knowledge that illuminates rather than obscures is the knowledge which not T 2 A 14 T(67)67
point of view, because it obscures the obvious attack which underlies T 8 H 4 T(370)C 197
density of the fog that obscures it. If you give no T 11 C 5 T(454)- 281
REMOVING the dark cloud that obscures it, your love for your T 12 C 3 T(488)315
PRESENT. For the cloud which obscures Gods Son to you T 12 F 3 T(501)328
is your SEPARATE purpose that OBSCURES the picture, and cherishes the T 25 C 6 T(869)688
that you THINK is friend obscures HIS grace and majesty from T 26 G 2 T(917)743
between your brother and yourself obscures the Face of Christ and T 26 J 2 T(928)754
appear to take, the form obscures the fact that you believe T 31 C 1 T(1050)864
hand in hand, but fear obscures in darkness what is there W 130 L 2 W(266)
better than they are, thus obscuring equality with them still further T 6 C 3 T(278)C 105
motivation is very complicated, very obscuring, and NEVER without the risk T 11 A 2 T(449)- 276
from a PAST reference point, obscuring their PRESENT reality. In effect T 12 D 5 T(493)320
it, for a while, without obscuring it in any way. But T 25 C 5 T(869)688
real. It is a loud, obscuring voice, whose shrieks would silence T 27 G 1 T(954)780
of insane thoughts, dense and obscuring, yet representing all you see W 41 L 5 W(68)
be the source of fear, obscuring Gods creation; giving love W 259 L 1 W(504)
associates itself with the body, obscuring its identity and losing sight M 14 A 2 M(34)
no longer. Without protection of obscurity, ONLY the light of love T 14 C 3 T(544) - 371
overlaid with many levels of obscurity. If you feel any guilt W 133 L 11 W(279)
vengeful, pitiless with hate, demands obscurity for fear to be invested W 138 L 11 W(302)
to hide it sink to obscurity. Now is the balance righted W 164 L 5 W(360)
s temper. Both of these observations are true, and clearly point T 3 C 32 T(141)140
have really been. Try to observe this rule without delay DESPITE T 30 B 4 T(1017) 831
its natural course. Try to observe your passing thoughts without involvementW 44 L 7 W(76)
reviewed them all. We will observe the special format for these W 110 R3 1 W(228)
when we can, we will observe our trust as ministers of W 153 L 17 W(327)
is probably the simplest to observe. The saving of time is M 17 A 3 M(41)
from the UNPLEASANT. He also observed that the tension from id T 1 B 41v T(48)48
from heaven. We also have observed that man can create an T 2 A 3 T(62)62
C 24. B. recently observed how many ideas were condensed T 3 C 24 T(137)136
it. As you very rightly observed yourself, the thing to do T 3 F 14 T(155)154
doing, as we have frequently observed already. T 3 G T 3 G 2 T(159)158
really means. Bill has frequently observed for HIMSELF that this is T 5 I 16 T(268)C 95
you consider how faithfully you observed it. It was quite evident T 6 A 3 T(271)C 98
L 1. We have observed before how many senseless things W 76 L 1 W(149)
One rule should always be observed: No one should be turned P 4 C 6 P(26)
30 E 4. Reality observes the laws of God, and T 30 E 4 T(1028)842
looks quietly on ALL confusion, observing merely, this was a mistake T 22 G 5 T(814)633
belief cannot BE established, and obsessed with the conviction that separationT 10 F 14 T(437)- 264
the separation, that no-one NOT obsessed with KEEPING separation, COULD hearT 17 D 2 T(635)- 462
He demanded of the ones obsessed with the idea of punishment T 25 I 5 T(892)711
You cannot lay aside the obstacle to real vision without looking T 11 C 16 T(458)- 285
E 1. The first obstacle that peace must flow across T 19 E 1 T(708)532
other, that is the first obstacle the peace in you encounters T 19 E 3 T(708)532
God. Fear not this little obstacle. It can NOT contain the T 19 E 4 T(709)533
peace must first surmount the obstacle of your desire to get T 19 G 1 T(714)538
