return to him. No little shred of guilt escapes their hungry T 19 F 4 T(712)536
piece, each senseless scrap and shred of evidence, and MAKE a T 28 F 5 T(983)809
open door, holds ALL your shreds of memories and dreams. T 28 C 4 T(973)- 799
beneath the egos senseless shrieks, such IS the Call that T 25 F 3 T(881)700
a loud, obscuring voice, whose shrieks would silence what the Holy T 27 G 1 T(954)780
Go past all the raucous shrieks and sick imaginings that cover W 49 L 4 W(86)
world with sightless eyes, and shrieks as it beholds its own W 121 L 4 W(241)
does not heed the self-accusing shrieks of sinners mad with guilt W 134 L 7 W(282)
projected fear must spawn. It shrieks in wrath, and claws the W 161 L 8 W(351)
heard instead of loud discordant shrieks. P 3 G 3 P 3 G 2 P(14)
offered daily at its darkened shrine, and blood must flow before W 330 W12 4 W(583)
altar to illusions to the shrine of Life Itself. And peace W 330 W12 5 W(583)
bodies to worship at their shrine, and this they regard as P 4 B 9 P(23)
There is no need to shrink from illusions, for they cannot T 10 F 1 T(433) 260
perceive the frightening, and you shrink away from it to further T 14 C 1 T(544) - 371
be feared. But if you SHRINK from blessing, will the world T 27 F 4 T(951)777
have MADE of it. You shrink from what IT sees and T 28 G 3 T(985)811
to love, and when to shrink more safely into fear. It T 29 B 3 T(991)817
this? Today we will not shrink from our assignment on the W 186 L 3 W(406)
the egos foundation without shrinking, you will also have looked T 10 B 2 T(420)- 247
you WILL rush to darkness, shrinking from the truth, sometimes retreating T 18 D 2 T(668)495
Only mans attempts to shroud it in darkness have made T 3 C 10 T(134)133
the dark in which they shroud them, are too afraid to T 13 C 8 T(515)- 342
the WORLD seems dark, and shrouded in your guilt. You throw T 13 C 7 T(515)- 342
hidden in every darkened place shrouded in guilt, and in the T 14 D 10 T(549)- 376
sin NOR its result. The shrouded figures in the funeral procession T 19 J 2 T(722)546
that are worshipped here are shrouded deep in mystery, and kept T 20 G 6 T(752)575
of innocence. And in these shrouded vaults are all his sins T 31 E 5 T(1056)870
as a dark cloud that shrouds your brothers, and conceals their T 12 F 2 T(500)327
the veil of guilt that shrouds the Son of God, we P 3 F 7 P(13)
His remark ended with: Every shut eye is not asleep. Since T 2 B 18 T(76)76
I live, it cannot be shut, and I live forever. God T 10 E 7 T(431)258
YOUR FORTRESS, for you would SHUT OUT GOD, and He does T 12 C 4 T(489)316
love will ALWAYS seem to shut Him out, and to keep T 18 I 2 T(685) 509
You CLOSED your eyes to shut him out. Such was your T 20 H 8 T(757)580
within itself, with every entry shut against intrusion, and every window T 24 G 11 T(858)677
present and the past, to shut them out. T 28 T 28 B 11 T(971)797
dark veil which SEEMS to shut you off from Him, alone T 29 I 3 T(1009)823
W 68 L 2. Shut off from your Self, Who W 68 L 2 W(126)
to waken. It is not shut tight against Gods Voice W 169 L 3 W(373)
that He seems so easily shut out, His tiny Voice so W 183 L 6 W(395)
and fearful thoughts, our eyes shut tight against the light; our W 192 L 7 W(426)
thought you would keep hidden shuts communication off, BECAUSE YOU WOULD T 15 E 8 T(576)403
it interferes. Its simple PRESENCE shuts the door to Theirs, and T 26 K 1 T(931)757
Who changes life because he shuts his eyes, or makes himself W 167 L 10 W(370)
lack of judgment. As judgment shuts the mind against Godís Teacher M 5 K 1 M(17)
and SEEMS to surround you, shutting you off from others, and T 18 G 9 T(679)506
retreat from others, and a shutting off of joining. It becomes W 137 L 1 W(296)
himself, but also his parents, siblings, and all of those who T 3 A 7 T(120) 119
of writing next part.) Cacey sic was wrong about Possession, and T 1 B 30f T(18)18
While what he (Cacey)sic did came from Me, he T 1 B 30g T(18)18
men. They can heal the sick and raise the dead because T 1 B 23 T(9)-9-
decided I was really not sick, so I could return to T 2 B 52 T(82) 82
help the non-Right-Minded (or the sick) is an increase in fear T 2 C 9 T(91)90
regard IT (not himself) as sick. This naturally prevented healing. T 2 E 40 T(110)109
man perceives himself. Only the sick NEED healing. The Soul does T 3 F 10 T(154)153
