very well. This should be met with great charity, rather than T 1 B 36l T(26)26
offered, it should ALWAYS be met with respect, although it need T 3 A 30 T(127)126
accepted. However, if it is MET ungraciously the resulting feeling may T 3 A 30 T(127)126
all their demands are fully met. T 4 B 2 T 4 B 1 T(188)C 15
helpfullness, and whenever they are met with this, the mind that T 4 I 5 T(232)C 59
have believed that when you met someone else, you have thought T 8 D 9 T(353)C 180
knowledge, because it has NOT MET ITS CONDITIONS. T 9 T 9 H 5 T(406)- 233
this awareness, you have NOT met its conditions, and until you T 10 H 3 T(443)- 270
but ALL their problems are met ONLY with healing there. The T 14 E 7 T(553)- 380
the condition of love is met, for minds are joined without T 15 K 7 T(599)- 426
goal. You have thus not met your one responsibility. Atonement is T 18 H 1 T(682)631a
it would keep apart has met and joined, and looks upon T 21 E 7 T(779)600
sinlessness. Nothing arises but is met with instant and complete forgivenessT 25 D 5 T(874)693
forever uncorrectable, and to be met with vengeance, NOT with justice T 25 J 1 T(897)716
solved BECAUSE it has been met with justice. And UNTIL it T 25 J 5 T(898)717
remember when they would have met with laughter and with disbelief T 27 I 5 T(963)789
YOU ascribe to you are met. It does not matter if T 29 E 4 T(1000)814
you would like to be met in its resolution. The form W 24 L 5 W(40)
it to be hoped for, met with thanks and joyously accepted W 192 L 6 W(426)
as if they had not met before. The pupil comes at M 3 A 4 M(5)
and one which can be met that very day. For the M 17 A 1 M(40)
you have will not be met. Let us not, then, be M 27 A 4 M(63)
lie together here, and having met at last the choice is U 3 A 10 U(5)
and see that they are met as one, for such they P 3 C 9 P(7)
age-old attempts to turn base metal into gold. (This typo was T 4 F 15 T(223)C 50
it has bought with little metal discs or paper strips the T 27 I 2 T(962)788
paper strips and piles of metal discs. You really think a W 76 L 3 W(149)
Its offering is death, and meted out in cruel form to W 101 L 4 W(203)
question them. Harsh punishment is meted out relentlessly to those who W 170 L 6 W(378)
But, as always occurs when method and content are separated, it T 3 G 7 T(160)159
is not the most efficient method is because pain itself is T 4 G 11 T(226)C 53
idea itself in varying the method of applying it. However you W 39 L 10 W(65)
you believe. It is a method of conversion. This is not M 1 A 2 M(1)
as danger. Sickness is a method, conceived in madness, for placing M 6 B 1 M(18)
T 3 G 7. Methodologically, mans mind has been T 3 G 7 T(160)159
and the other very eminent methodologists have abandoned validity in favor T 1 B 37aa T(35)35
of you, by using its methods for keeping this picture INTACT T 9 F 7 T(400)- 227
your OWN needs, and acquired methods for meeting them ON YOUR T 15 F 2 T(577)404
but now you need specific methods for attaining it. The speed T 30 A 1 T(1016)830
can be undone, by simple methods which you CAN accept. T 30 B 4 T(1018)832
Final Healing, rather than a meting out of punishment, however much T 2 F 2 T(118)117
wish, this tiny illusion, this microscopic remnant of the belief in T 19 E 9 T(710)534
you that there IS no middle ground where you can pause T 22 C 8 T(803)623
illusion and the truth? A middle ground, where you can be T 28 F 3 T(982)808
its opposite? There is no middle ground, in ANY aspect of T 28 H 2 T(987)813
righteous judgment. They become the middlemen the ego employs to traffic W 73 L 2 W(141)
remaining quiet even in the midst of the turmoil you have T 5 D 6 T(238)C 65
to be quiet in the midst of turmoil, for quietness is T 11 C 12 T(457)- 284
giving you rest in the midst of every busy doing on T 18 H 10 T(684) 631c
quite different. Here, in the midst of it, it DOES seem T 23 E 5 T(836)655
be your Savior in the midst of dreams of desolation and T 29 D 5 T(998)824
