the mind should be carefully searched for the thoughts it contains W 19 L 3 W(32)
find it. Father, I have searched in vain until I heard W 321 L 1 W(573)
them real? Every healer who searches fantasies for truth MUST be T 9 D 2 T(392)219
even seems to love. It searches for companions, and it looks T 31 E 2 T(1055)869
it up for everyone who searches with us to look upon W 69 L 3 W(128)
is some form of EXTERNAL searching. Mental health is INNER peace T 2 A 32 T(72)72
truth is but the honest searching out of everything that INTERFERES T 14 D 2 T(547)- 374
or more JOIN TOGETHER in searching for truth, the ego can T 14 F 10 T(556)- 383
undertake WITH you the careful searching of the mind that MADE T 17 C 5 T(633)- 460
in another, and maintained by searching for and keeping clear in T 24 C 1 T(842)661
is there to see by searching for your savior, seeing Him T 25 F 3 T(880)699
exercises consist, as before, in searching your mind for all the W 10 L 4 W(17)
devote about a minute to searching your mind for as many W 23 L 6 W(39)
todays idea, followed by searching the mind, with closed eyes W 24 L 4 W(40)
Remember, though, that active searching is not appropriate for today W 42 L 6 W(71)
a minute or two in searching your mind for those whom W 46 L 3 W(81)
a minute or two in searching for situations in your life W 47 L 4 W(83)
the answer to all the searching you have done since time W 65 L 3 W(119)
s extended practice period by searching your mind for those against W 68 L 5 W(127)
also that you are not searching for it alone, and that W 69 L 8 W(129)
channelize all your efforts in searching for it where it is W 71 L 4 W(134)
you. Begin these times of searching with these words: I am W 94 L 3 W(183)
L 8. Begin your searching for the other world, by W 130 L 8 W(267)
is the setting of his searching, and the place to which W 131 L 1 W(269)
131 L 3. Yet searching is inevitable here. For this W 131 L 3 W(269)
the goal of all your searching here and all the seeking W 131 L 14 W(272)
your practice periods to careful searching of your mind, to find W 185 L 8 W(403)
the goal the world is searching for. I am Gods W 318 L 1 W(569)
D 8. In this season, which celebrates the birth of T 15 D 8 T(572)399
between them. Neither time nor season means anything in eternity. But T 15 J 2 T(593)- 420
uses them. This is the season when you would celebrate my T 15 J 2 T(593)- 420
your power to make this season holy. For it is in T 15 J 4 T(594)- 421
and go, the tides, the seasons, and the lives of man T 29 G 2 T(1004)818
it will NEVER be the seat of love. It is the T 20 G 6 T(752)575
What else could be the seat of fear except what thinks W 161 L 6 W(351)
core of anguish and the seat of fear? Only forgiveness can W 192 L 5 W(426)
extending it to others. The second step is inherent in the T 1 B 22 T(6)-6-
and B) have entered the second phase, you will be not T 1 B 22r T(9)-9-
of B., involves only the second error. However, these differences do T 1 C 3 T(55)55
by the mind of Man. Second, the concept that what is T 2 A 5 T(64)64
the physical is real. The second involved things rather than people T 2 A 15 T(68)68
2 B 22. The second is his own denial of T 2 B 22 T(77)77
a clear understanding of the second depends on it. T T 2 B 23 T(77)77
illness. Thereafter, it is a second mis-step to attempt to heal T 2 C 9 T(90)89
the first type to the second, but will NOT obliterate the T 2 D 12 T(99)98
fear is implicit in the second, just as all love is T 2 E 31 T(108)107
of this unless he tries. Second, they would BE completed if T 3 A 3 T(120) 119
which required constant undoing. The second is more related to the T 3 C 24 T(137)136
of lack or need, and second, out of a something that T 3 G 2 T(159)158
is perfectly true, but the second part is not. We have T 3 G 5 T(160)159
the Son of God. The SECOND coming of Christ means nothing T 4 E 17 T(217)C 44
join with me in the Second. T 4 E 18 T 4 E 17 T(217)C 44
am in charge of the Second Coming as I have already T 4 E 18 T(217)C 44
T 5 C 5. Second, it is incapable of attack T 5 C 5 T(236)C 63
it every minute and every second, and each moment of decision T 5 G 10 T(257)C 84
T 5 I 7. Second, although he misinterpreted what the T 5 I 7 T(265)C 92
AS IT IS. Therefore, His second lesson is: To HAVE peace T 6 G 9 T(296)C 123
only a thought REVERSAL. The second step is a positive affirmation T 6 G 10 T(296)C 123
you AS a creator. The second step, then, is still perceptual T 6 G 12 T(296)C 123
