Miracles should inspire gratitude, not awe. Man should thank God for T 1 B 27 T(16)16
of unspeakable love. The word Awe should be reserved only for T 1 B 40v T(41)41
because a state of true awe is worshipful. It implies that T 1 B 40v T(41)41
and should be struck with awe in the presence of the T 1 B 40v T(41)41
equals. Equals cannot be in awe of each other, because awe T 1 B 40w T(41)41
awe of each other, because awe ALWAYS implies inequality. Awe is T 1 B 40w T(41)41
because awe ALWAYS implies inequality. Awe is not properly experienced evenT 1 B 40w T(41)41
we said once before that awe is inappropriate in connection with T 3 A 11 T(121)120
because you should not experience awe in the presence of your T 3 A 11 T(121)120
But it WAS emphasized that awe IS a proper reaction of T 3 A 11 T(122)121
I have repeatedly emphasized that awe is not appropriate in connection T 3 A 12 T(122)121
without very careful preparation, or awe will surely be confused with T 3 A 13 T(122)121
unapproachable except through reverence and awe. It is the most holy T 19 C 5 T(700)524
mystery of separation perceived in awe and held in reverence. What T 20 G 6 T(752)575
likely confusion of fearful and awesome, which most people do make T 3 A 11 T(121)120
NOTHING. And there ARE no awesome secrets and no darkened tombs T 28 F 7 T(984)810
teach you to remove the awful burden you have laid upon T 13 I 6 T(537)364
will not last. Be patient awhile, and remember what we have T 4 C 13 T(202)C 29
we need to practice them awhile, until they are the rules T 30 A 1 T(1016)830
The mad illusion will remain awhile in evidence, for those to W 155 L 3 W(333)
Him and be at peace awhile.

--- Manuscript
W 183 L 12 W(396)
holy brothers, think of this awhile; the world you see does W 190 L 6 W(420)
I awakened myself, for I awoke FOR you. In MY Resurrection T 11 C 14 T(457)- 284
the decision with which we awoke. As every hour passed, we W 138 L 12 W(303)
vertical rather than a horizontal axis. Regarded along the vertical, man T 1 B 40z T(42)42
of God. Here is the babe of Bethlehem reborn. And everyone T 19 J 9 T(724)548
this is anything but true. Babies scream in rage if you T 4 C 11 T(201)C 28
in this sense you ARE babies. You have no sense of T 4 C 12 T(201)C 28
whole communication is like a babys. The sounds a baby T 22 B 7 T(798)618
babys. The sounds a baby makes, and what he hears T 22 B 7 T(798)618
has replaced, IS like a baby now, in its rebirth. Yet T 22 B 8 T(799)619
re-birth, which seems to go back, but really goes forward. It T 1 B 13 T(4)-4-
If you will look back at the description of the T 1 B 24g T(14)14
fear. If you will check back at the reference to uprooting T 1 B 30p T(20)20
errors already listed a while back. It might be well to T 2 A 15 T(68)68
It is possessed, or held back, by ITSELF. Its will is T 2 B 9 T(74)74
with mine, and imposes them back on himself and others. This T 2 B 17 T(76)76
to RESTORE, not to go back to the less mature. T 2 B 31 T(78)78
and had to be brought back. Angels came, too, but their T 2 B 43 T(80) 80
delaying tactics are holding him back. He does not really understand T 2 B 73 T(88)87
A 24. Now, go back to B; he WAS discourteous T 3 A 24 T(125)124
to come, and called ANNE back. It is true that it T 3 A 29 T(127)126
him, and are now falling back on the magical device of T 3 A 34 T(128)127
judgment. If you will look back at the earlier notes about T 3 H 4 T(175)C 2
You have not yet gone back far ENOUGH and that is T 3 I 14 T(184)C 11
suggest that you set him BACK on his journey. T T 4 A 1 T(185)C 12
a brother CANNOT set YOU back either. It can ONLY lead T 4 A 2 T(185)C 12
shabby belief to pull you back. The disheartened are useless to T 4 E 12 T(216)C 43
God, I can lead you back to your own creations, which T 4 G 17 T(227)C 54
thus set their own rehabilitation back. Rehabilitation is NOT concerned withT 4 I 7 T(233)C 60
that they could reach almost back to Him. T 5 T 5 C 1 T(235)C 62
the voice that calls you back to where you were before T 5 C 11 T(237)C 64
