and perceiving your BEING as NONexistent. This ensures ITS continuance, ifT 7 G 4 T(325)C 152
true. Insanity is therefore the NONextension of truth, which blocks joy T 7 J 6 T(339)C 66
to endow the physical with nonphysical properties. Cayce suffered greatly fromT 3 C 29 T(140)139
curious compromise, in which the nonphysical attributes of the self are T 3 C 30 T(140)139
concept. It literally means a nonprofessing professor, or a nonspeaking speakerT 4 B 2 T(188)C 15
a nonprofessing professor, or a nonspeaking speaker. T 4 B T 4 B 2 T(188)C 15
in terms of threat or nonthreat TO ITSELF. T 4 T 4 F 3 T(219)C 46
direct communication, neither the body nor the miracle serves any purpose T 1 B 41e T(44)44
B 41q. (Neither B. nor I is really clear about T 1 B 41q T(47)47
Penetration DOES NOT involve magic, nor DOES ANY form of sexual T 1 B 41az T(53)53
all. You neither created yourselves, nor controlled your creation. By introducingT 1 B 41az T(53)53
the fact that neither 1) nor 2) is sufficient, but, precisely T 1 C 14 T(59)59
None of this existed before, nor does it actually exist now T 2 A 6 T(64)64
emphasized that he neither CAN nor HAS been able to do T 2 A 13 T(66)66
using it. Right-Mindedness neither exalts nor depreciates

T 2 C 15 T(92)91
mind of the miracle worker nor of the miracle receiver. However T 2 C 15 T(93)92
eye sees is not corrective, nor can it be corrected by T 2 C 20 T(95)94
habit pattern which neither you nor B. has developed dependably as T 2 D 13 T(99)98
why it occurs. Neither you nor B. have thought about it T 2 E 6 T(101)100
which the miracle was intended. Nor would it induce the healthy T 2 E 18 T(104)103
neither continue to do so, nor to suffer from his past T 2 E 37 T(109)108
here could be any events, nor does their particular influence matter T 3 A 15 T(123)122
this is neither by chance nor coincidence. T 3 C T 3 C 3 T(132)131
myself in this inappropriate way, nor would I ever have encouraged T 3 C 25 T(139)138
the previous section. Neither you nor I is at all confused T 3 F 9 T(154)153
involves only knowledge. Neither parents nor children can be said to T 3 G 38 T(170)169
of honoring error. Neither teacher nor pupil is imprisoned by learning T 3 G 40 T(170)169
H 14. Neither you nor B. can find peace while T 3 H 14 T(178)C 5
errors is neither MY function nor YOURS. Destroying the devil is T 4 A 7 T(186)C 13
But I will neither love nor honor it unless it is T 4 D 18 T(212)C 39
at all to anything else. Nor does it make any attempt T 4 H 4 T(229)C 56
egos fight for control, nor the egos need to T 4 I 7 T(233)C 60
order to have separate being. Nor do separate thoughts conflict with T 5 F 15 T(251)C 78
You need be neither careful nor careless. You need merely cast T 5 I 11 T(267)C 94
ALL. You are not persecuted, nor was I. You are not T 6 B 11 T(275)C 102
T 6 B 16. Nor could they have described my T 6 B 16 T(276)C 103
they, were created neither partially nor in part. T 6 T 6 C 8 T(279)C 106
Mind. The body neither lives nor dies, because it cannot contain T 6 F 7 T(290)C 117
time applies neither to Him NOR to what He created. T 7 B 4 T(305)C 132
The nothing is neither greater nor less because of what is T 7 D 1 T(310)C 137
am not absent to ANYONE nor in ANY situation. BECAUSE I T 7 D 8 T(312)C 139
of science is neither prediction nor control, but ONLY UNDERSTANDING. ThisT 7 E 7 T(315)C 142
to love it in part. Nor is it possible to love T 7 H 1 T(330)C 157
therefore CANNOT adapt to it, nor can he adapt IT to T 7 L 2 T(344)C 171
want? You made neither yourself nor your function. YOU have made T 8 F 7 T(360)C 187
might disagree with its case, NOR DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT. We T 8 H 5 T(371)C 198
use fear to UNDO fear. Nor does it make real the T 9 C 5 T(389)216
cannot be healed without magic, nor can an unimportant mind esteem T 9 D 8 T(394)221
see Him with your eyes, nor hear Him with your ears T 9 E 1 T(396) 223
THIS. Neither Gods Light nor YOURS is dimmed because you T 9 E 4 T(397)224
Littleness and grandeur cannot co-exist, nor is it possible for them T 9 G 6 T(403)230
reality. Truth is not obscure nor hidden, but its obviousness to T 9 G 8 T(403)230
MUST be true. Neither God nor the ego proposes a partial T 10 A 1 T(419)- 246
by recognizing that neither beginnings nor endings were created by the T 10 B 6 T(421)- 248
no limits on His creation nor upon those who create like T 10 B 6 T(421)- 248
devotion of Gods Son, nor the power of the god T 10 G 5 T(441)268
glad that neither your reality nor your salvation is a matter T 11 C 8 T(456)283
not your Fathers Will nor yours, and whatever is true T 11 E 6 T(464)- 291
inheritance can neither be bought NOR sold. There can BE no T 11 E 6 T(464)- 291
which you can neither provide nor understand, you will become excellent T 11 F 11 T(467)294
love to anyone or anything, nor can you really receive anything T 11 H 10 T(474)- 301
will not look upon me nor hear the answer which you T 11 H 12 T(475)- 302
YOU know neither the Father nor the Son because of them T 11 I 1 T(477)304
Son what has no value, nor could His Son receive it T 11 I 6 T(478)305
2. Yet neither oblivion nor hell is as unacceptable to T 12 D 2 T(492)319
they have ASKED for light. Nor will they see Him ALONE T 12 E 12 T(499)- 326
Name. They need no healing, nor do you, when you know T 13 B 7 T(512)- 339
SHARE His witness TO it. Nor do you witness unto Him T 13 B 8 T(512)- 339
own, YOU WILL FEEL GUILTY. Nor will you find satisfaction and T 13 D 3 T(516)- 343
to create, neither to see NOR do. These are but INDIRECT T 13 F 5 T(526)353
undo what you have made, nor escape the heavy burden of T 13 F 6 T(527)354
