it has withstood all the attacks of error, and is the T 1 B 30d T(18)18
be wrong because it NEVER attacks. Yours is so distorted that T 4 E 18 T(217)C 44
This means that the ego attacks WHAT IS PRESERVING IT, and T 7 G 3 T(325)C 152
Whenever a brother attacks another, THIS IS WHAT HE T 7 H 10 T(334)C 161
does not see whom it attacks. But it ALWAYS attacks the T 10 D 1 T(427)- 254
it attacks. But it ALWAYS attacks the Son of God, and T 10 D 1 T(427)- 254
your conflict. The ego ALWAYS attacks on behalf of separation. Believing T 10 F 7 T(434)- 261
separation IS salvation, the ego attacks everything it perceives, by breakingT 10 F 14 T(437)- 264
SAVED BY ATTACK. If HE attacks, you are agreeing with this T 11 D 3 T(459)286
F 3. If your attacks on yourself FAILED to weaken T 11 F 3 T(465)292
is hell. Even when it attacks so savagely that it tries T 15 B 4 T(564)391
twisted thoughts, all the insane attacks, the fury, vengeance, and betrayalT 18 J 5 T(690)514
will shift even as it attacks, so that it runs at T 21 H 5 T(789)610
savagery with smiles as he attacks. T 23 D 2 T 23 D 1 T(833)652
him. This is what HE attacks and YOU protect. Here is T 24 B 9 T(841)660
that CONTRADICTS the concept it attacks. And BY its contradiction does T 27 D 1 T(944)770
FOR. A shadow figure who attacks becomes a brother giving you T 29 E 5 T(1000)814
by all your goodness, and attacks it so? Let us forget T 31 E 9 T(1057)871
not create cancer, or heart attacks, or whatever may arouse fear W 14 L 5 W(25)
anger is justified, and my attacks are warranted. I have not W 51 L 5 W(93)
a two-way battle. The ego attacks and the Holy Spirit does W 66 L 2 W(121)
ego by listening to its attacks on truth. We will merely W 66 L 3 W(121)
today to stop these senseless attacks on salvation. We will try W 72 L 7 W(138)
its own enemy; that it attacks itself and wants to die W 76 L 5 W(149)
size. It fears and it attacks and hates itself, and darkness W 92 L 6 W(178)
denies its own existence and attacks itself is not of Him W 131 L 7 W(270)
sources for the many mad attacks you make upon it. For W 135 L 8 W(286)
Heaven quails before such mad attacks as these, with God made W 136 L 10 W(293)
safety are illusory deceptions. It attacks and then attacks again. No W 153 L 1 W(324)
deceptions. It attacks and then attacks again. No peace of mind W 153 L 1 W(324)
170 L 1. No-one attacks without intent to hurt. This W 170 L 1 W(377)
thought that you can make attacks on others and escape yourself W 196 L 5 W(439)
else but sin engenders our attacks? What else but sin could W 259 L 1 W(504)
becomes its servant, it neither attacks nor protects. To see it M 18 A 9 M(47)
pupil about a magic thought, attacks it, tries to establish its M 19 A 1 M(47)
about me that you cannot attain. I have nothing that does T 1 B 40y T(42)42
what was non-significant before may ATTAIN significance, so we had better T 1 C 6 T(56)56
are usually reasonably easy to attain. c. They APPEAR to be T 1 C 10 T(57)57
means that a miracle, to attain its full efficacy, MUST be T 2 C 10 T(91)90
a goal is NOT TO ATTAIN IT? T 11 F T 11 F 10 T(467)294
and only this, must YOU attain with God beside you. For T 13 I 2 T(536)363
a goal forever impossible to attain. For PART of it is T 19 B 4 T(695)519
the purpose that you CAN attain, and what you can NOT T 24 G 13 T(858)677
there. Perhaps you fancy to attain some peace and satisfaction in T 25 C 1 T(868)687
POSSIBLE. To change is to attain a state unlike the one T 29 C 7 T(995)821
highest reaches it can possibly attain. It leaves us there an W 157 L 2 W(339)
s vision. This we can attain. W 158 L 7 W 158 L 6 W(342)
goal this course aspires to attain. Yet we prepare for grace W 169 L 3 W(373)
world? How could you finally attain to it forever, while a W 169 L 13 W(375)
practice now in order to attain the sense of peace such W 180 IN2 3 W(387)
goal, and one you can attain. Your plan may be impossible W 186 L 11 W(408)
