the past thus brings you nearer to the end of time T 13 B 3 T(511)338
in time, but bring eternity nearer or farther. T 14 T 14 F 1 T(554)- 381
it, will you bring it nearer. Think not that you can T 15 E 2 T(574)401
As the light comes nearer, you WILL rush to darkness T 18 D 2 T(668)495
journey. And it is brought NEARER to all, by your relationship T 19 D 14 T(706)- 530
the end of time brought nearer. Each miracle of joining is T 20 F 1 T(748)571
is there that could be nearer you, than is your Self T 21 G 10 T(786)607
nor time. Nothing beyond nor nearer. Nothing else. In ANY form T 25 E 6 T(879)698
entities can come a little nearer, or go a little farther T 26 A 1 T(901)720
each gift that brings him nearer to his home. Not one T 26 E 4 T(911)730
of it as time. The nearer it is brought to where T 26 I 1 T(925)751
offer him but brings you nearer to your wakening to peace T 29 F 3 T(1001)815
be wholly true a little nearer. W 27 L 2 W 27 L 1 W(46)
today to bring that awareness nearer, whether you feel you have W 67 L 4 W(125)
awareness is brought a little nearer at least; sometimes a thousand W 97 L 3 W(192)
rest today the world is nearer waking. And the time when W 109 L 7 W(223)
of God. He speaks from nearer than your heart to you W 125 L 7 W(254)
in its ways; a little nearer its deliverance. And you who W 157 L 7 W(340)
and you will come today nearer Christs vision. If you W 161 L 10 W(352)
and sounds which come from nearer than the world are clear W 164 L 3 W(359)
you, salvation comes a little nearer each uncertain heart that does W 169 L 11 W(375)
take brings us a little nearer. This review will shorten time W 170 R5 5 W(382)
8. We practice coming nearer to the light in us W 188 L 8 W(414)
not seem to bring you nearer death; no hope you hold W 191 L 2 W(422)
Today we come still nearer to the end of everything W 197 L 13 W(446)
to home, and draw still nearer every time we say: There W 200 L 11 W(451)
choice you make brings Heaven nearer to your reach. And so W 361 EP 5 W(620)
this, and bring this goal nearer to recognition. For magic of M 17 A 9 M(43)
Begin with things that are nearest you, and then extend the W 9 L 3 W(16)
or she would not be nearsighted. But she HAS tried to T 4 C 6 T(199)C 26
she had not settled for nearsightedness. This was an attempt to T 4 C 6 T(199)C 26
steps to chaos DO follow neatly from their starting-point. Each is T 23 C 22 T(832)651
than reliability, and is also necessarily implied BY it, why not T 1 B 37ac T(35)35
miscreation. While the miscreation is NECESSARILY believed in by its own T 1 B 42c T(54)54
as refusing, a term which necessarily involves a perception of what T 2 A 7 T(64)64
that the term project outward necessarily implies that the real source T 2 A 8 T(64)64
to the self (though not necessarily to others) except for the T 2 D 10 T(98)97
everything which man creates is necessarily instinctive.

T 2 E 44 T(111)110
of readiness. Mastery of love necessarily involves a much more complete T 2 E 55 T(115)114
everything which man creates is necessarily instinctive.

