his greater experience, and a reasonable amount of obedience for his T 1 B 40x T(41)41
ego. This is a perfectly reasonable question; in fact, the best T 4 C 1 T(197)C 24
of behavior. Surprise is a reasonable response to the unfamiliar, but T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
s ability to accept as reasonable a compromise which is clearly T 4 F 18 T(224)C 51
give. Can YOUR mistake be reasonable grounds for depression and disillusionmentT 19 H 4 T(718)542
also whether it was ever reasonable to expect happiness from anything W 66 L 9 W(123)
anger, anger makes attack seem reasonable, honestly provoked, and righteous inW 153 L 2 W(324)
God rests a while in reasonable peace. Now he consolidates his M 5 B 6 M(10)
of God that constitutes a reasonable goal for psychotherapy. This will P 3 C 4 P(6)
substitute goals, which are usually reasonably easy to attain. c. They T 1 C 10 T(57)57
ability to choose can be reasonably directed. Unless this distinction has T 2 F 3 T(118)117
many reflections, and is a reasonably representative example of the kind T 4 B 1 T(188)C 15
on to deprivation. You cannot reasonably object to following instructions inT 8 A 1 T(346)C 173
were made. While it is reasonably satisfied with you, as its T 12 D 1 T(492)319
and when you yourself feel reasonably ready. W 32 L W 32 L 4 W(53)
six times an hour, at reasonably regular intervals, remind yourself that W 91 L 11 W(176)
free, or the obviously circular reasoning of his own position would T 3 H 14 T(178)C 5
This is the kind of reasoning that the ego engages in T 6 E 12 T(288)C 115
HAVE carried the egos reasoning to its logical conclusion, which T 7 J 9 T(340)C 167
perceives, and with characteristically circular reasoning, concludes that, BECAUSE of theT 10 F 15 T(437)- 264
strong to the insane. For reasoning ends at its beginning, and T 10 F 17 T(438)265
system transcends its source. Yet reasoning without meaning CANNOT demonstrate anythingT 10 F 17 T(438)265
satisfied with you, as its reasoning goes, it offers you oblivion T 12 D 1 T(492)319
also see how circular the reasoning on which your seeing rests T 21 C 5 T(768)590
Spirit teaches. This is the reasoning of the SANE. You have T 21 E 5 T(778)599
clearly NOT the egos reasoning. Its alien nature, TO THE T 21 F 7 T(781)602
content with sighing, and with reasoning, you do not understand it T 26 I 6 T(926)752
Delay is senseless, and the reasoning which would maintain effects of T 26 I 8 T(927)753
27 H 3. The reasoning by which the world is T 27 H 3 T(957)783
No-one who looks upon this reasoning EXACTLY as it is could T 27 H 3 T(957)783
of the worlds apparent reasoning but serve to hide. W 189 L 6 W(417)
Can this confused and senseless reasoning be depended on for anything M 9 A M(26)
it. One of the real reasons why that evening was so T 1 B 37y T(34)34
Atlantis. B. has his own reasons.

--- Manuscript
T 1 B 41aa T(49)49
you have undertaken for whatever reasons becomes a responsibility. T T 1 B 41ba T(53)53
to become compulsive for several reasons, including: a. They represent an T 1 C 10 T(57)57
as possible, for VERY good reasons.) T 3 A 24 T 3 A 23 T(125)124
also one of the many reasons why the Cayce material, a T 3 C 36 T(143)142
rehabilitation meetings for very good reasons, and I want him to T 4 H 12 T(231)C 58
8 H 2. The reasons why definitions by function are T 8 H 2 T(369)C 196
perception, and SEEM to provide reasons for NOT letting it go T 15 C 4 T(568)- 395
uncover TO YOU the SEEMING reasons for your making it. In T 17 C 5 T(633)- 460
ALL the reasons that go to MAKE the T 17 D 4 T(636)- 463
NOT difficult to understand the reasons why you do not ask T 26 C 1 T(904)723
otherwise. They offer you the reasons’ why you should enter into T 17 D 2 T(635)- 462
at all confused by ANY reasons’ for separation. ALL He perceives T 17 D 8 T(637)- 464
parts, which can separate and reassemble in different constellations. Knowledge neverT 8 H 2 T(369)C 196
