does NOT believe in karmic retribution at all. His Divine mind T 3 C 8 T(133)132
Him retaliative, and FEAR HIS RETRIBUTION. What they have done is T 9 D 3 T(392)219
HIM invisible, the world of retribution rose in the black cloud T 11 J 6 T(481)308
that offended it, and seeks retribution OF YOU. The fantasies it T 16 H 3 T(626)- 453
not contain the dream of retribution for the past. Would you T 16 H 4 T(627)- 454
This interval in time, when retribution is perceived to be the T 26 I 7 T(927)753
to get? Is it not retribution for your own attack upon T 26 K 4 T(932)758
been unworthy and deserve the retribution of the wrath of God S 2 C 3 S(16)
children from the dream of retribution and a little life beset S 3 E 8 S(27)
learning for channelizing purposes. Remember retroactive inhibition which should be easyT 1 B 11c T(3)-3-
into the Record, which corrects retroactively as well as progressively. T 2 C 22 T(96) 95
of this; each will progress. Retrogression is temporary. The overall directionP 3 B 1 P(4)
the result to look like retrogression. But in the end there P 3 D 3 P(8)
your experiences here deceive in retrospect. They were NOT free from T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
and their Soul forgives in return. It is the duty of T 1 B 29 T(17)17
the family of God must return. The miracle calls to him T 1 B 34b T(23)23
miracle calls to him to return, because it blesses and honors T 1 B 34b T(23)23
communicative devices. When man can return to his original form of T 1 B 40ac T(43)43
to wait, because you CAN return now, if you choose. (Note T 1 C 8 T(56)56
distinction, it is well to return to the errors already listed T 2 A 15 T(68)68
is a real effort to return to your own original state T 2 B 31 T(78)78
steps without advancing toward his return. T 2 B 48 T 2 B 47 T(81) 81
point, the bridge of the return has been built. T T 2 B 48 T(81) 81
not sick, so I could return to my exercises. While I T 2 B 52 T(82) 82
s question about whether people return voluntarily.) T 3 D T 3 D 2 T(144)143
that the Resurrection was the return to knowledge, which was accomplished T 3 G 1 T(159)158
sell him their Souls in return for gifts they KNOW are T 3 I 4 T(181)C 8
IS truth, and you MUST return to this Beginning. Much has T 3 I 13 T(184)C 11
of God, and He will return their praise of Him, because T 4 H 11 T(231)C 58
want to bless them in return, out of gratitude. T T 5 A 3 T(233)C 60
It is the call to return, with which God blessed the T 5 C 10 T(236)C 63
will be no call to return, but what God creates is T 5 D 1 T(237)C 64
Spirit speaks. The call to return is stronger than the call T 5 D 5 T(238)C 65
as you are willing to return the part of your mind T 5 F 5 T(248)C 75
God are waiting for your return, just as YOU are waiting T 5 H 2 T(259)C 86
TO the ego will merely return to the Kingdom, where your T 5 H 12 T(262)C 89
is His special function to return YOU to eternity and remain T 5 H 16 T(263)C 90
mind cannot LOSE. Freud saw return as a threat to maturity T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
You are asked merely to return to God the mind as T 5 I 13 T(268)C 95
collaborative venture. Let me therefore return his own ideas to him T 5 I 17 T(269)C 96
YOUR part is merely to return your thinking to the point T 5 I 20 T(269)C 96
God. He tells you to return your whole mind to God T 6 C 11 T(280)C 107
can accept the idea that RETURN is necessary, because it can T 6 C 12 T(280)C 107
Spirit tells you that even RETURN is unnecessary, because what never T 6 C 12 T(280)C 107
cannot make the idea of return both necessary AND difficult. God T 6 C 12 T(280)C 107
receiving something equally desirable in return. His TEACHING is limited becauseT 7 F 9 T(321)C 148
inspires them, but they WILL return to the mind of the T 7 G 1 T(324)C 151
time. He was ashamed to return to his father, because he T 8 F 5 T(360)C 187
else, and expect joy in return? And what else BUT joy T 8 F 7 T(360)C 187
reach beyond its distortions and RETURN to the Soul. The ego T 8 G 10 T(366)C 193
is of God. But your RETURN to meaning is essential TO T 8 I 10 T(376)C 203
low, but demand a high RETURN. But you will have forgotten T 8 K 11 T(385) 212
to VALUE, so that YOUR return is IN PROPORTION TO YOUR T 8 K 11 T(385) 212
of the value of the RETURN. T 8 K 12 T 8 K 11 T(385) 212
Second Coming is merely the return of SENSE. Can this POSSIBLY T 9 C 10 T(391)218
AWARENESS of Reality, not its RETURN. Behold, my children, Reality is T 9 C 12 T(391)218
NOT because they will not return, but because delay of joy T 9 F 2 T(398)- 225
surely pointless to attack in return. What can this mean, except T 9 F 6 T(400)- 227
do not want anything else. Return your part of Him, and T 9 F 10 T(401)228