is NOT WANTED. The second obstacle that peace must flow across T 19 G 1 T(714)538
across all else. The second obstacle is no more solid than T 19 G 4 T(715)539
of you? There IS no obstacle that you can place before T 19 G 5 T(716)540
19 J 6. The obstacle of your seeming love for T 19 J 6 T(723)547
to make of it an OBSTACLE to peace, But let You T 19 J 11 T(725)549
must still surmount a final obstacle, AFTER which is salvation completed T 19 K 1 T(726)550
K 2. The fourth obstacle to be surmounted, hangs like T 19 K 2 T(726)550
Him in His Father. Every obstacle that peace must flow across T 19 K 4 T(727)551
that led you here. No obstacle to peace can BE surmounted T 19 L 1 T(728)552
No-one can stand before this obstacle alone, for he could not T 19 L 2 T(728)552
to look upon this final obstacle, and see no thorns nor T 20 C 7 T(737)561
before their coming, as every obstacle was finally surmounted that seemed T 22 E 8 T(810)629
they APPEAR to constitute an obstacle to reason and to truth T 23 C 1 T(825)644
that have reached this final obstacle that seems to make God T 24 C 9 T(844)663
of God! -- the greatest obstacle that peace must flow across T 29 A 2 T(990)816
you will look upon no obstacle to what He wills for W 99 L 9 W(198)
is nothing, and a seeming obstacle with the appearance of a W 170 L 9 W(378)
orders of difficulty is an obstacle the teacher of God must M 15 A 3 M(37)
take time, when ALL the obstacles to learning it have been T 15 C 2 T(567)394
Creator; faith would remove ALL obstacles that SEEM to rise between T 19 B 3 T(695)519
rest, it will encounter many obstacles. Some of them, YOU will T 19 D 14 T(706)- 530
expand, and FLOW ACROSS the obstacles YOU place before it. THIS T 19 D 16 T(706)- 530
T 19 E. Obstacles to Peace I. The Desire T 19 E 0 T(708)532
body. T 19 G. Obstacles to Peace II. The Belief T 19 G 0 T(714)538
LIMIT it. What are these obstacles that you would interpose between T 19 G 4 T(715)539
ALREADY. We will surmount all obstacles TOGETHER, for we stand WITHIN T 19 G 5 T(716)540
would imprison me behind the obstacles you RAISE to freedom, and T 19 G 9 T(717)541
T 19 I. Obstacles to Peace - III. The T 19 I 0 T(721)545
contains the third of the obstacles that peace must flow across T 19 I 1 T(721)545
T 19 K. Obstacles to Peace - IV. The T 19 K 0 T(726)550
From BEYOND each of the OBSTACLES to love, Love Itself has T 19 K 5 T(727)551
thorns, no strangers, and NO obstacles to peace. T 20 T 20 C 6 T(737)561
to trip on, and no obstacles to bar your way. NOTHING T 20 E 9 T(747)570
571 ALL obstacles, for it rests on certainty T 20 E 9 T(748)571
inheritance, it DOES remove the obstacles which YOU have placed between T 26 H 8 T(920)746
is secure in certainty that obstacles can not impede its progress W 135 L 12 W(287)
course has stressed about the obstacles to peace. The final one W 170 L 9 W(378)
is simply to allow all obstacles that you have interposed between W 189 L 8 W(417)
to overcome a thousand seeming obstacles to peace in just one W 193 L 10 W(430)
the goal in sight and obstacles behind. Your foot has reached W 194 L 1 W(432)
aside. What more remains as obstacles to peace? The fear of W 195 L 8 W(436)
is gone, there are no obstacles which still remain between you W 196 L 12 W(440)
but to remove the seeming obstacles to true awareness?
P 3 C 2 P(5)
him to pass by many obstacles to peace quite quickly, if P 4 B 9 P(23)
cannot oppose. Therefore you can obstruct it, although you can never T 5 B 8 T(235)C 62
engender knowledge, it does not obstruct it in any way. Third T 5 C 5 T(236)C 63
the body, SUPPORTING vision, NOT obstructing it. But first they chose T 21 D 8 T(774)596
initiative, it becomes a serious obstruction to the learning it should T 2 C 17 T(94)93
for long-range goals. As each obstruction seems to block the vision W 181 L 7 W(389)