fantasy unless he despairs of satisfaction in reality. But it is T 9 C 10 T(391)218
that he will NEVER find satisfaction in fantasy, so that his T 9 C 10 T(391)218
GUILTY. Nor will you find satisfaction and peace with him, because T 13 D 3 T(516)- 343
strength. If you seek for satisfaction in gratifying your needs as T 15 G 1 T(581)408
can encompass, the greater the satisfaction seems to be. The ideal’ T 17 D 6 T(636)- 463
ways you once SOUGHT for satisfaction, and THOUGHT you found it T 17 F 9 T(648)475
form of acting out, for satisfaction. While this appears to introduce T 18 A 3 T(659)486
an instant the illusion of satisfaction is invaded by the illusion T 18 C 4 T(664)491
theirs, and the illusion of satisfaction would be gone. T T 18 C 5 T(665)492
you find a hope of satisfaction there. Perhaps you fancy to T 25 C 1 T(868)687
to attain some peace and satisfaction in the world as YOU T 25 C 1 T(868)687
cherish still some hope of satisfaction from the world you see T 25 C 2 T(868)687
to be the hope of satisfaction and of peace.
T 31 B 2 T(1046)860
to substitute utopian ideas for satisfactions which the world contains. ThereW 133 L 2 W(277)
world contains. There are no satisfactions in the world. W W 133 L 2 W(277)
real possession-drive, which cannot be satisfied this way. b. They set T 1 C 10 T(57)57
ALWAYS its purpose, are you satisfied with the changes YOURS has T 8 B 2 T(347) C 174
achieved it, IT HAS NOT SATISFIED YOU. This is why the T 8 H 3 T(370)C 197
THERE, and do not be satisfied with imaginary comforters, for the T 10 C 9 T(426)253
but its hatred is not satisfied until you die. For your T 11 H 14 T(476)- 303
with which it will be satisfied. T 11 H 15 T 11 H 14 T(476)- 303
made. While it is reasonably satisfied with you, as its reasoning T 12 D 1 T(492)319
he can no longer be satisfied with anything but his own T 14 F 2 T(554)- 381
Gods Teacher cannot be satisfied with His teaching, until it T 15 A 1 T(563)- 390
yourself, you will NOT be satisfied. For your function is NOT T 15 D 3 T(570)- 397
To think you could be satisfied and happy with so little T 19 F 10 T(714)538
mind will be content and satisfied. It chooses where you think T 25 B 3 T(865)684
and perfect peace. Reason is satisfied, for ALL insane beliefs can T 25 H 13 T(890)709
And justice, being blind, is satisfied by being paid, it matters T 25 I 4 T(892)711
to love, and there be satisfied. Each special function He allots T 25 I 11 T(895)714
would His justice not be satisfied until it is received by T 25 J 2 T(897)716
YOUR will could not BE satisfied with empty forms, made but T 30 D 4 T(1024)838
Remember, too, not to be satisfied with less than the perfect W 77 L 7 W(153)
for you? Could He be satisfied with empty gestures, and evaluate W 126 L 7 W(256)
for hope would be forever satisfied; despair of any kind unthinkable W 168 L 2 W(371)
perception. Let us not be satisfied until forgiveness has been made W 240 W3 5 W(484)
In that, all needs are satisfied, all cravings end, all hopes W 251 L 1 W(496)
content and even more than satisfied to learn how such a W 273 W6 1 W(520)
vengeance that can never be satisfied.