Himself, in exchange for your return of what belongs to Him T 9 F 10 T(401)228
gifts to induce you to return to its protection. SELF-inflation is T 9 G 1 T(401)228
place merely waits for your return. God, through His Voice, reminds T 9 G 10 T(404)231
not know them, until you return TO them. T 9 T 9 G 10 T(404)231
will do yours, and HIS return in exchange for yours is T 9 I 3 T(408)- 235
you to return, and He will be heard T 9 I 18 T(412)- 239
DOES call to you to return. When you think He has T 9 K 7 T(416)- 243
Father. Heaven waits for his return, for it was created as T 9 K 11 T(417)- 244
much is waiting for your return. T 10 B 6 T 10 B 5 T(421)- 248
back, so will YOUR mind return. That is the law of T 10 E 3 T(430)- 257
and will take nothing in return. For what is yours IS T 10 H 9 T(445)- 272
and gives you nothing in return. You CANNOT sell your Soul T 11 G 1 T(469)- 296
Him. And He will NOT return it, for it is unworthy T 12 E 7 T(497)- 324
it. And He will not return unto the Father, until He T 12 E 10 T(499)- 326
to your Creator, He will return your thanks, in His clear T 12 F 9 T(503)330
light to them, THEY WILL RETURN IT. Everyone you see IN T 12 F 10 T(503)330
and tired, and ready to return to dust, even as you T 12 G 2 T(505)332
you, and BY you in return. For how can you remember T 13 E 9 T(524)351
world of death behind, and return quietly to Heaven. There is T 14 B 2 T(540)- 367
not delay yourselves in your return to peace, by wondering how T 14 D 7 T(548)- 375
holiness waits quietly for the return of them that love it T 14 E 4 T(552)- 379
the Presence knows they will return to purity and to grace T 14 E 4 T(552)- 379
YOU KNOW NOT, peace will return, for you will have invited T 14 G 14 T(562)- 389
YOU may give it, and return it to the Father, Who T 15 K 8 T(599)- 426
giving nothing of value in return. For how much value CAN T 16 F 7 T(618)445
past, and that you must RETURN to the past, to FIND T 16 H 4 T(627)- 454
you ONLY that you may return evil FOR evil, hoping that T 17 D 2 T(635)- 462
peace, in those who heard? Return with me to Heaven, walking T 18 B 10 T(662)489
view of it, when you return. T 18 H 3 T 18 H 2 T(682)631a
and the bodys activities return to occupy your conscious mind T 18 H 10 T(684) 631c
rest, to which you can return. And you will be more T 18 H 10 T(684) 631c
comes, and where it would return WITH you. T 18 T 18 I 8 T(687)511
the messengers of your perception return to you, assuring you that T 18 J 8 T(691)515
unto its coming, and to return their messages to YOU. T 19 B 10 T(697)521
relationship. Would you not now RETURN His graciousness, and enter into T 19 D 17 T(707)- 531
and carried away, never to return. And part with it in T 19 E 10 T(710)534
they send forth, and which return to them with messages written T 19 F 2 T(711)535
messengers are gently sent, and return with messages of love and T 19 F 2 T(711)535
to look upon it, and return with word of what they T 19 F 3 T(711)535
feast only upon what they return to him. No little shred T 19 F 4 T(712)536
for the corruptible, and to return with gorges filled with things T 19 F 5 T(712)536
THEY are as eager to return to you what they hold T 19 F 6 T(712)536
their notice. And they will return, with all the happy things T 19 F 6 T(712)536
to send each other, and return to each with what love T 19 F 7 T(713)537
or wander on, only to return and make the choice again T 19 L 3 T(729)553
again; to which we will RETURN until redemption is accomplished AND T 19 L 9 T(730)554
receive it OF Him, in RETURN for what you gave. T 19 L 10 T(731)555
Idols ACCEPT, but never make return. They can BE loved, but T 20 G 3 T(751)574
to no relationships, and no return. Here is the mystery of T 20 G 6 T(752)575
the holy one of safe return. Here is the way to T 20 G 10 T(753)576
581 quietly return. It HAS been saved for T 20 I 2 T(758)581
without a hope of safe return. You TEACH him this, and T 21 G 6 T(785)606
but close enough NOT to return to earth. For this relationship T 22 A 4 T(796)- 617
attack. And here can He RETURN in confidence, for faith in T 22 B 12 T(800)620
this holy place He will return with you, not leaving it T 22 E 5 T(809)628
laid BETWEEN you and its return. Yet how can peace BE T 22 F 2 T(811)630
smaller than another, nor that return from one is easier. The T 23 C 22 T(832)651
apparent, that it will not return. There IS no safety in T 23 D 6 T(834)653
forgiveness only that he may return it unto you. It is T 24 C 8 T(844)663
this of you; that you return to him what is his T 25 F 4 T(881)700
that one, so justice may return to love, and there be T 25 I 11 T(895)714
IN PLACE of healing and return of peace? Salvation cannot SEEK T 25 J 6 T(898)717