peace and stillness in the midst of all the turmoil born W 109 L 1 W(222)
none; for safety in the midst of danger; immortality within the W 131 L 1 W(269)
is a stranger in our midst, who comes from an idea W 160 L 2 W(347)
recognize this stranger in your midst, for you have given him W 160 L 7 W(348)
untouched and sinless in the midst of all the thoughts of W 229 L 2 W(471)
attention during the fragments of Midsummer Nights Dream, which you T 2 A 1 T(62)62
have no trouble in passing. Midterm marks are not entered on T 1 B 16b T(5)-5-
are both JUST SCRIBES’. You might remember that the Scribes were T 1 B 22j T(7)-7-
want to go further, you might change the meaning of just’ T 1 B 22j T(7)-7-
illusion of time constructively? You might remember that underneath are theT 1 B 22s T(9)-9-
1 B 35c. You might add that his false idea T 1 B 35c T(23)23
is related to sex. You might even explain it to him T 1 B 37n T(31)31
you yourself were making. You might recall that YOU wanted that T 1 B 37y T(34)34
you at the time, you might consider its truer side. The T 1 B 37z T(34)34
It substitutes FOR learning that might have taken thousands of years T 1 B 41b T(43)43
listed a while back. It might be well to recapitulate them T 2 A 15 T(68)68
purpose was uncertain but which might be a pis-pot. You DID T 2 B 62 T(85) 84
to misunderstand any healing they might induce, and, because egocentricity andT 2 C 14 T(92)91
temporarily disrupt his miracle-mindedness. We might also make very similar commentsT 2 C 16 T(93)92
Knowing it IS fear, you might benefit temporarily by adding another T 2 E 1 T(99)98
are so resistant, because I MIGHT be able to make you T 2 E 6 T(101)100
are some additional awarenesses which might be helpful. Readiness is nothingT 2 E 55 T(115)114
3. The Final Judgment might be called a process of T 2 F 3 T(118)117
seemingly on its own behalf) might be questionable. (You took poor T 3 A 21 T(125)124
it IS possible that HE might lose or dirty them himself T 3 A 25 T(126)125
sometimes over-compensated for in what might be called a Christian form T 3 C 31 T(141)140
matter. But I thought you might be glad to learn that T 3 E 11 T(149)148
To help him, it might be wise to review a T 4 G 3 T(225)C 52
important to your misbeliefs. Bill might do well, - and you T 4 G 18 T(228)C 55
CROSS OVER into it. It might even be more helpful here T 5 C 2 T(236)C 63
WELCOMES it with all its might. The Holy Spirit counters this T 5 E 12 T(244)C 71
a form of magic. It might be better to say it T 5 G 9 T(256)C 83
5 I 17. You might ask him for me whether T 5 I 17 T(269)C 96
he does not think he might be dissociating HIMSELF from his T 5 I 17 T(269)C 96
the remedy for YOU. You might also remind him that to T 5 I 17 T(269)C 96
if you choose. But you might remember when you DO choose T 6 B 5 T(273)C 100
their meeting as impossible. You might remember that the human eye T 6 C 8 T(279)C 106
not do THIS because it might hurt you and make you T 6 F 4 T(289)C 116
sharing, it becomes communion. You might argue that fear as well T 6 F 12 T(291)118
did not understand it. You might remember our brothers insistence T 6 G 6 T(295)122
that others DO NOT. You might well ask why SOME healing T 7 F 4 T(319)C 146
not call upon witnesses who might disagree with its case, NOR T 8 H 5 T(371)C 198
8 H 9. You might ask how the voice of T 8 H 9 T(372)C 199
LEARN THIS COURSE. But you might remember that the reason FOR T 8 J 2 T(377)C 204
not answer you, but it might be wiser to consider the T 8 J 6 T(378)C 205
because you are afraid you might receive it, AND YOU WOULD T 8 J 6 T(378)C 205
connection with specific things which might be harmful, but also in T 8 K 1 T(382)- 209
course. The latter, in particular, might be incorrectly interpreted as proofT 8 K 1 T(382)- 209
him to react? But you might still ask yourself, regardless of T 9 C 8 T(390)217
by its Creator, that you might EXTEND it. But if you T 10 E 1 T(430)- 257