gone. God will not fail, nor ever has, in anything. T 13 I 4 T(537)364
be anyone WITHOUT His Holiness, nor anyone unworthy of His perfect T 13 I 5 T(537)364
exchange his guilt for innocence, nor realize that ONLY in this T 14 B 6 T(541)- 368
God and therefore cannot crucify, nor suffer crucifixion. The temple you T 14 B 11 T(543)- 370
safety? They are neither safe nor unsafe. They do not protect T 14 C 3 T(544) - 371
And can be neither lost, nor sought, nor found. It is T 14 D 2 T(547)- 374
be neither lost, nor sought, nor found. It is there, wherever T 14 D 2 T(547)- 374
for love. Neither his mind, NOR YOURS, holds but these two T 14 F 12 T(557)- 384
love He holds for him. Nor will the power of all T 14 F 13 T(557)- 384
know not WHAT it is, nor WHERE. You have made a T 14 G 1 T(558)- 385
magnitude, and NOT your littleness. Nor is it asked of you T 15 D 4 T(571)- 398
content them. Neither GIVE littleness, nor ACCEPT it. All honor is T 15 D 7 T(571)- 398
the same, and LIKE YOURSELF. Nor would you see ANY separation T 15 F 8 T(579)406
He loves you; neither less nor more. HE NEEDS THEM ALL T 15 F 10 T(579)406
YOUR call remains as strong. Nor do you think that, by T 15 G 2 T(581)408
stand between them. Neither time nor season means anything in eternity T 15 J 2 T(593)- 420
and would leave you NOTHING. Nor can you be partial HOST T 15 J 10 T(596)- 423
will neither to hurt it, NOR TO HEAL IT in your T 16 A 3 T(601)428
miracles you do NOT understand. Nor do you DO them. It T 16 C 1 T(604)431
Spirit He has not solved. NOR will you ever do so T 16 C 10 T(607)434
God, He left neither God nor His creation. He is both T 16 D 5 T(609)436
think of its fearful nature, nor of the guilt it MUST T 16 F 10 T(618)445
the guilt it MUST entail, nor of the sadness and the T 16 F 10 T(618)445
And it is NEVER completed, nor ever will BE completed. For T 16 F 12 T(619)446
life arises not from death, nor Heaven from hell. Whenever ANY T 16 F 12 T(619)446
bring death to the Eternal. Nor can your chosen substitute for T 16 F 13 T(620)447
seek for union in separation, nor for freedom in bondage! As T 16 G 2 T(622)- 449
from being what it is, nor you from EXPERIENCING it as T 16 H 7 T(628)- 455
you value like unto this, nor hold so dear. Nothing that T 17 C 1 T(632)- 459
will ever change; no shifts nor shadings, no differences, no variations T 17 C 4 T(633)- 460
alliance dictates are not perceived NOR FELT as now. Yet the T 17 D 11 T(638)- 465
conviction. Abandon Him not now, NOR EACH OTHER. This relationship HAS T 17 F 8 T(648)475
you have done for Him, nor does He see the mistakes T 17 F 11 T(649)476
are no longer wholly insane, NOR NO LONGER ALONE. For loneliness T 17 H 8 T(656)483
error has not entered here, nor ever will. Here is the T 18 B 7 T(661)488
as though you made it, nor do you realize that the T 18 C 5 T(665)492
He does NOT destroy it, nor snatch it away from you T 18 C 8 T(666)493
did NOT make the learner, nor CAN you make him different T 18 E 5 T(672)- 499
and rising even to Heaven. Nor will you use it to T 18 F 2 T(674)- 521
possible, because God wills it. Nor will He change His Mind T 18 F 3 T(674)- 521
love your brother as yourself. Nor is your holy relationship a T 18 F 5 T(674)- 521
can have it WITHOUT him, nor he without me. Yet it T 18 F 7 T(675)- 572
did not depart from it, nor leave it separate from Himself T 18 G 1 T(676)503
Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely T 18 G 1 T(676)503
have made. And neither God nor His most holy Son can T 18 G 7 T(678)505
between God and His Son, nor can His Son be separated T 18 G 10 T(679)506
what is hated and despised. Nor is a lifetime of contemplation T 18 H 5 T(683)631b
cannot come into a body, nor can you join Him there T 18 I 2 T(685) 509
4. Yet neither sun nor ocean is even aware of T 18 I 4 T(686)510
themselves, they DO mean nothing. Nor HAVE they any life apart T 18 I 5 T(686)510
EXIST if it were separate, nor would the whole BE whole T 18 I 6 T(686)510
of separation from the rest. Nor does a fence surround it T 18 I 6 T(686)510
ocean. Yet in neither sun nor ocean is the power that T 18 I 7 T(686)510
it offers everyone, neither less nor more. Asking for EVERYTHING, you T 18 I 11 T(688)512
stop a buttons fall, nor hold a feather. Nothing can T 18 J 7 T(691)515
it with the world below, nor seek to make it real T 18 J 8 T(691)515
of light; nothing perceived, forgiven, nor transformed. But merely KNOWN. T 18 J 11 T(692)516
the scope of our curriculum. Nor is there any need for T 18 K 1 T(692)516
truth. Both cannot BE together, nor perceived in the SAME PLACE T 19 B 4 T(695)519
healing not APART from sickness, nor established remedy where sickness CANNOTT 19 B 5 T(696)520
through the bodys eyes, nor looks to bodies for its T 19 B 10 T(697)521
his reality in ANY way, nor make him REALLY guilty. That T 19 C 3 T(699)523
But SIN He knows not, nor can He RECOGNIZE mistakes that T 19 D 4 T(703)527
could not prevail against it, nor remain ITSELF before the power T 19 D 9 T(704)528
purpose apart from each other, nor apart from the one you T 19 E 5 T(709)533
to get rid of peace, nor to LIMIT it. What are T 19 G 4 T(715)539
NOT lost communion with Him. NOR WITH HIMSELF. When you agreed T 19 G 5 T(715)539
can bring you neither peace nor turmoil; not pain nor joy T 19 H 2 T(717)541
peace nor turmoil; not pain nor joy. It is a means T 19 H 2 T(717)541
dedication is NOT to death, nor to its master. When you T 19 I 3 T(721)545
God, Who created neither sin nor death, wills not that you T 19 J 2 T(722)546
He knows of neither sin NOR its result. The shrouded figures T 19 J 2 T(722)546
