BE answered, but only to restate its point of view. All T 27 E 3 T(947)773
way of Love, and a restatement of an earlier experience, now T 2 B 53 T(82) 82
assignment will conclude with a restatement of the thought to use W 110 R3 12 W(230)
for bodily ills are simply restatements of magic principles. It was T 2 C 9 T(90)89
whole distortion which created magic rested on the belief that there T 2 C 6 T(89)88
believed in a world which rested upon it. This is very T 4 B 13 T(191)C 18
knows that he has ALWAYS rested there in peace. T T 17 C 6 T(634)- 461
small indeed if your salvation rested on a whim? W W 126 L 5 W(256)
to show that what it rested on is really there. And W 340 W13 4 W(594)
in it, and show it rested on a world more real W 340 W13 4 W(594)
whether this is not more restful than sleep. For you can T 13 I 7 T(538)365
if you find the exercises restful. To facilitate this, select a W 32 L 4 W(53)
should experience a sense of restfulness as you do this. W 29 L 6 W(50)
the body thankfully behind, and resting in the Everlasting Arms. Love T 20 G 10 T(753)576
BE disturbed. How can the resting place of God turn on T 23 B 11 T(824)643
-- His Son is safe, resting on Him. It is your T 24 D 4 T(847)666
offered them, to be THEIR resting place as well as YOURS T 26 J 5 T(929)755
is an ark of safety, resting on Gods promise, that T 28 H 7 T(989)815
are heard. There is a resting place so still no sound T 29 F 1 T(1001)815
hold the judgment off from resting on himself. Nor CAN he T 29 J 2 T(1012)826
thoughts. Then look about you, resting your glance on each thing W 17 L 2 W(30)
or unhuman, with your eyes resting on each subject you so W 25 L 6 W(43)
with your hand; feel them resting on your cheeks and forehead W 69 L 5 W(129)
we remind them of their resting place each time we tell W 109 L 9 W(224)
for you, makes soft your resting place and smooth your way W 165 L 2 W(362)
peace that is His home, resting in silence and in peace W 183 L 5 W(395)
Generally, his faithfulness begins by resting on just some problems, remainingM 5 J 1 M(16)
always His potential temple; the resting place of Christ and home P 4 C 6 P(26)
that you offer Him a resting-place, where YOU will rest in T 19 D 17 T(707)- 531
to whom you gave a resting-place by your forgiveness of EACH T 19 J 9 T(724)548
of Heaven. Such is the resting-place where your Father has placed W 50 L 5 W(89)
been at all, healing offers restitution for imagined states and false W 137 L 5 W(297)
sorrow. He would make a restitution though He is complete; a W 186 L 13 W(409)
surely KEEP, and be not restless, for you undertake a quiet T 12 G 13 T(509)- 336
makes, yet none contents his restless mind. He does not understand W 183 L 3 W(394)
to have value in your restless mind, then will you hear W 183 L 8 W(395)
your heritage to the greater Restoration. As long as a single T 1 B 41r T(47)47
release is not complete. Complete restoration of the Sonship is the T 1 B 41r T(47)47
the Bible means by the Restoration of the Temple. It DOES T 2 B 66 T(86)85
It DOES NOT mean the restoration of the building, but it T 2 B 66 T(86)85
call to Atonement, or the restoration of the integrity of the T 5 D 1 T(237)C 64
altar, Christ waits for the restoration of Himself in YOU. T 10 E 7 T(431)258
is so important in the restoration of your sanity. For if T 11 F 2 T(465)292
T 13 D. Release and Restoration (N 1144 8:248) T 13 D 0 T(516)- 343
to the holy cause of restoration. T 14 C 6 T 14 C 5 T(545)- 372
and the second with the restoration of sight. It is recommended W 1 IN1 3 W(1)
become the means for the restoration of his holiness to his W 43 L 2 W(72)
make; the only cost of restoration of Your memory to me W 323 L 1 W(575)
plan of God for the restoration of joy and peace. And P 4 C 8 P(27)
Now you need a quick restorative BEFORE you ask. T T 30 B 3 T(1017) 831
of the Atonement is to restore everything TO you. (That is T 1 B 23g T(12)12