T 2 E 57 T(116)115
his own eyes, but not necessarily in the sight of God T 2 E 58 T(117)116
of assuming that you were necessarily to arrange to meet the T 3 A 21 T(125)124
is because illiteracy does not necessarily imply any lack of love T 3 C 31 T(140)139
attitudes, even toward this, are necessarily conflicted, because ALL attitudes areT 4 C 12 T(201)C 28
ability would naturally develop, would necessarily involve true perception, a stateT 4 F 13 T(223)C 50
the inevitable judgment which it necessarily entails that it is UNNECESSARYT 4 G 1 T(224)C 51
you will regard yourselves as necessarily conflicted as long as you T 4 G 6 T(225)C 52
ability is used FOR is necessarily either limited OR divided. But T 7 D 3 T(310)C 137
exerted on its behalf is NECESSARILY expended on nothing. T T 10 F 4 T(434)- 261
The belief in sin is necessarily based on the firm conviction T 19 C 1 T(699)523
and powerful, wholly true, and NECESSARILY protected with every defense at T 19 C 5 T(700)524
somewhere in your mind, not necessarily in a place which you W 48 L 3 W(85)
salvation as your only function necessarily entails two phases; the recognitionW 65 L 1 W(119)
remember that miracles and vision necessarily go together. This needs repeatingW 91 L 1 W(174)
M(8) they necessarily recognize this; in fact, they M 4 A 5 M(8)
is always self-doubt. And that necessarily implies that trust has been M 8 A 5 M(24)
what he knows is not necessarily all there is to learn M 25 A 5 M(59)
Theological considerations as such are necessarily controversial, since they depend onU 1 A 2 U(1)
s right, but purification is necessary first. T 1 B T 1 B 7 T(3)-3-
testing, which always involves the necessary distinction between the true andT 1 B 32c T(22)22
B 37e. This is necessary, because a split vote does T 1 B 37e T(29)29
you that this is not necessary. Also, the other man needed T 1 B 37j T(30)30
time any longer than is necessary. Time can waste, as well T 1 B 41g T(45)45
Sonship will no longer be necessary. When the Atonement has been T 1 B 41k T(46)46
no special agents will be necessary. But do not underestimate the T 1 B 41n T(47)47
true, entails the two steps necessary for the release from fear T 1 C 1 T(55)55
of love. Acts were not necessary before the Separation, because the T 2 B 41 T(80) 80
defense of Atonement, and the necessary conditions for its fulfillment wereT 2 B 42 T(80) 80
of understanding is no longer necessary. The eternally creative have nothingT 2 B 45 T(81) 81
after the Separation was it necessary to direct the creative force T 2 B 45 T(81) 81
simply that it is not necessary to protect the mind by T 2 C 8 T(90)89
procedure would never have become necessary. If your miracle working propensitiesT 2 C 16 T(93)92
unequivocal fact that healing is necessary. The fear arises because of T 2 C 20 T(95)94
fear arises because of the necessary willingness to look at what T 2 C 20 T(95)94
Otherwise, the miracle will be necessary to set the mind ITSELF T 2 E 18 T(104)103
insistence that this level is necessary at all in the psychic T 2 E 26 T(106)105
psychic energy results, it is necessary to consider OUR concept of T 2 E 32 T(108)107
of creation has made this necessary as a corrective device. T 2 E 51 T(113)112
amount of time will be necessary between readiness and mastery, I T 2 E 56 T(115)114
A 7. It is necessary that this appropriate use of T 3 A 7 T(120) 119
why a solid foundation is necessary at this point is because T 3 A 11 T(121)120
cab situation. It was not necessary that anyone wait at all T 3 A 18 T(124)123
Her presence there made it necessary each time the door was T 3 A 20 T(124)123
much longer time than was necessary, and you were angry because T 3 A 20 T(124)123
discourteous T(indeed is not necessary; it was your OWN error T 3 A 23 T(125)124
major point of clarification is necessary in connection with the phrase T 3 A 36 T(128)127
was, however, both courteous and necessary that he change this himself T 3 A 38 T(129)128
the truth. It is not necessary to consider anything acceptable, if T 3 C 5 T(132)131
13. Right perception is necessary before God can communicate DIRECTLY T 3 E 13 T(150)149
perception of EACH OTHER is necessary ONLY because minds have willed T 3 G 15 T(163)162
42. It is hardly necessary to say that teaching is T 3 G 42 T(171)170
to abolish fear. This is necessary so that knowledge can happen T 3 G 42 T(171)170
fact some TRUE authorship is necessary for existence. T 3 T 3 H 11 T(177)C 4
or will, or make is necessary to establish your worth. This T 4 B 21 T(193)C 20
When teaching is no longer necessary, you will merely know God T 4 C 8 T(200)C 27
to hide again. It is necessary to repeat that your belief T 4 D 13 T(211)C 38
a temporary expedient. It is necessary ONLY because Misperception is a T 4 G 1 T(224)C 51
on its own. This was necessary to persuade you that you T 4 G 6 T(225)C 52
is an interpretation which is necessary to its survival, because as T 5 G 8 T(256)C 83
was that it is not necessary to perceive ANY form of T 6 B 4 T(273)C 100
every Son of God is necessary to enable the Sonship to T 6 B 13 T(275)C 102
the idea that RETURN is necessary, because it can so easily T 6 C 12 T(280)C 107
the idea of return both necessary AND difficult. God made nothing T 6 C 12 T(280)C 107
difficult. God made nothing either necessary OR difficult. But YOU have T 6 C 12 T(280)C 107
YOURSELF. It is not even necessary that you COMPLETE the step T 6 F 14 T(292)119
step yourself, but it IS necessary that you turn in that T 6 F 14 T(292)119
direction would not have been necessary. Some people remain at this T 6 F 15 T(292)119
without judgment. The UNdoing is necessary only in YOUR mind, so T 6 H 3 T(299)C 126
for YOU. Vigilance is not necessary for truth, but it IS T 6 H 12 T(302)C 129
for truth, but it IS necessary AGAINST ILLUSION. Truth is WITHOUT T 6 H 12 T(302)C 129
all in peace. It is necessary ONLY AGAINST beliefs which are T 7 G 8 T(326)C 153
may seem that this is necessary, it obviously IS. The reason T 7 K 2 T(341)C 168
in the curriculum is obviously necessary.