of them have healed the sick at times, but they have T 5 I 12 T(267)C 94
WILL and given you a sick mind that MUST be healed T 6 H 12 T(302)C 129
a brother perceives himself as sick, he IS perceiving himself as T 7 B 6 T(306)C 133
in the minds of the sick, but the part of the T 7 E 6 T(314)C 141
would not perceive himself as sick. He therefore does not know T 7 F 11 T(321)C 148
MIND is a fragmented (or sick) interpretation. Mind CANNOT be made T 8 G 11 T(366)C 193
IN SICKNESS. If you are sick, how can you object to T 8 H 4 T(370)C 197
the functions of EVERYTHING. A sick body does not make any T 8 H 6 T(371)C 198
HE sees it CANNOT be sick. Everything used otherwise IS. T 8 H 10 T(373)C 200
ONLY PERCEPTION CAN BE SICK, because perception can be WRONG T 8 I 2 T(373)C 200
are one. If you are sick, you are withdrawing from me T 8 I 8 T(375)C 202
can there be for the sick children of God except His T 9 I 8 T(409)- 236
separate, and so no-one is sick. To believe that a Son T 9 I 9 T(409)- 236
Son of God can be sick is to believe that PART T 9 I 9 T(409)- 236
a Son of God is sick is to worship the same T 9 I 11 T(409)- 236
creation, taught by sick minds, who are too divided T 9 I 11 T(410)- 237
Who IS all power. A sick god MUST be an idol T 9 I 11 T(410)- 237
Son of God; -- a sick god, self-created, self-sufficient, very vicious T 9 I 11 T(410)- 237
not value yourself you become sick, but MY value of you T 9 I 13 T(410)- 237
ask. When a brother is sick, it is because HE IS T 9 I 14 T(410)- 237
you believe you can be sick, you HAVE placed other gods T 9 J 2 T(412)- 239
cannot be perceived as PARTLY sick, because to perceive it that T 9 J 4 T(412)- 239
strengthens His Voice in a sick brother by weakening his belief T 9 J 9 T(414)- 241
to YOU. UNLESS you are sick you cannot keep the gods T 9 K 3 T(415)- 242
yourself, IN ORDER to be sick. This IS the offering which T 9 K 3 T(415)- 242
your Being. You are not sick, and you cannot die. But T 9 K 8 T(417)- 244
known. You believe that the sick things which you have made T 9 K 13 T(418)245
because you believe that the sick images you perceive are the T 9 K 13 T(418)245
perceive part of you as sick and achieve your OWN goal T 10 H 14 T(447)- 274
HEAL oneself, those who are sick do NOT love themselves. Therefore T 11 C 4 T(454)- 281
themselves, they could not be sick. The task of the miracle-worker T 11 C 4 T(454)- 281
THE DENIAL OF TRUTH. The sick must heal THEMSELVES, for the T 11 C 4 T(454)- 281
always leads to love. The sick, who ASK for love, are T 12 F 10 T(503)330
15 H 3. The sick attraction of guilt MUST be T 15 H 3 T(584)- 411
the body can clearly be sick, but project this not upon T 18 G 5 T(677)504
because it cannot MAKE ITSELF SICK. It NEEDS no healing. Its T 19 B 1 T(694)518
body WILL seem to be sick, for you have made of T 19 B 2 T(695)519
connected TO it, MAKING it sick because of its identification WITH T 19 B 6 T(696)520
a willing captive to its sick appeal. Sin is an idea T 19 D 1 T(702)526
opposition lie, but in the sick minds of the insane, dedicated T 19 J 1 T(721)545
devices for deception, all its sick ideas and weird imaginings. Here T 19 J 6 T(723)547
it IS a body is sick indeed! And it is here T 25 A 3 T(865)684
entered all the world of sick illusions. All belief in sin T 26 G 1 T(917)743
to what he REPRESENTS. A sick and suffering you but represents T 27 B 2 T(935)761
he never will escape. This sick and sorry picture YOU accept T 27 B 2 T(935)761
serve to punish him. The sick are merciless to everyone, and T 27 B 2 T(935)761
whatever form it takes. The sick have reason for each one T 27 B 6 T(936)762
it is seen as neither sick nor well, nor bad nor T 27 B 8 T(937)763
of immortality to those grown sick of breathing in the fetid T 27 B 9 T(937)763
is not REALLY innocent. The sick remain accusers. They cannot forgive T 27 C 3 T(938)764
sees ILLUSIONS of himself as sick or well, depressed or happy T 28 C 6 T(973)- 799
And so they are NOT sick.

--- Manuscript
T 28 C 10 T(974)- 800
lesson is the MIND was sick that thought the body COULD T 28 C 11 T(975)- 801
thought the body COULD be sick; projecting OUT its guilt caused T 28 C 11 T(975)- 801
strengthens it. No mind is sick until another mind AGREES that T 28 D 1 T(975)- 801
their JOINT decision to be sick.