the Father AND the Son return to what is Theirs, and T 26 J 7 T(930)756
cause for fear. Let us return the dream he gave away T 27 I 5 T(963)789
and to attack him in return. T 28 G 5 T 28 G 4 T(986)812
bloom and fade, will not return. Where time has set an T 29 G 2 T(1004)818
sacrifice your rights when you return forgiveness for attack. But you T 30 G 2 T(1033)847
during the day. We will return to them later.
W 4 L 4 W(7)
become preoccupied with irrelevant thoughts. Return to the first phase as W 43 L 6 W(73)
eyes briefly. Try, however, to return to the exercises as soon W 44 L 9 W(76)
It is not necessary to return to the original statements, nor W 50 R1 6 W(91)
As forgiveness allows love to return to my awareness I will W 55 L 3 W(100)
does the truth about yourself return to your memory. Therefore in W 62 L 1 W(114)
and which you love in return. W 68 L 7 W 68 L 6 W(127)
as an excuse not to return to it again as soon W 95 L 7 W(186)
being asked for nothing in return for everything. Here is a W 98 L 6 W(195)
bid for a more valuable return; a loan with interest to W 105 L 2 W(210)
yourself. And here you must return, to claim them as your W 105 L 6 W(211)
and tranquil that you will return to the familiar world reluctantly W 107 L 9 W(218)
will find you have exact return, for this is what you W 108 L 9 W(220)
let it disappear. Thus you return your mind as one to W 121 L 6 W(242)
throughout the day, as you return again to meet a world W 122 L 13 W(246)
God, in certainty that His return will be a sense of W 124 L 11 W(252)
has not waited until you return your mind to Him to W 125 L 5 W(253)
road to truth. He will return and go still farther, or W 132 L 6 W(274)
back a while and then return again. But healing is the W 132 L 6 W(274)
is spent for nothing in return. And time goes by without W 138 L 3 W(300)
left to which it can return.

--- Manuscript
W 140 L 4 W(307)
need to give Him in return. You lay aside but what W 153 L 20 W(328)
of Heaven, though you will return to paths of learning, yet W 157 L 3 W(339)
world to which you will return becomes a little closer to W 157 L 7 W(340)
come when you will not return in the same form in W 157 L 7 W(340)
returned to them. And they return them gladly unto Him. W 159 L 9 W(346)
gives the means for a return to our unlost and everlasting W 159 L 10 W(346)
look, for he has made return impossible. His way is lost W 160 L 6 W(348)
come from, there will they return. W 167 L 6 W 167 L 5 W(369)
14. Be grateful to return, as you were glad to W 169 L 14 W(376)
leave it here. And you return to a new world unburdened W 170 L 11 W(379)
step by step, how to return to the Eternal Self we W 170 R5 5 W(382)
place which called you to return although you do not recognize W 183 L 1 W(394)
actively dismissed, but surely to return to mind again. W W 183 L 1 W(394)
interval in which He can return to breathe again the holy W 183 L 5 W(395)
home as well. He will return. But give Him just a W 183 L 5 W(395)
Himself might stay, and not return again where He does not W 183 L 7 W(395)
away, and He will not return to it alone. W W 183 L 9 W(396)
He asks unceasingly that you return with Him, and take illusions W 183 L 11 W(396)
certain as the suns return each morning to dispel the W 186 L 11 W(408)
in giving. Yet it must return to him who gives. Nor W 187 L 2 W(410)
remind you how you must return. They heed your Fathers W 188 L 7 W(414)
safety and escape you will return and set it free. For W 191 L 5 W(423)
and opening his holy eyes return again to bless the world W 191 L 10 W(424)
Creation merely waits for your return to be acknowledged, not to W 192 L 2 W(425)
live forever. Would you not return your mind to this? Then W 199 L 8 W(448)
moment upon this. And then return to earth without confusion as W 219 L 1 W(458)
at home. Today we would return. Our name is Yours, and W 223 L 2 W(465)
1. Father, I must return Your Love for me. For W 225 L 1 W(467)
Love to me. I must return It, for I want It W 225 L 1 W(467)
my home awaits my glad return. Your arms are open, and W 226 L 2 W(468)
today we find our glad return to Heaven, which we never W 227 L 2 W(469)
all the love which I return to Him. W 246 W 246 L 1 W(490)
2. Father, we would return our minds to you. We W 249 L 2 W(493)
unchanged. Would you still hold return to Heaven back? How long W 250 W4 5 W(495)
means by which our minds return to Him at last. W 256 L 1 W(501)
lessons to surpass perception and return to truth. I ask for W 269 L 1 W(515)
how to dismiss it and return to peace. We need but W 273 W6 1 W(520)
Fathers Love will not return to signify the end of W 280 W7 4 W(528)
let the memory of You return to me.

