the prayer Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of T 1 A 1 T(1)
whether I wanted him to perform this PARTICULAR miracle. If he T 1 B 30g T(18)18
The answer is NEVER perform a miracle without asking me T 1 B 30h T(19)19
the only one who can perform miracles indiscriminately, because I AM T 1 B 30h T(19)19
you are told NOT to perform have not lost their value T 1 B 39b T(37)37
I have asked you to perform miracles, and have made it T 2 B 5 T(73)73
which an individual happens to perform) does not matter at all T 2 E 23 T(105)104
is NOT mine. When YOU perform a miracle, I will arrange T 3 B 1a T(130)129
10. It can thus perform the function of RE-INTERPRETING what T 5 E 10 T(244)C 71
YOU to teach. You cannot perform miracles without believing it, because T 6 F 10 T(291)118
You cannot perform a miracle FOR YOURSELF, because T 9 E 7 T(398)- 225
safety, every miracle you will perform, held out to YOU. The T 19 J 9 T(724)548
carried, he is failing to perform his proper part as bringer W 154 L 5 W(330)
away. The messengers of God perform their part by their acceptance W 154 L 7 W(330)
perfectly clear in maximal test performance and for EXACTLY the reason T 7 D 2 T(310)C 137
supply a lack, and are performed by those who have more T 1 B 8 T(3)-3-
had, he would not have performed any miracles that could not T 1 B 30g T(18)18
do. But they cannot be performed in the spirit of doubt T 2 B 5 T(73)73
ever bloomed has saved its perfume and its loveliness for you T 25 E 5 T(878)697
Jean Dixons description is perhaps a better statement of my T 1 B 40ab T(43)43
a similarly long period, and perhaps even longer. Its length depends T 2 F 1 T(117)116
all about the bookcase, and perhaps even no bookcase, if the T 3 A 27 T(126)125
of these statements before, but perhaps we can make them even T 4 C 13 T(202)C 29
T 5 G 1. Perhaps this will become clearer and T 5 G 1 T(254)C 81
the attack together. This is perhaps the strangest perception of all T 6 E 5 T(285)C 112
WITH SOMETHING YOU HAVE MADE. Perhaps it is the belief in T 9 G 7 T(403)230
is the belief in littleness; perhaps it is the belief in T 9 G 7 T(403)230
is a very simple course. Perhaps you do not feel that T 10 H 5 T(444)- 271
T 11 B 2. Perhaps the danger of this to T 11 B 2 T(449)- 276
to lose what they love, perhaps the most insane belief of T 11 J 2 T(480)307
wrong? For while it could perhaps be argued that death suggests T 12 D 3 T(492)319
be attacking and wounding them, perhaps in little ways, perhaps unconsciouslyT 15 H 9 T(586)- 413
them, perhaps in little ways, perhaps unconsciously, yet never without demandT 15 H 9 T(586)- 413
that is all it IS. Perhaps you would be tempted to T 19 C 9 T(701)525
way to peace is open. Perhaps this seems impossible to YOU T 20 E 8 T(747)570
is no time for sadness. Perhaps confusion, but hardly discouragement. YOU T 20 G 13 T(754)577
Idolatry is past and meaningless. Perhaps you fear each other a T 20 G 13 T(754)577
each other a little yet; perhaps a shadow of the fear T 20 G 13 T(754)577
speak of now. Listen, -- perhaps you catch a hint of T 21 B 5 T(765)587
state not quite forgotten; dim, perhaps, and yet not altogether unfamiliarT 21 B 5 T(765)587
T 21 C 6. Perhaps you do not see the T 21 C 6 T(769)591
demanding payment of your self, perhaps more often of the other T 21 D 1 T(772)594
shape and brightness would hold, perhaps, if other things were equal T 21 F 1 T(780)601
themselves, living with their bodies perhaps beneath a common roof that T 22 A 3 T(795)- 616
suffer change of any kind. Perhaps you think the battleground CAN T 23 E 8 T(837)656
perceive FILLS YOU WITH FEAR? Perhaps you think you find a T 25 C 1 T(868)687
a hope of satisfaction there. Perhaps you fancy to attain some T 25 C 1 T(868)687
justice ONLY as their punishment, perhaps sustained by someone ELSE, but T 25 I 3 T(891)710
sin was thought to rule. Perhaps you do not see the T 26 H 7 T(919)745
