the decisions of the mind, reproducing its desires and translating them P 3 G 3 P(14)
EXPLANATION: (In response to HS request re possible corrections.) Change theT 1 B 23f T(11)11
Soul gaining enough strength to request freedom from prison. It will T 1 B 30u T(21)21
2 B 73. (HS request for special message for B T 2 B 73 T(88)87
remembrance of me is the request for cooperation in miracle-workers. It T 3 B 7 T(131)130
is nothing more than a request that we may be able T 3 G 10 T(162)161
never failed to answer this request, because it asks only for T 4 D 15 T(211)C 38
for it IS NOT A REQUEST. It is merely a denial T 8 J 11 T(380)C 207
in the FORM of a request. The Holy Spirit is not T 8 J 11 T(380)C 207
tried to use prayer to request something, has experienced what appears T 8 K 1 T(382)- 209
suppose, then, that what you request of the Holy Spirit IS T 8 K 2 T(382)- 209
WHICH HE HAS SELECTED. This request is, therefore, NOT for healing T 8 K 2 T(382)- 209
will be denied your simple request. What problems will not disappear T 10 H 13 T(446)- 273
therefore, who have MADE the request outrageous, for nothing can BE T 11 D 4 T(460)287
asked OF you, and EVERY request of a brother is FOR T 11 D 4 T(460)287
never of God. No outrageous request CAN be made of one T 11 D 4 T(460)287
not give it. For the request was alien to Him, and T 12 C 11 T(490)317
He denied you only your request for pain, for suffering is T 12 C 13 T(491)318
could but answer your insane request with a sane answer, which T 12 C 13 T(491)318
D 8. At YOUR request, He enters gladly. He brings T 14 D 8 T(549)- 376
charge of everything at your request, He has set the course T 18 B 6 T(661)488
come to both at the REQUEST of either. Whichever is saner T 18 F 7 T(675)- 572
entered fully, at your weak request. You do NOT recognize that T 18 I 12 T(688)512
ask, because desire IS a request, an ASKING FOR, and made T 21 I 3 T(793)614
IS. For sin is a REQUEST for death, a wish to T 25 H 1 T(886)705
ASKS FOR punishment, and its request is granted. NOT in truth T 26 H 2 T(918)744
did you, in ANY way, REQUEST them for yourself. This is T 27 H 7 T(959)- 785
but will fade, if you request a miracle instead. There is T 30 I 6 T(1041)855
will be making the same request of each subject which you W 28 L 6 W(48)
hell. This is no idle request that is being asked of W 63 L 2 W(116)
repeat your question and your request, remembering that you are asking W 72 L 11 W(139)
for the assurance that your request is granted. You have asked W 77 L 5 W(152)
but assure you that your request is granted. The fact that W 77 L 6 W(153)
the hour but a small request in terms of a reward W 98 L 5 W(195)
exercises should begin with this request for your enlightenment: I will W 106 L 8 W(214)
and expect an answer. Your request is one whose answer has W 106 L 8 W(214)
our asking with what we request. W 109 L 2 W 109 L 1 W(222)
truth, and it is this request you make today. Nothing but W 131 L 12 W(271)
no-one is denied his least request or his most urgent need W 159 L 6 W(345)
symbolize your fear. Would you request that love destroy itself? Or W 161 L 9 W(352)
not be sure that you request the only thing you want W 165 L 5 W(363)
God loves His Son. Request Him now to give the W 168 L 4 W(371)
wish. These words do not request another dream be given us W 185 L 7 W(403)
this when you make this request with deep sincerity. For thus W 185 L 10 W(404)
you? And how could your request be limited to you alone W 185 L 12 W(404)
we fail today as we request the peace of God be W 185 L 14 W(405)
you are. What could humility request but this? And what could W 186 L 3 W(406)
You offer me in Your request that I accept Atonement for W 318 L 2 W(569)
I will receive whatever I request. W 339 W 339 L 0 W(592)
attain. What can he then request that he would want when W 339 L 1 W(592)
