grief, he finds a happy light-heartedness instead; where he thought somethingM 5 B 5 M(10)
merely that your eyes have lighted on it. Make no attempt W 2 L 2 W(4)
increased until the world is lighted up with joy. And gladly W 135 L 21 W(289)
that those whose minds are lighted by the gift of grace W 169 L 2 W(373)
8. A miracle has lighted up all dark and ancient W 191 L 8 W(423)
your mind is enough to lighten it. Bring this light fearlessly T 10 B 1 T(419)- 246
a little place, He will lighten it so much, that you T 10 C 8 T(426)253
Him enter the darkness, and lighten it away. T 14 T 14 D 7 T(549)- 376
to ENTER INTO IT, and lighten it by SHARING the delusion T 16 A 1 T(601)428
has entered in. Your footprints lighten up the world, for where T 26 J 6 T(929)755
brought can you perceive, to lighten up your way. And so T 26 K 6 T(932)758
A smile has come to lighten up your sleeping face. The T 27 H 14 T(961)787
understanding will finally come to lighten every corner of the mind W 9 L 2 W(15
His Light seek out and lighten up all darkened spots, and W 99 L 9 W(198)
lessons He has not ALREADY lightened FOR you. The lessons you T 14 G 10 T(561)- 388
energy restored to walk with lightened steps along the road that W 109 L 7 W(223)
we see, and walk with lightened footsteps as we go to W 123 L 4 W(248)
to strike them dead with lightening bolts torn from the fires T 25 I 6 T(892)711
Our practicing becomes the footsteps lightening up the way for all W 134 L 14 W(283)
sense a lifting up, a lightening of weight across your chest W 134 L 17 W(284)
from Its home within, and lightens up the world in innocence W 189 L 9 W(418)
light of his own innocence lighting his way to his redemption T 20 B 3 T(733) 557
beyond the veil of fear, lighting each others way. The T 20 C 9 T(738)562
been given the function of lighting up the world! Let me W 81 L 2 W(164)
let It go before you, lighting up the path of ransom W 155 L 8 W(334)
place and smooth your way, lighting your mind with happiness and W 165 L 2 W(362)
about it really useful in lighting up the way? Like many M 25 A 1 M(58)
promises. I never make them lightly, because I know the need T 4 B 39 T(197)C 24
that you cannot dismiss it lightly, and MUST realize how much T 4 G 6 T(225)C 52
will travel light and journey lightly, for His sight is ever T 12 G 12 T(508)- 335
to truth, it will flow lightly over you, without a difference T 13 E 4 T(522)349
nothing. But, as you step lightly across it, upheld BY Timelessness T 16 E 13 T(615)442
disproportionate enclosure. The other is lightly framed, and hung in light T 17 E 12 T(644)471
The other picture is lightly framed, for time cannot contain T 17 E 14 T(644)471
touched with insanity, and swirling lightly off on a mad course T 18 B 5 T(661)488
between you. Blow on it lightly and with happy laughter, and T 18 I 13 T(688)512
this choice. Approach it not lightly, for it IS the choice T 19 C 9 T(701)525
Fathers Love, peace will lightly brush the veil aside and T 19 K 2 T(726)550
his own, and toss it lightly and with happy laughter AWAY T 19 L 9 T(730)554
truth can NOT pass over lightly, and so easily that you T 22 F 6 T(812)631
voices of the world. Walk lightly past their meaningless persuasion. HearW 106 L 2 W(213)
save whoever touches Him however lightly, asking for the Word which W 110 L 6 W(226)
countenance illusions, but collects them lightly, with a little laugh, and W 134 L 6 W(282)
rise up unburdened, and walk lightly on. Yet it is not M 11 A 5 M(30)
a stream of stardust brushing lightly past all sickly dreams. Healing P 3 H 8 P(18)
in punishment and death. In lightness and in laughter is it W 156 L 6 W(338)
not perceive yourself in different lights. KNOW yourself in the One T 3 G 19 T(164)163
MUST see himself in different lights. Parents do not create the T 3 G 32 T(167)166
do NOT exist in different lights. It is this belief which T 3 G 46 T(173)172
to see it in many lights, and gives it over ENTIRELY T 8 G 13 T(367)C 194
brighter than the sun which lights the sky YOU see, is T 22 G 4 T(814)633
you offer to the other lights up the world. Be not T 22 G 10 T(816)635
God Himself and all the lights of Heaven, will gently lean T 23 E 6 T(836)655
lovely as Itself. Its holiness lights up the sinlessness the frame T 25 C 7 T(870)689
And YOU will join the lights of Heaven there, and sing T 26 E 4 T(911)730