itself, it is neither corruptible nor incorruptible. IT IS NOTHING. It T 19 J 4 T(722)546
dark altars, no grim commandments, nor twisted rituals of condemnation, toT 19 J 7 T(723)547
Remember, then, that neither sign nor symbol should be CONFUSED with T 19 J 10 T(724)548
sign of sin and death, nor use it for destruction. Teach T 19 J 11 T(725)549
veil, not to approach it, nor even to SUSPECT that it T 19 K 3 T(726)550
again, no stab of fear, nor the cold sweat of seeming T 19 K 7 T(728)552
T 19 L 3. Nor is it POSSIBLE to look T 19 L 3 T(729)553
like thorns against his brow, nor nail him, to it unredeemed T 19 L 9 T(730)554
Give him the self-same gift, nor look upon him with condemnation T 19 L 11 T(731)555
and what is given HIM. Nor is it given anything in T 19 L 13 T(732)556
in crucifixion and in death. Nor can the Resurrection be complete T 20 B 2 T(733) 557
For bodies can neither offer nor accept; hold out or take T 20 C 2 T(735)559
while you see them not. Nor can YOU use what I T 20 C 6 T(736)560
Listen and hear this carefully, nor think it but a dream T 20 C 6 T(737)561
obstacle, and see no thorns nor nails to crucify the Son T 20 C 7 T(737)561
to you since time began, nor have you ever failed entirely T 20 C 8 T(737)561
knew not HOW to look, nor WHERE. And now you KNOW T 20 C 8 T(737)561
He will not leave you, nor forsake the savior from HIS T 20 C 11 T(738)562
it. AND IT TO YOU. Nor is there any difference between T 20 D 3 T(740)564
and therefore it HAS none. Nor to its results, as this T 20 E 1 T(745)568
UNtrue He has neither received NOR given. Sin has no place T 20 E 2 T(745)568
HIS laws, and His alone. Nor is it possible for those T 20 E 4 T(746)569
plan is not of you, nor need you be concerned with T 20 E 6 T(746)569
which is no part complete, nor is the whole completed WITHOUT T 20 E 6 T(746)569
for which it was intended, nor is it valued as a T 20 H 7 T(757)580
of God in your relationship, nor see in him what you T 20 I 4 T(758)581
is joined in perfect continuity. Nor is it possible to imagine T 21 B 7 T(766)588
mind could neither ask it nor RECEIVE it of itself. And T 21 D 10 T(775)596a
other has disappeared from sight. Nor is it possible that what T 21 D 11 T(776)597
the egos hidden fear, nor YOURS who serve it. Loudly T 21 E 2 T(777)598
sin has been ALREADY shaken, nor are you now ENTIRELY unwilling T 21 E 3 T(777)598
minds can influence each other. Nor COULD they do so. But T 21 F 4 T(781)602
wills not, apart from him. Nor does the Will of God T 21 F 6 T(781)602
place at all in madness, nor can it be ADJUSTED to T 21 F 10 T(782)603
IN BODIES could this be. Nor could one mind think only T 21 G 3 T(784)605
be joined, MUST be insane. Nor COULD you see it, if T 21 G 5 T(785)606
your RELEASE. Neither your brother nor yourself can be attacked alone T 21 G 6 T(785)606
HOW he can see it. Nor should he try. For, if T 21 H 6 T(789)610
no reason NOT to listen, nor to suspect that what it T 22 B 4 T(797)617a
NEEDS interpretation MUST be alien. Nor will it EVER be made T 22 B 6 T(798)618
Neither the sounds he hears, nor sights he sees, are stable T 22 B 7 T(798)618
He was not GIVEN there, nor was received by anything EXCEPT T 22 B 8 T(799)619
is worthy of BEING joined. Nor is it possible that anything T 22 B 10 T(799)619
the body does not speak. Nor could it be a fearful T 22 B 10 T(799)619
take, and weave into illusions. Nor is there ONE illusion you T 22 C 8 T(803)623
savior cannot BE a judge, nor mercy condemnation. And vision CANNOT T 22 C 8 T(803)623
Here is no SEPARATE will, nor the desire that ANYTHING be T 22 C 12 T(804)624
and the ego are CONTRADICTORY. Nor is it possible for them T 22 D 1 T(805)625
it as a solid block, nor realize how thin the drapery T 22 E 5 T(809)628
not by force or anger. Nor by OPPOSING them in ANY T 22 F 1 T(811)630
Seek not to change it, nor to substitute ANOTHER goal. This T 22 G 8 T(816)635
one of them for peace. Nor will one little smile, or T 22 G 9 T(816)635
WHY it has not happened, nor COULD be real. You do T 22 G 12 T(817)636
safety? Attack is neither safe nor dangerous. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. And T 22 G 14 T(817)636
little sigh of seeming sin, nor for a tiny stirring of T 23 A 4 T(820)639
this, and make it true? Nor IS it up to you T 23 B 5 T(822)641
between them and the TRUTH. Nor ARE they different from each T 23 B 6 T(822)641
Illusions CANNOT triumph over truth, nor can they

T 23 B 6 T(822)641
does not fight against illusion, nor do illusions fight against the T 23 B 7 T(823)642
to Whom appeal is useless. Nor can salvation lie within the T 23 C 7 T(826)645
give willingly to one another, nor would they seek to SHARE T 23 C 9 T(828)647
YOU, for what you stole. Nor will God end His vengeance T 23 C 13 T(829)648
15. NO-ONE WANTS madness, nor does anyone cling to his T 23 C 15 T(830)649
device that makes this possible. Nor is it unfamiliar; we have T 23 C 17 T(830)649
NOT believe such senseless laws, nor act upon them. And, when T 23 C 19 T(831)650
step is smaller than another, nor that return from one is T 23 C 22 T(832)651
nothing, and neither the receiver NOR THE GIVER is long deceived T 23 D 2 T(833)652
cannot BE withheld a little. Nor is it possible to attack T 23 D 4 T(834)653
themselves? No-one unites with enemies, nor is at one with them T 23 D 5 T(834)653
Mistake not truce for peace, nor compromise for the ESCAPE from T 23 D 5 T(834)653
everything could seek for limitation, nor COULD he value the body T 23 E 9 T(837)656
Do not deny their presence nor their terrible results. All that T 24 B 2 T(839)658