His judgment are effects removed. Perhaps you come in tears, but T 27 I 9 T(964)790
wood, a thread or two perhaps, and put together to ATTEST T 28 F 6 T(983)809
your enemy. SOMETIMES a friend, perhaps, provided that your separate interestsT 29 A 3 T(990)816
theme of truth. No more, perhaps, than just a tiny spark T 29 D 2 T(997)823
but willing to be shown: Perhaps there IS another way to T 30 B 8 T(1019)833
edge of the real world. Perhaps they still look back, and T 30 F 6 T(1031)845
you save yourself from this. Perhaps you call it love. Perhaps T 31 B 3 T(1047)861
Perhaps you call it love. Perhaps you think that it is T 31 B 3 T(1047)861
walk with you, and thinks perhaps a bit behind, a bit T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
SAME as you. It takes, perhaps, a different FORM in him T 31 B 9 T(1049)863
where every end is sure. Perhaps you would prefer to try T 31 D 3 T(1052)866
T 31 E 10. Perhaps the reason why this concept T 31 E 10 T(1058)872
probably miss several applications, and perhaps quite a number. Do not W 27 L 4 W(46)
the truth about yourself. Yet perhaps you will succeed in going W 67 L 4 W(124)
five times an hour, and perhaps even more, it would be W 67 L 5 W(125)
condemn the body to death. Perhaps you do not yet fully W 68 L 1 W(126)
believed all this were so? Perhaps you do not think that W 68 L 4 W(126)
the egos plan is, perhaps you will realize that, however W 71 L 1 W(134)
is obvious here, it is perhaps not so apparent why holding W 72 L 3 W(137)
L 12. One or perhaps two shorter practice periods an W 72 L 12 W(139)
W 76 L 9. Perhaps you even think that there W 76 L 9 W(150)
W 78 L 1. Perhaps it is not yet quite W 78 L 1 W(154)
and look at him. Someone, perhaps, you fear and even hate W 78 L 4 W(154)
insist on defining the problem. Perhaps we will not succeed in W 79 L 8 W(158)
problem which does not exist. Perhaps you hope it can. Yet W 96 L 7 W(190)
that you cannot fail today. Perhaps your mind remains uncertain yet W 96 L 11 W(191)
there was a time, - perhaps a minute, maybe even less W 107 L 2 W(216)
day are equally important, and perhaps of even greater value. You W 110 R3 9 W(229)
W 124 L 10. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will W 124 L 10 W(252)
L 10. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will see your W 124 L 10 W(252)
time was ever better spent. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will W 124 L 10 W(252)
ever better spent. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will look into W 124 L 10 W(252)
can be sure some day, perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will W 124 L 11 W(252)
sure some day, perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will understand and W 124 L 11 W(252)
W 127 L 1. Perhaps you think that different kinds W 127 L 1 W(258)
kinds of love are possible. Perhaps you think there is a W 127 L 1 W(258)
the value of this world. Perhaps you will concede there is W 129 L 2 W(263)
A tiny moment of surprise, perhaps, will make you pause before W 131 L 13 W(271)
W(274) Perhaps you think you did not W 132 L 4 W(274)
and go still farther, or perhaps step back a while and W 132 L 6 W(274)
L 15. It is, perhaps, not easy to perceive that W 135 L 15 W(288)
only purpose is your good? Perhaps you have misunderstood His plan W 135 L 19 W(289)
for such its purpose is. Perhaps it sighs a little when W 136 L 12 W(293)
W 136 L 18. Perhaps you do not realize that W 136 L 18 W(294)
you, healed along with you. Perhaps you will not recognize them W 137 L 10 W(298)
of the Christ in you. Perhaps you will recall the course W 153 L 6 W(325)
share with God. At times, perhaps, a minute, even less, will W 153 L 16 W(327)
silly dream, not frightening, ridiculous perhaps, but who would waste an W 156 L 6 W(338)
which still remains, you may perhaps lose sight of your Companion W 156 L 7 W(338)
be but empty sounds, pretty, perhaps; correct in sentiment, yet fundamentallyW 161 L 4 W(350)
