyance is nothing W 21 L 2 W(36)
little sigh of weariness, a slight discomfort or the merest frown W 167 L 2 W(368)
aroused. It may be merely slight irritation, perhaps too mild to M 18 A 4 M(45)
something happened to him, however slight it may have been, when P 4 B 3 P(21)
will respond fully to your slightest invitation:

T 5 I 20 T(269)C 96
never separates, nor gives the slightest witness unto anything the purposeT 25 B 3 T(866)685
An answer which demands the slightest loss to ANYONE has not T 25 J 3 T(897)716
desirable or not worth the slightest effort to obtain. Choosing is W 133 L 12 W(279)
and all events, without the slightest fading of the light it W 158 L 7 W(342)
but do not retain the slightest memory of Who your great M 18 A 6 M(46)
can compare even in the slightest with the glorious surprise of M 26 A 1 M(60)
and will use, given the slightest invitation. The unhealed healer may P 4 B 3 P(21)
Think like Him ever so slightly, and the little spark becomes T 10 C 6 T(426)253
they may be wrapped but slightly veils the heavy lump of T 29 E 3 T(999)813
idea. The form is only slightly different. This time, the idea W 10 L 2 W(17)
the sense that he walks slightly ahead of the patient, and P 3 D 1 P(8)
past, AND CHANGE IT. Imagined slights, remembered pain, past disappointments, perceivedT 16 H 1 T(626)- 453
(Tell B. that his slip about (rivet) should be noted T 1 B 30s T(20)20
1 B 30u. HIS slip (rivet) was an expression of T 1 B 30u T(21)21
am upset, but the spelling slip is reassuring. T 2 T 2 B 55 T(83) 83
actively to let your minds slip away. Your problem is not T 4 E 11 T(216)C 43
to let this crucial concept slip away. It is a real T 6 F 10 T(291)118
will the world of separation slip away, and full communication be T 14 B 5 T(541)- 368
little offerings you have given, slip into nothingness. T 15 T 15 D 9 T(572)399
open door through which you slip past centuries of effort, and T 18 H 9 T(684) 631c
learn how easily your fingers slip through its nothingness. It is T 22 E 9 T(810)629
long periods of time to slip by without remembering todays W 43 L 9 W(74)
passing thoughts without involvement, and slip quietly by them. W W 44 L 7 W(76)
5. Now try to slip past all concerns related to W 47 L 5 W(83)
God. Take time today to slip away from dreams and into W 109 L 5 W(223)
not to let your gifts slip by, and drift into forgetfulness W 122 L 14 W(246)
day, and through His aid slip effortlessly past it to the W 131 L 14 W(272)
would not let our happiness slip by because a senseless fragment W 153 L 8 W(325)
9. Let not today slip by without the gifts it W 164 L 9 W(360)
tiny, nameless things on earth slip into right perspective. Those who W 182 L 5 W(392)
s awakening, for fear must slip away under the gentle remedy W 340 W13 1 W(594)
and how easily does time slip by for the teacher of M 17 A 7 M(42)
but do not let it slip away at times and let G 1 A 5 G(2)
and do not let it slip away: What God has joined G 1 A 7 G(2)
For the real world has slipped quietly into Heaven, where everything T 11 G 9 T(471)- 298
whenever judgment enters, reality has slipped away. The out of mind T 12 G 4 T(506)333
you find the time merely slipping by with little or no W 44 L 4 W(75)
If you feel yourself slipping off into withdrawal, quickly repeat W 74 L 6 W(145)
rivet) should be noted. Some slips reach consciousness from the un-Christ-controlledT 1 B 30s T(20)20
B 30t. But others (slips) come from the superconscious, which T 1 B 30t T(21)21
at all like the several slips into impatience which I made T 6 B 15 T(276)C 103
is ALWAYS true. When grandeur slips away from you, YOU HAVE T 9 G 7 T(403)230
tiny and so meaningless it slips unnoticed through the universe of T 20 D 8 T(742)566
every hour of the day slips by, remembering our function with W 137 L 15 W(299)
Christs sight, it merely slips away to nothingness. There it W 310 W10 2 W(561)
true differences. The past just slips away, and in its place M 21 A 2 M(50)
child until it sighs and slips away to rest. G G 5 A 1 G(13)
CRUSADE to correct it. The slogan for this Crusade is Listen T 1 B 23h T(12)12
Now the way is easy, sloping gently toward the bridge where W 200 L 8 W(450)
given time to re-interpret each slow step, according to its liking T 17 F 5 T(647)474
chains and marching in the slow procession that honors their grim T 19 I 2 T(721)545