--- Manuscript
M 18 A 5 M(45)
from hell. All longings are satisfied, for what remains unanswered or M 29 A 3 M(66)
in which are all specifics satisfied; all separate wishes unified in S 1 E 2 S(10)
will, in any role that satisfies its dream. T 27 T 27 H 8 T(959)- 785
home, and DOES try to satisfy itself through the body. But T 4 C 18 T(203)C 30
unimportant in an effort to satisfy the mind without jeopardizing itself T 4 F 15 T(223)C 50
Gods Son can ultimately satisfy it. It does not know T 12 B 1 T(485)312
Son, and no illusions can satisfy him, or save him from T 12 C 9 T(490)317
too poor a gift to satisfy you. It is essential that T 15 D 2 T(570)- 397
one, for its ability to satisfy you COMPLETELY, arises only from T 15 F 12 T(580)407
no OTHER love that can satisfy you, because there IS no T 15 H 1 T(584)- 411
of meaning, it will NOT satisfy YOU completely. Yet it remains T 15 I 9 T(591)- 418
ILLUSION of love will NEVER satisfy you. But its REALITY, which T 16 E 2 T(611)438
and where everything fails to satisfy. And, in the Name of T 16 E 9 T(614)441
BODY does that seems to satisfy. Unless the mind BELIEVES the T 18 G 3 T(676)503
And this MUST fail to satisfy, because it IS your will T 30 D 1 T(1023)837
WILL attack what does not satisfy, and thus you will not T 30 E 1 T(1027)841
Lesson 272. How can illusions satisfy Gods Son? W 272 W6 0 W(519)
What but Your memory can satisfy Your Son? I will accept W 272 W6 1 W(519)
totally unnecessary as the Wholly satisfying nature of reality becomes apparentT 1 B 41t T(48)48
will be conceived of as satisfying alone, and both will be T 1 C 9 T(57)57
and God, and is perfectly satisfying to all of us. Only T 9 C 12 T(391)218
the unholy relationship, the LESS SATISFYING it becomes. And the more T 17 D 6 T(636)- 463
a good world, or a satisfying world. If such terms occur W 12 L 3 W(20)
a bad one, and a satisfying world implies an unsatisfying one W 12 L 3 W(20)
for what is far more satisfying, filled with joy, and capable W 129 L 1 W(263)
body is ugly or beautiful, savage or holy, helpful or harmful T 8 G 4 T(364)C 191
willing to look upon your savage wish to kill Gods T 12 C 3 T(488)315
oblivion. When it becomes overtly savage, it offers you hell. T 12 D 1 T(492)319
demand of sacrifice is so savage and so fearful, that you T 15 J 9 T(596)- 423
partial sacrifice will appease this savage guest, for it is an T 15 J 10 T(596)- 423
the past. It is COMPLETELY savage, and COMPLETELY insane. For the T 16 H 3 T(626)- 453
hungry eyes. And in their savage search for sin, they pounce T 19 F 4 T(712)536
5. Send not these savage messengers into the world, to T 19 F 5 T(712)536
they seem to allay their savage pangs of hunger. For they T 19 F 5 T(712)536
created, against the egos savage wish to kill. T T 19 J 6 T(723)547
only kindness. But, in a savage world, the kind cannot survive T 23 C 10 T(828)647
to accept the fact their savage purpose is directed against themselves T 23 D 5 T(834)653
It is from this savage fantasy that you want to W 22 L 2 W(37)
afraid of foolish fantasies and savage dreams; and have bowed down W 93 L 2 W(180)
Who would seek out such savage punishment? Who would not flee W 101 L 4 W(203)
to think of them as savage crimes or secret sins with W 190 L 4 W(419)
before the onslaught of the savage pain that waits to end W 190 L 8 W(420)
cruelly and then perceive this savage need in it. You set W 191 L 6 W(423)
home, nor wandered in a savage world with feet that bleed S 3 E 6 S(27)
Even when it attacks so savagely that it tries to take T 15 B 4 T(564)391
This is the self you savagely defend against all reason, every W 166 L 7 W(365)
mind. For the chain of savagery belongs not around the chosen T 15 H 5 T(585)- 412
when the hatred and the savagery break briefly through into awareness T 16 H 5 T(627)- 454
a murderer, and justify his savagery with smiles as he attacks T 23 D 1 T(833)652
B 39. You can save a lot of time, however T 2 B 39 T(79)79
destructively were not enough to save him. It was therefore decided T 2 B 42 T(80) 80
you can do nothing to save yourselves or others. But of T 4 B 31 T(195)C 22