--- Manuscript
T 8 B 3 T(347) C 174
nothingness, but it is not necessary to examine ALL possible outcomes T 8 H 7 T(372)C 199
BE PERCEIVED. All that is necessary is a willingness to perceive T 10 H 2 T(443)- 270
only reality is true is necessary. BUT DO YOU BELIEVE IT T 10 H 5 T(444)- 271
it, although the recognition IS necessary to demonstrate the NEED for T 11 B 7 T(452)279
to you. This is a necessary consequence of what you have T 11 D 8 T(461)- 288
HOW TO ATTACK YOURSELF. A necessary minor, supplementing this major curriculumT 11 F 9 T(467)294
here. Contrast and differences are necessary teaching aids, for by them T 13 E 4 T(522)349
you do not accept the necessary conditions for knowing Him, YOU T 14 A 1 T(539)- 366
is you who made them necessary. And, because you did, the T 14 G 8 T(560)- 387
15 E 9. The necessary condition for the holy instant T 15 E 9 T(576)403
as fast as possible, the necessary process of looking straight at T 15 I 9 T(591)- 418
to SEE this, it is necessary to give up EVERY use T 15 I 10 T(591)- 418
shift in perception that is necessary. For you made but ONE T 15 J 5 T(595)- 422
nothing else. It is not necessary to follow fear through all T 15 J 5 T(595)- 422
what it IS. It IS necessary to examine each one, as T 15 J 5 T(595)- 422
NOT the body as the necessary means of communication. And if T 15 K 7 T(599)- 426
Therefore, your understanding CANNOT be necessary. Yet it is still impossibleT 16 C 2 T(604)431
AGAINST it. It is NOT necessary to seek for what is T 16 E 6 T(612)439
is true, but it IS necessary to seek for what is T 16 E 6 T(612)439
the special relationship, it is necessary first to realize that it T 16 F 1 T(615)442
else, but what else is NECESSARY to make them all the T 18 B 5 T(661)488
that your understanding is NOT necessary. All that was necessary was T 18 D 5 T(669)496
NOT necessary. All that was necessary was merely the WISH to T 18 D 5 T(669)496
all else. It is not necessary that you do more; indeed T 18 E 1 T(671)- 498
do more; indeed, it is necessary that you realize that you T 18 E 1 T(671)- 498
Never believe that this is necessary, or even possible. T T 18 F 6 T(675)- 572
at DETACHMENT from the body necessary. All such attempts will ultimately T 18 H 5 T(683)631b
this IMPAIRED condition are adjustments necessary. BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT TRUET 20 D 1 T(740)564
making whatever adjustments it deems necessary, and INTERPOSING them BETWEEN thoseT 20 D 2 T(740)564
you. Vision would not be necessary, had judgment not been made T 20 I 2 T(758)581
seen instead. It is not necessary to IMAGINE what the world T 21 B 2 T(764)586
is NOT. It is NOT necessary that he understand HOW he T 21 H 6 T(789)610
been answered? COULD it be necessary they be ASKED so often T 21 H 12 T(792)613
see the final question is NECESSARY to the rest, as peace T 21 I 2 T(793)614
experience. And therefore it is necessary that you have OTHER experiences T 22 G 15 T(818)637
is not seen as even necessary that He be asked about T 23 C 6 T(826)645
is attained. It is not necessary to tell Him what to T 24 A 1 T(838)657
NOT KNOW. This much is necessary to add to the idea T 25 I 1 T(891)710
salvation needs. Nor is it necessary that your faith in it T 25 I 2 T(891)710
ARE fair and good, and necessary to preserve yourself. It is T 26 C 5 T(905)724
were could choosing be a necessary step in the advance toward T 26 D 1 T(907)726
this curriculum. Nor is it necessary we dwell on anything that T 26 D 2 T(907)726
AS TWO, there comes a NECESSARY view of function split BETWEEN T 27 C 13 T(942)768
your love WITHOUT attack is necessary, that all this occur. T 27 F 3 T(950)776
And thus it WOULD be necessary for the search for wholeness T 30 D 3 T(1023)837
there were, it would be necessary FIRST there be some sin T 30 G 5 T(1035)849
such as the text is necessary as a background to make W 1 IN1 1 W(1)
preceding ones. Again, it is necessary to name both the form W 6 L 1 W(10)
yet. However, understanding is not necessary at this point. In fact W 9 L 1 W(15
have made. It is not necessary to include a large number W 15 L 4 W(26)
todays idea. It is necessary, however, to continue to look W 15 L 4 W(26)