that it be lingering and slow,- T 27 H T 27 H 11 T(960)786
pace yourself so that the slow shifting of your glance from W 12 L 2 W(20)
period should begin with a slow repetition of the idea for W 25 L 6 W(43)
the practice period alternating between slow repetitions of the idea with W 42 L 6 W(71)
times with but a single, slow repeating of the thought with W 151 L 14 W(319)
Voice, is usually a fairly slow process, not because it is M 10 A 2 M(28)
teacher of God may be slow or rapid, depending on whether M 23 A 2 M(54)
defense of truth. We have slowly been shifting the emphasis from T 2 B 14 T(75)75
far that were written very slowly. When HS asked about this T 2 B 51 T(82) 82
and bring it near very slowly, so he can learn how T 4 G 23 T(229)C 56
to shift the goal more slowly. For the CONTRAST would be T 17 F 5 T(647)474
L 1. Now look slowly around you, and practice applying W 1 L 1 W(2)
the idea for today quite slowly to yourself. Then add: This W 10 L 4 W(17)
however, to repeat the idea slowly before applying it specifically, and W 10 L 5 W(18)
closed, and repeat the idea slowly to yourself. Then open your W 11 L 2 W(19)
repeat the idea once more, slowly to yourself. W 11 W 11 L 3 W(19)
around you, this time quite slowly. Try to pace yourself so W 12 L 2 W(20)
eyes and look about you slowly, saying: I am looking at W 13 L 4 W(22)
idea should be repeated quite slowly each time.

W 15 L 4 W(26)
Repeat todays idea slowly and positively at least twice W 20 L 5 W(35)
time. As your eyes move slowly from one object to another W 22 L 3 W(37)
about you, repeat the idea slowly to yourself, and then close W 23 L 6 W(39)
is for. Say this quite slowly, without shifting your eyes until W 25 L 6 W(43)
application should be made quite slowly and as thoughtfully as possible W 28 L 8 W(48)
least once an hour, looking slowly about you as you say W 29 L 6 W(50)
so, repeat it to yourself slowly, looking about you, and trying W 30 L 3 W(51)
that time, look about you slowly while repeating the idea two W 31 L 2 W(52)
consist of repeating the idea slowly, as you survey either your W 32 L 5 W(53)
repeating the idea for today slowly, as you watch them arise W 34 L 3 W(55)
and repeat todays idea slowly until something occurs to you W 35 L 8 W(58)
idea for today several times slowly. Then open your eyes and W 36 L 3 W(59)
your eyes and look quite slowly about you, applying the idea W 36 L 3 W(59)
of course, be made quite slowly, as effortlessly and unhurriedly as W 36 L 4 W(59)
W 39 L 8. Slowly, without conscious selection and without W 39 L 8 W(65)
todays idea to yourself slowly a few times. You may W 39 L 9 W(65)
repeat todays idea very slowly. Then make no effort to W 41 L 6 W(69)
idea often, repeating it very slowly, and preferably with eyes closed W 41 L 9 W(69)
repeating the idea for today slowly, with eyes open, looking about W 42 L 4 W(70)
repeat the idea again, quite slowly. After this, try to think W 42 L 4 W(70)
thought once more while looking slowly about; close your eyes, repeat W 42 L 5 W(71)
eyes open, and close them slowly, repeating the idea several times W 44 L 7 W(76)
eyes and repeat the idea slowly to yourself several times. It W 48 L 2 W(85)
repeat the idea for today slowly whenever you can, closing your W 49 L 5 W(87)
reviewing the thoughts and look slowly and unselectively about you, tellingW 64 L 9 W(118)
less, to repeat these words slowly, and think about them a W 66 L 12 W(123)
repeating these thoughts several times, slowly and with firm determination toW 74 L 3 W(144)
you wait, repeat several times slowly and in complete patience; The W 75 L 5 W(147)
minutes to reading them over slowly, several times if you wish W 80 R2 2 W(162)
eyes and tell yourself again, slowly and thoughtfully, attempting to allow W 95 L 12 W(187)
for it will kill, but slowly, taking everything away before it W 101 L 3 W(203)
9. Say each one slowly, and then pause a while W 108 L 9 W(220)
your eyes and say them slowly to yourself. There is no W 140 R4 6 W(312)
made us walk uncertainly and slowly on the road this course W 170 R5 1 W(381)
today; repeat Gods Name slowly again and still again. Become W 182 L 6 W(392)
given you. They should be slowly read and thought about a W 220 IN2 12 W(461)
he finds nothing was there. Slowly at first he lets himself M 5 G 1 M(14)
here again it rises up, slowly at first, and grows in S 1 F 1 S(10)