the author of himself, and resents his own projection that you T 3 H 9 T(176)C 3
case, you join it without RESERVATION, because you love it, and T 18 G 14 T(680)507
accept the holy instant WITHOUT RESERVATION unless, JUST FOR AN INSTANT T 18 H 4 T(682)631a
uneasy by the lack of reservation involved, add: Vision has no W 27 L 2 W(46)
but MEAN it with NO reservations, for here the power of T 21 C 2 T(767)589
but partly true, with many reservations, then to be considered seriously W 284 L 1 W(532)
words today, go past all reservations, and arrive at full acceptance W 284 L 1 W(532)
receive. They simultaneously increase the reserve strength of the giver, andT 1 B 16 T(4)-4-
of the whole! What you RESERVE UNTO YOURSELF, you TAKE AWAY T 17 B 1 T(630)457
you to ESCAPE from them. Reserve not one idea aside from T 17 B 3 T(631)458
day to Him with no reserve at all. This is His W 233 L 2 W(476)
things without exception and without reserve. W 300 W9 2 W 300 W9 1 W(550)
The word Awe should be reserved only for revelations, to which T 1 B 40v T(41)41
that is what it always reserves for you in the end T 11 H 14 T(476)- 303
by judging AS HE DOES, reserving no judgment at all unto T 11 H 13 T(475)- 302
some dreams be more acceptable, reserving shame and secrecy for others W 185 L 8 W(403)
the Heaven where His Love resides. I am His holy Sinlessness W 350 W14 1 W(605)
way to us. In him resides salvation, offered us through our W 360 FL 4 W(616)
be perfectly clear before any residual fear which may still be T 3 C 1 T(132)131
the Holy Spirit, the blessed residue IS restored, and therefore continues T 5 G 2 T(254)C 81
T 11 F 11. Resign NOW as your own teachers T 11 F 11 T(467)294
This leads to neurotic resignation, and this is a state T 1 C 24 T(61)61
as your own teachers. THIS resignation will NOT lead to depression T 11 F 11 T(467)294
so strong that YOU cannot resist it. On this issue, then T 12 A 1 T(485)312
force which NO illusions can resist. This body only SEEMS to T 22 F 5 T(812)631
which makes them HARDER to resist than those you would not T 30 I 3 T(1040)854
of them you may actively resist. None of this will matter W 1 IN1 5 W(2)
3. Again, if you resist applying the idea to some W 6 L 3 W(10)
you that you will not resist Him longer. In that instant W 183 L 8 W(395)
ahead. And if you find resistance strong and dedication weak, you T 30 B 1 T(1016)830
and may meet with active resistance in any number of forms W 9 L 2 W(15
find it difficult to avoid resistance, in one form or another W 13 L 5 W(23)
concluding statement. Whatever form such resistance may take, remind yourself thatW 13 L 5 W(23)
benefit, even if you experience resistance. However, if you do, the W 17 L 4 W(30)
private thoughts. Despite your initial resistance to this idea, you will W 19 L 2 W(32)
that you will encounter strong resistance. The reason is very simple W 44 L 5 W(75)
44 L 9. If resistance rises in any form, pause W 44 L 9 W(76)
turning back, and no implacable resistance to the truth. A bit W 123 L 1 W(248)
body that makes it. The resistance to recognizing this is enormous M 6 C 1 M(19)
the egos last defense. Resistance is its way of looking P 3 B 2 P(4)
P 3 B 3. Resistance as defined here can be P 3 B 3 P(4)
even though you are so resistant, because I MIGHT be able T 2 E 6 T(101)100
of nothing CAN be more resistant to the truth than can T 23 C 3 T(825)644
E 48. The essential resolution rests entirely on the mastery T 2 E 48 T(112)111
point, and there is NO resolution, because you believe the one T 3 I 10 T(183)C 10
the next step toward its resolution. But having taken the first T 6 F 15 T(292)119
T 24 F. The Resolution of the Dream (N 1713 T 24 F 0 T(852)671
could SEE unfairness as a resolution. To Him, what is unfair T 25 J 3 T(897)716
another way. IT sees a resolution as a state in which T 25 J 4 T(898)717
is one which HAS no resolution, you have made it great T 26 C 4 T(905)724
BE no answer and no resolution. For its PURPOSE is to T 27 E 1 T(947)773
PURPOSE is to make NO resolution possible, and to ensure NO T 27 E 1 T(947)773
to be met in its resolution. The form of each application W 24 L 5 W(40)
be a conflict with no resolution possible. All things are possible W 71 L 6 W(135)
dream presents? What could the resolution mean in truth? What purpose W 96 L 6 W(190)
what is light except the resolution, born of peace, of all W 108 L 1 W(219)
to Gods Teacher for resolution is always self-doubt. And that M 8 A 5 M(24)