up to love, and freedom lights up every living thing and T 26 J 4 T(929)755
it into Heaven, where the lights grow ever brighter as each T 26 J 4 T(929)755
s radiance. And all the lights in Heaven brighter grow in T 26 J 6 T(929)755
His Love for you, which lights WHATEVER form it takes with T 29 E 6 T(1000)814
shown you the holiness that lights up the world, you will W 29 L 3 W(49)
open my eyes, His Love lights up the world for me W 60 L 5 W(111)
you held the match that lights the sun, and gives it W 92 L 2 W(177)
the silent darkness watch the lights that are not of this W 129 L 7 W(264)
L 8. Today the lights of Heaven bend to you W 129 L 8 W(264)
It is His holiness that lights up Heaven, and that brings W 183 L 4 W(394)
shines in you because it lights your home, and leads you W 188 L 1 W(413)
to all tired hearts, and lights all vision as it passes W 188 L 3 W(413)
to give it light. It lights the world as well. It W 224 L 1 W(466)
creation must be limitless. Forgiveness lights the Second Comings way W 300 W9 2 W(550)
which, born of true forgiveness, lights the way that I must W 345 L 1 W(599)
are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which T 1 B 9 T(3)-3-
REAL reason you dont like it is because it refers T 1 B 22j T(8)-8-
identical, but you CAN say Like Father, LIKE Son. T T 1 B 22l T(8)-8-
you CAN say Like Father, LIKE Son. T 1 B T 1 B 22l T(8)-8-
KNOWS it is an illusion. Like all illusions, he exerts enormous T 1 B 27c T(16)16
all. The miracle is much like the body, in that both T 1 B 41e T(44)44
into possession. This is much like the confusion of sex impulses T 1 B 41aa T(49)49
of needs as such, but like everyone else, he DOES need T 1 B 41af T(50)50
an attempt to PROTECT people, like the superstition about protecting the T 1 C 9 T(57)57
attributes is illustrated by statements like the thirst for knowledge. (NoT 1 C 20 T(60)60
consider type 4) very carefully. Like all these fallacies, it contains T 1 C 22 T(61)61
everything which He Created is like Him. T 2 A T 2 A 6 T(64)64
longer accorded reality. I would like to conclude this with the T 2 A 14 T(67)67
The same holds for expressions like feeding on.)

T 2 B 6 T(73)73
statement which you did not like.) T 2 B 7 T 2 B 6 T(74)74
the final lesson. Learning, itself, like the classrooms in which it T 2 B 45 T(81) 81
the Atonement saves time, but, like the miracle which serves it T 2 B 48 T(81) 81
which it was completely unnecessary. Like all aspects of the space-time T 2 C 21 T(95)94
did. You also use phrases like thought provoking, which is bland T 2 E 9 T(102)101
E 10. While expressions like think big give some recognition T 2 E 10 T(102)101
man creates has energy because, like the Creation of God, they T 2 E 33 T(108)107
denying that it ever occurred. Like all pseudo-solutions, this kind of T 2 E 50 T(113)112
retardation is a defense which, like the others EXCEPT the Atonement T 3 A 6 T(120) 119
get it, or does not like it, I KNOW it is T 3 A 25 T(126)125
be perceived) we shall be like Him, for we shall see T 3 C 14 T(135)134
loved to others who are LIKE them. T 3 C T 3 C 21 T(137)136
be perceived) we shall be like Him for we shall see T 3 D 7 T(146)145
knowledge. This is why terms like lofty are meaningless in this T 3 F 24 T(158)157
is taken as of a like quality. God DID create the T 3 G 11 T(162)161
Thought, and of a quality like to His own. There IS T 3 G 11 T(162)161
His copies, but in creating LIKE Him. T 4 A T 4 A 3 T(185)C 12
11. My lesson was like yours, and because I learned T 4 B 11 T(190)C 17
themselves unnecessary. I would therefore like to use your present state T 4 C 4 T(198)C 25
RIGHT use of judgment. Judgment , like any other defense, can be T 4 E 14 T(216)C 43
the mind. I was created like you in the First, and T 4 E 17 T(217)C 44
Since only beings of a like order can truly communicate. His T 4 H 5 T(230)C 57
communicate with Him and communicate like Him. This communication is perfectlyT 4 H 5 T(230)C 57
since it can only create like itself. Remember that in being T 4 H 8 T(230)C 57
of Him, because they are like Him and can rejoice together T 4 H 11 T(231)C 58
in which many elements are like those in the Kingdom of T 5 C 3 T(236)C 63
My mind will always be like yours, because we were created T 5 D 9 T(239)C 66
for your thought, and behave like me as a result. T 5 D 14 T(240)C 67
