dissociate the two. Instructions were: refer to point 1 and re-read T 1 B 3e T(2)-2-
the earth-bound entering bodies really refer to the taking over by T 1 B 30j T(19)19
A 3. We will refer later to projection as related T 2 A 3 T(62)62
in that it did not refer to the Separation, which was T 2 E 27 T(106)105
Todays idea does not refer to what you see as W 18 L 2 W(31)
have made. It does not refer to any of the characteristics W 61 L 1 W(112)
of Self-interest. This does not refer, however, to the self the M 5 H 2 M(15)
so is His function. To refer the questions to Him is M 30 A 2 M(68)
will check back at the reference to uprooting, you will understand T 1 B 30p T(20)20
the same reason (see previous reference). T 1 B 36n T 1 B 36m T(27)27
an empty shell (see previous reference), but he DOES NOT create T 1 B 41f T(44)44
From a rather similar misperceptual reference point, possession can also beT 1 C 9 T(57)57
clearly shown by the subsequent reference to eating of the fruit T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
the tree) is a symbolic reference to some of the misuses T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
shortly appear in the notes (reference Bob, elevator operator) a sleeping T 2 A 11 T(65)65
that nowhere is there any reference made to his waking up T 2 A 11 T(65)65
faith, wherefore didst thou DOUBT. (Reference to Christ and the apostles T 2 B 5 T(73)73
their minds. There is no reference to the outcome of their T 3 B 6 T(131)130
turn a whole frame of reference around in order to justify T 3 C 5 T(132)131
hardly a miracle-based frame of reference. It also has the disastrous T 3 D 4 T(144)143
with you. Remember the symbolic reference we made before to the T 5 H 13 T(262)C 89
For His answer is the reference point BEYOND delusions, from which T 12 C 13 T(491)318
meet NOW from a PAST reference point, obscuring their PRESENT reality T 12 D 5 T(493)320
your PAST experience as the reference point from which to JUDGE T 12 F 2 T(500)327
look upon everyone with NO REFERENCE AT ALL to the past T 12 F 2 T(500)327
YOURSELF. From such a twisted reference point, what COULD you see T 12 G 4 T(506)333
thus removing the frame of reference you have built, by which T 15 F 9 T(579)406
Spirit substitutes His frame of reference FOR it. His frame of T 15 F 9 T(579)406
FOR it. His frame of reference is simply God. The Holy T 15 F 9 T(579)406
on the distorted frame of reference, that SEEMED to hold your T 16 G 6 T(623)- 450
world together. This frame of reference is BUILT around the special T 16 G 6 T(623)- 450
and WITHOUT a frame of reference. The period of disorientation, which T 16 G 7 T(624)- 451
without understanding, a frame of reference FOR reality to which it T 17 B 2 T(631)458
in illusion. The frame of reference FOR its meaning MUST BE T 17 B 3 T(631)458
now. Yet the frame of reference to which the present is T 17 D 11 T(638)- 465
more GENERAL idea, WITHOUT specific reference. But, in every case, you T 18 G 14 T(680)507
from nowhere. You have NO reference point from where to look T 23 E 7 T(837)656
but from a very different reference point, from which such idle W 93 L 3 W(180)
based upon one frame of reference from which one meaning comes W 108 L 3 W(219)
from the same frame of reference which unifies this Thought. W 108 L 4 W(219)
from His one frame of reference, wholly unified and sure. And W 151 L 12 W(318)
This recognition has no special reference. It is true of all M 23 A 4 M(54)
mind?) vulnerable to projection. The references to the earth-bound entering bodiesT 1 B 30j T(19)19
Bible means in the many references to Hold yourself ready and T 1 B 40p T(40)40
switch. (Now switch the pronoun references, or it will be too T 1 B 41q T(47)47
The Bible has many references to the immeasurable gifts which T 4 D 14 T(211)C 38
Actually, it is PARTICULARLY the references to the outcomes of love T 8 I 7 T(375)C 202
symbols, words have quite specific references. Even when they seem most M 22 A 2 M(52)
very concrete. Unless a specific referent does occur to the mind M 22 A 2 M(52)
ME WHAT TO DO, I referred the question to the only T 1 B 36t T(28)28
reversal of the Golden Rule, referred to twice before, is balanced T 1 B 37q T(32)32
more fundamental misuse of knowledge, referred to in the Bible as T 2 A 1 T(62)62
of the misuses of knowledge referred to in the section immediately T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
is conjecting, a term which referred to a state of uncertainty T 2 A 7 T(64)64