TO you. (That is, to restore the awareness. Later clarification.) You T 1 B 23g T(12)12
his mind from illusions, they restore his sanity, and place him T 1 B 28 T(17)17
both exert every effort to restore it to what it once T 1 B 41i T(46)46
sense, it is utilized to RESTORE, not to go back to T 2 B 31 T(78)78
fact, its purpose is to restore him TO his Right Mind T 2 C 15 T(93)92
to correct the illogical and restore order. T 2 E T 2 E 48 T(112)111
the Final Judgment is to RESTORE Right-Mindedness TO man. T T 2 F 2 T(118)117
of the Kingdom than to restore it to the perfect integration T 5 D 11 T(239)C 66
the Holy Spirit appeal to restore Gods Kingdom? His appeal T 8 C 9 T(350)C 177
join WITH me is to restore His power TO you BECAUSE T 8 E 18 T(358)C 185
To remember is merely to restore to your mind WHAT IS T 9 I 3 T(407)- 234
of Gods Son you restore this reality, you restore it T 10 B 3 T(420)- 247
you restore this reality, you restore it to YOURSELF. For you T 10 B 3 T(420)- 247
it FOR you, He will restore what you have thrown away T 10 H 6 T(444)- 271
Spirit, Who wills only to RESTORE, be capable of MISinterpreting the T 10 H 9 T(445)- 272
For this memory would INSTANTLY restore you to your proper place T 12 C 2 T(488)315
CAN you need? We will restore to you the peace of T 12 G 14 T(509)- 336
which the Holy Spirit would RESTORE to you. He would remove T 13 D 10 T(519)- 346
you. The Holy Spirit WILL restore your sanity, because insanity is T 13 E 5 T(522)349
LEARN how to forgive, and restore WHAT ALWAYS WAS to your T 13 I 3 T(536)363
lesson, which seeks but to restore what is the right of T 14 B 8 T(542)- 369
which MY teaching calls you. Restore to God His Son, as T 14 B 10 T(542)- 369
you would crucify. But you RESTORE guiltlessness to whomever you SEE T 14 B 11 T(543)- 370
suffer crucifixion. The temple you restore becomes YOUR altar, for it T 14 B 11 T(543)- 370
creates, and thus must YOU restore. T 14 B 12 T 14 B 11 T(543)- 370
with it, in order to RESTORE it. Therefore, keep no source T 14 C 8 T(546)- 373
needs but very little, to restore Gods Whole power to T 15 B 13 T(567)394
is our task TOGETHER to restore the awareness of magnitude, to T 15 D 8 T(572)399
completion, and seek not to restore it to yourselves. Fear not T 15 I 4 T(589)- 416
and loss, without attempting to RESTORE himself? Yet how could you T 15 K 5 T(598)- 425
in which you seek to restore your wounded SELF-esteem. What basis T 16 H 1 T(626)- 453
how to restore the Kingdom TO you, and T 16 H 10 T(629)- 456
As you FORGIVE him, you RESTORE to truth what was denied T 17 B 4 T(631)458
meant is that He will RESTORE to them the function that T 17 E 2 T(640)467
INTERFERE with His plan to RESTORE to me my own awareness T 18 E 6 T(672)- 499
neither takes away, nor can restore. And yet you make strange T 28 B 4 T(968)794
peace. The miracle does not restore the truth, the light the T 29 I 5 T(1010)824
attack, and pleads that love restore the dying world! You do T 31 A 10 T(1045)859
guilt and pain. It will restore the invulnerability and power God W 62 L 3 W(114)
It has no power to restore your unity with him to W 126 L 6 W(256)
to our awareness, grateful to restore His home to God as W 152 L 11 W(323)
as he is. Will you restore to love what you have W 170 L 8 W(378)
desires and disordered wishes. We restore to them the holiness of W 188 L 8 W(415)
its home. Only forgiveness can restore the peace that God intended W 192 L 5 W(426)
you made for exile, to restore your mind to where it W 280 W7 3 W(528)
L 2. What could restore Your memory to me except W 335 L 2 W(588)
destroy the Holy Spirit would restore. Psychic abilities have been used M 26 A 6 M(61)
4. Psychotherapy, then, must restore to his awareness the ability P 2 A 4 P(2)
comes to those who would restore His world, for they have P 3 C 6 P(7)
truth, and used to help restore the wounded and to calm S 3 D 3 S(24)