--- Manuscript
T 28 D 1 T(975)- 801
the body NOT perceived as sick by BOTH your minds, from T 28 D 2 T(976)- 802
allow your brother to be sick, for if he is, have T 28 D 3 T(976)- 802
is ALWAYS one. No-one is sick, if someone ELSE accepts his T 28 E 6 T(980)806
His desire to be a sick and separated mind can NOT T 28 E 6 T(980)806
a world established that is sick, and this the world the T 28 F 4 T(983)809
there God created to be sick? And what that He created T 28 F 5 T(983)809
share a promise to be sick, but lets his mind be T 28 G 6 T(986)812
God Himself. Are you not sick, if you deny yourself your T 28 H 2 T(987)813
THIS purpose, it cannot BE sick. It will not join a T 28 H 4 T(988)814
chosen that it NOT be sick. All miracles are based upon T 28 H 4 T(988)814
its opposite. And YOU are sick or well, accordingly. T T 28 H 4 T(988)814
are, you cannot BUT be sick. This SEEMS to prove that T 28 H 5 T(988)814
tire it and make it sick. And its inherent weaknesses set T 29 B 2 T(991)817
into fear. It will be sick BECAUSE you do not know T 29 B 3 T(991)817
that it can NOT be sick. In your demand that it T 29 C 8 T(995)821
the world made sad and sick by seeing idols there. Your T 29 H 7 T(1008)822
dies, because that mind is sick within ITSELF. Learning is all T 31 C 4 T(1051)865
all the raucous shrieks and sick imaginings that cover your real W 49 L 4 W(86)
not really want to be sick because it makes us unhappy W 70 L 4 W(132)
not want us to be sick. Neither do we. He wants W 70 L 4 W(132)
of its maker. It is sick and looks on sickness, which W 92 L 5 W(178)
Today I lay aside All sick illusions of myself, and let W 120 L 2 W(240)
gave it these appearances. The sick are healed as you let W 132 L 8 W(274)
itself must make the body sick. It is not free to W 135 L 14 W(287)
of any old ideas and sick beliefs. Anticipation plays no part W 135 L 17 W(288)
to fall. Now are you sick, that truth may go away W 136 L 7 W(292)
body, for the mind is sick. Give instant remedy, should this W 136 L 19 W(295)
So I can not be sick.

--- Manuscript
W 136 L 19 W(295)
make well all that was sick, and offer blessing where there W 137 L 15 W(299)
a dream that he was sick, and in the dream he W 140 L 2 W(307)
Atonement does not heal the sick, for that is not a W 140 L 4 W(307)
to heal what is not sick, unmindful where the need of W 140 L 6 W(308)
then applied to what is sick so that it can be W 140 L 7 W(308)
what appears to us as sick. We go beyond appearances today W 140 L 9 W(309)
nor fear nor think him sick unless these are the outcomes W 152 L 1 W(321)
frail, the helpless and the sick bow down before its image W 163 L 2 W(356)
are theirs. If you are sick you but withhold their healing W 166 L 14 W(367)
a miracle of grace. The sick arise, healed of their sickly W 182 L 3 W(391)
pain was lifted from a sick and tortured mind. Is this W 192 L 6 W(426)
security. He lays aside the sick illusions of the world along W 194 L 8 W(433)
will escape with you; the sick, the weak, the needy and W 195 L 5 W(436)
which rule the world of sick illusions, free in God, forever W 204 L 1 W(454)
laid aside. It is not sick or old or hurt. It W 294 L 1 W(543)
mind, my Father. It is sick. But You have offered freedom W 347 L 1 W(601)
benediction, not to heal the sick but to remind them of M 6 D 2 M(21)
is holy it cannot be sick, nor can it die. When M 13 A 5 M(33)
behold a dream figure as sick and separate is no more M 13 A 6 M(33)
that a body can be sick is a central concept in M 23 A 3 M(54)
If the body could be sick Atonement would be impossible. A M 23 A 3 M(54)
believe he wants to be sick. Perhaps he can accept the M 23 A 4 M(54)
thus unfaithful to Him. A sick person perceives himself as separate M 23 A 6 M(55)
separation that has made him sick. It is your function to M 23 A 6 M(55)
remain on earth to shelter sick illusions, dreams of fear and M 29 A 4 M(67)
only the mind can be sick, only the mind can be P 1 A 1 P(1)
or he could not be sick. In a sense, the egoless P 3 D 4 P(8)
is psychotherapy. To heal the sick is but to bring this P 3 E 3 P(9)
the attainable. While they are sick, they can and must be P 3 F 3 P(12)
anything else. The unforgiving are sick, believing they are unforgiven. TheP 3 G 1 P(14)
may not enter here the sick repeat, over and over, while P 3 G 1 P(14)
be healed. It is not sick, and

P 3 G 4 P(14)
can cure what cannot be sick and make it well? P 3 G 4 P(15)
was this that made him sick. There is no point in S 3 D 4 S(24)