because he RETURNS as he progresses. (Originally, was goes forward, ratherT 2 B 46 T(81) 81
was goes forward, rather than progresses) T 2 B 47 T 2 B 46 T(81) 81
God. How far are we progressing now from earth! How close W 194 L 1 W(432)
a different form in the progression of truths reversal, leading T 23 C 22 T(832)651
in this world the temporal progression still seems real. And so W 194 L 4 W(432)
corrects retroactively as well as progressively.

--- Manuscript
T 2 C 22 T(96) 95
embarrassed by love), you will project and therefore make it impossible T 1 B 22u T(9)-9-
permitted because you did NOT project onto B. the blame for T 1 B 30aa T(21)21
the dictionary should be reassuring. Project (verb): to extend forward or T 2 A 2 T(62)62
to extend forward or out. Project (noun): a plan in the T 2 A 2 T(62)62
to note that the term project outward necessarily implies that the T 2 A 8 T(64)64
still remains within him to project as God projected his own T 2 A 12 T(66)66
projection, i.e., I can project to YOU the affirmation of T 2 B 16 T(76)76
affirmation of truth. If you project error to me (or to T 2 B 16 T(76)76
inherent abilities to deny and project with mine, and imposes them T 2 B 17 T(76)76
Self you have made. You project onto your own idea of T 4 D 11 T(210)C 37
as you think. What you project you disown, and therefore do T 6 C 2 T(278)C 105
also judged AGAINST what you project, you attack it because you T 6 C 2 T(278)C 105
and learn and teach and project WHAT IS NOT TRUE. From T 6 D 3 T(282)C 109
is teaching YOU. What you project you BELIEVE. The only REAL T 6 D 5 T(283)C 110
mind, so that you cannot PROJECT it. God Himself has established T 6 H 3 T(299)C 126
has established what you can project with perfect safety. Therefore, the T 6 H 3 T(299)C 126
C 2. WHAT YOU PROJECT YOU BELIEVE. This is an T 7 C 2 T(306)C 133
is ADAPTED to what you project you believe. This is its T 7 C 6 T(308)C 135
Being, KNOW that what you project you ARE. T 7 T 7 C 6 T(308)C 135
exclude yourself from what you project. T 7 H 3 T 7 H 2 T(330)C 157
UTILIZE projection. Every mind MUST project, because that is how it T 7 I 2 T(335)C 162
That is why those who project from the ego are vigilant T 7 I 6 T(336)C 163
belief FROM it. Do NOT project the responsibility for your belief T 7 I 8 T(336)C 163
allowing the Holy Spirit to project the real world TO you T 11 D 12 T(462)- 289
said before that WHAT you project is up to you, but T 11 H 7 T(473)- 300
up to you WHETHER to project, for projection is a law T 11 H 7 T(473)- 300
the Father, Who wills to PROJECT His peace through YOU. T 11 H 11 T(475)- 302
have accepted your mission to PROJECT peace, you will FIND it T 11 H 12 T(475)- 302
ego possibly induce you to PROJECT guilt, and thereby keep it T 12 A 1 T(485)312
egos arrangement is. You PROJECT guilt to get rid of T 12 A 2 T(485)312
mind, WHICH HAS CONDEMNED ITSELF. Project it not, for while you T 13 C 6 T(515)- 342
you thought it safer to project Him outward and AWAY from T 15 J 10 T(596)- 423
But do not try to project it FROM you, and see T 15 J 11 T(597)- 424
attacked the body, It CAN project its guilt, but it will T 18 G 4 T(677)504
can clearly be sick, but project this not upon the body T 18 G 5 T(677)504
YOURSELF. And this you WILL project upon the world. See IT T 21 A 2 T(763)585
I 3. Do not project this fear to time, for T 26 I 3 T(925)751
real, the other mind cannot project its guilt without your aid T 28 D 2 T(976)- 802
What, then, can fear project upon the world? What can W 130 L 3 W(266)
translated Light Bearer. He literally PROJECTED himself from Heaven. Projection stillT 1 B 30e T(18)18
