be stable. However large and over-blown it SEEMS to be, it T 24 D 3 T(847)666
which, characteristically enough, was sometimes over-compensated for in what might beT 3 C 31 T(141)140
choice in this complex and over-complicated world. For no-one understands whatT 26 D 5 T(908)727
It is impossible to over-estimate your brothers value. Only T 20 F 3 T(748)571
in the larger interest of overall progress. The situation is questionable T 1 B 41ba T(53)53
to be built into the overall plan. Just as the Separation T 2 F 1 T(117)116
progress. Retrogression is temporary. The overall direction is one of progressP 3 B 1 P(4)
if I surmounted guilt and overcame the world, you were WITH T 19 G 7 T(716)540
which has not yet been overcome. His own suspended state mitigates T 1 B 25g T(15)15
always been particularly difficult to overcome this because, although the errorT 3 C 6 T(133)132
itself is no harder to overcome than any other error, men T 3 C 6 T(133)132
it is very difficult to overcome the split which the trance T 3 C 28 T(139)138
for mans ability to OVERCOME the cross. Unless he does T 4 A 9 T(187)?23
for itself in order to overcome its doubts. It will be T 4 B 23 T(193)C 20
have tribulation BECAUSE I have overcome the world. THAT is why T 4 B 36 T(196)C 23
seek control. It does not overcome, because it does not attack T 5 D 6 T(238)C 65
which he is learning to overcome with YOUR help. That is T 5 F 3 T(247)C 74
strong that you will never overcome it. The reason is perfectly T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
the same mind, YOU CAN OVERCOME DEATH BECAUSE I DID. Death T 6 F 7 T(290)C 117
as a MIND can he overcome this. THEN he is free T 7 C 5 T(307)C 134
My purpose, then, IS to overcome the world. I do not T 8 E 3 T(354)C 181
in which the separation is overcome. Separation is overcome by UNION T 8 E 8 T(355)C 182
separation is overcome. Separation is overcome by UNION. It CANNOT be T 8 E 8 T(355)C 182
by UNION. It CANNOT be overcome by separating. The WILL to T 8 E 8 T(355)C 182
joy accordingly. My will cannot OVERCOME yours, because YOURS IS AS T 8 E 8 T(355)C 182
has been particularly difficult to overcome the egos belief in T 8 H 4 T(370)C 197
your fear? When we have OVERCOME fear, not by hiding it T 11 C 16 T(458)- 285
in learning how NOT to overcome the split which made this T 11 F 9 T(467)294
believable. And YOU can NOT overcome it, for all YOUR learning T 11 F 9 T(467)294
SEE me. Would I have overcome death for myself alone? And T 11 H 16 T(476)- 303
there IS no way to overcome it. The Holy Spirit dispels T 11 J 15 T(484)311
In me, you have ALREADY overcome EVERY temptation that would hold T 12 G 14 T(509)- 336
teaching this can fail to overcome. The power of God Himself T 14 B 7 T(542)- 369
body, and ITS ability to overcome loneliness, is but the working T 15 H 12 T(587)- 414
so strong, that it can overcome even this, WITHOUT fear. It T 15 H 13 T(588)- 415
could attack His Will, and OVERCOME it; and give His Son T 19 D 10 T(705)529
you will HELP each other overcome MISTAKES, by joyously RELEASING one T 19 D 12 T(705)529
interpose will be surmounted. To overcome the world is no more T 19 E 5 T(709)533
they believed they could not overcome. And, STILL believing this, they T 21 B 3 T(764)586
1. How does one overcome illusions? Surely not by force T 22 F 1 T(811)630
an enemy that it MUST overcome, and WILL SUCCEED. T T 23 B 1 T(821)640
on itself, and seek to overcome the One Who dwells there T 23 B 11 T(824)643
that some are HARDER to overcome than others. If it were T 23 C 3 T(825)644
be siding with it, to overcome His Son. Think not the T 23 C 8 T(827)646
forms of evil which can overcome the Will of God; the T 30 G 9 T(1036)850
An ancient lesson is not overcome by the OPPOSING of the T 31 B 1 T(1046)860
Todays idea will eventually overcome completely the sense of loneliness W 41 L 1 W(68)