is in charge by my request. And He will hear and W 361 L 1 W(618)
not limitation. The only real request is for Gods Answer S 1 A 9 S(3)
asking is the only real request you can make. B S 1 A 9 S(3)
for your own. You have requested that you be given the W 77 L 5 W(152)
dreams will come as you requested them. Yet will Gods W 185 L 9 W(404)
gift of God has been requested and received by anyone. God W 185 L 13 W(405)
yourself, and hear your voice requesting what you want. Before you T 31 B 5 T(1047)861
acknowledges illusions are in vain, requesting the eternal in the place W 185 L 7 W(403)
Voice in everything I do; requesting only what You offer me W 339 L 2 W(592)
is unable to leave the requests of others unanswered has not T 3 C 25 T(137)136
the Holy Spirit, because YOUR requests are real, being of your T 8 J 11 T(380)C 207
but also in connection with requests which are strictly in line T 8 K 1 T(382)- 209
WILL hurt the other. Foolish requests ARE foolish, for the simple T 16 B 4 T(603)430
lesson which the Holy Spirit requests you learn, the miracle is T 28 C 10 T(974)- 800
given to imperfect questions, meaningless requests, half-hearted willingness to hear, andW 122 L 4 W(244)
largest single step this course requests in your advance toward its W 127 L 6 W(259)
Him thus. He cannot hear requests that He be not Himself W 182 L 7 W(392)
Words are insignificant and all requests unneeded when Gods Son W 182 L 10 W(393)
you use in making your requests. Consider but what you believe W 185 L 8 W(403)
Who could be unanswered who requests an answer which is his W 185 L 11 W(404)
Everyone will receive what he requests. But he can be confused W 339 L 1 W(592)
for concrete things. It always requests some kind of experience, the M 22 A 2 M(52)
it to him as he requests. Herein lie hell and Heaven M 22 A 3 M(52)
your words. He understands the requests of your heart and answers M 30 A 6 M(70)
any kind, and prayer becomes requests for enemies. The power of S 1 D 7 S(9)
perfect, and therefore does not require correction. The body does not T 2 C 12 T(92)91
the earlier part not to REQUIRE its study. Without this, you T 3 A 10 T(121)120
know him. Certainty does not require action. When you say you T 3 E 9 T(149)148
8. Knowledge does not require ingenuity at all. When we T 3 G 8 T(160)159
Vigilance DOES require effort, but only to teach T 6 H 14 T(303)C 130
something else. Belief does not require vigilance UNLESS it is conflicted T 7 G 8 T(326)C 153
God is love does not require belief, but it DOES require T 8 J 13 T(380)C 207
require belief, but it DOES require ACCEPTANCE. It is indeed possible T 8 J 13 T(380)C 207
take away. He does not require obedience, for obedience implies submissionT 10 G 5 T(441)268
IN this situation, you clearly require a special teacher, and a T 11 F 5 T(466)- 293
398 - require vigilance to protect your magnitude T 15 D 4 T(571)- 398
the holy instant, does NOT require that you have no thoughts T 15 E 9 T(576)403
not pure. But it DOES require that you have none that T 15 E 9 T(576)403
forms, and each seems to require a DIFFERENT form of acting T 18 A 3 T(659)486
with littleness. But it DOES require that you be NOT content T 18 E 3 T(671)- 498
very simple. They do not require more than a few minutes W 1 IN1 2 W(1)
to everything. This will not require effort. Only be sure that W 1 IN1 4 W(2)
mind-searching which todays exercises require are to be undertaken with W 19 L 3 W(32)
two steps in this process require your cooperation. The final one W 23 L 5 W(39)
The exercises for today require much more honesty than you W 24 L 3 W(40)
3. Todays exercises require at least three full five W 46 L 3 W(81)
however, that you learn to require no special settings in which W 50 R1 4 W(90)
gratitude is all your gifts require, that they be a lasting W 197 L 3 W(441)