Father gave you, that you might learn you have eternal life T 11 E 6 T(464)- 291
the PAST life, which death might indicate, could only have been T 12 D 3 T(492)319
though you know not Heaven, might it not be more desirable T 12 D 3 T(492)319
this notion that the questioning might well begin. The ego invests T 12 D 4 T(493)320
way of seeing, that you might see in darkness, and in T 12 E 10 T(498)- 325
you. You who are tired might consider whether this is not T 13 I 7 T(538)365
for them with all its might. And will do
T 15 I 11 T(591)- 418
to what you think you might be better able to understand T 16 C 2 T(604)431
safety. Yet, for all its might, so great it reaches past T 17 H 6 T(655)482
and left UNUSED, that faith might answer to the call of T 17 I 1 T(657)484
adds the greatness and the might. He JOINS with you to T 18 E 1 T(671)- 498
powerless before the egos might, unable to protect the life T 19 J 6 T(723)547
and me together, that we might meet here in this holy T 19 L 11 T(731)555
596 you might choose among your brothers, and T 21 D 6 T(774)596
to each other that love might be extended, NOT cut off T 24 B 7 T(840)659
in equal love, that both might share the universe with Him T 24 C 11 T(845)664
defended with all your puny might against the Will of God T 24 D 2 T(847)666
gave to you that you might look on him, and give T 24 D 7 T(849)668
be your WISH that you might see your brother sinless. To T 24 E 5 T(851)670
seeks it still, that each might offer YOU the Love of T 24 F 6 T(853)672
brothers holiness, that YOU might see the truth about yourself T 24 G 7 T(857)676
power of Heaven and the might of truth itself is given T 24 G 12 T(858)677
son to you, that you might SHARE the Fatherhood of God T 24 H 1 T(860)679
hardly worth delaying change that might result in better outcome? For T 25 C 2 T(868)687
kept it safe that YOU might look on it, and SEE T 25 C 7 T(870)689
own creation, that his joy might be increased, and Gods T 25 E 2 T(877)696
has given him, that YOU might hear in him His Call T 25 F 3 T(881)700
protect from ALL unfairness you might seek to offer, believing vengeance T 25 I 10 T(894)713
illusion merely ask that they might see a PURPOSE in the T 26 B 4 T(902)721A
make a sacrifice that you might gain. And, when the situation T 26 C 2 T(904)723
keep between YOURSELVES, that you might be a LITTLE separate. For T 26 I 1 T(925)751
yourselves be healed, that it might live. It will call forth T 27 F 6 T(951)777
with you, that His creation might create. T 28 F T 28 F 1 T(982)808
them with Him, that they might be yours. You can not T 29 C 5 T(994)820
and quiet, tranquil in the might of its Creator, nothing can T 29 F 2 T(1001)815
He was created that YOU might be whole, for only the T 29 F 3 T(1001)815
time, and change that time might be preserved, EXCEPTING ONE. Forgiveness T 29 G 4 T(1005)819
seek for one that yet might offer him a gift reality T 29 I 8 T(1011)825
They were made that this might be forgotten. You attack but T 30 E 1 T(1027)841
dreams you made, that this might be OBSCURED to you. What T 31 B 2 T(1046)860
if just a LITTLE question might be raised. There ARE alternatives T 31 E 10 T(1058)872
that you must be. You might, for instance, be the thing T 31 E 10 T(1058)872
subjects than to others. It might help to precede the exercises W 5 L 3 W(8)
four times is sufficient. You might find it helpful, however, to W 8 L 5 W(14)
helpful to do so, you might imagine that you are watching W 10 L 4 W(17)
include them. For example, you might think of a good world W 12 L 3 W(20)
include anything you are afraid might happen to you, or to W 14 L 5 W(24)
not neutral. For example, you might say: I do not see W 17 L 2 W(30)
more often if possible. You might try for every 15 or W 27 L 3 W(46)
For example, a suitable list might include:

W 29 L 5 W(49)
applying the idea for today might be as follows: I see W 35 L 6 W(58)
thoughts of your own. You might like, for example, to include W 38 L 5 W(63)
