tell your own classes that nobody would bother even to get T 1 B 41ak T(51)51
speak in a way that NOBODY can understand. This strange error T 1 C 18 T(60)60
you dont say anything, nobody can use it, including Me T 2 C 16 T(93)92
Everyone experiences fear, and nobody enjoys it. Yet, it would T 2 E 6 T(101)100
real power of the mind. Nobody remains fully aware of it T 2 E 7 T(101)100
very sincere Christians have misunderstood. Nobody who was free of the T 3 C 1 T(132)131
darkness or nothingness is impossible. Nobody has ever lived who has T 3 D 2 T(144)143
never fail to point out, nobody has none of an ability T 3 G 9 T(162)161
none of an ability, and nobody has all of it. That T 3 G 9 T(162)161
view of the fact that nobody means the physical father by T 3 I 8 T(182)C 9
associated with physical birth, because nobody maintains that the ego existedT 4 C 22 T(205)C 32
it is a belief that nobody, including yourself, is WORTH consistent T 4 E 11 T(216)C 43
for certain stylized verbal accounts, NOBODY can EXPLAIN what happens in T 9 D 5 T(393)220
But a tiny willingness, a nod to God, a greeting to T 24 G 12 T(858)677
cannot rise above the senseless noise of sounds which have no T 31 A 6 T(1043)857
sounds and harsh and rasping noises of the world. Yet does W 183 L 6 W(395)
attempt to heal it through non-creative agents. It does not follow T 2 C 9 T(90)89
MIND. Its characteristic business with non-essentials is precisely for that purposeT 4 F 14 T(223)C 50
effects of error are TOTALLY non-existent. By steadily and consistently cancelingT 9 C 6 T(389)216
now that is perceived as non-existent and unreal. M 21 M 21 A 3 M(51)
no range at all. The non-maximal only APPEARS to have a T 7 D 1 T(310)C 137
to endow the body with non-mental motivators. Actually, such terms merely M 6 C 1 M(19)
to invest the physical with non-physical properties. This is essentially magicT 1 C 12 T(58)58
brain. The attempt to unite non-physical content with physical attributes isT 1 C 20 T(60)60
endowment of the physical with non-physical properties. And the fourth clarifiedT 2 A 15 T(68)68
thing that can help the non-Right-Minded (or the sick) is an T 2 C 9 T(91)90
the sample increases, what was non-significant before may ATTAIN significance, soT 1 C 6 T(56)56
perceived. This perception is totally non-threatening because of the Atonement. TheT 2 C 20 T(95)94
actually occurred in the Separation. None of this existed before, nor T 2 A 6 T(64)64
truth in this connection, but none of them has seen it T 2 E 23 T(105)104
to point out, nobody has none of an ability, and nobody T 3 G 9 T(162)161
This IS an all or none decision. You CANNOT make inappropriate T 3 G 44 T(172)171
before me, because there ARE none. You still think there are T 4 D 16 T(211)C 38
will, with God Himself, that none of His Sons should suffer T 6 B 13 T(275)C 102
the journey, because it HAS none, and the journey is the T 8 E 22 T(359)C 186
value. Of itself it has NONE. If you use it for T 8 G 3 T(363)C 190
NO limits, because God lays none upon you.