commented on that Lucifer literally projected himself from heaven. We alsoT 2 A 3 T(62)62
Son. In the Creation, God projected his Creative Ability out of T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
him to project as God projected his own Spirit to him T 2 A 12 T(66)66
because it has been falsely projected onto God, but also because T 2 F 4 T(118)117
acute that it MUST be projected. Although Freud was wrong about T 5 G 6 T(255)C 82
answer. Conflict can indeed be projected, but it MUST be intrapersonal T 7 C 4 T(307)C 134
are from what you have projected onto others and therefore believe T 7 C 6 T(308)C 135
Strictly speaking, conflict cannot BE projected, precisely BECAUSE it cannot beT 7 I 4 T(335)C 162
you have done. You have projected outward what IS antagonistic to T 11 D 8 T(461)- 288
what you do NOT want, projected FROM your mind, because you T 11 D 10 T(462)- 289
the world as YOU have projected it, allowing the Holy Spirit T 11 D 12 T(462)- 289
with something ELSE. You have projected guilt blindly and indiscriminately, butT 12 B 3 T(486) 313
screen on which it was projected, and drawn between you and T 18 B 3 T(660)487
which KEEPS it separate, is projected to the body, which suffers T 18 G 3 T(676)503
sin made flesh, and then projected outward. This produces what SEEMS T 20 G 11 T(754)577
by which the OUTSIDE world, projected from within, ADJUSTS to sin T 20 I 10 T(761)583
of the mind. What is projected OUT, and seems to be T 26 H 3 T(918)744
is belief attack can be projected OUTSIDE the mind where the T 26 H 11 T(921)747
forms. If it has been projected BEYOND your minds, you think T 26 I 1 T(925)751
He sees only his thoughts projected outward. The minds preoccupation W 8 L 1 W(13)
must see the world. Having projected his anger onto the world W 22 L 1 W(37)
your attack thoughts will be projected, you will fear attack. And W 26 L 2 W(44)
not the intensity of rage projected fear must spawn. It shrieks W 161 L 8 W(351)
has accepted this as true, projected from a now corrected mind W 310 W10 1 W(561)
find. These images are then projected outward, looked upon, esteemed as W 325 L 1 W(577)
open-mindedness lets Christís image be projected on him. Only the open-mindedM 5 K 1 M(17)
Its hierarchy of values is projected outward, and it sends the M 9 A 3 M(26)
own interpretation, which you have projected on an outside world. Let M 18 A 9 M(47)
entirely on love, you have projected your injustice, giving God the M 20 A 4 M(49)
true perception brings: What was projected out is seen within, and U 5 A 6 U(8)
understand that what he thought projected its effects on him were P 2 A 4 P(2)
a natural grand division, or projecting outward of God. That is T 2 A 6 T(64)64
speaking, then, the opposite of projecting is conjecting, a term which T 2 A 7 T(64)64
way, is because you are projecting (in the inappropriate way) your T 2 E 6 T(101)100
and being, and, above all, PROJECTING and being. This is because T 6 D 1 T(282)C 109
only REAL safety lies in projecting ONLY the Holy Spirit, because T 6 D 5 T(283)C 110
ITS existence as threatened, by projecting the threat onto YOU, and T 7 G 4 T(325)C 152
DEPRIVED of it, and by projecting YOUR rejection, you believe that T 7 H 9 T(333)C 160
it is incapable of trust. Projecting its insane belief that YOU T 7 H 10 T(333)C 160
advocate a very fearful solution. Projecting condemnation onto God, they makeT 9 D 3 T(392)219
your father, because you are projecting onto them the fearful fact T 9 I 16 T(411)- 238
When you think you are projecting what you do NOT want T 11 H 8 T(474)- 301
condemnation of one by another, projecting separation in place of unity T 11 J 10 T(483)310