of knowledge which was NOT referred to by the Tree of T 2 A 14 T(67)67
5. We have constantly referred to miracles as the means T 2 C 5 T(89)88
most of the fallacies already referred to, produces all physical symptoms T 2 C 5 T(89)88
with preparation. The events specifically referred to here could be any T 3 A 15 T(123)122
in these same notes you referred to him as Louis, intentionally T 3 A 34 T(128)127
I have been correctly referred to in the Bible as T 3 C 17 T(136)135
stated that the basic concepts referred to throughout the notes are T 3 D 1 T(144)143
of the Soul were not referred to as abilities. This point T 3 G 9 T(162)161
of the miracle conditions we referred to at the beginning. The T 3 G 36 T(169)168
which is symbolic. He is referred to in the Bible as T 5 B 6 T(235)C 62
to which the present is REFERRED for meaning, is an ILLUSION T 17 D 11 T(638)- 465
journeys end. We have referred to it as the real T 26 D 3 T(907)726
gifts of God? We have referred many times in the text M 7 A 2 M(22)
again is the paradox often referred to in the course. To M 30 A 4 M(69)
industrial necessity should read corporate, referring to the body of ChristT 1 B 22k T(8)-8-
which is a way of referring to the Church. But the T 1 B 22k T(8)-8-
value of the offering by referring this correction first to HIM T 3 A 37 T(129)128
that the term insight, though referring to lofty perception, is not T 3 F 24 T(158)157
HIS mind, because he was referring to HIMSELF as the perceiver T 5 E 4 T(242)C 69
which has caused you concern, referring to each one quite specifically W 26 L 6 W(45)
a very important one, in referring decisions to the Holy Spirit M 30 A 3 M(68)
like it is because it refers to you in a VERY T 1 B 22j T(8)-8-
1 B 40l. (This refers to experiences at the visionary T 1 B 40l T(40)40
fantasies that I mentioned yesterday (refers to discussion HS and B T 1 B 41q T(47)47
own denial of fear (this refers to a visionary experience of T 1 C 6 T(56)56
Projection, as defined above, (this refers to the verb) is a T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
of a PERSON. (HS story refers to a very young child T 2 B 13 T(75)75
to God, and rarely even refers to Him directly. I have T 3 A 12 T(122)121
the lamb lying down together refers to the fact that strength T 3 C 18 T(136)135
father by the term. It refers to an IMAGE of a T 3 I 8 T(182)C 9
have endowed your idols. It refers to you as you were W 61 L 1 W(112)
for you receive. But this refers to the prayer of the M 22 A 1 M(52)
the term is capitalized it refers to God or Christ (i U 2 A 1 U(2)
notes you are taking today reflect the Revelatory experience. This does T 1 B 25i T(16)16
Your own words should ALWAYS reflect only mercy, because that is T 2 B 8 T(74)74
Many of your ordinary expressions reflect this. For example, when you T 2 E 8 T(102)101
profound misassociations, although they DO reflect them. Your own egos haveT 4 F 19 T(224)C 51
littleness. Do not let it reflect your will to attack. Health T 8 H 11 T(373)C 200
mind, and your perception will reflect the guidance you chose. T 11 H 5 T(473)- 300
all around you. You can REFLECT HEAVEN here. But no reflections T 14 E 5 T(553)- 380
reflection in it. Earth can reflect Heaven or hell; God or T 14 E 5 T(553)- 380
truth. They do not merely REFLECT the truth, for THEY ARE T 14 E 8 T(554)- 381
to lay all guilt aside. Reflect the peace of Heaven HERE T 14 F 2 T(554)- 381
of the IDEA which they reflect.

--- Manuscript
T 19 J 10 T(724)548
the world outside, must thus reflect the sight you saw WITHIN T 20 I 10 T(761)583
you will understand that miracles reflect the simple statement, I have T 27 I 11 T(965)791
teach opposing things. And they reflect the teacher who is teaching T 29 C 7 T(995)821
What do your scripts reflect except your plans for what T 30 H 2 T(1037)851
it MUST mean that they reflect but different purposes, and this T 30 H 3 T(1037)851
everything I see will but reflect the light that shines in W 85 L 5 W(168)
and disregard those aspects which reflect but idle dreams. And He W 151 L 12 W(318)
walk to God. Pause and reflect on this. Could any way W 155 L 12 W(335)
reflects them all, and they reflect His loving kindness to the W 193 L 3 W(428)
Mind. The images I see reflect my thoughts. Yet is my W 265 L 1 W(511)
things I think I see reflect ideas. W W 325 L 0 W(577)
Our Father, Your Ideas reflect the truth, and mine apart W 325 L 2 W(577)
me behold what only Yours reflect, for Yours and Yours alone W 325 L 2 W(577)