T 24 C 2. Nor do you understand it is T 24 C 2 T(842)661
Whom they are a part. Nor do they love the Oneness T 24 C 3 T(842)661
longer see what never was, nor hear what makes no sound T 24 C 6 T(843)662
him for you. Nor will you CHANGE his function T 24 C 7 T(844)663
will oppose His Will forever. Nor is it possible the two T 24 D 4 T(848)667
felt but where it IS. Nor is mind limited; so must T 24 E 3 T(850)669
by which salvation is attained, nor how to reach it. But T 24 E 5 T(851)670
wish, IS true for you. Nor is it possible that you T 24 F 1 T(852)671
looked upon your brother FIRST, nor hated him BEFORE it hated T 24 F 4 T(853)672
and no hands to hold nor feet to guide. Be glad T 24 F 5 T(853)672
everywhere, and find no sight nor place nor time where He T 24 G 6 T(856)675
find no sight nor place nor time where He is NOT T 24 G 6 T(856)675
Gods blessing from himself, nor you who see him truly T 24 G 8 T(857)676
SACRIFICE of self you understand, nor do you deem THIS cost T 24 G 12 T(858)677
light as safely as Itself. Nor will that light go out T 24 H 5 T(861)680
no-one here is this describable. Nor is there any way to T 24 H 6 T(861)680
FROM; not born of size nor weight nor time, nor held T 24 H 7 T(862)681
born of size nor weight nor time, nor held to limits T 24 H 7 T(862)681
size nor weight nor time, nor held to limits or uncertainties T 24 H 7 T(862)681
and end unite as One, nor does this One have any T 24 H 7 T(862)681
lie in how they look, nor where they go, nor even T 24 H 12 T(864)683
look, nor where they go, nor even what they do. THEY T 24 H 12 T(864)683
the holy Christ unto Himself. Nor ANY differences perceived to stand T 25 B 1 T(865)684
from which it never separates, nor gives the slightest witness unto T 25 B 3 T(866)685
means for God. NOT separate, nor with a life apart from T 25 B 4 T(866)685
And there is NO exception, nor will there ever be. The T 25 C 1 T(868)687
The darkness touched him not, nor you who BROUGHT him forth T 25 C 8 T(870)689
CANNOT separate yourself from him, nor from his Father. YOU need T 25 C 10 T(871)690
Father, as He thanks YOU. Nor believe that all His praise T 25 C 10 T(871)690
what never HAS been separate, nor apart from ALL His Love T 25 C 11 T(872)691
no-one has entered it alone. Nor need he stay more than T 25 D 6 T(874)693
other place, no other state nor time. Nothing beyond nor nearer T 25 E 6 T(879)698
state nor time. Nothing beyond nor nearer. Nothing else. In ANY T 25 E 6 T(879)698
him for you to see. Nor do you hear his plaintive T 25 F 3 T(880)699
is lost to him alone. Nor can it be regained unless T 25 F 4 T(881)700
not an arbiter of vengeance, nor a punisher of sin. The T 25 G 1 T(883)702
savior be unrecognized by you. Nor does He will that he T 25 G 3 T(883)702
a part for ONLY him. Nor is the plan complete until T 25 G 4 T(884)703
everyone who thinks sin possible. Nor WILL it change. T T 25 H 1 T(886)705
is His Will for Life. Nor CAN the basis of a T 25 H 2 T(886)705
attempt to see it differently, nor twist it into something it T 25 H 4 T(887)706
ARE insane requires special choice. Nor CAN this choice be made T 25 H 8 T(888)707
which he can NOT deny, nor overlook, nor fail completely to T 25 H 9 T(889)708
can NOT deny, nor overlook, nor fail completely to perceive and T 25 H 9 T(889)708
he has of BEING sane. Nor is he left without ESCAPE T 25 H 10 T(889)708
the ONLY principle salvation needs. Nor is it necessary that your T 25 I 2 T(891)710
are unjust indeed to Him. Nor can they trust Him NOT T 25 I 6 T(892)711
circumstance, that this is true. Nor need you look to your T 25 I 12 T(895)714
in willingness they be received. Nor is the treasure LESS as T 25 J 2 T(897)716
INVISIBLE in such a world. Nor can his song of union T 26 B 3 T(902)721A
make sacrifice of its reality. Nor can you LOSE what you T 26 B 4 T(902)721A
LOSE what you would sacrifice, nor keep the Holy Spirit from T 26 B 4 T(902)721A
song of liberation for yourself, nor see what it is given T 26 B 5 T(902)721A
NOT imprisoned in a body, nor is sacrificed in solitude to T 26 B 6 T(903)722
as surely as on him. Nor will the Holy Spirit be T 26 C 5 T(905)724
the scope of this curriculum. Nor is it necessary we dwell T 26 D 2 T(907)726
to the Will of God, nor any need that you repeat T 26 F 12 T(916)742
worthy of Gods Son, nor one with which he could T 26 G 2 T(917)743
to be true, WITHOUT SUCCESS. Nor never will success BE possible T 26 H 12 T(922)748
made incomplete and not himself. Nor will he know himself, nor T 26 H 13 T(922)748
Nor will he know himself, nor recognize his will. He has T 26 H 13 T(922)748
difficult to credit in advance. Nor is there really SENSE in T 26 I 6 T(926)752
it, and leave no space nor distance lingering between the light T 26 J 5 T(929)755
are can not be seen nor pictured. But THIS one has T 27 B 3 T(935)761
is seen as neither sick nor well, nor bad nor good T 27 B 8 T(937)763
as neither sick nor well, nor bad nor good. No grounds T 27 B 8 T(937)763
sick nor well, nor bad nor good. No grounds are offered T 27 B 8 T(937)763
no blood upon his hands, nor guilt upon his heart made T 27 C 7 T(940)766
MUST seem to be divided. Nor can anyone perceive a function T 27 C 11 T(941)767
will give it OVERWHELMING preference. Nor delay an instant in deciding T 27 D 6 T(945)771
you believe it holds within. Nor COULD it tell a Part T 27 G 4 T(955)781
are NOT themselves a cause. Nor will the CAUSE be changed T 27 H 5 T(958)784
to. Seek not another cause, nor look among the mighty legions T 27 H 6 T(958)784
guilt was NOT among them. Nor did you, in ANY way T 27 H 7 T(959)- 785
No OTHER cause it has, nor ever will.

