you might consider its truer side. The virtue lay in the T 1 B 37z T(34)34
means keep your perception right side up, (or valid), so you T 1 B 40q T(40)40
meaning of mercy. Its JUDGMENTAL side rises only because man is T 2 B 8 T(74)74
more precious than the OUTER side, even though both are resplendent T 2 B 62 T(85) 84
if the wrong (or attack) side is employed. This produces the T 3 A 8 T(121)120
to the door on the side which blocked its opening. Her T 3 A 20 T(124)123
true. To whatever extent you side with false perception in yourself T 3 D 5 T(145)144
not an image. If you SIDE WITH image-makers, you are merely T 3 G 32 T(168)167
you are totally unwilling to side with (identify with) anyones T 3 G 36 T(169)168
narrow range on the negative side, but are never purely joyous T 4 E 1 T(213)C 40
T 4 E 12. Side with me CONSISTENTLY against this T 4 E 12 T(216)C 43
means at its disposal to side with Heaven or earth, as T 5 G 1 T(254)C 81
separate, and your willingness to side with its separateness. This willingnessT 5 I 14 T(268)C 95
believe it, you will not side with it. And the ego T 6 E 4 T(285)C 112
based on separation. If you side with this alliance, you WILL T 6 E 5 T(285)C 112
of their perfection, and thus side with the belief that those T 6 E 11 T(287)C 114
perception and turning it right side up. This conflicts with the T 6 F 15 T(292)119
ensures ITS continuance, if you side WITH it, by guaranteeing that T 7 G 4 T(325)C 152
That is the negative side of the law as it T 7 H 2 T(330)C 157
To disbelieve is to side AGAINST, or to ATTACK. To T 8 K 10 T(384)211
believe is to accept, and SIDE WITH. To believe is not T 8 K 10 T(384)211
invulnerability with it. Do not side with sickness in the presence T 9 I 10 T(409)- 236
refuse to see it, and side WITH it. They BELIEVE that T 13 H 9 T(532)- 359
But for this, you cannot side AGAINST Him in what He T 15 D 6 T(571)- 398
power is forever on the side of His host, for it T 15 D 13 T(573)400
for your release. He must side with EVERY sign or token T 15 I 2 T(588)- 415
who stand on the other side and wait for you, will T 16 D 8 T(610)437
awaits you on the other side, WILL give you everything. T 16 E 2 T(611)438
in your creation. On this side of the bridge to timelessness T 16 E 13 T(615)442
God is on the other side AND NOTHING AT ALL IS T 16 F 16 T(621)448
WORLD YOU VALUE. On this side of the bridge, you see T 16 G 4 T(622)- 449
PERSPECTIVE of reality. On this side, everything you see is grossly T 16 G 6 T(623)- 450
home is on the other side, BEYOND the veil. It has T 20 C 7 T(737)561
than ANYTHING that stands this side of Heaven. The instant for T 21 D 9 T(775)596a
belief can fall to either side, but reason tells you that T 22 C 7 T(802)622
misery lies ONLY on one side, and joy upon the other T 22 C 7 T(802)622
to BE remembered when you side with peace.

T 23 B 12 T(824)643
know? Could they ACCEPT forgiveness side by side with the belief T 23 D 5 T(834)653
they ACCEPT forgiveness side by side with the belief that murder T 23 D 5 T(834)653
find it, walking by his side. T 25 F 5 T 25 F 4 T(881)700
LOST when judgment left its side, and is too weak to T 25 I 8 T(893)712
keep him safely by your side. BECAUSE he is your equal T 31 B 6 T(1048)862
alone, with no-one by your side? This is the road to T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
need of it. The other side he does not want to T 31 E 3 T(1055)869
include whatever is to either side. If possible, turn around and W 2 L 1 W(4)
different as different. On one side stand all illusions. All truth W 66 L 11 W(123)
a stand on but one side today. We side with the W 98 L 1 W(194)
but one side today. We side with the truth and let W 98 L 1 W(194)
his mind and at his side to lead him surely to W 125 L 2 W(253)
brings illusions to the other side?