may not be your identity. Perhaps Gods Word is truer W 166 L 9 W(365)
is truer than your own. Perhaps His gifts to you are W 166 L 9 W(365)
gifts to you are real. Perhaps He has not wholly been W 166 L 9 W(365)
L 4. We have perhaps appeared to contradict our statement W 169 L 4 W(373)
W 183 L 4. Perhaps you think it is your W 183 L 4 W(394)
they seek above all things, perhaps unknown to them, but sure W 185 L 10 W(404)
them in your own mind. Perhaps the form in which the W 187 L 2 W(410)
W 196 L 2. Perhaps at first you will not W 196 L 2 W(438)
nailed you to the cross. Perhaps it seemed to be salvation W 196 L 5 W(439)
for, Father, but Your Love? Perhaps I think I seek for W 231 L 1 W(474)
W(496) home? Perhaps today? There is no sin W 250 W4 5 W(495)
W 273 L 1. Perhaps we are now ready for W 273 W6 1 W(520)
potential for becoming teaching-learning situations. Perhaps the seeming strangers in theM 4 A 2 M(6)
will smile to one another, perhaps the man will not scold M 4 A 2 M(6)
child for bumping into him; perhaps the students will become friends M 4 A 2 M(6)
seems to be something different. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate M 4 A 3 M(7)
other for some time, and perhaps for life. Yet should they M 4 A 5 M(8)
the workbook, but it is perhaps more alien to the thinking M 5 H 1 M(15)
certain outcome, at a time perhaps unknown as yet, but not M 5 I 1 M(16)
whom it seemed to happen. Perhaps it was not understood at M 5 I 1 M(16)
The centrality of open-mindedness, perhaps the last of the attributes M 5 K 1 M(17)
illusion can take many forms. Perhaps there is a fear of M 8 A 5 M(24)
fear of weakness and vulnerability. Perhaps there is fear of failure M 8 A 5 M(24)
with a sense of inadequacy. Perhaps there is a guilty M 8 A 5 M(24)
instant join with Him completely. Perhaps the one generalization that can M 17 A 4 M(41)
should be followed at night. Perhaps your quiet time should be M 17 A 5 M(41)
deception if he so decides. Perhaps he needs to remember God M 17 A 10 M(43)
me. I cannot be deceived. Perhaps he prefers other words, or M 17 A 10 M(43)
M 18 A 4. Perhaps it will be helpful to M 18 A 4 M(45)
may be merely slight irritation, perhaps too mild to be even M 18 A 4 M(45)
he wants to be sick. Perhaps he can accept the idea M 23 A 4 M(54)
such misuse offers preoccupation and perhaps pride in the past. At M 25 A 1 M(58)
that this endure. It can, perhaps, be won after much devotion M 27 A 3 M(62)
off without regret or care, perhaps today. Or if he waits M 28 A 2 M(63)
Holy Spirit with increasing frequency. Perhaps you have not thought of M 30 A 3 M(68)
that meets the changing need. Perhaps they will come together again P 3 B 1 P(4)
relationship, making it holier. Or perhaps each of them will enter P 3 B 1 P(4)
are but deeper shadows, or perhaps different cloud patterns. Yet what P 3 B 2 P(4)
aim it sets for him. Perhaps the teacher does not think P 3 C 7 P(7)
God as part of teaching. Perhaps the psychotherapist does not understand P 3 C 7 P(7)
best, and the word is perhaps questionable here, the healers of P 3 E 5 P(10)
heal, for it opposes truth. Perhaps an illusion of health is P 3 E 7 P(10)
world were ideal, there could perhaps be ideal therapy. And yet P 3 F 3 P(12)
in all his present needs. Perhaps the answer does not seem P 3 F 6 P(13)
need you as much, and perhaps even more, at the instant P 4 A 3 P(19)
a picture, an idea, or perhaps just a feeling of reaching P 4 A 3 P(19)
Whoever comes has been sent. Perhaps he was sent to give P 4 C 6 P(26)
Both will be blessed thereby. Perhaps he was sent to teach P 4 C 6 P(26)
27) You have perhaps been seeking for salvation without P 4 C 7 P(27)
true is to be answered. Perhaps the specific form of solution S 1 B 7 S(5)
it does not matter which. Perhaps it will reach both, if S 1 B 7 S(5)
been better trained, or is perhaps more talented and wise. Therefore S 3 D 2 S(24)
not made of fear, concealed perhaps, but which is surely present G 1 A 2 G(1)