to yourself. One practice period might, for example, consist of the W 40 L 3 W(67)
peaceful, loving and contented. Another might be something as follows: I W 40 L 3 W(67)
clear of any thoughts that might divert your attention. W W 41 L 6 W(69)
thing in the world. You might even say it is the W 41 L 8 W(69)
to todays idea. You might think, for example: Vision must W 42 L 4 W(70)
the exercise are sufficient. You might say, for example: God is W 43 L 4 W(72)
and fears are meaningless. You might find it helpful to remind W 44 L 6 W(76)
be lost sight of. You might say, for example: I cannot W 46 L 6 W(82)
however distorted and fantastic it might be, to separate healing from W 70 L 4 W(131)
nothing outside of you. You might put it this way: My W 70 L 6 W(132)
God gave Him, that you might be saved. W 78 W 78 L 8 W(155)
specific difficulties seem to arise might be: Let me not obscure W 81 L 3 W(164)
forms for using the idea might include: Let this help me W 81 L 6 W(164)
specific applications of this idea might take these forms: My perception W 83 L 3 W(166)
84 L 3. You might find these specific forms helpful W 84 L 3 W(167)
Specific applications of this idea might be made in these forms W 85 L 3 W(168)
Specific applications of this idea might be in these forms: I W 86 L 6 W(169)
89 L 3. You might use these suggestions for specific W 89 L 3 W(172)
Specific applications of this idea might be in these forms: This W 90 L 3 W(173)
you, it will surpass in might the little gift you gave W 97 L 7 W(193)
is given you that you might be restored to what He W 100 L 2 W(200)
to have it yours. You might, for instance, say: To everyone W 108 L 8 W(220)
is what you asked. It might be helpful, too, to think W 108 L 9 W(220)
into the world, that it might take its rest along with W 109 L 6 W(223)
me His plan that I might save the world. W W 114 L 2 W(235)
gave His Son, that he might rise above the world remembering W 123 L 8 W(249)
129 L 2. It might be worth a little time W 129 L 2 W(263)
Heaven sent you that you might approach this door some day W 131 L 14 W(272)
strange, haunting thought that you might be something beyond this little W 136 L 8 W(292)
does not make appeal to might nor triumph. It does not W 136 L 12 W(293)
137 L 5. Healing might thus be called a counter-dream W 137 L 5 W(297)
silly game a tired child might play when he becomes too W 153 L 6 W(325)
not fade away before their might. They are the trumpet of W 162 L 2 W(354)
Here is the strength and might of God Himself perceived within W 163 L 4 W(356)
eyes cast down lest you might catch a glimpse of truth W 166 L 7 W(365)
all minds, that each one might determine, from a point where W 169 L 8 W(374)
with Him, that He Himself might stay, and not return again W 183 L 7 W(395)
a little Child that you might learn of Him how strong W 183 L 9 W(396)
their enemy. He holds the might of Heaven in His hand W 183 L 9 W(396)
beyond them to experience which might affront their stance. Yet are W 186 L 5 W(407)
answer any call Your Son might make to You. It does W 356 L 1 W(611)
The purpose of the course might be said to provide you M 1 A 2 M(1)
they must go through what might be called a period of M 5 B 3 M(9)
limitless strength of gentleness? The might of Gods teachers lies M 5 E 2 M(13)
love, but only that he might give it to you. You M 24 A 5 M(57)
this is most unlikely. He might be advised that he is M 25 A 5 M(59)
still your one responsibility. Atonement might be equated with total escapeM 25 A 6 M(59)
their own Identity perfectly. These might be called the Teachers of M 27 A 2 M(62)
read the manual first. Others might do better to begin with M 30 A 1 M(68)
4 A 2. Forgiveness might be called a kind of U 4 A 2 U(6)
needed his form that He might appear to men and save U 6 A 2 U(10)
shared your dreams that they might be dispelled. And shares them U 6 A 4 U(10)
that ends so soon it might as well have never been S 3 E 8 S(27)