--- Manuscript
W 197 L 8 W(444)
resurrected with him, by his side as he prepares with them M 29 A 6 M(67)
for an instant lie together, side by side, upon one altar U 5 A 6 U(8)
instant lie together, side by side, upon one altar. There at U 5 A 6 U(8)
the life. Refuse to be side-tracked into detours, illusions, and thoughtsW 80 R2 4 W(162)
this deception, as we have sided against it briefly already. Do T 4 E 12 T(216)C 43
for, but it SHOULD be sided WITH. Those who are AGAINST T 7 C 4 T(307)C 134
the part that is being sided AGAINST.

T 7 J 2 T(337)C 164
exceptionally clearly but on opposite sides. The sexual aspects were naturallyT 1 B 37y T(34)34
can listen fairly to both sides of ANY issue, he WILL T 7 C 4 T(307)C 134
The Holy Spirit ALWAYS sides with YOU and with your T 7 K 4 T(342)C 169
examine the evidence ON BOTH SIDES fairly, you will realize that T 10 A 1 T(419)- 246
another way. It takes no sides, and judges not the road T 28 G 2 T(985)811
be afraid, because you are siding with an alliance OF fear T 6 E 5 T(285)C 112
HOW they defend it, are siding with the one thing in T 7 C 4 T(307)C 134
God Himself SEEMS to be siding with it, to overcome His T 23 C 8 T(827)646
an instant in which to sigh and grieve and die in T 20 G 11 T(754)577
of freedom, for a little sigh of seeming sin, nor for T 23 A 4 T(820)639
more than just a tiny sigh before they disappear, to be T 26 C 6 T(906)725
is not there. A LITTLE sigh that speaks for Heaven as T 26 H 9 T(920)746
and pain, even a little sigh of weariness, a slight discomfort W 167 L 2 W(368)
with regret but with a sigh of gratitude. Now are you M 11 A 5 M(30)
seek to be content with sighing, and with reasoning, you do T 26 I 6 T(926)752
And laughter will REPLACE your sighs BECAUSE Gods Son remembered T 27 C 8 T(940)766
its purpose is. Perhaps it sighs a little when you throw W 136 L 12 W(293)
166 L 14. Your sighs will now betray the hopes W 166 L 14 W(367)
a tired child until it sighs and slips away to rest G 5 A 1 G(13)
CORRECTION: And dont lose sight of the emphasis on cooperation T 1 B 22k T(8)-8-
because it never leaves the sight of God. T 1 T 1 B 37f T(30)30
reliability because they have lost sight of the end and are T 1 B 37aa T(35)35
the holy. Do not lose sight of this. You were right T 1 B 40i T(39)39
weakening the investment in physical sight. The alternating investment in theT 2 B 69 T(87)86
eyes seek, dissolve in its sight. The spiritual eye, which looks T 2 B 70 T(87)86
away from belief in physical sight. The reason this entails fear T 2 C 19 T(94)93
believes in what his physical sight tells him, all his corrective T 2 C 20 T(95)94
but not necessarily in the sight of God. This basic distinction T 2 E 58 T(117)116
effort, but she keeps losing sight of the goal. T T 4 F 10 T(221)C 48
the dependent, and from the sight of a broken body. Your T 4 I 4 T(232)C 59
wrong voice, he has LOST SIGHT of his Soul. He CANNOT T 5 D 7 T(238)C 65
will find yourself or lose sight of yourself. Whenever two Sons T 8 D 5 T(352)C 179
imprison yourself, you are losing sight of your true identification with T 8 E 13 T(357)C 184
yours. Let us not lose sight of His direction through illusions T 8 E 22 T(359)C 186
body UNnaturally is to lose sight of the Holy Spirits T 8 G 8 T(365)C 192
the curriculum has been lost sight of. T 8 G T 8 G 9 T(365)C 192
sole aim is to lose sight of the functions of EVERYTHING T 8 H 6 T(371)C 198
for GETTING is to LOSE SIGHT OF VALUE, making it inevitable T 8 K 12 T(385) 212
of God, and thus lose sight of YOURSELF? Or would you T 9 I 10 T(409)- 236
