you transcend YOUR prison and ascend to the Father? For these T 10 G 2 T(439)266
accomplished FOR you. For we ascend unto the Father together, as T 10 G 4 T(440)267
the egos making, and ascend unto your Father. T T 15 B 12 T(567)394
E 16. Let us ascend, in peace together, to the T 17 E 16 T(645)472
will you use it to ascend to Heaven alone. T T 18 F 2 T(674)- 521
goals you pass as you ascend to meet the Christ in W 100 L 8 W(201)
hold you up as you ascend the shining stairway to the S 1 A 3 S(1)
it waits its freedom to ascend above the world of chaos S 2 B 10 S(15)
being possessed is brought to ascendance, a state of some sort T 2 A 21 T(70)70
the Father, by giving HIM ascendance in our minds. We will T 17 E 16 T(645)472
ARE in us, through HIS ascendance. What He has given is T 17 E 16 T(645)472
the place of God to ascendance, first through Christs vision P 3 C 5 P(6)
upon the earth after he ascended into Heaven, or became completely U 7 A 1 U(11)
of rising power and with ascending

--- Manuscript
S 1 D 1 S(7)
and all its works, and ascends to the Father and HIS T 10 G 1 T(439)266
deprived of meaning. As God ascends into HIS rightful place and T 17 E 15 T(645)472
This step begins the quicker ascent, but there are still many S 1 E 2 S(9)
witnesses which make the steep ascent more gentle and more sure S 3 A 1 S(20)
are on Him. Do not ascribe the egos arrogance to T 10 F 6 T(434)- 261
filled; the needs which YOU ascribe to you are met. It T 29 E 4 T(1000)814
obscure to you. Do NOT ascribe a role to him which T 29 E 6 T(1000)814
and HAVE the power you ascribe to them. And you pursue T 29 H 7 T(1008)822
and the cause which you ascribe to it. For example: I W 5 L 2 W(8)
the ego-based attributes which you ascribe to yourself, positive or negativeW 35 L 4 W(57)
Its fear aspect is usually ascribed to the father figure, a T 3 I 8 T(182)C 9
Him. For to Him you ascribed the EGOs treachery, inviting T 15 J 10 T(596)- 423
be real. The purpose GOD ascribed to anything IS its only T 17 E 1 T(640)467
is not the one I ascribed to it, there must be W 57 L 3 W(104)
any magical powers you have ascribed to yourself, nor on any W 77 L 2 W(152)
good and bad, you have ascribed to yourself; and wait in W 94 L 4 W(183)
the powers which the ego ascribes to itself. Every mythological system T 4 C 21 T(205)C 32
sees with the function IT ascribes to it. It does NOT T 8 H 1 T(369)C 196
or attributes which you are ascribing to yourself at the time W 35 L 9 W(58)
BIBLICAL QUOTATION: If you are ashamed of me before men, I T 1 B 22t T(9)-9-
before men, I will be ashamed of you before God. (HS T 1 B 22t T(9)-9-
is that if you are ashamed of me (or embarrassed by T 1 B 22u T(9)-9-
notes on Those who are ashamed of Me before men, them T 1 B 36v T(28)28
men, them will I be ashamed of before God. This was T 1 B 36v T(28)28
at the time. He was ashamed to return to his father T 8 F 5 T(360)C 187
fear to let you feel ashamed. It doubts not your belief T 21 E 1 T(777)598
are sinners, guilty and afraid, ashamed of what we are. And W 152 L 9 W(323)
ideas of which it is ashamed. Hold onto nothing. Do not W 189 L 7 W(417)
as sanity. And fear, with ashen lips and sightless eyes, blinded T 23 C 16 T(830)649
hopes that turn to bitter ashes of despair. No-one but must W 128 L 1 W(261)
the taste of dust and ashes in their wake in place W 163 L 3 W(356)
phrasing had been singular. (HS aside about liking the first about T 1 B 22j T(7)-7-
T 1 B 24b. (ASIDE. Tell B that that is T 1 B 24b T(13)13
T 1 B 30b. Aside (HS commented on awakening with T 1 B 30b T(18)18
the book and put it aside WITHOUT consulting me. ASK Is T 1 B 37l T(30)30