asks you live but cannot overcome your choice to die. And W 136 L 9 W(293)
its gentle hand is weakness overcome. And minds which were walled W 137 L 8 W(297)
must in the and be overcome by death. In death alone W 138 L 7 W(301)
all fears and doubts are overcome. We walk together. I must W 170 R5 6 W(382)
the threats which it must overcome, conflict with and deny. W 184 L 4 W(398)
the fear of death is overcome because it holds no fierce W 192 L 4 W(425)
We will attempt today to overcome a thousand seeming obstacles to W 193 L 10 W(430)
complete Himself, His Will forever overcome by death, love slain by W 250 W4 3 W(495)
Son of God. He has overcome death because he has accepted M 24 A 2 M(56)
And the last to be overcome will be death. Of course M 28 A 6 M(65)
for death has not been overcome until the meaning of love P 3 E 5 P(10)
must be magical. They must overcome all limits perceived in the P 3 E 6 P(10)
there are forces to be overcome to be alive at all P 3 F 1 P(12)
sense of separation finally is overcome. P 3 H 4 P 3 H 3 P(16)
the wish to die and overcome the Christ. And with this S 3 C 2 S(21)
God. Yet it cannot be overcome until all faith in it S 3 C 7 S(22)
that we said that truth overcomes ALL error. This means that T 3 D 6 T(145)144
attracts communication TO it, and overcomes loneliness completely. There is completeT 15 I 1 T(588)- 415
And it is this that overcomes the fear of death. For M 20 A 4 M(49)
no difficulty at all in overcoming this seeming limitation.
T 3 C 31 T(140)139
simply, the resurrection is the overcoming or surmounting of death. It M 29 A 1 M(66)
temporary. Let all those who overestimate human intelligence remember this. (HST 2 B 45 T(81) 81
can be, and frequently are, overevaluated. However, it is almost impossibleT 2 C 8 T(90)89
worker releases the mind from overevaluating its own learning device (the T 2 C 17 T(94)93
to impoverish yourself, and the overhead is high. Not only is T 11 G 1 T(469)- 296
disappear, and vultures, always circling overhead, will claim you as theirG 3 A 3 G(6)
not goal-ORIENTED. Where Helen has overinvested in many goals, B has T 4 F 10 T(221)C 48
Why would you not be overjoyed to be assured that all W 93 L 4 W(180)
believe, because its obviousness is overlaid with many levels of obscurityW 133 L 11 W(279)
bands of steel with iron overlaid, returning but to start again W 153 L 3 W(324)
illusion. And there is no overlap between them, because they are T 13 H 4 T(531)- 358
OTHER. Where there is NO overlap, there separation MUST be complete T 19 B 6 T(696)520
two worlds which have no overlap of any kind. Seek for W 130 L 5 W(266)
complete. Therefore, the period of overlap is apt to be one M 5 B 5 M(10)
taught yourselves have been so overlearned and fixed they rise like T 31 A 3 T(1042)856
However much you may have overlearned your chosen task, the lessons T 31 A 7 T(1044)858
one thing that must be overlearned. It must become a habit T 31 C 1 T(1050)864
teach. Now does your ancient overlearning stand implacable before the VoiceT 31 A 5 T(1043)857
ALONE. To forgive is to OVERLOOK. Look, then, BEYOND error, and T 9 C 1 T(388)215
do not know how to OVERLOOK errors, or you would not T 9 C 2 T(388)215
ERROR CLEARLY FIRST, and THEN overlook it. But how CAN you T 9 C 4 T(389)216
it. But how CAN you overlook what you have made real T 9 C 4 T(389)216
made it real, and CANNOT overlook it. T 9 C T 9 C 4 T(389)216
characteristic of reality. You CANNOT overlook it, unless you are NOT T 9 F 3 T(399)- 226
use of selective perception. To overlook nothingness is merely to judge T 9 J 3 T(412)- 239
minimize it. For if you overlook love, you are overlooking YOURSELF T 10 F 10 T(435)262
having done this, you WILL overlook truth. T 11 A T 11 A 1 T(449)- 276
never occur to you to overlook their need.