only creator that can create like the Father. That is because T 5 F 16 T(252)C 79
WITH Him is to think LIKE Him. This engenders joy, not T 5 G 7 T(256)C 83
are unalterable. The Holy Spirit, like the ego, is a decision T 5 G 11 T(257)C 84
when you do not think LIKE God, you have not really T 5 G 11 T(257)C 84
that the future will remain like the past. This IS the T 5 H 3 T(259)C 86
own thought system because, much like Cayce, he did NOT include T 5 I 4 T(264)C 91
an extreme example. Its value, like the value of any teaching T 6 B 1 T(272)C 99
perfectly clear that I am like you, and you are like T 6 B 4 T(273)C 100
like you, and you are like me. But our fundamental equality T 6 B 4 T(273)C 100
These are not at all like the several slips into impatience T 6 B 15 T(276)C 103
T 6 F 1. Like any good teacher, He DOES T 6 F 1 T(288)C 115
by not willing at all. Like any other impossible solution which T 6 F 7 T(290)C 117
as a teacher who teaches LIKE me. Vigilance was required of T 6 H 13 T(302)C 129
you are inspired to create LIKE God. But in Creation you T 7 A 1 T(303)C 130
NOT yours. But yours are LIKE His. HE created the Sonship T 7 A 2 T(304)C 131
cannot understand that to be LIKE another means that NO DEALS T 7 B 1 T(304)C 131
WITH God is to create like HIM. God does not limit T 7 B 1 T(304)C 131
so your gifts must be like HIS. T 7 B T 7 B 1 T(304)C 131
gifts TO the Kingdom are like His to YOU. I gave T 7 B 2 T(304)C 131
B 3. To think like God is to share His T 7 B 3 T(305)C 132
YOU ARE. And to CREATE like Him is to share the T 7 B 3 T(305)C 132
is free to use terms like intraMENTAL and interMENTAL WITHOUT seeing T 7 C 5 T(307)C 134
And His Sons, who create LIKE Him, follow it gladly, knowing T 7 C 7 T(308)C 135
to Him and is therefore LIKE Him. That IS its reality T 7 C 11 T(309)C 136
not mean ANYTHING. It is like negative numbers in that the T 7 D 1 T(310)C 137
approach to WHAT ALREADY IS. Like inspiration, it can be misunderstood T 7 E 7 T(315)C 142
that the body can ACT like the mind, and therefore IS T 7 F 2 T(318)C 145
comes FROM His and is LIKE His. God CANNOT be out T 7 F 8 T(320)C 147
all those who were created LIKE you. T 7 H T 7 H 7 T(333)C 160
as boundless as Gods. Like His, it extends forever and T 7 J 8 T(339)C 66
the whole Sonship can create LIKE Him. Whenever you heal a T 7 L 7 T(345)C 172
and their children, who are like the Sons as they are T 7 L 8 T(345)C 172
the Sons as they are like the Father. Know then the T 7 L 8 T(345)C 172
Because your Creator creates only like Himself, you ARE like Him T 8 C 8 T(350)C 177
only like Himself, you ARE like Him. T 8 C T 8 C 8 T(350)C 177
If you want to be LIKE me, I will help you T 8 E 10 T(356)C 183
UNITE with those who are LIKE you, because perceiving this likeness T 8 E 17 T(357)C 184
and those which are created like His? YOUR creations love you T 8 F 6 T(360)C 187
And His Sons, who are like Him, cannot contradict themselves OR T 8 F 9 T(361)C 188
attempts to teach himself to LIKE it. T 8 J T 8 J 8 T(379)C 206
as the psychotherapist does, or like the theologian, by ACKNOWLEDGING it T 9 D 7 T(393)220
finally know His open Mind. Like Him, YOU are ALWAYS, in T 9 E 8 T(398)- 225
Mind, and with a mind like His. In your open mind T 9 E 8 T(398)- 225
exalted state, you seek others like you, and rejoice with them T 9 G 8 T(403)230
self, so you would be LIKE Him. That is why your T 9 H 3 T(405)- 232
but though he may seem like many different things, he is T 9 K 3 T(415)- 242
gifts to YOUR creations are like His, because they are given T 9 K 13 T(418)245
nor upon those who create like Him. You do not know T 10 B 6 T(421)- 248
alone, He created a Son like Himself. Do not deny Him T 10 B 7 T(421)- 248
How can you give except LIKE Him, if you would know T 10 B 9 T(422)- 249
Life, and HIS SON IS LIKE HIM . T 10 B T 10 B 11 T(423)250
is YOUR will to be LIKE Him, Whose Will it is T 10 B 13 T(424)251
that you WANT Him. Think like Him ever so slightly, and T 10 C 6 T(426)253
HAVE Him is to be LIKE Him, and He has GIVEN T 10 C 7 T(426)253
you what this will be like, for your hearts are not T 10 D 3 T(427)- 254
your Creator, and you ARE like Him. The Children of Light T 10 D 5 T(428)255
For your part must be LIKE mine if you learn it T 10 G 10 T(442)269
it is given to be LIKE the Father.