progress is intermittent, but the second step is easier than the T 6 G 13 T(297)C 124
reversal, and also from the second, which was essentially the identificationT 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
step, which follows from the second as the second does from T 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
from the second as the second does from the first, emphasizes T 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
to INCREASE conflict, and the second still ENTAILS it to some T 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
you were just beginning the second step, but I also told T 6 H 14 T(302)C 129
7 I 5. A second fallacy is the idea that T 7 I 5 T(336)C 163
YOUR eternity. This IS the Second Coming, which was made FOR T 9 C 9 T(391)218
9 C 10. The Second Coming is merely the return T 9 C 10 T(391)218
gone in the meanwhile. The Second Coming is the AWARENESS of T 9 C 12 T(391)218
salvation. Every minute and every second gives you a chance to T 9 F 2 T(398)- 225
is to be saved, and second, how can it be saved T 11 D 2 T(459)286
and minute, - even each second, - you are deciding between T 13 H 4 T(531)- 358
there is no order, no second or third, and nothing BUT T 13 I 1 T(536)363
Remember that there is no second to Him. There cannot, therefore T 13 I 5 T(537)364
to separate out this single second, and begin to experience it T 15 C 7 T(569)- 396
peace is NOT WANTED. The second obstacle that peace must flow T 19 G 1 T(714)538
flows across all else. The second obstacle is no more solid T 19 G 4 T(715)539
as well. The means are second to the goal. And, when T 20 H 3 T(755)578
23 C 4.. The second law of chaos, dear indeed T 23 C 4 T(826)645
The real world is the second part of the hallucination time T 26 F 11 T(916)742
you see is but the SECOND part, whose CAUSE lies in T 27 I 4 T(963)789
30 B 11. The second rule as well is but T 30 B 11 T(1020)834
heard throughout the world this second lesson brings. There is no T 31 A 9 T(1044)858
of the shifting to the second from the first is that T 31 E 12 T(1058)872
you see now, and the second with the restoration of sight W 1 IN1 3 W(1)
2. This is the second time we have used this W 10 L 2 W(17)
73) For the second and longer phase of the W 43 L 5 W(73)
phase; and then try the second phase again. Do not allow W 43 L 6 W(73)
66 L 7. The second premise is that God has W 66 L 7 W(122)
depressed or angry at the second part; it is inherent in W 71 L 7 W(135)
L 9. In the second phase of the exercise period W 91 L 9 W(176)
which appears to be in second place. Here it is understood W 108 L 4 W(219)
well. Forget them not. This second chance with each of these W 110 R3 12 W(230)
terms of years for every second; power to save the world W 123 L 7 W(249)
to use them. In that second, even less, in which the W 136 L 3 W(291)
we are preparing for the second part of learning how the W 140 R4 1 W(311)
it. Without the first the second has no meaning, but without W 152 L 3 W(321)
no meaning, but without the second is the first no longer W 152 L 3 W(321)
would give. It is the second phase on which the world W 187 L 1 W(410)
1. Here is the second step we take to free W 197 L 1 W(441)
W9 (9) What is the Second Coming? W W 300 W9 0 W(550)
W9 1. Christs Second Coming, which is sure as W 300 W9 1 W(550)
all-inclusive nature of Christs Second Coming that permits it to W 300 W9 2 W(550)
end to the release the Second Coming brings, as Gods W 300 W9 2 W(550)
be limitless. Forgiveness lights the Second Comings way because it W 300 W9 2 W(550)
300 W9 3. The Second Coming ends the lessons which W 300 W9 3 W(550)
reaching up to God. The Second Coming is the time in W 300 W9 3 W(550)
300 W9 4. The Second Coming is the one event W 300 W9 4 W(550)
5. Pray that this Second Coming will be soon, but W 300 W9 5 W(550)
W10 1. Christs Second Coming gives the Son of W 310 W10 1 W(561)
Lesson 328. I choose the second place to gain the first W 328 L 0 W(580)
What seems to be the second place is first, for all W 328 L 1 W(580)
us, nor is there any second to His Will. To join W 328 L 1 W(580)
Its laws, and interposed a second will more powerful than Yours W 329 L 1 W(581)
term in this way, the second level of teaching is a M 4 A 4 M(7)
he goes on to the second stage. M 5 B M 5 B 3 M(9)
if ever begun until the second is complete. Therefore, the period M 5 B 5 M(10)
and even every minute and second, must Gods teachers learn M 17 A 11 M(44)
E 1. Until the second step at least begins, one S 1 E 1 S(9)