your brothers, and thus lose sight of YOURS. And you are T 9 I 12 T(410)- 237
world will vanish from your sight. The end of the world T 10 H 5 T(444)- 271
that perception, you have lost sight of the real world. You T 10 H 10 T(446)- 273
the ONLY answer. Never lose sight of this, and never allow T 11 D 5 T(460)287
God who sleeps. In His sight, the Son of God is T 11 G 5 T(470)- 297
world will spring to your sight, for Christ has never slept T 11 G 6 T(470)- 297
for He has never lost sight of YOU. He looks quietly T 11 G 6 T(470)- 297
and he disappeared from your sight into his Father. HE did T 11 I 2 T(477)304
you is perfect in His sight, and encompasses ALL of it T 11 I 7 T(479)306
Guilt hides Christ from your sight, for it is the denial T 11 J 6 T(481)308
not HIDE suffering from His sight, but bring it gladly TO T 12 C 8 T(490)317
HOLY, is excluded from your sight. The Holy Spirit teaches that T 12 D 7 T(494)321
as DESTRUCTION, you will lose sight of the present, and hold T 12 D 10 T(495)322
Christ is not in your sight, for you look upon yourself T 12 E 6 T(497)- 324
WILL NO LONGER SEE, for sight of IT depends upon DENYING T 12 E 9 T(498)- 325
can rise to meet your sight, for ALL reality leaves no T 12 F 1 T(500)327
conceals their reality from your sight. T 12 F 3 T 12 F 2 T(500)327
and where there is no sight of what you were, you T 12 F 7 T(502)329
see MUST BE DENIED, for sight of it is costing you T 12 G 1 T(505)332
on what you cherish. The sight of one is possible because T 12 G 1 T(505)332
of mind is out of sight, because what is denied is T 12 G 4 T(506)333
and journey lightly, for His sight is ever on the journey T 12 G 12 T(508)- 335
by bringing healed and healing sight into the darkness, and ENABLING T 13 B 3 T(511)338
gather them into His quiet sight that makes them one. T 13 B 3 T(511)338
and push it from your sight. There is NO compromise that T 13 H 3 T(530)- 357
and keep it from his sight. BRING INNOCENCE TO LIGHT, in T 14 B 5 T(541)- 368
hidden himself from his own sight. We are all joined in T 14 B 5 T(541)- 368
source of interference from His sight, for He will NOT attack T 14 C 8 T(546)- 373
this fact is lost from sight, for each, in a SEPARATE T 14 D 5 T(548)- 375
your perfection ever in His sight, He gives the gift of T 14 G 15 T(562)- 389
withdraw from God. And your sight grows weak and dim and T 15 I 13 T(592)- 419
to protect itself FROM your sight. Each form will be recognized T 15 J 8 T(596)- 423
mind, and do not lose sight of it, however tempted you T 16 A 4 T(602)429
IT UNDERGROUND, and out of sight. It is essential to bring T 16 E 1 T(611)438
essential to bring it INTO sight, and to make NO attempt T 16 E 1 T(611)438
is so diminished in YOUR sight, that you will see no T 16 G 5 T(623)- 450
part of the happiness this sight will bring you. FOR YOU T 17 C 1 T(632)- 459
will rise to bless your sight, as you look upon the T 17 C 6 T(633)- 460
THE EGO holy in your sight, and teach you what you T 17 D 2 T(635)- 462
unwilling ever to lose the sight of it again. And you T 17 D 9 T(637)- 464
instant, and thus you lose sight of it. The experience of T 17 F 12 T(649)476
turning til they disappear from sight, far, far OUTSIDE you. And T 18 B 5 T(661)488
all who come within your sight. Through it, the blessing that T 18 C 9 T(666)493
and ANYWHERE; a sound, a sight, a thought, a memory, even T 18 G 14 T(680)507
faded at times from your sight, but it has not yet T 18 H 2 T(682)631a
it, but YOU have lost sight of Heaven. Let the Holy T 18 J 2 T(689)513