T 10 G 10 T(442)269
And BEING loving, they are like the Father, and therefore cannot T 10 H 1 T(443)- 270
made that IS true, IS like Him. Only this is the T 10 H 3 T(443)- 270
and all his extensions are like Him. T 11 E T 11 E 6 T(464)- 291
end, it will roll up like a long carpet that has T 11 J 7 T(482)309
OF FEAR. You do not LIKE it, but it is NOT T 12 C 1 T(488)315
though they may deceive themselves, like you they long for the T 12 C 9 T(490)317
continuity, by MAKING THE FUTURE LIKE THE PAST, and thus AVOIDING T 12 D 4 T(493)320
IN PLACE of eternity. For, like the Holy Spirit, the ego T 12 D 9 T(494)321
The real world is not like this. It has no buildings T 12 G 1 T(505)332
And we will spread it, like a veil of light, across T 12 G 14 T(509)- 336
yourselves. Atonement stands between them, like a lamp that shines so T 13 C 1 T(513)340
past, the future WILL be like it. Whateer you hold T 13 C 3 T(514)341
you see. His will is like His Fathers, and He T 13 D 9 T(518) - 345
no idea WHAT LOVE IS LIKE. No-one who condemns a brother T 13 D 11 T(519)- 346
T 13 D 13. Like you, my faith and my T 13 D 13 T(519)- 346
T 13 G 5. Like you, the Holy Spirit did T 13 G 5 T(528)- 355
Spirit did NOT make truth. Like God, He KNOWS it to T 13 G 5 T(528)- 355
bringing light to darkness. For, like your brothers, YOU do not T 13 G 8 T(529)- 356
First Cause, created by Him like unto Himself, and part of T 13 I 2 T(536)363
Each perceives the other AS LIKE HIMSELF, making them unable to T 14 B 1 T(540)- 367
have ATTACKED WITH them. Defenses, like everything you made, must be T 14 D 6 T(548)- 375
gives the power to create LIKE Him, can NEVER be dissolved T 14 D 15 T(551)- 378
Gods Teacher is as like to His Creator as is T 14 G 12 T(561)- 388
HIS lesson, division disappears. Teach LIKE Him here, and you WILL T 14 G 12 T(561)- 388
that you have ALWAYS created like your Father. The miracle of T 14 G 12 T(561)- 388
belief in destruction. The ego, like the Holy Spirit, uses time T 15 A 2 T(563)- 390
God, are for all who, like you, perceive themselves as little T 15 D 7 T(571)- 398
have judged them to be LIKE you in lack. T T 15 F 6 T(578)405
them all the same, and LIKE YOURSELF. Nor would you see T 15 F 8 T(579)406
accept is the fact that, LIKE your Father, YOU are an T 15 G 2 T(581)408
YOU are an idea. And like Him, YOU can give yourself T 15 G 2 T(581)408
through Christ, where they become like to their Father. For Christ T 15 I 5 T(589)- 416
but ONE mistake. It SEEMS like many, but it is all T 15 J 5 T(595)- 422
itself by sharing what is LIKE itself. Make no mistake about T 16 A 2 T(601)428
you BE alone, with witnesses like these?

T 16 C 10 T(607)434
but only to be wholly like unto Him, completing Him by T 16 E 8 T(613)440
and nothing will you value like unto this, nor hold so T 17 C 1 T(632)- 459
itself, what it perceives as LIKE itself, as holiness does. In T 17 D 4 T(636)- 463
the TRANSFORMED past is made LIKE THE PRESENT. No longer does T 17 D 7 T(637)- 464
The glitter of blood shines like rubies, and the tears are T 17 E 8 T(642)469
and the tears are faceted like diamonds, and gleam in the T 17 E 8 T(642)469
in living in this world. Like EVERYTHING about salvation, the holy T 17 F 1 T(646)473
off on a mad course like a feather dancing insanely in T 18 B 5 T(661)488
Yet love must be forever like itself, changeless forever, and forever T 18 G 10 T(679)506
see instantly that it is like the smallest sunbeam is to T 18 I 3 T(685) 509
is to the sun. Or like the faintest ripple on the T 18 I 3 T(685) 509
18 I 6. Yet, like the sun and ocean, your T 18 I 6 T(686)510
and reaches to everything created like itself. Its total lack of T 18 I 8 T(687)511
this artificial floor that looks like rock, is like a bank T 18 J 7 T(691)515
that looks like rock, is like a bank of low, dark T 18 J 7 T(691)515
loving Father, loved by Him like you, and therefore loved by T 19 B 9 T(697)521
that its whole correction is like walking through a mist into T 19 C 9 T(701)525
time IS eternity. Time is like a downward spiral that seems T 19 D 5 T(703)527
the feelings that you WANT. Like any communication medium, the body T 19 H 7 T(719)543
His messages unto the Son. Like to the ego, the Holy T 19 H 10 T(720)544
obstacle to be surmounted, hangs like a heavy veil before the T 19 K 2 T(726)550
the face of Christ Himself like to a lepers, and T 19 K 2 T(726)550
from him. Press it not like thorns against his brow, nor T 19 L 9 T(730)554