world. Forgiveness lifts the darkness, reasserts your will, and lets you W 73 L 5 W(141)
means whereby the choice is reassessed; another outcome seen to be T 31 A 11 T(1045)859
not mocked was intended as reassurance. You are afraid that what T 1 B 30c T(18)18
B. that WHENEVER Gods reassurances are experienced as threat, it T 1 B 30q T(20)20
that this pun is to reassure him that I am not T 3 A 25 T(126)125
BELIEVE in magic. You merely reassure them that they are safe T 6 F 3 T(289)C 116
Reason, like love, would REASSURE you, and NOT seek to T 21 G 7 T(785)606
periods of rest and respite reassure your mind that all its W 109 L 5 W(223)
is gone. Yet you are reassured that it is there, because T 24 H 9 T(862)681
forget, we will be gently reassured. If we accept an unforgiving W 194 L 9 W(434)
in the dictionary should be reassuring. Project (verb): to extend forward T 2 A 2 T(62)62
frightening at times, and quite reassuring at others. T 2 T 2 B 52 T(82) 82
but the spelling slip is reassuring. T 2 B 56 T 2 B 55 T(83) 83
sin, into the calm and reassuring sights with which He would T 20 I 11 T(762)584
will probably find it more reassuring to open your eyes briefly W 44 L 9 W(76)
is ALREADY THERE, and thereby REAWAKEN IT. This is why the T 7 E 6 T(314)C 141
magic thoughts? They can but reawaken sleeping guilt, which you have M 18 A 7 M(46)
to God is merely the reawakening of the knowledge of where T 8 F 11 T(362)C 189
of death. It is a reawakening or a rebirth; a change M 29 A 1 M(66)
point should read A miracle reawakens the awareness that the spirit T 1 B 22g T(7)-7-
a perceptual turning-point. This ultimately reawakens the spiritual eye, simultaneously weakeningT 2 B 69 T(87)86
it and heal it. This reawakens its wholeness IN it and T 7 J 5 T(338)C 165
I am the model for rebirth, but rebirth itself is merely T 6 B 7 T(273)C 100
the model for rebirth, but rebirth itself is merely the dawning T 6 B 7 T(273)C 100
a baby now, in its rebirth. Yet, in this infant is T 22 B 8 T(799)619
H 13. Salvation is rebirth of the idea no-one CAN T 25 H 13 T(890)709
reflects Eternal Love and the rebirth of love which never dies W 159 L 3 W(344)
of the world. In his rebirth is the world reborn. M 2 A 3 M(3)
resurrection must occur, and that rebirth is mans inheritance. The M 12 A 1 M(30)
is a reawakening or a rebirth; a change of mind about M 29 A 1 M(66)
that the holiness of this rebirth will last forever. We had U 8 A 6 U(14)
OTHER. This relationship HAS BEEN reborn as holy. Accept with gladness T 17 F 8 T(648)475
Through your holy relationship, reborn and blessed in every holy T 18 F 3 T(674)- 521
is the babe of Bethlehem reborn. And everyone who gives him T 19 J 9 T(724)548
to communicate INSTEAD of separate reborn. Yet a holy relationship, so T 22 B 8 T(799)619
a holy relationship, so recently reborn itself from an unholy relationshipT 22 B 8 T(799)619
ones. Yet must He be reborn into His ancient home, so T 22 B 9 T(799)619
where his Self could be reborn in safety and in peace T 22 B 10 T(799)619
older than perception, and yet reborn in just an instant. For T 22 B 11 T(799)619
its center, Christ has been reborn, to light His home with T 22 C 12 T(804)624
every instant can you be reborn, and given life again. His T 26 B 5 T(902)721A
God created him. He was reborn the instant that he chose T 26 F 9 T(915)741
is the Son of God reborn, until he chooses NOT to T 26 H 15 T(923)749
place for truth to be reborn. T 31 B. The T 31 A 12 T(1046)860
changed, for Christ has been reborn to BOTH of you. T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
to flow again, with hope reborn and energy restored to walk W 109 L 7 W(223)
is the light of hope reborn in you, for now you W 135 L 26 W(290)
misery and pain. I am reborn each time a brothers W 170 R5 7 W(382)
L 10. Christ is reborn as but a little Child W 183 L 10 W(396)
his rebirth is the world reborn.

--- Manuscript
M 2 A 3 M(3)
knowing that Christ has been reborn in it, and that the U 8 A 6 U(14)