T 1 B 41i. ASIDE Tell B. he is right T 1 B 41i T(46)46
fear of the irresistible attraction. (Aside. Yes, this DOES apply to T 1 C 7 T(56)56
projection to escape from vacillation. (Aside: It should be noted that T 2 A 22 T(70)70
T 2 B 52. (Aside from HS: Last night I T 2 B 52 T(82) 82
little about cognition as yet. (Aside: One of the exceptions is T 3 E 2 T(147)146
T 4 A 1. (Aside to HS. You were both T 4 A 1 T(185)C 12
without judgment, and is laid aside accordingly. The mind then has T 4 C 23 T(205)C 32
YOURSELF, you will have laid aside all anger and all attack T 7 I 8 T(336)C 163
so they, too, can lay aside their weakness and add their T 8 F 2 T(359)C 186
When YOU lay the ego aside it will be gone. The T 8 H 10 T(372)C 199
of God who has laid aside all false gods, and who T 9 J 9 T(414)- 241
REALLY SEE. You cannot lay aside the obstacle to real vision T 11 C 16 T(458)- 285
upon it, for to lay aside means to judge AGAINST. If T 11 C 16 T(458)- 285
do. And you will lay aside the world and find another T 12 F 11 T(504)- 331
but last until you step aside from ALL your needs, and T 12 G 11 T(508)- 335
everyone to lay all guilt aside. Reflect the peace of Heaven T 14 F 2 T(554)- 381
veil of time is pushed aside. No-one who has not yet T 15 G 5 T(582)- 409
of what you have cast aside, but what you still desire T 15 I 3 T(589)- 416
thrust Heaven and its Creator aside, WITHOUT a sense of sacrifice T 15 K 5 T(598)- 425
so perpetuate it. Step gently aside, and let the healing be T 16 A 4 T(602)429
them. Reserve not one idea aside from truth, or you ESTABLISH T 17 B 3 T(631)458
given wherever faithlessness is laid aside, UNUSED. T 17 I T 17 I 2 T(657)484
yours; The place you set aside to house your hatred is T 18 G 8 T(678)505
obeys, and gently SETTING THEM ASIDE.

--- Manuscript
T 18 G 14 T(680)507
BOTH of you. Lay faithlessness aside, and come to it TOGETHER T 19 B 13 T(698)522
with YOURS. See him throw aside the black robe he was T 19 I 2 T(721)545
will lightly brush the veil aside and run to meet Him T 19 K 2 T(726)550
about a while and laid aside. Listen and hear this carefully T 20 C 6 T(737)561
peace and understanding? Then lay aside the body and quietly TRANSCEND T 20 G 9 T(753)576
eternal. You MUST have set aside a place in which the T 21 F 6 T(781)602
these meaningless distractions, lay Heaven aside? Your destiny and purpose areT 23 A 4 T(820)639
now, to let HIM draw aside the veil that SEEMS to T 25 B 4 T(866)685
punishment that they lay it aside, unaided, and perceive it is T 25 I 5 T(892)711
it IS arrogant to LAY ASIDE the power that He gave T 26 H 16 T(923)749
gave. And do not brush aside his many gifts, because he T 27 H 15 T(961)787
miracle will brush them all aside, and thus make room for T 28 D 5 T(977)- 803
eagerly he comes, and steps aside from heavy shadows that have T 29 D 5 T(998)824
dreams are means to step aside from dreaming of a world T 29 F 7 T(1003)817
ever learned before, and put aside all images you made. The T 31 B 7 T(1048)862
Try to lay such feelings aside, and merely use these things W 3 L 1 W(5)
disturbs you during the day, aside from the practice periods. Be W 14 L 7 W(25)
If you can stand aside from the ego ever so W 44 L 6 W(76)
your minds holiness. Stand aside, however briefly,

W 45 L 9 W(79)
of days to follow, set aside ten to fifteen minutes for W 65 L 3 W(119)
Self by laying all grievances aside and wakening in Him. W 68 L 8 W(127)
in your mind. Brush them aside with your hand; feel them W 69 L 5 W(129)
a good time to lay aside for each of them, and W 70 L 5 W(132)