s eyes, but in the sight of Him Who
T 19 B 11 T(697)521
error INTERFERES with its calm sight, which brings the miracle of T 19 B 13 T(698)522
Heavens blessing on your sight. T 19 D 12 T 19 D 11 T(705)529
will disappear before your holy sight. For you who were sightless T 19 D 13 T(705)529
will be transformed before your sight, cleansed of all guilt, and T 19 F 7 T(712)536
asked for AND RECEIVED another sight. Those who accept the Holy T 20 C 5 T(736)560
the body to communicate. The sight that SEES the body, has T 20 F 5 T(749)572
Vision adapts to wish, for sight is ALWAYS secondary to desire T 20 H 5 T(756)579
to reality. Your holy brother, sight of whom is YOUR release T 20 H 8 T(757)580
For this is not YOUR sight, and brings with it the T 20 I 6 T(759)582
laws beloved of Him Whose sight it IS. Everything looked upon T 20 I 6 T(759)582
by His calm and certain sight. The end, for everything HE T 20 I 6 T(759)582
outside, must thus reflect the sight you saw WITHIN. Or better T 20 I 10 T(761)583
know well. Here is the sight of him who knows his T 21 B 7 T(766)588
21 C. The Responsibility for Sight (N not present in Notes T 21 C 0 T(767)589
MUST be there, plainly in sight, and wholly INDEPENDENT of inference T 21 C 8 T(769)591
the innocence which makes the sight of it as beautiful as T 21 D 9 T(775)596a
it great power in your sight. Except you do not realize T 21 D 10 T(775)596a
they MUST be joined. Yet sight of one is but the T 21 D 11 T(776)597
the other has disappeared from sight. Nor is it possible that T 21 D 11 T(776)597
is revealed in BOTH your sight. What it would keep apart T 21 E 7 T(779)600
to sameness. And here is sight of differences transformed to VISION T 22 A 4 T(796)- 617
messages? Surely not you, whose sight is wholly INDEPENDENT of the T 22 B 2 T(797)617a
to be yourself, BECAME your sight. Yet it MUST be the T 22 B 3 T(797)617a
as NOT YOU, explains its sight TO you. T 22 T 22 B 3 T(797)617a
love, and ALWAYS leads to sight of differences, and LOSS of T 22 B 5 T(798)618
22 B 6. YOUR sight was GIVEN you, along with T 22 B 6 T(798)618
he IS. And what YOUR sight will show you, you will T 22 B 6 T(798)618
could it be a fearful sight or sound that drew them T 22 B 10 T(799)619
is not the bodys sight, it MUST be understood. FOR T 22 D 1 T(805)625
6. Yet how can sight which stops at nothingness, as T 22 D 6 T(806)626
as perception of form. For sight of form MEANS understanding HAS T 22 D 7 T(806)626
vision of his holiness, the sight of which would show you T 22 D 8 T(807)627
will rejoice. How beautiful the sight you saw beyond the veil T 22 E 6 T(809)628
FOR you. For, in his sight, your loveliness is HIS salvation T 22 E 7 T(809)628
of suffering could BLOCK your sight, preventing you from seeing PAST T 22 G 7 T(815)634
let time intrude upon your sight of him. Leave him not T 23 A 5 T(820)639
is here transformed before your sight into the GIVER of your T 23 B 4 T(822)641
this begins, there IS no sight of help that can succeed T 23 C 8 T(827)646
keep it hidden from your sight. T 23 C 10 T 23 C 9 T(828)647
become impossible that YOU lose sight of it? It CAN be T 23 D 4 T(834)653
clear and NEVER out of sight, if YOU defend it not T 23 D 4 T(834)653
for and keeping clear in sight all lacks it can perceive T 24 C 1 T(842)661
of peace at last in sight. T 24 C 12 T 24 C 11 T(845)664
it veils but looks on sight of death. Not one believer T 24 C 12 T(845)664
be reached save through the sight of all your misery, and T 24 C 14 T(846)665