Sonship, and to bring it back into the Oneness in which T 5 D 12 T(239)C 66
He understands. His understanding looks back to God, in remembrance of T 5 E 16 T(246)C 73
following Him, He leads you back to God where you belong T 5 F 13 T(251)C 78
future, and CAN turn it back to full creation at any T 5 H 1 T(259)C 86
FIRST. It will also turn back to full creation the instant T 5 H 1 T(259)C 86
Irrevocable means cannot be called back or redirected. The irrevocable natureT 5 I 5 T(265)C 92
You are ALWAYS being pulled back to your Creator because you T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
Only thus can you win back the knowledge you threw away T 6 D 7 T(283)C 110
ALL. He never takes ANYTHING back, because He wants YOU to T 6 F 13 T(292)119
them. This light will shine back upon YOU and on the T 7 F 15 T(323)C 150
they are trying to creep back INTO them. This is because T 7 I 6 T(336)C 163
CHAPTER 8 THE JOURNEY BACK T 8 A. Introduction (N T 8 A 0 T(346)C 173
EVERYTHING that would hold you back. T 8 C 6 T 8 C 5 T(349)C 176
us. I bring His Peace back to all His Children, because T 8 E 20 T(358)C 185
Ours is simply the journey back to God Who is our T 8 E 21 T(358)C 185
the ego to hold you back. T 8 E 23 T 8 E 22 T(359)C 186
all. We begin the journey back by setting out TOGETHER, and T 8 F 1 T(359)C 186
GO BEYOND it, and look back from a point where SANITY T 9 F 7 T(400)- 227
His gift. Invite this knowledge back into your minds, and let T 10 C 8 T(426)253
MIND. As you bring HIM back, so will YOUR mind return T 10 E 3 T(430)- 257
littleness. And so the way back is to retrace the way T 11 C 9 T(456)283
you COULD not buy it back. Yet YOU must invest in T 11 E 7 T(464)- 291
Atonement is but the way back to what was never lost T 11 I 9 T(479)306
from which you can look back on them, and see them T 12 C 13 T(491)318
temptation that would hold you back. We walk together on the T 12 G 14 T(509)- 336
you, you will not look back. The happy learner meets the T 13 G 7 T(529)- 356
peace, you will invite them back, and realize they are where T 15 K 4 T(598)- 425
offered you, and look not back with longing on the travesty T 16 G 9 T(624)- 451
you. Unless you GIVE IT BACK, it is inevitable that YOUR T 17 B 1 T(630)457
ALREADY HAPPENED. Then you look BACK at it, and try to T 17 G 3 T(651)478
situation that could hold you back, and keep you SEPARATE from T 17 I 6 T(658)485
OUTSIDE yourself, leading you gently back to the truth and safety T 18 B 6 T(661)488
ARE AFRAID, you have stepped back. Let us then join quickly T 18 D 2 T(668)495
it. You CANNOT take it back. YOU HAVE ACCEPTED GOD. The T 18 D 5 T(669)496
brought to light. Carry it back TO darkness, from the holy T 18 D 8 T(670)497
will the Great Rays extend back into darkness and forward unto T 18 D 9 T(670)497
stole from Heaven. Give it back to Heaven. Heaven has not T 18 J 2 T(689)513
these messengers, to bring this BACK to you. T 18 T 18 J 3 T(690)514
power at all to hold back anyone willing to climb above T 18 J 7 T(691)515
loveliness to the grotesque. And back and forth they go, as T 18 J 8 T(691)515
universe. For it would HOLD BACK the universe AND ITS CREATOR T 19 E 4 T(708)532
which would hold its extension back, and so would limit YOUR T 19 H 1 T(717)541
and release. Hold him not back with thorns and nails, when T 20 B 3 T(733) 557
if mercilessness SEEMS to look back at you, IT CAN BE T 20 D 6 T(741)565
holy temple look you not back on what you have awakened T 20 G 9 T(753)576
Can they be long held back from looking on the face T 20 G 13 T(754)577
and, as it gave it BACK to you, you listened and T 21 C 5 T(768)590
Let them now be given BACK to what PRODUCED them, and T 21 D 12 T(776)597
to certainty. Be not held back by fears insane insistence T 21 E 7 T(779)600
vision such as this send BACK its messages? Surely not you T 22 B 2 T(797)617a
see truly? It is HELD BACK by form, having been made T 22 D 6 T(806)626