length of time involved, if necessary. Do not attempt more than W 19 L 5 W(33)
however, specific mind-searching periods are necessary in addition to applying theW 21 L 1 W(36)
today, one more thought is necessary. At the most superficial levels W 25 L 4 W(42)
of distress. It may be necessary to take a minute or W 33 L 4 W(54)
very frequent short ones are necessary. Once every ten minutes would W 40 L 1 W(67)
first phase as often as necessary to prevent this. W W 43 L 6 W(73)
practice only one thing is necessary; approach it as you would W 45 L 8 W(79)
be condemnation before forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness is the great needW 46 L 1 W(81)
five minute practice periods are necessary today, and longer and more W 47 L 4 W(83)
your own frailty is a necessary step in the correction of W 47 L 6 W(84)
with your eyes open when necessary, but closed when possible. And W 49 L 5 W(87)
included. Thereafter, it is not necessary to follow any particular order W 50 R1 2 W(90)
3. It is not necessary to cover the comments literally W 50 R1 3 W(90)
of learning. It will be necessary, however, that you learn to W 50 R1 4 W(90)
given here. It is not necessary to return to the original W 50 R1 6 W(91)
has no meaning. It is necessary that I recognize this that W 51 L 1 W(92)
of salvation, this is obviously necessary. This is the first of W 61 L 7 W(113)
of these thoughts are obviously necessary for a total commitment. SalvationW 65 L 1 W(119)
to be false it is necessary to define God as something W 66 L 6 W(122)
You may find it necessary to repeat the idea for W 67 L 4 W(124)
change of mind that is necessary for salvation is thus demanded W 71 L 2 W(134)
need for grievances, which are necessary to maintain it, peoples it W 73 L 2 W(141)
Do this as often as necessary. There is definite gain in W 74 L 6 W(145)
go, but that is not necessary. All that is necessary is W 79 L 8 W(158)
not necessary. All that is necessary is to entertain some doubt W 79 L 8 W(158)
for mind training. It is necessary that you be aware of W 95 L 4 W(185)
6. Structure, then, is necessary for you at this time W 95 L 6 W(186)
appointed time. Nor is it necessary that you make excessive efforts W 110 R3 2 W(228)
a threat, decides escape is necessary, and sets up a series W 136 L 4 W(291)
No prayer but this is necessary, for it holds them all W 182 L 10 W(393)
plan of salvation, it is necessary to grasp the concept of M 3 A 2 M(4)
relinquishment of judgment as the necessary condition of salvation. M 10 A 2 M(28)
more does bad. It is necessary for the teacher of God M 11 A 2 M(29)
is the illusion of many necessary? Only because reality is not M 13 A 3 M(32)
found. Therefore, forgiveness is the necessary condition for finding the peaceM 21 A 3 M(50)
Anywhere along the way, the necessary realization of inclusiveness may reachM 23 A 2 M(54)
recommended because it would be necessary. All that must be recognized M 25 A 5 M(59)
No more than this is necessary.

--- Manuscript
M 25 A 6 M(59)
too have not attained the necessary understanding as yet, but they M 27 A 1 M(62)
the Holy Spiritís guidance is necessary merely because of your own M 30 A 3 M(69)
is not only possible but necessary. It is this experience toward U 1 A 2 U(1)
seem real indeed. Psychotherapy is necessary so that individuals can begin P 1 A 1 P(1)
of God, it is not necessary to be religious or even P 3 C 1 P(5)
any recognizable extent. It is necessary, however, to teach forgiveness ratherP 3 C 1 P(5)
to truth. What can be necessary to find truth, which remains P 3 C 2 P(5)
if belief in God were necessary to psychotherapeutic success. Nor is P 3 C 4 P(6)
demonstrate that defenses are not necessary, and that defenselessness is strengthP 3 E 10 P(11)
understands that his part is necessary to the whole, and that P 4 A 4 P(20)
in healing. This is a necessary understanding for the healed healer P 4 B 7 P(23)
in this world that is necessary. But not for asking. God S 1 A 7 S(3)
cannot be described. The stages necessary to its attainment, however, needS 1 C 10 S(7)
love expressed in joining; the necessary condition for extension and the G 4 A 1 G(10)