it seek for but the sight of death? Where does it T 24 F 4 T(853)672
24 F 8. The sight of Christ is all there T 24 F 8 T(854)673
for everywhere, and find no sight nor place nor time where T 24 G 6 T(856)675
682 its sight. Its course is sure, when T 24 H 10 T(863)682
but justifies forgiveness and the sight of perfect sinlessness. Nothing arisesT 25 D 5 T(874)693
HAS BEEN corrected by His sight. And thus IT MUST HAVE T 25 D 9 T(875)694
offer you the gift of sight God gave to him for T 25 F 5 T(881)700
sin. The kindness of his sight rests on himself with all T 25 G 1 T(883)702
grace of God upon his sight. T 25 G 2 T 25 G 1 T(883)702
gift of light that makes sight possible. Will you behold your T 25 G 3 T(883)702
is equally insane within the sight of love, whose gentle eyes T 25 H 7 T(888)707
saner world to meet the sight of everyone who chose insanity T 25 H 9 T(888)707
in the Holy Spirits sight. Their Father gave the SAME T 25 I 13 T(896)715
25 J 4. The sight of innocence makes punishment impossible T 25 J 4 T(898)717
as knowledge is reflected in sight the Holy Spirit gives. NO-ONE T 25 J 5 T(898)717
be a sacrifice indeed. And sight of bodies becomes the sign T 26 B 2 T(901)720
recede before his song and sight of him REPLACE the body T 26 B 3 T(902)721A
allot yourself. You CAN lose sight of oneness, but can NOT T 26 B 4 T(902)721A
the Holy Spirits gentle sight. For all of them ARE T 26 C 6 T(906)725
them ARE little in His sight and worth no more than T 26 C 6 T(906)725
scars are healed within His sight. An ancient miracle has come T 26 J 7 T(930)756
HAS BEEN established in your sight AND his. And laughter will T 27 C 8 T(940)766
YOUR eyes, and give them sight to see beyond ALL suffering T 27 F 5 T(951)777
to you who brought the sight to THEM, by which THEY T 27 F 6 T(951)777
guilt is fading from your sight, although your eyes are closed T 27 H 14 T(961)787
view to hold responsible for sight a thing that cannot see T 28 G 2 T(985)811
changeless in him in your sight of him. There is no T 30 I 6 T(1041)855
blindfold can indeed obscure your sight, but cannot make the way T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
also shows some glimmering of sight into perceptions law that T 31 E 11 T(1058)872
eyes, and bless your holy sight, that you may see the T 31 F 1 T(1061)875
And constancy arises in the sight of those whose eyes salvation T 31 F 2 T(1061)875
see arose to meet your sight. For if you did, it T 31 F 3 T(1061)875
world is harmless in your sight. Do YOU forgive? Then is T 31 F 5 T(1062)876
ONE brother dawn upon your sight as wholly worthy of forgiveness T 31 G 2 T(1063)877
grows decreasingly persistent in your sight, and will at length be T 31 G 3 T(1063)877
reached the world beyond the sight your eyes alone can offer T 31 G 4 T(1064)878
given you. And in His sight there IS another world. You T 31 G 4 T(1064)878
and hides it from your sight. All things you see are T 31 G 7 T(1065)879
a barrier which dims your sight and warps your vision, so T 31 G 7 T(1065)879
you is for release; the sight, the vision and the inner T 31 G 7 T(1065)879
for nothing stands BETWEEN his sight and what he looks upon T 31 G 8 T(1065)879
veil is lifted from his sight. T 31 G 9 T 31 G 8 T(1065)879
bound to separation from the sight of him who holds the T 31 G 9 T(1065)879
and disappears before His holy sight. The saviors of the world T 31 G 4 T(1069)883
lawns of Heaven to our sight, to lift us high above T 31 G 8 T(1071)885
second with the restoration of sight. It is recommended that each W 1 IN1 3 W(1)