made, by which you would attain what is forever unobtainable. And W 280 W7 3 W(528)
wants; the state he would attain. What can he then request W 339 L 1 W(592)
for. And now he must attain a state that may remain M 5 B 7 M(11)
the condition for His Will. Attain His peace, and you remember M 21 A 6 M(51)
of prayer that everyone can attain as yet. Those who have S 1 B 6 S(5)
will not be able to attain your freedom. Let it then S 2 B 10 S(15)
BY JUDGING IT TO BE ATTAINABLE, removes your own sense of T 16 E 10 T(614)441
within the bounds of the attainable. While they are sick, they P 3 F 3 P(12)
which Right-Mindedness can now be attained. Charity is a way of T 2 C 21 T(95)94
than either of you has attained. But the readiness at least T 2 E 55 T(115)114
and fairness. She has not attained them, or she would not T 4 C 6 T(199)C 26
when an end has been attained, the means for its attainment T 4 C 24 T(206)C 33
had learned that learning is attained BY teaching. I understood that T 5 F 10 T(250)C 77
guilt, because the Kingdom is attained through the Atonement, which createsT 5 G 2 T(254)C 81
the mind, and it is attained through peace. This is the T 11 D 5 T(460)287
The real world is attained simply by the COMPLETE forgiveness T 17 C 5 T(633)- 460
dwell on what cannot BE attained. There is too much to T 18 K 2 T(693)517
for knowledge still must be attained. Love is not learned. Its T 18 K 2 T(693)517
without faith will NEVER be attained, for what is WHOLLY dedicated T 19 A 1 T(694)518
of the mind, to be ATTAINED. And these conditions are the T 19 H 3 T(717)541
are inconsistent. A purpose is ATTAINED by means. And if you T 20 H 2 T(755)578
is sin. It cannot BE attained but in illusion. And so T 20 H 5 T(756)579
be constant, because it is ATTAINED by GIVING UP the wish T 21 H 13 T(792)613
ESCAPE from guilt can be attained, then the belief in sin T 22 C 5 T(802)622
which God is remembered is attained. It is not necessary to T 24 A 1 T(838)657
means by which salvation is attained, nor how to reach it T 24 E 5 T(851)670
But this can only be attained by One Who does not T 27 F 7 T(952)778
much reason have you now attained; YOU would be better off T 30 B 7 T(1018)832
that, BY limiting, is all attained. It is as if you T 30 D 1 T(1023)837
means by which it is attained, must heal the mind that W 126 L 7 W(256)
which are meaningless are not attained. There is no way to W 131 L 2 W(269)
are teaching goals to be attained through learning how to reach W 138 L 5 W(301)
will never teach, for you attained it not through learning. Yet W 157 L 9 W(340)
the oneness that we have attained we call to all our W 350 W14 4 W(605)
teachers. They too have not attained the necessary understanding as yet M 27 A 1 M(62)
left. This level cannot be attained until there is no hatred S 3 E 4 S(26)
used as a means for attaining Atonement. T 2 B T 2 B 63 T(86)85
you need specific methods for attaining it. The speed by which T 30 A 1 T(1016)830
attained, the means for its attainment are no longer meaningful. T 4 C 24 T(206)C 33
this be the case, your ATTAINMENT of it would no longer T 8 K 2 T(382)- 209
T 12 G. Attainment of the Real World (N T 12 G 0 T(505)332
truth, peace is inevitable. Its attainment is the criterion by which T 19 A 1 T(694)518
not the means of its attainment of the one thing that T 20 D 9 T(742)566
meaning, the means for its attainment will be evaluated as WORTH T 20 H 8 T(757)580
sin. Knowledge is far beyond attainment of ANY kind. But reason T 21 F 11 T(783)604
impossible, the means for its attainment are MORE than possible. They T 22 C 5 T(802)622
for this course is the attainment and the KEEPING of the T 24 A 1 T(838)657
way you could, if his attainment of it were yours? You T 24 B 6 T(840)659
The stages necessary to its attainment, however, need to be understood S 1 C 10 S(7)
assurance of success in ultimate attainment of the goal, is healing S 3 A 1 S(20)