T 27 H 12 T(960)786
IS no dream without it, nor does it exist without the T 27 I 1 T(962)788
this dream will never change, nor will its purpose. Though the T 27 I 3 T(962)788
does NOT demand your guilt, nor does YOUR guiltlessness rest on T 27 I 13 T(965)791
does NOT write the message, nor appoint what it is FOR T 28 B 3 T(968)794
yourself. Time neither takes away, nor can restore. And yet you T 28 B 4 T(968)794
NOT lie in the past, nor waits the future. It is T 28 B 7 T(969)795
fail in what He wills. Nor that you be excluded from T 28 B 13 T(971)797
purity NOT of the body. Nor can it be FOUND where T 28 C 2 T(972)- 798
lasts, will wakening be feared. Nor will the Call to wakening T 28 C 9 T(974)- 800
him turn illusions on himself. Nor do you wish that they T 28 E 1 T(979)805
made by what he DREAMS, nor is his body, hero of T 28 E 3 T(979)805
are meaningless. It cannot see nor hear. It does not know T 28 F 4 T(983)809
It has not judged ITSELF, nor made itself to be what T 28 G 1 T(985)811
the world waits with him. Nor are YOU apart from it T 28 H 2 T(987)813
dream of separation and disease. Nor is it idly blamed for T 28 H 4 T(988)814
it is, and neither less nor more in worth than the T 28 H 7 T(989)815
an effect without a cause. Nor is it, in itself, a T 29 C 2 T(993)819
He can find His host, nor where His host can meet T 29 C 5 T(994)820
Your savior is NOT dead, nor does he dwell in what T 29 C 10 T(996)822
is yours cannot be more NOR less than what is his T 29 C 10 T(996)822
time appointed not his destiny, nor sets the hour of his T 29 G 2 T(1004)818
no end to Its fulfillment, nor Its changelessness. There is no T 29 G 4 T(1005)819
in such a happy place! Nor CAN it be forgot, in T 29 G 5 T(1005)819
mind that is their source. Nor is their form apart from T 29 I 3 T(1009)823
what it seems to separate, nor darken by one whit the T 29 I 3 T(1009)823
off from resting on himself. Nor CAN he know the Self T 29 J 2 T(1012)826
world he thinks is real. Nor have its laws been changed T 29 J 6 T(1013)827
for he has judged no-one, nor has sought to be released T 29 J 10 T(1015)829
will make sense as well. Nor will you fight AGAINST it T 30 B 8 T(1019)833
there cannot BE coercion here, nor grounds for opposition that you T 30 B 10 T(1019)833
the world is given freedom. Nor can YOU be free APART T 30 C 5 T(1022)836
so it has NO form, nor is content for its expression T 30 D 1 T(1023)837
the RIGHT to ask for. Nor could it be POSSIBLE it T 30 D 4 T(1024)838
God there is no ending, nor a time in which His T 30 D 6 T(1025)839
the attributes of their creator, nor have they a separate life T 30 D 6 T(1025)839
It is not the distance nor the time which keeps this T 30 D 8 T(1025)839
not two realities, but One. Nor can you be AWARE of T 30 D 10 T(1026)840
deceive him, broke no rules, nor mean his world is made T 30 E 2 T(1027)841
they things to frighten you, nor make you safe if they T 30 E 4 T(1028)842
They must be neither cherished NOR attacked, but merely looked upon T 30 E 4 T(1028)842
EXCEPT at cost of pain. Nor was it ever paid by T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
must reach to their awareness. Nor can they forget for long T 30 F 9 T(1032)846
do NOT forgive the unforgivable, nor overlook a REAL attack that T 30 G 2 T(1033)847
right, as much as his. Nor will you think that God T 30 G 4 T(1034)848
you CAN merit neither more nor less than he.
T 30 G 4 T(1034)848
cannot be Gods Son. Nor will you KNOW him, if T 30 G 8 T(1036)850
no answer to the prayer, nor CAN the miracle be given T 30 I 3 T(1040)854
world of terror and despair. Nor IS there hope of happiness T 31 A 7 T(1044)858
on anything. NEITHER is true. Nor ARE they different. Yet must T 31 B 2 T(1046)860
know. This brother neither leads nor follows us, but walks beside T 31 B 5 T(1047)861
WITH him, so neither leads nor follows. Thus it is a T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
that the mind need serve, nor sets conditions that it must T 31 C 4 T(1051)865
can not abide the joyous nor accept the free, for they T 31 C 5 T(1051)865
does not guard your sleep, nor interfere with your awakening. Release T 31 C 6 T(1051)865
in guilt your chosen enemies, nor keep in chains to the T 31 C 6 T(1051)865
world can lead to Him, nor any worldly goal is one T 31 D 8 T(1054)868
BLAMED for what you are, nor can you CHANGE the things T 31 E 5 T(1056)870
to go BEYOND its roads, nor realize the way you see T 31 E 7 T(1057)871
is to be given you. Nor can it be unlearned except T 31 E 7 T(1057)871
which gave rise to them. Nor can this be explained by T 31 E 12 T(1058)872
he was an instant previous. Nor will he be the same T 31 F 2 T(1061)875
difference what you look upon, nor what you choose to feel T 31 F 4 T(1062)876
your thinking to be helpful, nor to make the kinds of T 31 G 1 T(1063)877
to pardon him the bad. Nor does he trust the good T 31 G 1 T(1063)877
treachery, and trust becomes impossible. Nor could it change while you T 31 G 2 T(1063)877
one source of pain unhealed, nor any image left to veil T 31 G 3 T(1069)883
not asked to judge them, nor even to believe them. You W 1 IN1 5 W(2)
None of this will matter, nor decrease their efficacy. But allow W 1 IN1 5 W(2)
is meaningless is neither good nor bad. Why, then, should a W 12 L 5 W(21)
practicing the idea for today. Nor should the practice periods exceed W 12 L 6 W(21)
your tiny experiences of tables, nor are you limiting its purpose W 28 L 3 W(47)
to anything else, neither more nor less.