lies beyond, and shadows make sight difficult. The bad ones are W 4 L 2 W(6)
bad ones are blocks to sight, and make seeing impossible. You W 4 L 2 W(6)
planned. We have not lost sight of the crucial importance of W 20 L 1 W(34)
within the range of your sight. W 30 L 4 W 30 L 3 W(51)
because you are holy, your sight must be holy as well W 36 L 1 W(59)
Mind would be sinful. Your sight is related to His holiness W 36 L 1 W(59)
idea should not be lost sight of. You might say, for W 46 L 6 W(82)
me will dawn on their sight as well as mine. W 54 L 3 W(98)
past remain to darken our sight and hide the world forgiveness W 75 L 2 W(146)
to be seen at last. Sight is given us, now that W 75 L 4 W(146)
to give the gift of sight to the forgiving. Believe He W 75 L 6 W(147)
of forgiveness to heal your sight completely. Be confident that on W 75 L 8 W(147)
of your vision, and the sight of the real world which W 75 L 9 W(148)
you see by not allowing sight to stop before it sees W 78 L 2 W(154)
grievance is a block to sight, and as it lifts, you W 78 L 3 W(154)
No dark grievances obscure the sight of him. You have allowed W 78 L 8 W(155)
and perfectly unambiguous before my sight. My acceptance does not depend W 81 L 5 W(164)
this as a block to sight. The light of the world W 85 L 3 W(168)
in vain to share its sight, and none who enters its W 92 L 7 W(178)
in which the gift of sight is given you. Leave, then W 92 L 9 W(179)
we are being introduced to sight, and led away from darkness W 92 L 10 W(179)
every living thing; offers His sight to everyone who asks; replaces W 97 L 5 W(192)
will not let ourselves lose sight of them between the times W 104 L 5 W(209)
for you to comprehend, a sight too holy for the body W 124 L 11 W(252)
your value greater in your sight limit you further, hide your W 128 L 3 W(261)
your eyes and cursed your sight, and what you will behold W 130 L 11 W(268)
Creator will spring to our sight and leap into our hands W 154 L 13 W(332)
remains, you may perhaps lose sight of your Companion, and mistake W 156 L 7 W(338)
in anyone, and in His sight the sinless are as one W 159 L 4 W(344)
to accept the gift of sight by which his Self is W 160 L 10 W(349)
beyond the body, for its sight presents the symbol of love W 161 L 6 W(351)
are like him in the sight which sees him thus. W 161 L 9 W(351)
now conceals from you the sight of one who can forgive W 161 L 11 W(352)
s vision has restored your sight by salvaging your mind. W 162 L 4 W(354)
forever there; not in our sight but in the eyes of W 164 L 1 W(359)
fades easily away before His sight. Its sounds grow dim. A W 164 L 2 W(359)
as He gives you His sight and hears for you, and W 164 L 3 W(359)
We stand forgiven in the sight of Christ, with all the W 164 L 7 W(360)
your ecstatic vision? For this sight proves that you have exchanged W 165 L 5 W(363)
death is answered, and the sight that looked upon it now W 166 L 11 W(366)
you will not transcend their sight and see the sinlessness that W 181 L 2 W(388)
narrowed focus will restrict our sight and turn our eyes upon W 181 L 6 W(389)
journey has an end in sight at last. Be still a W 183 L 12 W(396)
we use to unify our sight. W 184 L 14 W 184 L 13 W(401)
see beyond them. Now our sight is blessed with blessings we W 184 L 14 W(401)
And to ensure this holy sight is ours, we offer it W 187 L 11 W(412)
vision starts. There is no sight, be it of dreams or W 188 L 2 W(413)
to give the gift of sight to you. Exclude the outer W 188 L 6 W(414)
be kept hidden from your sight. This light is a reflection W 189 L 1 W(416)
