the inherent error of Soul avoidance, REAL physical creation is avoided T 1 C 7 T(56)56
of the miracles inherent avoidance of within-error distinctions. Its SOLE T 2 A 25 T(71)71
power of thought, and real avoidance of miscreation. Otherwise, the miracleT 2 E 18 T(104)103
better understanding, and of an avoidance of correction by someone else T 3 A 38 T(129)128
teacher teaches through approach, NOT avoidance. He does not emphasize whatT 6 F 4 T(289)C 116
17 A 9. The avoidance of magic is the avoidance M 17 A 9 M(43)
avoidance of magic is the avoidance of temptation. For all temptation M 17 A 9 M(43)
avoidance, REAL physical creation is avoided, and fantasy gratification is substitutedT 1 C 7 T(56)56
on will conflicts.) (NOTE I avoided this term in the last T 2 E 13 T(103)102
to considerable misinterpretation. This is avoided, however, if image is understoodT 3 G 11 T(162)161
the unreal. This cannot be avoided in any type of judgment T 3 H 3 T(175)C 2
be chosen and the other avoided. By choosing one, you give T 5 D 3 T(237)C 64
nothing else, and would be avoided. IT HAS NO ATTRACTION NOW T 18 H 3 T(682)631a
attempted, specific exclusion must be avoided. Be sure you are honest W 9 L 3 W(15
need for this can be avoided. M 17 A 3 M 17 A 2 M(41)
to heal are right in avoiding it, because the very fact T 2 C 14 T(92)91
I make a point of avoiding redundancy. Unless a miracle actually T 2 E 23 T(106)105
It dictates endless prescriptions for AVOIDING this catastrophic outcome. The HolyT 8 H 6 T(371)C 198
LIKE THE PAST, and thus AVOIDING the present. By the notion T 12 D 4 T(493)320
is but a way of avoiding, or looking AWAY FROM the T 16 C 2 T(604)431
choosing its witnesses, and in AVOIDING those who spoke for the T 16 D 2 T(608)435
This is not done by avoiding them and seeking a haven W 50 R1 4 W(90)
carries us. For its simplicity avoids the snares the foolish convolutions W 189 L 6 W(417)
act, the miracle need not await the Right-Mindedness of the receiver T 2 C 15 T(93)92
lets you live but to await death. It will torment you T 11 H 14 T(476)- 303
and His Son await your recognition. They are joined T 14 D 13 T(551)- 378
skills WITHOUT an application. They AWAIT their use. They have NO T 28 A 3 T(967)793
change, and shine forever. They await not birth. They wait for T 30 D 7 T(1025)839
others, so my real thoughts await the real thoughts in them W 54 L 3 W(98)
meaningless desires have been stilled. Await His Word in quiet. There W 125 L 6 W(254)
L 11. They must await your own release. They stay W 191 L 11 W(424)
place of peace where you await with certainty the final step W 194 L 1 W(432)
in devastationís arms, where worms await to greet him and to M 28 A 3 M(64)
A 6. These things await us all, but we are M 29 A 6 M(67)
in which your freedom lies, awaiting but your choice. And, if T 21 F 3 T(780)601
time, for help is there, awaiting but his choice. And when T 25 D 6 T(874)693
mind, for it is there, awaiting but your choice. You cannot W 102 L 4 W(205)
gifts illusions tried to hide, awaiting me in shining welcome, and W 322 L 1 W(574)
me, and loves me still, awaiting but my call to give W 327 L 1 W(579)
then, is the world that awaits your perception WHEN YOU SEE T 10 H 1 T(443)- 270
of the Kingdom. Your inheritance awaits only the recognition that you T 11 E 7 T(464)- 291
be, and where your Self awaits you.

T 16 D 8 T(610)437
you. But its REALITY, which awaits you on the other side T 16 E 2 T(611)438
gladly, and learn how much awaits you, for the simple willingness T 16 G 10 T(624)- 451
it is there that peace awaits you.