still think you can go back and make the other choice T 22 E 2 T(808)808a
believe a shadow can hold back the Will that holds the T 24 A 1 T(838)657
Love offers everything forever. Hold back but ONE belief, ONE offering T 24 B 1 T(838)657
on him, and give him back his birthright. It is YOURS T 24 D 7 T(849)668
really IS. Let us go back to what we said before T 25 H 3 T(886)705
on you, and give you back the gift of freedom by T 26 B 7 T(903)722
between you still is holding back the happy opening of Heaven T 26 E 5 T(911)730
that one instant still called back, as if it could be T 26 F 5 T(913)732
present? You can NOT go back. And everything that points the T 26 F 8 T(914)740
Now are you shifting back and forth, between the past T 26 F 10 T(915)741
cause, is looking forward; looking back, but OVERLOOKING what is here T 26 I 4 T(926)752
have saved it, but stepped back, because he was AFRAID of T 27 F 4 T(951)777
one steps forward, and another, back. Yet which is foremost makes T 27 G 2 T(954)780
to prevent its radiant extension back into the Mind that caused T 28 B 9 T(970)796
the first step in giving BACK to cause the function of T 28 C 9 T(974)- 800
the glad effects of taking back the consequence of sickness to T 28 C 12 T(975)- 801
to you, and you jumped back; as you approached, he instantly T 29 A 3 T(990)816
could serve to hold you back an instant from His Love T 29 B 5 T(992)818
you like would hold you back, as much as those in T 29 E 2 T(999)813
what is his be given BACK to him. The gap between T 30 F 5 T(1031)845
world. Perhaps they still look back, and think they see an T 30 F 6 T(1031)845
hatred and ALL fear. Look back no longer, for what lies T 30 F 7 T(1032)846
joyless consequence. Do not look back except in honesty. And when T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
be delayed when you look back, and YOU will not perceive T 30 F 9 T(1032)846
experience. And then, in looking back, you think you see ANOTHER T 30 H 2 T(1037)851
with us, and we fall back if he does not advance T 31 B 6 T(1048)862
only when he would step back, and falling back when he T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
would step back, and falling back when he would go ahead T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
endless doubting, as you stagger back and forward in the darkness T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
exercises. Try merely to step back and let the thoughts come W 42 L 6 W(71)
of the world hold us back, and we will not let W 45 L 4 W(78)
my forgiveness, and shines forgiveness back at me. In this light W 57 L 5 W(105)
of me can hold me back. Within me is the world W 70 L 9 W(133)
in which guilt is traded back and forth, and grievances increase W 73 L 3 W(141)
who seems to pull you back to darkness: The light has W 75 L 8 W(148)
from night to day and back to darkness til the morning W 92 L 7 W(178)
mistakes. He can be held back only by your unwillingness to W 95 L 8 W(186)
its power, and give it back to you. W 97 W 97 L 8 W(193)
your words and give them back to you all bright with W 98 L 8 W(195)
has power to hold you back? What foolish goal can keep W 100 L 8 W(201)
the start, and then lean back in quiet faith, and let W 110 R3 6 W(229)
is no thought of turning back, and no implacable resistance to W 123 L 1 W(248)
loving gratitude, and gives them back a thousand and a hundred W 123 L 6 W(249)
you want to hold you back. Nothing is here to cherish W 128 L 4 W(261)
you but look forward, never back to see again the world W 129 L 5 W(264)
wanders off he is led back to his appointed task. W 131 L 4 W(269)
still farther, or perhaps step back a while and then return W 132 L 6 W(274)
already learned, to bring him back to practical concerns. This we W 133 L 1 W(277)
of dreams, and give them back to you as clean ideas W 151 L 14 W(319)
and He will give them back as miracles which joyously proclaim W 151 L 15 W(319)
Lesson 155. I will step back and let Him lead the W 155 L 0 W(333)
