messengers of fear are harshly ordered to seek out guilt, and T 19 F 2 T(711)535
and forgive it what you ordered it to do. In its T 19 J 7 T(723)547
conclusion; a valid step in ordered thought. The steps to chaos T 23 C 22 T(832)651
its thought DISORDER, the proper ordering of thought becomes quite apparentT 5 H 1 T(259)C 86
NO BASIS AT ALL for ordering your thoughts. This lesson the T 14 F 6 T(555)- 382
you that your way of ordering is wrong, but that a T 14 F 6 T(555)- 382
home. We have betrayed them, ordering that they depart from us W 188 L 8 W(414)
A quiet world, with gentle ordering and kindly thoughts, alive with G 1 A 10 G(3)
OF healing are combining two orders of reality inappropriately. Healing is T 2 C 1 T(89)88
that they are of different orders. This means that they do T 4 C 25 T(206)C 33
to the concept of different orders of reality. He also found T 4 G 3 T(225)C 52
a thought DISORDER. God Himself orders your thought, because your thought T 5 G 12 T(257)C 84
and must therefore obey its orders. This makes them feel RESPONSIBLE T 5 G 13 T(258)C 85
s laws. The world perceives orders of difficulty in EVERYTHING. This T 7 L 1 T(343)C 170
of reality into another. Different orders of reality merely SEEM to T 8 G 8 T(365)C 192
to exist, just as different orders of miracles do. Thought cannot T 8 G 8 T(365)C 192
YOU WILL NOT CREATE. Opposing orders of reality MAKE REALITY MEANINGLESS T 8 J 15 T(381)C 208
YOURS, holds but these two orders of thought. The miracle is T 14 F 12 T(557)- 384
it by rendering it meaningless. ORDERS of reality is a perspective T 17 B 2 T(631)458
from truth, or you ESTABLISH orders of reality which MUST imprison T 17 B 3 T(631)458
KNOWS. The whole belief in orders of difficulty in miracles is T 18 E 9 T(673)- 580
things, and to establish different ORDERS of reality, only SOME of T 18 G 10 T(679)506
this inevitable? Under fears orders, the body WILL pursue guilt T 19 H 6 T(719)543
of God, slain by its orders, proof in his decay that T 19 J 6 T(723)547
from the merciless and unrelenting orders you laid upon it, and T 19 J 7 T(723)547
make adjustments to fit their orders. They gently questioned it and T 20 D 6 T(741)565
difference of ANY kind imposes orders of reality, and a need T 24 B 3 T(839)658
A jailer does not follow orders, but ENFORCES orders on the T 31 C 3 T(1050)864
not follow orders, but ENFORCES orders on the prisoner.
T 31 C 3 T(1050)864
or enslave. It gives no orders that the mind need serve T 31 C 4 T(1051)865
for here guilt rules, and orders that the world be like T 31 C 5 T(1051)865
and bound by what it orders him to feel. It sets T 31 G 1 T(1068)882
of them. The illusion of orders of difficulty is an obstacle M 15 A 3 M(37)
from fear sooner than would ordinarily be the case, because they T 2 F 1 T(117)116
as synonymous which are not ordinarily regarded as the same. We T 6 D 1 T(282)C 109
difficult to free him by ordinary means, only because he is T 1 B 41bd T(53)53
you will. Many of your ordinary expressions reflect this. For example T 2 E 8 T(102)101
time interval, by definition, the ordinary considerations of time and spaceT 3 B 1 T(130)129
fear, and that the proper organization of the psyche rests on T 2 E 46 T(112)111
selectivity, it is incapable of organization. In all types of perception T 3 G 12 T(162)161
disorganized. And yet, the FORMER organization of their perception, no longerT 17 F 6 T(647)474
do not need it to organize your life, and you certainly T 3 H 4 T(175)C 2
do not need it to organize yourselves. T 3 H T 3 H 4 T(175)C 2
at all. And NO-ONE can organize his life without ANY thought T 6 A 2 T(271)C 98
future, activate the past, or organize the present as you wish W 135 L 1 W(285)
we may give instead of organize. And we are given truly W 135 L 23 W(289)
seeking is consciously undertaken, consciously organized, and consciously directed. BsT 4 F 9 T(221)C 48
therefore are embarking on an organized, well-structured, and carefully planned programT 11 C 17 T(458)- 285