W 291 L 2 W(540)
correction of mistakes and the return of sanity. It is a W 300 W9 1 W(550)
And so, our Father, we return to You, remembering we never W 306 L 2 W(556)
fear complete release from suffering, return to peace, security and happinessW 310 W10 3 W(561)
Son, and call Him to return to the eternal peace He W 310 W10 4 W(561)
forever pure. Therefore awaken and return to Me. I am Your W 310 W10 5 W(561)
only to let this memory return, only to let Gods W 320 W11 4 W(572)
is my will that I return. W 321 L 2 W 321 L 1 W(573)
loss of fear, and the return of Love into my mind W 322 L 2 W(574)
off a while, and then return. Your loving Voice will always W 324 L 1 W(576)
share with You. We would return to It today, to be W 330 L 2 W(582)
light the way for our return to You. No light but W 333 L 2 W(586)
mind, and call it to return and look within, to find W 336 L 1 W(589)
paves the way for the return of timelessness and loves W 340 W13 1 W(594)
heal our minds as we return to Him.

W 349 L 2 W(603)
me to let Your memory return to me, and give it W 350 L 1 W(604)
gates of Heaven. Knowledge will return when we have done our W 350 W14 3 W(605)
henceforth. For we would not return again to the belief in W 360 FL 1 W(616)
still has a basis for return.

--- Manuscript
M 10 A 1 M(27)
instant this occurs he will return to earlier attempts to place M 17 A 8 M(43)
peace cannot exist will certainly return. War is again accepted as M 21 A 4 M(51)
so, making fear inevitable. To return the function to the One M 30 A 3 M(68)
lets the memory of love return to

M 30 A 3 M(68)
to rise up and to return to Him in peace. U 4 A 2 U(6)
the memory of God can return. The reason is obvious. Seeing U 4 A 4 U(6)
to take form but to return to the eternal Formlessness of U 7 A 5 U(12)
process of psychotherapy is the return to sanity. Teacher and pupil P 3 C 5 P(6)
self-concept into which they cannot return. In a word, error is P 3 E 6 P(10)
sickness disappears. Nor will it return again, once its cause has P 3 H 3 P(16)
it is the means of return; the way God chose for P 4 B 4 P(22)
way God chose for the return of His Son. In that P 4 B 4 P(22)
means by which you can return to Him in peace. DO S 2 B 3 S(13)
Christ. How otherwise can prayer return to God? He loves His S 2 B 3 S(13)
a brief delay in its return to dust, where it was S 3 B 1 S(20)
Without you is creation incomplete. Return to Me Who never left S 3 E 8 S(27)
E 10. So now return your holy

S 3 E 10 S(27)
hold my hand as you return because we come together. Now G 1 A 8 G(3)
of God is waiting your return. Be still and hear Him G 3 A 7 G(8)
gifts but His. We but return his Own unto Himself. But G 4 A 8 G(12)
gifts, and ask him to return again to Him. G G 4 A 8 G(12)
with love beside you to return the gift of love that G 4 A 9 G(12)
it would have you keep. Return them, then, for it is G 4 A 10 G(12)
He teaches you how to return them in the way He G 4 A 10 G(12)
no limit; love no lessening. Return, My Child, to Me. For G 4 A 10 G(12)
him peace again on her return. He loves you as a G 5 A 2 G(13)