W 28 L 4 W(47)
you have never seen before. Nor will what you saw before W 30 L 1 W(51)
out with effort. Neither force nor discrimination should be used. W 35 L 8 W(58)
result, the perceiver will lose. Nor will he have any idea W 37 L 2 W(60)
not concerned with intellectual feats nor logical toys. We are dealing W 39 L 1 W(64)
do not see outside yourself. Nor is the equipment for seeing W 44 L 2 W(75)
alike, or to make one. Nor do the thoughts you think W 45 L 2 W(78)
return to the original statements, nor to apply the ideas as W 50 R1 6 W(91)
thoughts cannot be neither true nor false. They must be one W 54 L 1 W(98)
guilt. You see neither guilt nor salvation as in your own W 70 L 1 W(131)
do not know your brothers nor your Self. W 73 W 73 L 2 W(141)
The source of neither light nor darkness can be found without W 73 L 5 W(141)
idle wishes can detain us, nor deceive us with an illusion W 73 L 8 W(142)
God. Payment is neither given nor received. Exchange cannot be made W 76 L 10 W(150)
you have ascribed to yourself, nor on any of the rituals W 77 L 2 W(152)
I will worship no idols, nor raise my own self-concepts to W 84 L 2 W(167)
nothing. It is neither bad nor good. It is unreal, and W 93 L 5 W(180)
It does not hurt him, nor attack his peace. It has W 93 L 5 W(180)
It has not changed creation, nor reduced eternal sinlessness to sin W 93 L 5 W(180)
God. Nothing can touch it, nor can change what God created W 93 L 6 W(181)
the Self Which never sinned, nor made an image to replace W 94 L 3 W(183)
Self Which knows no fear, nor could conceive of loss or W 94 L 3 W(183)
can never be your Self, nor can your Self be split W 96 L 3 W(189)
It accepts no split identity, nor tries to weave opposing factors W 97 L 1 W(192)
leads you out of darkness, nor will you be able to W 97 L 7 W(193)
do not appeal to magic, nor invent escapes from fancied threats W 98 L 3 W(194)
cannot be apart from it, nor can it be experienced where W 103 L 1 W(207)
and alter in its form, nor come and go and go W 107 L 4 W(216)
does not come and go nor shift nor change, in this W 107 L 6 W(217)
come and go nor shift nor change, in this appearance now W 107 L 6 W(217)
which is seen as first, nor which appears to be in W 108 L 4 W(219)
in yourself which have reality, nor changed the universe so that W 110 L 1 W(225)
health cannot turn to sickness, nor can death be substitute for W 110 L 3 W(225)
impossible at the appointed time. Nor is it necessary that you W 110 R3 2 W(228)
body can Contain my Spirit, nor impose on me A limitation W 114 L 1 W(234)
for your salvation cannot change, nor can it fail. Be thankful W 122 L 5 W(244)
not left you to yourself, nor let you wander in the W 123 L 2 W(248)
doubt His Love for us, nor question His protection and His W 124 L 4 W(250)
which we give no rules nor special words to guide your W 124 L 8 W(251)
it will come to you, nor will you fail to recognize W 124 L 9 W(251)
and purpose, with no separation nor division in the single Mind W 125 L 8 W(254)
no bearing on your thoughts, nor theirs on yours. Therefore your W 126 L 2 W(255)
Unmerited, withholding it is just, nor is it fair that you W 126 L 4 W(255)
and no degrees; no kinds nor levels, no divergences and no W 127 L 1 W(258)
can use in any way, nor anything at all that serves W 128 L 1 W(261)
delay your progress to salvation, nor permit temptation to believe the W 128 L 4 W(261)
will not seek for them, nor waste this day in seeking W 130 L 4 W(266)
make a thousand meaningless distinctions, nor attempt to bring with us W 130 L 7 W(267)
step with you in gratitude. Nor will you fail to see W 130 L 9 W(267)
no-one can abandon his Creator, nor affect His perfect, timeless and W 131 L 5 W(270)
God does not suffer conflict. Nor is His creation split in W 131 L 8 W(270)
no effect, and neither source nor substance in the truth. This W 131 L 10 W(271)
other goal is valued now nor sought; nothing before this door W 131 L 12 W(271)
and does not doubt it. Nor can he be swayed by W 132 L 1 W(273)
cannot think apart from Him, nor make what does not share W 132 L 11 W(275)
which he thought pursued him. Nor need he erect the heavy W 134 L 12 W(283)
world cannot perceive its meaning, nor provide a guide to teach W 134 L 13 W(283)
of the laws it follows, nor the Thought which it reflects W 134 L 13 W(283)
the body that can fear, nor be a thing to fear W 135 L 6 W(286)
by which it is achieved, nor how to recognize the problem W 135 L 13 W(287)
plans you thought were needed, nor indeed the answers to the W 135 L 24 W(290)
Defenses are not unintentional, nor are they made without awareness W 136 L 3 W(291)
has not bowed to hell, nor life to death. You can W 136 L 11 W(293)
not make appeal to might nor triumph. It does not command W 136 L 12 W(293)
It does not command obedience, nor seek to prove how pitiful W 136 L 12 W(293)
dim figures from your dreams, nor their obscure and meaningless pursuits W 136 L 16 W(294)
can be no longer cherished nor obeyed. W 137 L W 137 L 7 W(297)
will not recognize them all, nor realize how great your offering W 137 L 10 W(298)
become the instruments of healing. Nor does time elapse between the W 137 L 11 W(298)
blessing where there was attack. Nor will we let this function W 137 L 15 W(299)
not make distinctions among unrealities. Nor does it seek to heal W 140 L 6 W(308)
illusion can disturb our minds, nor offer proof to us that W 140 L 12 W(309)
through the bodys eyes. Nor do you ask why you W 151 L 2 W(316)
your eyes behold in him, nor what his bodys mouth W 151 L 7 W(317)
mouth says to your ears, nor what your fingers touch reports W 151 L 7 W(317)
for him. No-one can grieve nor fear nor think him sick W 152 L 1 W(321)
No-one can grieve nor fear nor think him sick unless these W 152 L 1 W(321)
longer can be hoped for nor obtained. Attack, defense; defense, attack W 153 L 3 W(324)
seems to be no break nor ending in the ever-tightening grip W 153 L 3 W(324)
the world in grim imprisonment. Nor will you learn that light W 153 L 11 W(326)
time to spend with God. Nor will we willingly give less W 153 L 15 W(327)
that Heaven goes with you. Nor would you keep your mind W 153 L 18 W(328)
its intent. Be not afraid nor timid. There can be no W 153 L 20 W(328)
us today be neither arrogant nor falsely humble. We have gone W 154 L 1 W(329)
foolishness. We cannot judge ourselves, nor need we do so. These W 154 L 1 W(329)
part to judge our worth, nor can we know what role W 154 L 1 W(329)
make the message he delivers. Nor does he question the right W 154 L 5 W(330)
right of him who does, nor ask why he has chosen W 154 L 5 W(330)
to offer what you need, nor has it been left unaccepted W 154 L 9 W(331)
beyond what you already have; nor has denied the tiniest of W 154 L 12 W(331)
this path as others walk, nor do you seem to be W 155 L 5 W(333)
they hear you speak of, nor illusion which you bring their W 155 L 6 W(334)
will not fail your brothers nor your Self.