us perfect as Itself, Its sight which is the gift Its W 189 L 6 W(417)
as yourself. There is no sight that fails to witness this W 191 L 2 W(422)
vision and the gift of sight no sacrifice was asked, and W 192 L 6 W(426)
Who can correct his erring sight, and give him vision that W 193 L 2 W(428)
Heaven, with the goal in sight and obstacles behind. Your foot W 194 L 1 W(432)
instant stands between this single sight and timelessness itself, you see W 197 L 12 W(445)
between this vision and our sight. And we are glad that W 197 L 13 W(446)
240 W3 4. As sight was made to lead away W 240 W3 4 W(484)
Let me accept what His sight shows me as the simple W 247 L 1 W(491)
Saviors and my Counselors in sight; the Bearers of Your holy W 266 L 1 W(512)
Him, and given us the sight to look on them? W 266 L 2 W(512)
2. Let not our sight be blasphemous today, nor let W 514 L 2 W(514)
1970 Lesson 269. My sight goes forth to look upon W 269 L 0 W(515)
ask Your blessing on my sight today. It is the means W 269 L 1 W(515)
L 2. Today our sight is blessed indeed. We share W 269 L 2 W(515)
s eyes behold into the sight of a forgiven world. How W 270 L 1 W(516)
I perceive in it than sight can give. The world forgiven W 270 L 1 W(516)
eyes today. And through His sight we offer healing to the W 270 L 2 W(516)
s creation. In Christs sight, the world and Gods W 271 W6 1 W(518)
all perception disappears. His kindly sight redeems the world from death W 271 W6 1 W(518)
real world must escape my sight. For I am really looking W 289 L 1 W(537)
s own correction for the sight I made is frightening and W 290 L 1 W(538)
looks through me today. His sight shows me all things forgiven W 291 L 1 W(540)
Your holy world escape my sight today. Nor let my ears W 293 L 2 W(542)
that intruded on my holy sight forgiveness takes away. And I W 298 L 1 W(547)
world awaits us, as our sight is finally restored and we W 302 L 1 W(552)
not my world obscure the sight of Christ. W 304 L 0 W(554)
I can obscure my holy sight, if I intrude my world W 304 L 1 W(554)
mind. And with this holy sight, perception gives a silent blessing W 310 W10 1 W(561)
a function in Christs sight, it merely slips away to W 310 W10 2 W(561)
come to greet the holy sight of anyone who takes the W 312 L 1 W(563)
a world forgiven. In His sight are all its sins forgiven W 313 L 1 W(564)
behold each other in the sight of Christ. How beautiful we W 313 L 2 W(564)
Perception stands corrected in His sight, and what was meant to W 340 W13 3 W(594)
for two people to lose sight of separate interests, if only M 4 A 2 M(6)
obscuring its identity and losing sight of what it really is M 14 A 2 M(34)
forgiven, overlooked completely in His sight and in Gods Word M 19 A 2 M(47)
their hearts, and His holy sight not far behind.
M 26 A 6 M(61)
looks on Itself. What further sight is needed? What remains that M 29 A 5 M(67)
of time, to end the sight Of all things visible; and M 30 A 8 M(70)
your will with his, your sight will be his vision, for U 6 A 5 U(10)
the defensive therapist has lost sight of the Source of his P 4 B 10 P(24)
grow and swell within its sight. It carefully picks out all S 2 B 2 S(12)
forgiven you, and in His sight the world is holy as S 2 B 7 S(14)
you up to where the sight of Christ becomes the eyes S 2 D 2 S(17)
the healed! For in their sight their brothers share their healing S 3 E 1 S(25)
entered and has touched your sight with gross distortions that the G 1 A 5 G(2)
contortions, with despair always in sight and death not far behind G 3 A 2 G(6)