wills only to make HIS resolutions complete and perfect. And so T 17 D 8 T(637)- 464
is wholly undivided always. Whatever resolutions patient and therapist reach inP 3 B 3 P(4)
this reason, any attempt to resolve the basic conflict through the T 2 E 47 T(112)111
at this time. You cannot resolve your authority problem by depreciating T 3 I 3 T(181)C 8
ONLY the Holy Spirit can resolve conflict, because ONLY the Holy T 6 C 13 T(281)C 108
Death is an attempt to resolve conflict by not willing at T 6 F 7 T(290)C 117
to exacerbate conflict rather than resolve it, because it is the T 6 F 15 T(292)119
FEAR. Instead of trying to resolve it directly, you have a T 11 C 7 T(455)- 282 -
who use their brothers to resolve problems WHICH ARE NOT THERE T 13 D 4 T(517)344
And who can try to resolve the perceived conflict of Heaven T 15 K 4 T(598)- 425
have made. Today, let us resolve TOGETHER to accept the joyful T 16 C 9 T(607)434
to bless everyone, and to resolve ALL problems; to be they T 16 H 11 T(629)- 456
TAKE THIS ASPECT ELSEWHERE, and resolve it there. And it will T 17 G 7 T(653)480
made it greater, HARDER to resolve, AND MORE UNFAIR. It is T 25 J 3 T(897)716
with certain purpose and high resolve and happy confidence, holding each T 26 F 2 T(912)731
what you hear may not resolve the problem AS YOU SAW T 30 B 2 T(1016)830
of any problem, and to resolve them in such a way W 47 L 1 W(83)
God in you, you can resolve all seeming difficulties without effort W 50 L 4 W(88)
which seems particularly difficult to resolve, single it out for special W 74 L 4 W(144)
miracle behind this grievance will resolve it for me. The answer W 90 L 3 W(173)
time on this. Who can resolve the senseless conflicts which a W 96 L 6 W(190)
is seen as conflict. To resolve the conflict is to end W 138 L 7 W(301)
L 2. With this resolve I come to You, and W 290 L 2 W(538)
bring him suffering. Let us resolve today to ask for what W 339 L 1 W(592)
to solve all problems and resolve all doubts. His certainty is W 361 EP 1 W(619)
the conflict cannot ultimately be resolved UNTIL all of the individual T 2 E 52 T(114) 113
This contradiction cannot BE resolved except by accepting the solution T 5 G 14 T(258)C 85
fundamentally irreconcilable natures CANNOT be resolved by YOUR vacillations. Nothing aliveT 10 A 1 T(419)- 246
and illusion can ONLY be resolved by SEPARATING YOURSELF FROM THE T 16 D 4 T(609)436
loss to ANYONE has not RESOLVED the problem, but has added T 25 J 3 T(897)716
are great, and cannot BE resolved. For there are those you T 26 C 5 T(905)724
will see each little hurt resolved before the Holy Spirits T 26 C 6 T(906)725
NO problem which is not resolved within its gracious light. Abide T 26 H 16 T(923)749
there has ALL unfairness been resolved, and been REPLACED with justice T 26 K 6 T(932)758
and is every problem quietly resolved. In conflict there can BE T 27 E 1 T(947)773
in which your problems are resolved, for what He wills already T 27 E 1 T(947)773
be simple and be easily resolved. It MUST be pointless to T 27 E 2 T(947)773
as surely, it MUST be resolved, if it is brought to T 27 E 2 T(947)773
problem WILL be answered and resolved. Outside, there will be no T 27 E 3 T(947)773
let a simple problem be resolved, if it is SEEN as T 27 H 2 T(957)783
as you think you have resolved the previous ones. Others remain W 79 L 5 W(157)
not to let it be resolved. If you could recognize that W 79 L 6 W(158)
this recognition are all problems resolved. In this recognition there is W 79 L 9 W(158)
A problem that has been resolved cannot trouble you. Only be W 80 L 3 W(160)
me which I would have resolved. The miracle behind this grievance W 90 L 3 W(173)
wait for this to be resolved. The answer to this problem W 90 L 6 W(173)
have no meaning cannot be resolved within the framework they are W 96 L 3 W(189)
in conflict could not be resolved, and good and evil have W 96 L 3 W(189)
this one the others are resolved with it, for all decisions W 138 L 6 W(301)
In death alone are opposites resolved, for ending opposition is to W 138 L 7 W(301)
simply, then, the question is resolved. Who fears has but denied W 160 L 5 W(348)
You has every conflict been resolved. In You is everything I W 286 L 1 W(534)
Word through me. I am resolved to let You speak through W 296 L 1 W(545)
1. Conflict must be resolved. It cannot be evaded, set W 333 L 1 W(586)
can this unfair battle be resolved? Its ending is inevitable, for M 18 A 6 M(46)