W 155 L 13 W(335)
true. It cannot contradict itself, nor be in parts uncertain and W 156 L 2 W(337)
were created out of Love. Nor have you left your Source W 158 L 1 W(341)
compare with this in value; nor set up a goal which W 158 L 8 W(342)
not what form they took, nor how enormous they appeared to W 158 L 9 W(343)
enormous they appeared to be, nor who seemed to be hurt W 158 L 9 W(343)
a stranger to your Father, nor is your Creator stranger made W 160 L 8 W(348)
sentiment, yet fundamentally not understood nor understandable. The mind that taughtW 161 L 4 W(350)
you. It left you not, nor have you ever been apart W 165 L 2 W(362)
today but for the asking. Nor need you perceive how great W 165 L 4 W(362)
It cannot make a body, nor abide within a body. What W 167 L 6 W(369)
give them attributes it lacks, nor change its own eternal, mindful W 167 L 6 W(369)
its opposite in anything created, nor in what it seems to W 167 L 7 W(369)
share what He gives not, nor make conditions which He does W 167 L 8 W(369)
death in any form today. Nor will we let imagined opposites W 167 L 10 W(370)
6. We cannot speak nor write nor even think of W 169 L 6 W(374)
We cannot speak nor write nor even think of this at W 169 L 6 W(374)
W 181 L 8. Nor do we ask for fantasies W 181 L 8 W(390)
today. We look neither ahead nor backwards. We look straight into W 181 L 10 W(390)
not be heard without response, nor said without an echo in W 182 L 2 W(391)
the nameless for the Name, nor sin for grace nor bodies W 182 L 5 W(392)
Name, nor sin for grace nor bodies for the holy Son W 182 L 5 W(392)
do not recognize the Voice, nor what it is the Voice W 183 L 1 W(394)
He cannot play with dreams, nor think he is himself a W 185 L 2 W(402)
do not ask for compromise, nor try to make another bargain W 185 L 7 W(403)
messages. They will not change nor be in conflict. All of W 186 L 11 W(408)
return to him who gives. Nor can the form it takes W 187 L 2 W(410)
at the idea of sacrifice. Nor can he fail to recognize W 187 L 6 W(411)
thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned W 189 L 7 W(417)
But do not make demands, nor point the road to God W 189 L 8 W(417)
in pain; I cannot lose, nor can I fail to do W 191 L 7 W(423)
think that it will die, nor be the prey of merciless W 192 L 5 W(426)
an unforgiving thought without correction, nor one thorn or nail to W 193 L 9 W(429)
with laughter and with happiness. Nor could the even partly sane W 195 L 2 W(435)
is more slave than you, nor could you sanely be enraged W 195 L 4 W(435)
which would reduce our wholeness, nor impair or change our function W 195 L 6 W(436)
not attempt to harm yourself, nor make your body slave to W 196 L 1 W(438)
will not perceive its foolishness, nor even see that it is W 196 L 6 W(439)
fear its vengeance and pursuit. Nor need you hide in terror W 196 L 9 W(440)
and bars become your home. Nor will you leave the prison W 197 L 2 W(441)
still as God created you. Nor can you dim the light W 197 L 7 W(442)
to hide an unforgiving thought. Nor can there be a form W 197 L 9 W(445)
power to help the world, nor none which will not gain W 199 L 5 W(448)
more to win through losing, nor to die to live. You W 200 L 2 W(449)
desert His Son in need, nor let him stray forever from W 200 L 9 W(451)
the result that we desire. Nor will we forget our hourly W 220 IN2 3 W(459)
Son in all his madness, nor betrayed His trust in him W 220 IN2 5 W(460)
offends no aspect of reality, nor seeks to twist it to W 220 W1 4 W(462)
the wisdom of the Infinite, nor Love Whose tenderness I cannot W 233 L 1 W(476)
was no lapse in continuity, nor break in thoughts which are W 234 L 1 W(477)
You. I have no guilt nor sin in me, for there W 235 L 2 W(478)
diminished and reduced to frailty; nor perceive the lacks in him W 250 L 1 W(494)
goals and serve them well. Nor can he function without deep W 257 L 1 W(502)
not be afraid of love, nor seek for refuge in its W 259 L 2 W(504)
seek not security in danger, nor attempt to find my peace W 261 L 1 W(507)
a stranger to his Father, nor as stranger to myself. For W 262 L 1 W(508)
our sight be blasphemous today, nor let our ears attend to W 514 L 2 W(514)
not left His holy home, nor lost the innocence in which W 270 W6 1 W(517)
things we cannot understand alone, nor learn apart. It is in W 275 W6 1 W(522)
Let us not worship idols, nor believe in any laws idolatry W 277 W6 2 W(524)
His Voice appeal in vain, nor turn away from His replacement W 280 W7 3 W(528)
world escape my sight today. Nor let my ears be deaf W 293 L 2 W(542)
fear are not invested there, nor is a mockery of love W 294 L 1 W(543)
sinful or sinless; neither good nor bad. Let me, then, use W 294 L 2 W(543)
not put out its radiance nor dim its light. It stands W 299 L 2 W(548)
keep us in its hold, nor represents more than a passing W 300 L 1 W(549)
I judge I cannot weep. Nor can I suffer pain, or W 301 L 1 W(551)
intrude my world upon it. Nor can I behold the holy W 304 L 1 W(554)
me is not of days nor hours, for it comes from W 310 L 1 W(560)
strength, his peace, his joy, nor any attributes his Father gave W 320 L 1 W(571)
It created was not there. Nor will there be a time W 320 W11 1 W(572)
understand what made me free, nor what my freedom is, nor W 321 L 1 W(573)
nor what my freedom is, nor where to look to find W 321 L 1 W(573)
For I have neither made nor understood the way to find W 321 L 1 W(573)
our Father wills for us, nor is there any second to W 328 L 1 W(580)
else, called by another name, nor hidden by deceit of any W 333 L 1 W(586)
correction. It does not create, nor really change at all. It W 340 W13 1 W(594)
attempt to go beyond perception, nor exceed the function of forgiveness W 340 W13 1 W(594)
seems to be his problem, nor what he believes he has W 356 L 1 W(611)
you may think is real. Nor will He give you pleasures W 361 EP 4 W(619)
view he cannot meet everyone, nor can everyone find him. Therefore M 4 A 1 M(6)
these meetings are not accidental, nor is what appears to be M 4 A 4 M(7)
superficial personalities are quite distinct. Nor at the beginning stages ofM 5 A 1 M(8)