even here, then they step back and let It lead the W 155 L 2 W(333)
them. Yet it has stepped back, and it is not illusion W 155 L 6 W(334)
remain impossible. All this steps back as truth comes forth in W 155 L 7 W(334)
is saved. As they step back he finds himself again. W 155 L 8 W(334)
completion, holy as Himself. Step back in faith, and let truth W 155 L 10 W(335)
thought today: I will step back and let Him lead the W 155 L 14 W(336)
salvation works. As you step back, the Light in you steps W 156 L 6 W(338)
at which it ended, looking back on it, imagining we make W 158 L 4 W(341)
can be brought from here back to the world, but they W 159 L 8 W(345)
home when they are carried back into the world. Their roots W 159 L 9 W(346)
things within the world looks back on them in a new W 164 L 6 W(360)
gives without exception, holding nothing back that can contribute to your W 166 L 1 W(364)
Unity he felt an instant back to bless the world? How W 169 L 13 W(375)
provided you. You carry them back to yourself. And revelation stands W 169 L 14 W(376)
not forget to call us back. Quicken our footsteps now, that W 170 R5 3 W(381)
me now to lead you back to where the journey was W 170 R5 7 W(382)
155) I will step back and let Him lead the W 173 L 1 W(385)
For He would bring you back with Him, that He Himself W 183 L 7 W(395)
is true. And then step back to darkness, not because you W 184 L 10 W(400)
Heaven would be completely given back to full awareness, memory of W 185 L 1 W(402)
your home, and leads you back to where it came from W 188 L 1 W(413)
Gods. They lead you back to peace, from where they W 188 L 7 W(414)
thoughts, and gently bring them back to where they fall in W 188 L 8 W(414)
But now we call them back, and

W 188 L 8 W(414)
that you may accept him back as your identity. He is W 192 L 10 W(427)
vision that will lead him back to where perception ceases. God W 193 L 2 W(428)
to banish, can be welcomed back within the holy mind He W 196 L 8 W(439)
be soon, - today. Step back from fear and make advance W 196 L 11 W(440)
you would undo by taking back your gifts because they were W 197 L 3 W(441)
And would you take them back, when He has gratefully accepted W 197 L 4 W(441)
to You. I will step back and merely follow You. Be W 233 L 1 W(476)
I ready to accept him back as God created him, and W 248 L 1 W(492)
still hold return to Heaven back? How long, oh holy Son W 250 W4 5 W(495)
thoughts occur, we quietly step back and look at them, and W 254 L 2 W(499)
it, and saw them looking back at me. How fierce they W 265 L 1 W(511)
in them does Christ look back upon me from my Self W 266 L 1 W(512)
eternal unity with Him. Yet back of all our doubts, past W 320 W11 4 W(572)
Voice will always call me back, and guide my feet aright W 324 L 1 W(576)
and still the universe smiles back on You, and shares Your W 341 L 1 W(595)
miracles I give are given back in just the form I W 345 L 1 W(599)
thus His memory is given back completely and complete. W W 360 FL 3 W(616)
the Face of Christ look back with longing on a slaughter M 14 A 4 M(35)
and all its ills looks back on it with condemnation. Yet M 14 A 4 M(35)
witness of the distorted world back to the mind that made M 20 A 3 M(49)
Workbook lesson I will step back and let Him lead the M 22 A 4 M(53)
perception does not heal. Step back now, teacher of God. You M 23 A 5 M(55)
this new temptation to win back strength by guile. Many have M 26 A 5 M(61)
leans down to lift you back to Him, out of illusions U 5 A 8 U(9)
of all fear and given back to Love. 6 U 5 A 8 U(9)
follow him. He leads us back to God because he saw U 6 A 3 U(10)
shining face as it looks back at them. P 3 P 3 H 6 P(17)
the past to hold it back from re-uniting with the ceaseless S 2 B 8 S(14)
need do is to step back and not to interfere. Forgiveness-for-salvation S 2 D 2 S(18)
was born and will go back. S 3 B 2 S 3 B 1 S(20)
hands, which cannot hold them back. And they feel fear as S 3 B 2 S(20)
of fear would hold you back unless you let me lift G 3 A 4 G(7)