NEEDS an answer. Do you LIKE what you have made? A T 20 D 4 T(741)565
what the world is REALLY like? How it would look through T 20 D 5 T(741)565
the ego looks upon is like itself. The world the holy T 20 D 6 T(741)565
eternity that runs through time like golden light is all the T 20 F 5 T(749)572
the giver of a gift like this? Would you EXCHANGE this T 20 F 7 T(750)573
HAS meaning. It is as like your real relationship with God T 20 G 13 T(754)577
God, as equal things are like themselves. Idolatry is past and T 20 G 13 T(754)577
and NOT vision. For vision, like relationships, HAS no order. You T 20 H 5 T(756)579
And what it REALLY looks like IS unknown to them. They T 21 B 1 T(763)585
what the world must look like. It must be SEEN, before T 21 B 2 T(764)586
and yet not altogether unfamiliar. Like a song whose name is T 21 B 5 T(765)587
The Sons creations ARE like his Fathers. But, in T 21 C 12 T(771)593
in ANY way. It is like saying that the moon and T 21 D 11 T(776)597
it will not ask it. Like ALL that stems from reason T 21 F 5 T(781)602
enter into what but SEEMS like yours alone, have no effect T 21 G 3 T(784)605
21 G 7. Reason, like love, would REASSURE you, and T 21 G 7 T(785)606
And what Love plans is like Itself in this: Being united T 21 G 9 T(786)607
giant, and a mouse roars like a lion. And LOVE IS T 21 H 4 T(789)610
it DESIRES that everything be like itself, and SEES it so T 21 I 2 T(793)614
home can a relationship so like to Heaven BE? Think what T 22 A 4 T(796)- 617
because your whole communication is like a babys. The sounds T 22 B 7 T(798)618
that it has replaced, IS like a baby now, in its T 22 B 8 T(799)619
Christ comes to what is LIKE Himself; the same, NOT different T 22 B 12 T(800)620
unto Himself. What is as like Him as a holy relationship T 22 B 12 T(800)620
so, if the idea is LIKE its source. Therefore, says reason T 22 C 5 T(802)622
Sin is a block, set like a heavy gate, locked and T 22 D 3 T(805)625
bodys eyes it looks like an enormous, solid body, immovable T 22 F 5 T(812)631
it. For every thought is like Itself. T 22 G T 22 G 16 T(818)637
truth is different for everyone. Like all these principles, this one T 23 C 2 T(825)644
can it be that laws like these can BE believed? There T 23 C 17 T(830)649
illusion. At best, it SEEMS like life; at worst, like death T 23 C 20 T(831)650
SEEMS like life; at worst, like death. Yet both are judgments T 23 C 20 T(831)650
NOT the body that is like the Sons Creator. And T 23 E 2 T(835)654
Life makes not death, creating like itself.

T 23 E 3 T(835)654
light of your relationship IS like the love of God. It T 23 E 4 T(836)655
better, someone incapable of being like what he condemns, above it T 24 B 4 T(839)658
your brother if you were like him? COULD you attack him T 24 B 6 T(840)659
BECAUSE his Father created him like you. There IS no difference T 24 B 7 T(840)659
and which made His Son like to itself, and NOT like T 24 C 3 T(842)661
like to itself, and NOT like unto Him. His SPECIAL sons T 24 C 3 T(842)661
the Son of God, so like his Father that the memory T 24 C 6 T(843)662
remembers his own creations, as like to him as he is T 24 C 6 T(843)662
He willed His Son be like Him, and your brother IS T 24 C 10 T(845)664
Him, and your brother IS like you. Not special, but possessed T 24 C 10 T(845)664
whisper that you do not like, a circumstance that suits you T 24 D 3 T(847)666
the same, while specialness stands like a flaming sword of death T 24 D 4 T(848)667
He would have no separation, like an alien will, rise between T 24 D 5 T(848)667
sightless holes for eyes, is like yourself? Rejoice you HAVE no T 24 F 5 T(853)672
And what you see IS like yourself. For what but Christ T 24 F 6 T(853)672
as yourself, and just as like to Him in holiness as T 24 F 8 T(854)673
this Son have been created like Himself. A perfect Being, all-encompassingT 24 H 7 T(862)681
purpose. NOT identical, not even like, but still a means to T 24 H 11 T(863)682
that joins them to their like, and separates each from all T 24 H 12 T(864)683
not be afraid, with enemies like these? And must you not T 25 F 2 T(880)699
hell that SEEMS to look like Heavens gate? Yet justice T 25 I 7 T(893)712
excepting this. Is not this like your special function, where the T 26 D 6 T(908)727
then are doubted. You are like to one who still hallucinates T 26 F 10 T(915)741
in sin arouses fear, and like its cause, is looking forward T 26 I 4 T(926)752
with it, and make it like Itself. The shadow of an T 26 J 3 T(928)754