SEE THE LIGHT. And by projecting it, the WORLD seems dark T 13 C 7 T(515)- 342
to USE it, and by PROJECTING it, to learn that it T 13 E 6 T(523)350
the body COULD be sick; projecting OUT its guilt caused NOTHING T 28 C 11 T(975)- 801
his salvation must be death, projecting this attack onto God, and W 72 L 5 W(138)
your great opponent really is. Projecting your forgetting onto Him, it M 18 A 6 M(46)
one is the understanding of projection, and the extent of its T 1 B 30e T(18)18
is very closely related to projection. Lucifer could be literally translatedT 1 B 30e T(18)18
literally PROJECTED himself from Heaven. Projection still has this hurling connotationT 1 B 30e T(18)18
the reverse of miracles, or projection, follows automatically.) T 1 T 1 B 30e T(18)18
him (the mind?) vulnerable to projection. The references to the earth-boundT 1 B 30j T(19)19
and loyalty. That is what projection always involves.) T 1 T 1 B 30q T(20)20
rather than cursing him with projection. T 1 B 30ac T 1 B 30ab T(21)21
fundamental distinction between miracles and projection. The stimulus MUST precede theT 1 B 36b T(24)24
inevitably produce either self-contempt or projection, and usually both. TT 1 B 36g T(25)25
of the error results in projection. CORRECTION of the error brings T 1 B 40e T(38)38
are closely related. Fantasies and projection are more closely associated, becauseT 1 B 41r T(47)47
away from the Right Mind. Projection is also more likely to T 1 C 15 T(59)59
We will refer later to projection as related to both mental T 2 A 3 T(62)62
screen for the misuse of projection. T 2 A 4 T 2 A 3 T(63) 63
fear can be fully comprehended. Projection, as defined above, (this refers T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
2 A 5. Whenever projection in its inappropriate sense is T 2 A 5 T(63) 63
T 2 A 8. Projection as undertaken by God was T 2 A 8 T(64)64
that the real source of projection is internal.

T 2 A 8 T(64)64
centers on ONE source of projection to escape from vacillation. (Aside T 2 A 22 T(70)70
T 2 B 16. Projection arises out of FALSE DENIAL T 2 B 16 T(76)76
Atonement IS one of true projection, i.e., I can project T 2 B 16 T(76)76
the process. My use of projection, which can also be yours T 2 B 16 T(76)76
my kind of denial and projection, unites his own inherent abilities T 2 B 17 T(76)76
directed only to error, and projection should be limited to truth T 2 B 24 T(77)77
then invades the mind, and projection in the wrong sense becomes T 2 D 11 T(99)98
content, it lends itself to projection. T 3 B 5 T 3 B 4 T(130)129
himself, and resents his own projection that you share his delusion T 3 H 9 T(176)C 3
so clear. Anger ALWAYS involves PROJECTION OF SEPARATION, which must ultimatelyT 6 A 1 T(271)C 98
they have done to THEMSELVES. Projection means anger, anger fosters assaultT 6 B 3 T(272)C 99
was only because of the projection of others onto me, because T 6 B 10 T(274)C 101
it is the symbol of projection. But the Resurrection IS the T 6 B 13 T(275)C 102
love made them vulnerable to projection, and out of their own T 6 B 14 T(276)C 103
concept of punishment involves the projection of blame, and REINFORCES the T 6 B 18 T(277)C 104
6 C. The Uses of Projection (N 618 6:182) T 6 C 0 T(277)C 104
that once it had occurred, projection became its main defense, or T 6 C 2 T(277)C 104
T 6 C 3. Projection will ALWAYS hurt you. It T 6 C 3 T(278)C 105
T 6 C 4. Projection and attack are inevitably related T 6 C 4 T(278)C 105
attack are inevitably related, because projection is ALWAYS a means of T 6 C 4 T(278)C 105
of JUSTIFYING attack. Anger without projection is impossible. The ego usesT 6 C 4 T(278)C 105
is impossible. The ego uses projection ONLY to distort your perception T 6 C 4 T(278)C 105