to try to lay judgment aside, and ask what Gods W 72 L 9 W(139)
grievances, and lay the grievances aside, and look at him. Someone W 78 L 4 W(154)
which you laid your images aside,

--- Manuscript
W 78 L 9 W(155)
answer. You have laid deception aside, and seen the light of W 80 L 2 W(160)
see, I must lay grievances aside. I want to see, and W 85 L 2 W(168)
Three times today, set aside about 10 minutes for a W 91 L 5 W(175)
lay all idols and self-images aside; go past the long list W 94 L 4 W(183)
process which must be laid aside, for it is but another W 95 L 10 W(187)
All our doubts we lay aside today, and take our stand W 98 L 2 W(194)
learn to lay all fear aside, and know your Self as W 99 L 10 W(199)
all fear be gently laid aside that Love may find Its W 99 L 13 W(199)
are my inheritance. Then lay aside the conflicts of the world W 104 L 3 W(208)
All this we lay aside, and seek instead that which W 104 L 4 W(208)
If you will lay aside the egos voice however W 106 L 1 W(213)
s Son. Today I lay aside All sick illusions of myself W 120 L 2 W(240)
come to learn to cast aside the world they thought was W 127 L 10 W(260)
state today, with self-deception laid aside, and with an honest willingnessW 133 L 13 W(279)
gladly will our brothers lay aside their cumbersome defenses which availedW 135 L 21 W(289)
it. As these are laid aside, the strength the body has W 136 L 18 W(294)
each hour, as we lay aside all thoughts which would distract W 139 L 12 W(306)
So do we lay aside our amulets, our charms and W 140 L 10 W(309)
our interfering thoughts be laid aside, not separately, but all of W 140 L 11 W(309)
323) We lay aside the arrogance which says that W 152 L 9 W(323)
all self-concepts have been laid aside and recognized as false. Their W 152 L 10 W(323)
of fear is gladly laid aside when children come to see W 153 L 12 W(326)
Him in return. You lay aside but what was never real W 153 L 20 W(328)
mind has come to lay aside denial and accept the Thought W 165 L 5 W(363)
Take time today to lay aside your shield which profits nothing W 183 L 11 W(396)
All false humility we lay aside today, that we may listen W 186 L 4 W(406)
this: Be still and lay aside all thoughts of what you W 189 L 7 W(417)
against your throat, and put aside the withering assaults with which W 190 L 9 W(421)
comfort and security. He lays aside the sick illusions of the W 194 L 8 W(433)
forgotten when we lay comparisons aside. What more remains as obstacles W 195 L 8 W(436)
come at last, to lay aside all hope of finding happiness W 200 L 2 W(449)
in a dream, we turn aside and ask ourselves if we W 272 W6 2 W(519)
sights and sounds forever laid aside. And where they were perceived W 280 W7 1 W(528)
a purpose, it is laid aside. It is not sick or W 294 L 1 W(543)
a single part that stands aside, or one of more or W 318 L 1 W(569)
It cannot be evaded, set aside, denied, disguised, seen somewhere else W 333 L 1 W(586)
eternity, for time has stepped aside today. I do not seek W 346 L 1 W(600)
learn to lay all judgment aside and ask only what he M 5 B 7 M(11)
Healing will always stand aside when it would be seen M 7 A 2 M(22)
you yet learned to stand aside and hear the Voice of M 16 A 2 M(39)
comes to all who stand aside in quiet listening, and wait M 16 A 2 M(39)
interpretations and laying all injustices aside. If Godís Son were fairly M 20 A 1 M(49)
Prayer is a stepping aside; a letting go; a quiet S 1 B 5 S(4)
little gods it gladly lays aside, not in resentment, but in S 1 F 1 S(10)
give fear would be laid aside as easily as joy and G 1 A 2 G(1)
everyone may come and step aside from time. Put out your G 3 A 10 G(9)