same, the ego attempts to save itself from being swept away T 4 D 7 T(209)C 36
what you are vigilant to save. Your minds are filled with T 4 E 1 T(214)C 41
are filled with schemes to save the face of your egos T 4 E 1 T(214)C 41
of the Atonement is to save the past in PURIFIED form T 5 G 14 T(258)C 85
they follow has chosen to SAVE THEM PAIN IN ALL RESPECTS T 6 B 9 T(274)C 101
your own thinking can also save you FROM this, because its T 7 G 2 T(324)C 151
you accept the meaningless, to save yourself. Many have tried to T 9 C 5 T(389)216
gives you a chance to save YOURSELF. Do not lose these T 9 F 2 T(398)- 225
you would be vigilant to SAVE? Are you REALLY afraid of T 9 I 12 T(410)- 237
idol, which you think will save you from dangers WHICH THE T 9 I 12 T(410)- 237
but YOU are. You would save them and serve them, because T 9 I 16 T(411)- 238
for ITS protection will not save you. I GIVE you the T 10 B 2 T(420)- 247
that God gave you to save you, remembering that it is T 10 E 2 T(430)- 257
HIS guidance, for He would save you from ALL condemnation. Accept T 10 H 15 T(447)- 274
12. Let us not save nightmares, for they are not T 11 C 12 T(457)- 284
and the ONLY way to save it. Any response OTHER than T 11 D 5 T(460)287
you want God does NOT save you. T 11 H T 11 H 15 T(476)- 303
LOVE DOES NOT KILL TO SAVE. For if it did, attack T 11 J 3 T(480)307
s Presence. And you would SAVE yourself from His love, because T 12 C 5 T(489)316
illusions can satisfy him, or save him from what he IS T 12 C 9 T(490)317
content ONLY with his reality. Save him from his illusions, that T 12 C 10 T(490)317
And no-one hears their answer save him who called upon them T 12 E 3 T(496)- 323
you will learn HOW TO SAVE. It will not be possible T 13 E 7 T(523)350
there undone. Whom He would save for glory IS saved for T 14 D 10 T(550)- 377
attempting to USE SEPARATION TO SAVE YOU. How, then, could guilt T 15 F 2 T(577)404
of them, and they must SAVE you, for they love themselves T 17 E 10 T(643)470
fantasy FROM each other, TO SAVE YOUR SANITY. T 17 T 17 F 7 T(648)475
will disappear. THE TRUTH WILL SAVE YOU. It has NOT left T 18 B 4 T(660)487
made, and using it to SAVE him from illusions. T T 18 G 4 T(677)504
this course is using, to save you time. T 18 T 18 H 7 T(683)631b
what was made for YOU. Save time for me by only T 18 H 8 T(683)631b
and bid it come to SAVE them from communication. For death T 19 J 5 T(723)547
before you. All that could SAVE you, you will never see T 20 I 7 T(760)583
KEEP the body is to SAVE the little that they have T 21 B 4 T(765)587
can use them still to SAVE itself from what it made T 21 D 12 T(776)597
His Son can BE imprisoned, save by his own desire. And T 21 G 11 T(787)608
it. Enormity has no appeal, save to the little. And only T 21 H 1 T(788)609
bless. Whose function is to save, WILL save. HOW He will T 22 C 8 T(803)623
function is to save, WILL save. HOW He will do it T 22 C 8 T(803)623
the ego damn, and reason save. Reason is not salvation in T 22 D 3 T(805)625
your sins in him to save yourself. And yet, his holiness T 22 D 8 T(807)627
who NEEDS a miracle to save him. T 22 E T 22 E 8 T(810)629
an invitation to insanity, to save you FROM the truth? And T 22 F 2 T(811)630
that which can BE extended. Save no dark secrets that He T 22 G 9 T(816)635
you can never take away save from YOURSELF. Yet all the T 23 C 9 T(828)647
the enemy MUST suffer, to save YOURSELF. Thus do the guilty T 23 C 10 T(828)647
it says it wants to save. Be not deceived when madness T 23 C 18 T(831)650
Son. But ONLY you, to save his specialness, and kill his T 24 C 8 T(844)663
could this readiness be reached save through the sight of all T 24 C 14 T(846)665
before the idol that can save you not. T 24 T 24 D 2 T(847)666
to join His Will to save you BOTH from hell. Look T 24 D 8 T(849)668
offers you, that you may save all living things from death T 24 F 7 T(854)673
well, is given you to save from condemnation, along with you T 24 G 9 T(857)676
a part of Him, to save from pain and give YOU T 24 G 10 T(858)677
no price too dear, to save his specialness from the least T 24 H 1 T(860)679
And much you think to save, you hurt. What would you T 24 H 4 T(861)680