Miracles as a means of organizing different levels of consciousness. MiraclesT 1 B 24e T(14)14
of accepting and rejecting, of organizing and reorganizing, and of shiftingT 3 G 12 T(162)161
seeking their impact in the orgasm. This is the result of T 1 B 24f T(14)14
is less stable than an orientation which is upside-down. Anything that T 1 B 37q T(32)32
reliability and validity. A rigid orientation can be extremely reliable, evenT 1 B 37u T(33)33
split needs rehabilitation. The medical orientation emphasizes the body, and theT 4 I 1 T(231)C 58
the body, and the vocational orientation stresses the ego. The team T 4 I 1 T(231)C 58
a pattern of rest, and orients you away from fear. If M 17 A 5 M(42)
of the nature of its origin. But YOU can, because of T 4 B 16 T(191)C 18
confusion about the childs origin. The brother can protect the T 4 B 33 T(195)C 22
and as long as your origin is open to belief at T 4 C 8 T(200)C 27
appetites are NOT physical in origin, because the ego regards the T 4 C 18 T(203)C 30
This unbelief is its own origin, and while the ego does T 7 G 4 T(325)C 152
dream can NOT escape its origin. Anger and fear pervade it T 18 C 4 T(664)491
in limited love was its origin, and it was MADE to T 18 I 1 T(685) 509
mind directs it. But its origin is where it must be W 167 L 3 W(368)
becoming different from their own origin, apart from it in kind W 167 L 4 W(368)
in every way,-- in origin, effect and consequence -- we U 3 A 5 U(4)
make that pun if the original phrasing had been singular. (HS T 1 B 22j T(7)-7-
Having been restored to your original state, you naturally become part T 1 B 23h T(12)12
and fear. They represent the original form of communication between God T 1 B 24h T(14)14
Father is GREATER. Actually, the original statement was are of one T 1 B 40aa T(42)42
man can return to his original form of communication with God T 1 B 40ac T(43)43
Soul is finally in the original state of direct communication, neither T 1 B 41e T(44)44
with possession-impulses. Some of the original material is still in the T 1 B 41aa T(49)49
hierarchy, a corollary to the original error, requires correction at its T 1 B 41aq T(51)51
The world, in its original connotation, included both the proper T 2 A 9 T(65)65
to return to your own original state. In this sense, it T 2 B 31 T(78)78
A 19. Bs original slight to Dora, because of T 3 A 19 T(124)123
HE wanted to keep the original copy of the notes, having T 3 A 24 T(125)124
to be SURE that the original was not lost or dirty T 3 A 25 T(126)125
not divisible by creation. The original name for thought and word T 3 G 18 T(164)163
the form SO THAT the original meaning IS retained. T T 7 C 7 T(308)C 135
translates ONLY to preserve the original meaning in ALL respects and T 7 C 8 T(308)C 135
you the enormity of the ORIGINAL error, which seemed to cast T 18 B 2 T(660)487
some twisted form of the original error rise to frighten you T 18 B 4 T(660)487
you are with Him. The original error has not entered here T 18 B 7 T(661)488
but an echo of the original error which shattered Heaven. For T 18 B 10 T(662)489
use the idea in its original form.

W 34 L 5 W(55)
apply the idea in its original form unless a specific problem W 38 L 6 W(63)
repeating the idea in its original form once more, and adding W 39 L 10 W(65)
repeat the idea in its original form.

W 43 L 8 W(73)
of the idea in the original or in a related form W 46 L 7 W(82)
always given in quite their original form of statement. Use them W 50 R1 6 W(91)
necessary to return to the original statements, nor to apply the W 50 R1 6 W(91)
as well, and using the original form of the idea for W 80 R2 5 W(162)
is a concept representing the original error or the original sin U 1 A 1 U(1)
the original error or the original sin. To study the error U 1 A 1 U(1)
learn to give up their original goals, for it is only P 3 A 4 P(3)
is the corollary of the original sin; the belief that guilt P 3 E 10 P(11)