T 11 D 3 T(459)286
universe. In your madness, you OVERLOOK REALITY COMPLETELY, and you see T 12 E 6 T(497)- 324
therefore make every effort to OVERLOOK what interferes with the accomplishmentT 17 G 4 T(652)479
ITS function. Never attempt to OVERLOOK your guilt BEFORE you ask T 18 F 2 T(674)- 521
B 2. Do not overlook our earlier statement that faithlessness T 19 B 2 T(695)519
NOW. You freely choose to OVERLOOK

--- Manuscript
T 19 B 8 T(696)520
I look on you, and OVERLOOK the sins he THINKS he T 19 L 11 T(731)555
It lies in him to overlook ALL your mistakes, and therein T 20 E 3 T(745)568
love draw near them and OVERLOOK the body, as it will T 20 G 7 T(752)575
ADJUST to sin, unable to overlook it in ANY form, and T 20 I 7 T(759)582
what you would prefer to OVERLOOK. The still small Voice for T 21 F 1 T(780)601
it IS your unwillingness to overlook what seems to stand between T 22 F 6 T(812)631
be ANYWHERE you can NOT overlook? What form of suffering could T 22 G 7 T(815)634
little smile, or willingness to overlook the tiniest mistake, be lost T 22 G 9 T(816)635
God Himself is powerless to overlook. Sin cannot BE remitted, being T 23 C 4 T(826)645
he can NOT deny, nor overlook, nor fail completely to perceive T 25 H 9 T(889)708
peace, than could the Father overlook His Son, and pass him T 25 H 10 T(889)708
true; a LITTLE willingness to overlook what is not there. A T 26 H 9 T(920)746
CONSEQUENCES of the guilt they overlook. Yet no-one CAN forgive a T 27 C 2 T(938)764
MUST extend, and do not overlook the fact that EVERY thought T 27 C 13 T(942)768
yourself be wakened. You can overlook your brothers dreams. So T 29 D 3 T(997)823
that no-one ever did; to overlook what is not there; and T 30 E 7 T(1029)843
NOT forgive the unforgivable, nor overlook a REAL attack that calls T 30 G 2 T(1033)847
the miracle its strength to OVERLOOK illusions. This is how you T 30 G 5 T(1035)849
It is NOT difficult to overlook mistakes that have been given T 30 G 9 T(1036)850
and actively seek not to overlook any little thought which tends W 16 L 4 W(28)
weakness will enable us to overlook it, rather than give it W 95 L 9 W(186)
to rule. He will not overlook one open mind that will W 97 L 6 W(193)
despise, or merely try to overlook. It does not matter what W 121 L 10 W(243)
past what is there; to overlook the truth in an unfounded W 134 L 3 W(281)
truth. By its ability to overlook what is not there, it W 134 L 8 W(282)
vision which has power to overlook them all. In His forgiveness W 158 L 9 W(343)
Thus we cannot choose to overlook some things, and yet retain W 195 L 8 W(436)
to train our minds to overlook all little, senseless aims, and W 258 L 1 W(503)
have. It is impossible to overlook what you would see, and W 312 L 1 W(563)
must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is U 1 A 2 U(1)
And what you then will overlook will not be understandable to U 5 A 5 U(8)
overlooked in truth, for to overlook reality is insanity. Yet that P 3 E 7 P(10)
same way, in prayer you overlook your specific needs as you S 1 B 4 S(4)
goal is reached. Forgiveness-to-destroy will overlook no sin, no crime, noS 2 B 2 S(12)
errors that it wants to overlook. It does not offer gifts S 2 D 1 S(17)
which understands that it must overlook all shadows on the holy S 3 B 3 S(20)