you hurt. What would you save it FOR? For, in that T 24 H 4 T(861)680
both its health AND harm. Save it for show, as bait T 24 H 4 T(861)680
each an EQUAL strength to save the other, and save himself T 25 F 4 T(881)700
to save the other, and save himself along WITH him. FORGIVEN T 25 F 4 T(881)700
be without the power to save what He created from the T 25 F 6 T(882)701
thus become a means to save INSTEAD of lose. T T 25 G 5 T(884)703
FUNCTION in the plan to save the Son of God from T 25 G 7 T(885)704
and is too weak to SAVE from punishment. But vengeance WITHOUT T 25 I 8 T(893)712
vengeance now can help and save, while love stands feebly by T 25 I 8 T(893)712
and vitality, and powerless to save? What can Love ask of T 25 I 8 T(893)712
it has been given to save the Son of God from T 26 H 15 T(923)749
For you HAVE power to save the Son of God because T 26 H 15 T(923)749
and death. For what can save each one of us, can T 26 H 16 T(923)749
each one of us, can save us all. There is no T 26 H 16 T(923)749
Unity that specialness denies will save them all, for what is T 26 H 17 T(923)749
he is. And he must save who would BE saved. On T 29 D 1 T(997)823
your light to him, to save him from the dark. And T 29 D 5 T(998)824
pictures it projects outside itself? Save time, my brothers, Learn what T 29 H 7 T(1008)822
dream are idols, made to save you FROM the dream. Yet T 29 J 2 T(1012)826
they have been made to save you FROM. T 29 T 29 J 2 T(1012)826
be part of it, to save you from what you believe T 29 J 4 T(1013)827
own, because they seem to SAVE him from his thoughts. Yet T 29 J 5 T(1013)827
your hope that it will save you, lie the guilt and T 29 J 9 T(1014)828
to be the way to SAVE him from its penalty. T 29 J 10 T(1015)829
a means to help you save yourself from this. Perhaps you T 31 B 3 T(1047)861
given each of you to save are everyone you meet or T 31 G 10 T(1066)880
given you His Son to save from every concept that he T 31 G 10 T(1066)880
this law that will ultimately save you. But you are misusing W 26 L 1 W(44)
equal in its power to save anyone. If you are holy W 38 L 2 W(62)
blessing on them that will save you and give you vision W 39 L 7 W(65)
picture. My loving thoughts will save me from this perception of W 55 L 2 W(100)
unlimited in its power to save. What is there to be W 58 L 3 W(106)
call on my forgiveness to save me. There is not a W 60 L 4 W(110)
that is given you to save others. W 61 L W 61 L 3 W(112)
it is my function to save.

--- Manuscript
W 64 L 9 W(118)
that nothing outside yourself can save you; nothing outside yourself can W 70 L 2 W(131)
Gods plan that will save you. His is the only W 71 L 6 W(135)
enter, the ego comes to save you. God made you a W 72 L 6 W(138)
are saved and you can save. You are at peace and W 75 L 1 W(146)
you have set up to save you. You really think that W 76 L 3 W(149)
150) laws would save the body. It is for W 76 L 5 W(150)
What it is meant to save does not exist. Only what W 76 L 6 W(150)
is meant to hide will save you. W 76 L W 76 L 6 W(150)
on this. They would not save, but damn in Heavens W 76 L 9 W(150)
each one we meet to save us, and refuse to hide W 78 L 10 W(156)
s plan for salvation will save me from my perception of W 86 L 3 W(169)
the effects of all laws save Gods. And His are W 88 L 5 W(171)
your Self experiences, It will save for you, and it will W 96 L 11 W(191)
to forgive, and free to save the world. Expressed through you W 97 L 8 W(193)
Thought Whose function is to save by giving you Its function W 99 L 6 W(198)
appointed as the means to save the world is dim and W 100 L 3 W(200)
thought would be enough to save you and the world, if W 110 L 1 W(225)
forever saved, with power to save whoever touches Him however lightly W 110 L 6 W(226)
His plan that I might save the world. W 115 W 114 L 2 W(235)
An unheard message will not save the world, however mighty be W 123 L 5 W(249)
for every second; power to save the world eons more quickly W 123 L 7 W(249)
and healed; that we can save and heal accordingly. We have W 124 L 7 W(251)
you. No other means can save it, for Gods plan W 125 L 2 W(253)