any one you choose is like the rest. This name or T 27 G 3 T(955)781
version of salvation clearly shown. Like to a dream of punishment T 27 H 1 T(957)783
dust with other bodies, dying like itself. In the brief time T 27 I 1 T(962)788
knows that every one is like the rest. He sees NO T 27 I 12 T(965)791
were there to see. Memory, like perception, is a skill made T 28 A 2 T(967)793
GAVE in your creation. And, like all the things you made T 28 A 2 T(967)793
appoint what it is FOR. Like to the body, it is T 28 B 3 T(968)794
their father, you must be like them. T 28 C T 28 C 3 T(972)- 798
of death? A dream is like a memory, in that it T 28 C 4 T(973)- 799
dreaming that you do not like. It is but an effect T 28 C 5 T(973)- 799
T 28 C 10. Like EVERY lesson which the Holy T 28 C 10 T(974)- 800
heap of snow that shone like silver. They have nothing left T 28 D 6 T(977)- 803
T 28 E 3. Like you, your brother thinks HE T 28 E 3 T(979)805
the sounds you do not like, although it cannot hear. IT T 28 G 2 T(985)811
for nothing, and His Son, like Him, need ask for nothing T 28 H 1 T(987)813
can be made a home like this BECAUSE it lacks foundation T 28 H 3 T(987)813
faithlessness IS sickness. It is like the house set upon straw T 28 H 5 T(988)814
The dreams you THINK you like would hold you back, as T 29 E 2 T(999)813
The dreams you THINK you like are those in which the T 29 E 4 T(1000)814
it succeeds, you think you LIKE the dream. If it should T 29 E 4 T(1000)814
sacred Son of God is like yourself; the mirror of his T 29 F 3 T(1001)815
otherwise, the future WILL be like the past, and but a T 29 H 6 T(1007)821
And fall before His Face like a dark veil which SEEMS T 29 I 3 T(1009)823
very day can happen just like that. Then try again to T 30 B 1 T(1016)830
can decide I do not LIKE what I feel now. This T 30 B 5 T(1018)832
decided that you do not like the way you feel, what T 30 B 6 T(1018)832
need BECAUSE you do not like the way you feel. This T 30 B 6 T(1018)832
completion in a FORM you like. This is the purpose of T 30 D 3 T(1023)837
God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an T 30 D 8 T(1025)839
an illusion, making things appear like to itself? Look calmly at T 30 E 5 T(1028)842
heal appearances you do not like. YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED LIMITS. What T 30 I 3 T(1040)854
will be certain you are like Him, for He is the T 30 I 5 T(1041)855
overlearned and fixed they rise like heavy curtains, to obscure the T 31 A 3 T(1042)856
the selfsame road. He is like us, as near or far T 31 B 5 T(1047)861
as yours, as he is like yourself. Together is your joint T 31 B 9 T(1049)863
orders that the world be like itself; a place where nothing T 31 C 5 T(1051)865
everyone begins to see how like they are to one another T 31 D 3 T(1052)866
concept of the self stands like a shield, a silent barricade T 31 G 7 T(1065)879
of the world, who see like Him, are merely those who T 31 G 4 T(1069)883
loveliness which they concealed appear like lawns of Heaven to our T 31 G 8 T(1071)885
specifically excluded. One thing is like another as far as the W 1 L 3 W(3)
this purpose one thing is like another; equally suitable and therefore W 3 L 2 W(5)
not mean anything. They are like the things I see in W 4 L 0 W(6)
not mean anything. It is like the things I see in W 4 L 3 W(6)
L 1. This idea, like the preceding one, can be W 5 L 1 W(8)
anything, and why they are like the things you see. It W 7 L 1 W(11)
as possible that you would like to be met in its W 24 L 5 W(40)
the situation involving , I would like to happen, and to happen W 24 L 5 W(41)
of what we do not like by seeing it outside. Instead W 30 L 2 W(51)
The idea for today, like the preceding ones, applies to W 32 L 2 W(53)
of your own. You might like, for example, to include thoughts W 38 L 5 W(63)
hell, what is its opposite? Like the text for which this W 39 L 1 W(64)
my own thoughts, which are like Gods, or any thought W 43 L 5 W(73)
in my mind. I would like to find them. Then try W 45 L 6 W(79)
that anyone you do not like is a suitable subject. Mention W 46 L 4 W(81)
peace to flow over you like a blanket of protection and W 50 L 5 W(88)
It will not look anything like what I imagine I see W 60 L 3 W(110)
Lesson 67. Love created me like Itself. W W 67 L 0 W(124)
you. If Love created you like Itself this Self must be W 67 L 3 W(124)
yourself that Love created you like Itself. Hear the truth about W 67 L 5 W(125)
You were created by Love like Itself.