T 8 I 9 T(375)C 202
obscure the light, it HAS none, for it has power ONLY T 11 C 5 T(454)- 281
s sin could have touched none of you, had you not T 11 J 3 T(481)308
with brightness so intense, that none of us alone can even T 13 D 14 T(520)- 347
DOES require that you have none that you would KEEP. Innocence T 15 E 9 T(576)403
are NO illusions, and where none can ever enter. Our holiness T 16 H 12 T(629)- 456
not REAL differences at all. NONE OF THEM MATTERS. THAT they T 18 B 5 T(661)488
around yourself, because God placed none between HIMSELF and you. Your T 18 G 11 T(679)506
no opposition, for there is none BESIDE It. T 19 T 19 E 3 T(708)532
that they can find, losing none of them on pain of T 19 F 2 T(711)535
537 And none you cannot ask loves T 19 F 7 T(713)537
sin, and therefore it HAS none. Nor to its results, as T 20 E 1 T(745)568
to release or kill. And none can leave the thinkers T 21 H 13 T(793)614
to PERCEIVE a difference where none exists will surely fail to T 22 C 2 T(801)621
open to the sorrowful. And none who looks upon the Christ T 22 E 6 T(809)628
NEEDS no defense, and offers none. Only illusions need defense, BECAUSE T 22 F 1 T(811)630
is not the same. And none your Father does not share T 24 B 8 T(841)660
ego device, for love makes none. Specialness ALWAYS makes comparisons. It T 24 C 1 T(842)661
enter, and a hiding-place where none is welcome but your tiny T 24 C 13 T(845)664
have a life APART has none. T 25 B 4 T 25 B 3 T(866)685
would seek for hope where none is EVER found. T T 25 C 2 T(868)687
t sees no differences where none exist. And thus it is T 25 J 9 T(900)719i
Not one is lost, and none is cherished more than any T 26 E 4 T(911)730
perceived takes many forms, but NONE has meaning. Brought to truth T 26 H 2 T(918)744
double question, with MANY answers, none of which will do. It T 27 E 3 T(947)773
He sees NO differences where none exist, and He will teach T 27 I 12 T(965)791
how each one is CAUSED. None has a DIFFERENT cause from T 27 I 12 T(965)791
is GIVEN no effects, and none are SEEN. A mind within T 28 C 3 T(972)- 798
will see them all. See NONE in them, and they will T 30 E 4 T(1028)842
real foundation, pardon could have none. The real world is achieved T 30 G 3 T(1033)847
illusion. But the world has none to offer. ALL its roads T 31 D 2 T(1052)866
for hope where there is none. Make fast your learning NOW T 31 D 4 T(1053)867
a choice where there is none, what power of decision can T 31 D 5 T(1053)867
them you may actively resist. None of this will matter, nor W 1 IN1 5 W(2)
mixture that, in a sense, none of them can be called W 4 L 1 W(6)
thoughts as well as bad. None of them represents your real W 4 L 2 W(6)
Of yourself you can do none of these things. To believe W 47 L 2 W(83)
to share its sight, and none who enters its abode can W 92 L 7 W(178)
sought many such solutions, and none of them has worked. The W 96 L 1 W(189)
escape, yet can conceive of none because it sees the sinful W 121 L 4 W(241)
some hope where there is none. Be you deceived no more W 128 L 2 W(261)
lasting love is found, for none is here. This is the W 129 L 2 W(263)
will attempt no compromise where none is possible. The world you W 130 L 6 W(267)
for love where there is none; for safety in the midst W 131 L 1 W(269)
no cruelty in God and none in me. W 170 L 0 W(377)
defy his power. He has none. And those who see in W 170 L 7 W(378)
in us for there is none in You. Your peace is W 170 L 13 W(380)
no cruelty in God and none in me. God is but W 180 L 2 W(386)
thousand homes he makes, yet none contents his restless mind. He W 183 L 3 W(394)
tears be wiped away, with none remaining yet unshed, and none W 193 L 9 W(429)
none remaining yet unshed, and none but waiting their appointed time W 193 L 9 W(429)
to help the world, nor none which will not gain in W 199 L 5 W(448)
finding happiness where there is none; of being saved by what W 200 L 2 W(449)
of me, and I have none but Those which are of W 223 L 1 W(465)
thoughts today. I would have none of mine. In place of W 233 L 1 W(476)
in me, for there is none in You.

W 235 L 2 W(478)
will remain in fear, and none the Father will not gather W 340 L 2 W(593)
is gone, for he has none. He has given it away M 11 A 5 M(30)
words, or only one or none at all. Yet each temptation M 17 A 10 M(43)
choice. Beyond this there is none, for what was done cannot M 18 A 7 M(46)
you made of yourself has none. The Holy Spirit knows the M 30 A 4 M(69)
cost of giving. There is none. Your teachers have deceived. G 4 A 8 G(11)