of God is free to save himself, given the Word of W 125 L 2 W(253)
your beliefs? And what can save the world except your Self W 132 L 1 W(273)
not have to fight to save himself. He does not have W 134 L 12 W(283)
using his offenses but to save the world from all ideas W 134 L 16 W(284)
that his own defense can save himself? And herein lies the W 135 L 1 W(285)
unhealed mind sets up to save itself must make the body W 135 L 14 W(287)
Fathers anger. What can save you now from your delusion W 153 L 7 W(325)
our true purpose is to save the world, and we would W 153 L 8 W(325)
firmly in the mind, would save the world. From time to W 162 L 1 W(354)
before him always. He will save the world because he gives W 162 L 3 W(354)
your most holy mind to save the world. Is not this W 164 L 8 W(360)
learn a lesson which can save you more delay and needless W 170 L 2 W(377)
my hands, through which I save the world. The Self from W 170 R5 9 W(383)
in Heavens plan to save the world, restoring it to W 186 L 1 W(406)
them. If you are to save the world, you first accept W 187 L 3 W(410)
to redeem the lost, to save the helpless and to give W 191 L 8 W(423)
to cite the truth to save its lies. Yet must it W 196 L 2 W(438)
can call on Him to save you from illusions in His W 196 L 11 W(440)
breeds no others. All illusions save this one must multiply a W 197 L 3 W(443)
will work. His Words will save. His Words contain all hope W 197 L 6 W(444)
God. Accept this fact, and save yourself the agony of yet W 200 L 1 W(449)
change our function. We must save the world. For we who W 240 W3 5 W(484)
with me. For I would save Your Son, as is Your W 245 L 1 W(489)
not join in what will save the world, along with us W 264 L 2 W(510)
and all I need to save the world is given me W 267 L 1 W(513)
Father. He has come to save me from the evil self W 303 L 2 W(553)
has come to us to save us from our judgment on W 305 L 2 W(555)
join with me today. We save the world when we are W 313 L 2 W(564)
of Heavens plan to save the world. What could conflict W 318 L 1 W(569)
No light but this can save the world. For this alone W 333 L 2 W(586)
Father, for Your plan to save me from the hell I W 342 L 1 W(596)
giving means, and thought to save what I desired for myself W 344 L 1 W(598)
And through His memory to save the world. W 350 L 0 W(604)
established. Their function is to save time. Each one begins as M 2 A 2 M(3)
the same outcome. They merely save time. Yet it is time M 2 A 4 M(4)
other way is there to save His Son?

M 14 A 8 M(36)
the day right does indeed save time. How much time should M 17 A 3 M(41)
made a power that can save you from all the fearful M 17 A 6 M(42)
to you for help to save the world. Teacher of God M 30 A 8 M(70)
ready yet to help Me save the world? Ask this instead U 3 A 9 U(5)
the gift of God to save His Son. But look on U 4 A 7 U(7)
illusions do. Yet who can save unless he sees illusions and U 6 A 2 U(10)
might appear to men and save them from their own illusions U 6 A 2 U(10)
was sent to save humanity. He is the great U 7 A 3 U(12)
him when he began to save the world. And you will U 7 A 5 U(12)
to go. Psychotherapy can only save him time. The Holy Spirit P 2 A 5 P(2)
the means He uses to save time, and to prepare additional P 2 A 5 P(2)
the one who tries to save him from them, believing that P 3 E 9 P(11)
has one advantage that can save enormous time if it is P 4 B 9 P(23)
Accomplish this and you will save the world. B. Forgiveness S 2 A 1 S(12)
God calls on you to save His Son from death by S 2 B 8 S(14)
person deigns to stoop to save a baser one from what S 2 C 2 S(15)
in which forgiveness comes to save Gods Son. The light S 2 D 5 S(18)
given Him to teach, to save it from destruction and to S 2 D 6 S(19)
right hand, made free to save as true forgiveness is allowed S 2 D 6 S(19)
and I have come to save and to redeem the world G 1 A 9 G(3)
the sword he holds to save himself from waking. For before G 3 A 2 G(6)
within its shadows? Who can save you now by giving you G 3 A 3 G(6)
Voice for God would say: Save Me, My brother, as you G 4 A 8 G(12)
Me, My brother, as you save yourself, And let Me give G 4 A 8 G(12)