teachers. They can neither harm nor be harmed. Harm is the M 5 E 1 M(13)
s lessons impossible to learn. Nor can Gods Teacher be M 5 E 1 M(13)
neither from Gods Son nor his Creator. Thus did they M 5 E 2 M(13)
He only thought it did. Nor does he do anything to M 6 C 3 M(20)
true idea has no end nor limit. The final outcome of M 6 C 4 M(20)
that sickness has chosen them. Nor are they open-minded on this M 6 D 1 M(20)
as separate from their own, nor theirs as separate from Godís M 6 D 3 M(21)
itself, and neither the giver nor the receiver would have the M 7 A 3 M(22)
He need do no more, nor is there more that he M 8 A 3 M(24)
bad judgment at another time. Nor can any consistent criteria for M 11 A 1 M(28)
this Judgment is neither good nor bad. It is the only M 11 A 2 M(29)
holy it cannot be sick, nor can it die. When its M 13 A 5 M(33)
It will not be destroyed nor attacked nor even touched. It M 15 A 2 M(37)
not be destroyed nor attacked nor even touched. It will merely M 15 A 2 M(37)
have no effects; neither good nor bad, neither rewarding nor demanding M 17 A 9 M(43)
good nor bad, neither rewarding nor demanding sacrifice, healing nor destructiveM 17 A 9 M(43)
rewarding nor demanding sacrifice, healing nor destructive, quieting nor fearful. WhenM 17 A 9 M(43)
sacrifice, healing nor destructive, quieting nor fearful. When all magic isM 17 A 9 M(43)
a way that reinforces it. Nor is this always obvious. It M 18 A 2 M(44)
must lead to undesired outcomes. Nor should it be forgotten that M 18 A 2 M(44)
its servant, it neither attacks nor protects. To see it and M 18 A 9 M(47)
mistake is not a sin, nor has reality been taken . from M 19 A 3 M(48)
cancels them out. Neither justice nor injustice exists in Heaven, for M 20 A 1 M(48)
different as one goes along. Nor could all the magnificence, the M 20 A 2 M(49)
appear to be a decision. Nor would anyone actually believe he M 23 A 4 M(54)
of all others as well. Nor is it at this level M 23 A 4 M(54)
A name does not heal, nor does an invocation call forth M 24 A 1 M(56)
exceeds what you can learn. Nor would we teach the limitations M 24 A 6 M(57)
impossible. There is no past nor future, and the idea of M 25 A 1 M(58)
sectarian controversies to his burdens. Nor would there be an advantage M 25 A 3 M(58)
is done, will delay progress. Nor does their value lie in M 26 A 3 M(60)
call on them in vain. Nor is there anyone of whom M 27 A 2 M(62)
the answer when it comes. Nor will its coming be long M 27 A 4 M(63)
not proclaim a loving God, nor re-establish any grounds for trust M 28 A 4 M(64)
Do not believe in cruelty, nor let attack conceal the truth M 28 A 7 M(65)
changing form. Truth neither moves nor wavers nor sinks down to M 28 A 7 M(65)
Truth neither moves nor wavers nor sinks down to death and M 28 A 7 M(65)
a course in theoretical philosophy, nor is it concerned with precise U 1 A 1 U(1)
God appear to be separate. Nor do their minds seem to U 2 A 2 U(2)
serves to make it true. Nor can there be a truth U 3 A 3 U(4)
is not denied by words nor is its meaning clear because U 3 A 3 U(4)
to kill Gods Son; nor can his life in any U 6 A 3 U(10)
because it restricts its aims. Nor can the Holy Spirit fight P 3 B 3 P(4)
were necessary to psychotherapeutic success. Nor is belief in God a P 3 C 4 P(6)
heals perception and sickness disappears. Nor will it return again, once P 3 H 3 P(16)
Yet no perception is omniscient, nor is the tiny self of P 3 H 5 P(17)
power that is in him. Nor does he doubt its Source P 3 H 6 P(17)
mean that you select him, nor that you choose the kind P 4 A 1 P(19)
make the curriculum of salvation, nor did he establish his part P 4 A 4 P(20)
Yet neither a perfect therapist nor a perfect patient can possibly P 4 B 4 P(22)
to which he values it. Nor will he find his healing P 4 C 2 P(25)
of the question that matters, nor how it is asked. The S 1 B 2 S(4)
it timelessness instead of end. Nor has it a beginning, because S 1 C 9 S(7)
for vengeance, not for love. Nor do they come from one S 1 D 2 S(8)
anyone who sees no value nor advantage to himself in setting S 1 D 4 S(8)
given up, and not concealed. Nor can it be without some S 1 D 4 S(8)
not hold on to it, nor onto him. He is a S 1 D 6 S(9)
you must rule the universe, nor judge all things as you S 1 F 1 S(10)
S(11) nor share a dwelling place. Where S 1 F 2 S(11)
beyond which you cannot go, nor have you need to go S 2 A 1 S(12)
because salvation is not understood, NOR TRULY SOUGHT FOR . What was S 2 B 1 S(12)
designed comparison cannot be missed, nor is it meant to be S 2 C 1 S(15)
ask for proof of innocence, nor pay of any kind. It S 2 D 1 S(17)
kind. It does not argue, nor evaluate the errors that it S 2 D 1 S(17)
not offer gifts in treachery, nor promise freedom while it asks S 2 D 1 S(17)
will be clear as morning, nor is His forgiveness what you S 2 D 7 S(19)
not attempt to judge forgiveness, nor to set it in an S 2 D 7 S(19)
will not leave you comfortless, nor fail to send His angels S 2 D 7 S(19)
not mistake effect for cause, nor think that sickness is apart S 3 B 1 S(20)
it. Therefore it still deceives. Nor is it made by one S 3 D 1 S(23)
come again in different form. Nor will death any more be S 3 D 6 S(25)
Do not ask partial healing, nor accept an idol for remembrance S 3 E 3 S(26)
yourself, and God to you. Nor will your judgment fail to S 3 E 5 S(26)
who never left his home, nor wandered in a savage world S 3 E 6 S(27)
is nothingness, where neither birth nor death is real, nor any G 1 A 1 G(1)
birth nor death is real, nor any form in the misshapen G 1 A 1 G(1)
2) in this. Nor can there be a shifting G 1 A 4 G(2)
choose to change His Son, nor make your mind accept the G 1 A 7 G(2)
change that eyes can see, nor will you disappear from things G 1 A 8 G(3)
from fear. It never was, nor is, nor yet will be G 1 A 9 G(3)
It never was, nor is, nor yet will be what you G 1 A 9 G(3)
your idols in His place, nor made Him give the gifts G 3 A 4 G(7)
have no sway upon you, nor can any laws of earth G 3 A 6 G(7)
could not be more insistent nor more dear, for it is G 3 A 7 G(8)
everyone, not lessening the giver, nor in truth adding to the G 4 A 4 G(10)