T 18 K 4 T(693)517
The resurrection of the world awaits YOUR healing and YOUR happiness T 27 G 7 T(956)782
C 5. The world awaits the freedom you will give T 30 C 5 T(1022)836
Himself. The worlds salvation awaits your forgiveness because through it W 64 L 3 W(117)
to forgive itself. Each one awaits release from hell through you W 121 L 7 W(242)
speaks to you. His Voice awaits your silence, for His Word W 125 L 6 W(254)
Lesson 226. My home awaits me. I will hasten there W 226 L 0 W(468)
2. Father, my home awaits my glad return. Your arms W 226 L 2 W(468)
to be in prison, and awaits a future freedom if it W 279 W6 1 W(526)
at last. Your holy world awaits us, as our sight is W 302 L 1 W(552)
L 2. Our Love awaits us as we go to W 302 L 2 W(552)
it welcome. And the world awaits your glad acceptance, which will W 310 W10 4 W(561)
secure. The memory of You awaits me there, and all my W 317 L 2 W(568)
short indeed of all that awaits one when the pathway ceases M 20 A 2 M(49)
whether you are asleep or awake. Consider how much vigilance you T 4 D 22 T(213)C 40
whether you are asleep or awake, (just as your ego does T 4 E 20 T(218)C 45
Spirit is the call to awake and be glad. The world T 5 D 11 T(239)C 66
and God calls you to awake. There will be nothing left T 6 E 6 T(285)C 112
Him, because you WILL be awake. Your dreams have contained many T 6 E 6 T(285)C 112
E 7. When you awake, you will see the Truth T 6 E 7 T(286)C 113
is ALWAYS the call to awake, WHATEVER you may have been T 6 F 6 T(290)C 117
how to become more consistently awake, and thus begin to waken T 6 F 16 T(292)119
peace only BECAUSE YOU ARE AWAKE. T 8 I 5 T 8 I 4 T(374)C 201
shared WITH God. When you awake in Him, you will know T 9 E 5 T(397)224
You are not yet awake, but you can learn HOW T 9 E 6 T(397)224
the laws of what you awake to WERE violated while you T 9 H 6 T(406)- 233
You do not remember being awake. When you hear the Holy T 9 H 7 T(406)- 233
for otherwise you will not awake in God, safely surrounded by T 10 G 6 T(441)268
call, for the Call to awake is WITHIN you. If I T 10 G 9 T(442)269
live in you, you ARE awake. Yet you must see the T 10 G 9 T(442)269
BECAUSE it is His Will. Awake and remember your purpose, for T 11 C 13 T(457)- 284
then will you decide to awake. And then the real world T 11 G 6 T(470)- 297
need have I but to awake in Him? Then follow Him T 12 G 13 T(509)- 336
will have no meaning. Who, awake in Heaven, could dream that T 17 C 7 T(634)- 461
your brother, that you may awake in him the Voice that T 26 J 1 T(928)754
of a dream is NOT awake, but does NOT know he T 28 C 6 T(973)- 799
you are either sleeping OR awake. And dreaming goes with only T 29 E 1 T(999)813
not then be WILLING to awake, for which the miracle prepares T 29 E 2 T(999)813
its sleep appears to be awake. Can all this arise from W 68 L 2 W(126)
in your eyes as you awake, and gives you joy with W 122 L 2 W(244)
can merely dream he is awake. The dreams forgiveness lets the W 140 L 3 W(307)
fifteen minutes thus when you awake, and gladly give another fifteen W 151 L 16 W(319)
around the world. The dead awake in answer to its call W 162 L 2 W(354)
not. Yet mind is mind awake or sleeping. It is not W 167 L 7 W(369)
God creates only mind awake. He does not sleep, and W 167 L 8 W(369)
will not gather to Himself, awake in Heaven in the Heart W 340 L 2 W(593)
that is the call to awake. And what else should therapy P 4 B 4 P(22)
what else should therapy be? Awake and be glad, for all P 4 B 4 P(22)
last: gone is the dream. Awake, My Child, in love. G 3 A 10 G(9)
of meeting it. When you awaken you will not be able T 4 B 25 T(194)C 21
EVERYONE. By your recognition you awaken theirs, and through theirs YOURS T 8 C 9 T(350)C 177
the Spirit. ONLY when you awaken joyously have you utilized sleep T 8 I 4 T(374)C 201
D 12. As you awaken other minds TO Him through T 9 D 12 T(395)222
you can learn HOW to awaken. Very simply the Holy Spirit T 9 E 6 T(397)224
Holy Spirit teaches you to awaken others. As you see them T 9 E 6 T(397)224
G 9. You will awaken to your OWN call, for T 10 G 9 T(442)269
you are hiding. I will awaken you as surely as I T 11 C 14 T(457)- 284
but merely sleep. He would awaken them from the sleep of T 11 G 4 T(469)- 296
DREAM of peace, and THEN awaken to it. Your first exchange T 12 G 8 T(507)334
Spirit will teach you to awaken unto us, and to yourself T 12 G 14 T(509)- 336
him the glad call to awaken and be glad? He cannot T 13 E 8 T(523)350
in that instant, you will awaken gently in Him. T T 15 C 1 T(567)394
hate the call that would awaken them. And they curse God T 24 D 7 T(848)667
Lord of Heaven will Himself awaken His beloved Son. T T 27 H 14 T(961)787
dream. The miracle does not awaken you, but merely shows you T 28 C 4 T(972)- 798
live in dreams, or to awaken from them. Thus it is T 29 E 1 T(999)813
How can His Son AWAKEN from the dream? It is T 29 J 2 T(1012)826
practice period. Thus you will awaken with an acknowledgment of the W 61 L 6 W(113)
key to happiness. I will awaken from the dream that I W 121 L 14 W(243)
seen the light that would awaken him and end the dream W 140 L 2 W(307)
let the Son of God awaken from his sleep, and opening W 191 L 10 W(424)
help Your plan that we awaken from all dreams we made W 294 L 2 W(543)
changeless and forever pure. Therefore awaken and return to Me. I W 310 W10 5 W(561)
waking. For before he could awaken, he would first be forced G 3 A 2 G(6)