W 67 L 6 W(125)
who were created by Love like Itself can hold no grievances W 68 L 1 W(126)
you believe that He is like what you think you have W 68 L 1 W(126)
certain that God created them like Himself and defined them as W 68 L 3 W(126)
you hold against those you like, and even think you love W 68 L 5 W(127)
says something we do not like; he does something that displeases W 72 L 3 W(137)
of infinity, Who created you like Himself: What is salvation, FatherW 72 L 11 W(139)
know yet what it looks like. You merely wait to have W 75 L 5 W(147)
a miracle. Each grievance stands like a dark shield of hate W 78 L 1 W(154)
67. Love created me like Itself. W 84 L W 84 L 1 W(167)
my Creator. Love created me like Itself. W 84 L W 84 L 2 W(167)
not see is there sounds like insanity. It is very difficult W 91 L 3 W(174)
which you share a purpose like Their own. Theirs is the W 91 L 10 W(176)
looks on sickness, which is like itself. Truth is a savior W 92 L 5 W(178)
must it reconcile unlike with like, for this is what it W 96 L 6 W(190)
you is lacking in existence like itself. You have been slave W 102 L 2 W(205)
receive them. They are not like to the gifts the world W 105 L 1 W(210)
picture what it would be like to have that moment be W 107 L 2 W(216)
is your Brother, and so like to you your Father knows W 107 L 8 W(217)
was Created by the Changeless like Himself. And I am one W 112 L 2 W(232)
of someone you do not like, who seems to irritate you W 121 L 10 W(243)
Changelessly it stands before you, like an open door with warmth W 122 L 5 W(244)
in gold, with every minute like a diamond set around the W 124 L 9 W(251)
and no distinctions. It is like itself, unchanged throughout. It never W 127 L 1 W(258)
we are spared a future like the past. Today we leave W 127 L 9 W(260)
cannot find. Leave foolish thoughts like these behind today, and turn W 131 L 9 W(270)
you see? Does it create like Him? Unless it does, it W 132 L 11 W(275)
forgiveness really but a sin, like all the rest. It says W 134 L 4 W(281)
Sickness is not an accident. Like all defenses, it is an W 136 L 2 W(291)
device for self deception. And like all the rest its purpose W 136 L 2 W(291)
giving to receive a gift like this? Is not a little W 137 L 13 W(299)
hesitates to make a choice like this? And shall we hesitate W 138 L 11 W(302)
us when He created us like Him. We can remember it W 139 L 11 W(306)
only madness makes a world like this. W 152 L W 152 L 6 W(322)
Who has created us immaculate, like to Himself in power and W 152 L 9 W(323)
they were meant to be. Like earthly messengers, they did not W 154 L 6 W(330)
and believe that you are like them as you were before W 155 L 1 W(333)
world. We cannot give experience like this directly. Yet it leaves W 157 L 6 W(340)
of time; a little more like Heaven in its ways; a W 157 L 7 W(340)
it sees a world so like to Heaven that what God W 159 L 3 W(344)
the world into a garden like the one they came from W 159 L 9 W(346)
my home to one more like me than myself, and give W 160 L 5 W(348)
hand instead, for you are like him in the sight which W 161 L 9 W(351)
could cherish sin when holiness like this has blessed the world W 162 L 5 W(355)
eager to unite with one like him in holiness? You are W 162 L 6 W(355)
afraid. And yet can thoughts like these be fearful? If they W 163 L 8 W(357)
W(358) like You and part of You W 163 L 9 W(358)
day when vain imaginings part like a curtain, to reveal what W 164 L 5 W(360)
on you has made you like Himself. The gifts you have W 166 L 12 W(366)
of life, for life is like the truth. It does not W 167 L 1 W(368)
all that God created share. Like all His Thoughts, it has W 167 L 1 W(368)
of God which is most like the state prevailing in the W 169 L 1 W(373)
united with its Source, and like the Source Itself, it merely W 169 L 5 W(374)
13. Father, we are like You. No cruelty abides in W 170 L 13 W(380)
God created it. With Help like this beside us, can we W 185 L 14 W(405)
They blow across his mind like wind-swept leaves that form a W 186 L 9 W(408)
again, and scamper off. Or like mirages seen above a desert W 186 L 9 W(408)
and concentrated drive toward goals like these? The functions which the W 186 L 10 W(408)
gain can rest on goals like this? W 186 L W 186 L 10 W(408)
6. One holy thought like this and you are free W 191 L 6 W(423)
remains unmoved, untouched by thoughts like these, and unaware of any W 197 L 8 W(444)
Son of Sinlessness Itself, so like to Him Whose Son he W 197 L 12 W(445)