there is another use of projection. Every ability of the ego T 6 C 5 T(278)C 105
well as the ego, utilizes projection but since their goals are T 6 C 5 T(278)C 105
the egos use of projection and projection as the Holy T 6 C 14 T(281)C 108
s use of projection and projection as the Holy Spirit uses T 6 C 14 T(281)C 108
peace. By learning it through projection, it becomes a part of T 6 D 7 T(283)C 110
of their own dissociation and projection. What you teach you are T 6 G 1 T(293)C 120
ALL of the egos projection. Being the part of your T 7 H 10 T(333)C 160
THIS IS WHAT HE BELIEVES. Projection ALWAYS sees YOUR will in T 7 H 10 T(334)C 161
We once said that without projection there can be no anger T 7 I 1 T(335)C 162
is also true that without projection there can be no love T 7 I 1 T(335)C 162
there can be no love. Projection is a fundamental law of T 7 I 1 T(335)C 162
T 7 I 2. Projection to the Holy Spirit is T 7 I 2 T(335)C 162
or not you will UTILIZE projection. Every mind MUST project, because T 7 I 2 T(335)C 162
The egos use of projection must be fully understood before T 7 I 2 T(335)C 162
before the INEVITABLE association between projection and anger can be finallyT 7 I 2 T(335)C 162
underlies its whole use of projection. This is because it does T 7 I 7 T(336)C 163
CAN only be due to projection. Projection of this kind IS T 7 K 4 T(342)C 169
only be due to projection. Projection of this kind IS a T 7 K 4 T(342)C 169
God will inevitably result in projection, and you will believe that T 9 K 2 T(415)- 242
stand. T 10 B. Projection versus Extension (N 911 8 T 10 B 0 T(419)- 246
You have made by projection, but God has created by T 10 B 1 T(419)- 246
RECOGNIZE YOUR OWN WILL. The projection of the ego makes it T 10 B 11 T(423)250
What can this be, BUT projection? For HIS errors lay in T 11 B 3 T(450) 277 -
self value come from the projection of loving thoughts outward. T 11 G 3 T(469)- 296
you WHETHER to project, for projection is a law of mind T 11 H 7 T(473)- 300
301 - projection, and you look in BEFORE T 11 H 7 T(474)- 301
you will make manifest by PROJECTION, and you will accept it T 11 H 7 T(474)- 301
The ultimate purpose of projection, as the ego uses it T 12 A 1 T(485)312
ALONE believes they answered him. Projection MAKES perception, and you CANNOTT 12 E 3 T(496)- 323
being nothing but your own projection, it HAS no meaning apart T 13 C 3 T(513)340
yourself, NOT by your own projection, BUT IN TRUTH. And it T 16 D 4 T(609)436
That was the first projection of error outward. The world T 18 B 3 T(660)487
part in all the mad projection by which this world was T 18 B 3 T(660)487
the body by INCREASING the projection of its guilt upon it T 18 G 3 T(677)504
will NOT lose it through projection. And though it clearly can T 18 G 4 T(677)504
made. For it is the PROJECTION which gives the nothing ALL T 20 I 10 T(761)583
T 21 A 1. Projection makes perception; the world you T 21 A 1 T(763)585
10. Behold the great projection, but look on it with T 22 C 10 T(803)623
deprived by someone NOT yourself. PROJECTION of the cause of sacrifice T 26 K 3 T(931)757
use the new kind of projection. We are not attempting to W 30 L 2 W(51)
What I see is the projection of my own errors of W 51 L 3 W(92)
the deadly fear of God projection hides behind. The thing you W 196 L 9 W(440)
be released. The thought protects projection, tightening its chains, so thatW 220 W1 2 W(462)
can come between a fixed projection and the aim that it W 220 W1 2 W(462)
on His behalf. As the projection of guilt upon him would M 5 K 1 M(17)
is his screen for the projection of his sins, enabling him P 3 G 6 P(15)