3. These practice sessions, like our last review, are centered W 200 R6 3 W(452)
giving. It is now so like to Heaven, that it quickly W 249 L 1 W(493)
Whom You created Son, creating like Yourself and one with You W 253 L 2 W(498)
me that His Son is like Himself. Let me this day W 255 L 1 W(500)
who are His Sons are like each other, and alike to W 260 L 2 W(505)
The body is a dream. Like other dreams, it sometimes seems W 260 W5 3 W(506)
Itself. Father, Your Son is like Yourself. We come to You W 264 L 1 W(510)
He remain the Self Who, like His Father, knows no sin W 270 W6 2 W(517)
that he be limitless, and like Himself in freedom and in W 280 W6 1 W(527)
real world is a symbol, like the rest of what perception W 290 W8 1 W(539)
I see a world so like to Heaven that an ancient W 306 L 1 W(556)
Only Love creates, and only like Itself. There was no time W 320 W11 1 W(572)
to have a Son so like his Cause that Cause and W 326 L 1 W(578)
have the power to create like You. And as it is W 326 L 1 W(578)
created one with me and like myself. In him I find W 335 L 2 W(588)
W13 5. Miracles fall like drops of healing rain from W 340 W13 5 W(594)
You created me to be like You, so sacrifice becomes impossible W 343 L 1 W(597)
His own. And He is like His Father. Thus must I W 354 L 1 W(609)
we remain. Your Son is like to You in perfect sinlessness W 360 L 1 W(615)
learned and learned very carefully. Like all the other attributes of M 5 H 1 M(15)
of Gods inheritance. Terms like love, sinlessness, perfection, knowledge, andM 5 K 3 M(17)
body being the decision-maker. Terms like instincts, reflexes and the like M 6 C 1 M(19)
like instincts, reflexes and the like represent attempts to endow the M 6 C 1 M(19)
11 A 1. Judgment, like other devices by which the M 11 A 1 M(28)
have meaning in the world. Like all things in the world M 14 A 1 M(34)
real meaning is a lesson. Like all lessons it is an M 14 A 1 M(34)
lessonís manifest simplicity stands out like an intense white light againstM 18 A 8 M(46)
no power to make anything. Like the magic which becomes its M 18 A 9 M(47)
is illusion, for you are like Him. M 19 A M 19 A 3 M(48)
20 A 2. Justice, like its opposite, is an interpretation M 20 A 2 M(49)
It remains forever and forever like its Creator, being one with M 20 A 4 M(49)
in lighting up the way? Like many other beliefs, it can M 25 A 1 M(58)
to this question is much like the preceding one. There are M 26 A 1 M(60)
which holds It from awareness like a shield held to obscure M 28 A 3 M(64)
of God which He created like Himself. The unified Spirit is U 2 A 1 U(2)
this except a dream which, like all dreams, could only die U 3 A 1 U(4)
in a form that seems like something. In a world of U 3 A 2 U(4)
rest. Is not a song like this what you would hear U 3 A 8 U(5)
what He gives is always like Himself. This is the purpose U 4 A 7 U(7)
4. The world stands like a block before Christs U 5 A 4 U(8)
creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and One with Him U 6 A 3 U(10)
the Son of God is like his Father. Nothing you can U 6 A 6 U(11)
Who could despair when hope like this is his? Illusions of U 8 A 1 U(13)
for the result to look like retrogression. But in the end P 3 D 3 P(8)
the therapeutic relationship must become like the relationship of the FatherP 4 B 5 P(22)
there is a transformation much like your own, for prayer is S 1 C 7 S(7)
could never make a prayer like this. S 1 D S 1 D 2 S(8)
s and he seemed to like, -- all these are but S 1 E 3 S(10)
His and learn to see like Him. Mistakes are tiny shadows S 2 B 6 S(13)
no evil in it sees like Him, for what He has S 2 B 7 S(14)
carefully concealed beneath what seems like charity. Yet all the forms S 2 C 1 S(15)
Another form, still very like the first if it is S 2 C 3 S(15)
often hide behind a cloak like this. It shows the face S 2 C 5 S(16)
no giving but to give like Him. All else is mockery S 2 C 6 S(16)
understands the other is exactly like himself, for it is this S 3 D 1 S(23)
place for helpers. It is like the role that helps in S 3 D 4 S(24)
His likeness and to teach like Him. S 3 E S 3 E 2 S(25)
you, Child of Holiness! How like to Me! How lovingly I S 3 E 9 S(27)
now creation could not be like its Creator, Who could never G 3 A 1 G(6)
still, because He is so like His Father He remembers Him G 3 A 7 G(8)
and of the Son created like Himself. G 3 A G 3 A 7 G(8)
gives as He does, being like Himself. And nothing stands outside G 4 A 5 G(11)