attributes of the self are approached AS IF they could be T 3 C 30 T(140)139
as Himself, and He is approached through the appreciation of His T 10 E 8 T(431)258
LET IT GO. They have approached the darkest and deepest cornerstone T 12 B 2 T(485)312
you jumped back; as you approached, he instantly withdrew. A cautious T 29 A 3 T(990)816
Note, however, that both approaches leave out a very important T 1 B 37w T(33)33
his misery lessens as he approaches it. This conditions him to T 4 G 23 T(229)C 56
deceived, will merely ATTACK direct approaches, which would seem but to T 13 F 6 T(527)354
to widening horizons, and direct approaches to the special blocks which W 180 IN2 4 W(387)
then, is a way of APPROACHING knowledge by THINKING in accordance T 7 E 12 T(317)C 144
a feeling that you are approaching, if not actually entering into W 44 L 10 W(76)
This to which we are approaching. Let us raise our hearts W 170 R5 5 W(382)
earth! How close are we approaching to our goal! How short W 194 L 1 W(432)
Universal Plan is in more appropriate hands. You will know all T 1 B 4b T(2)-2-
Rule is the Order for appropriate behavior. You cant behave T 1 B 36f T(25)25
unless you perceive accurately, because appropriate behavior DEPENDS on lack ofT 1 B 36f T(25)25
to answer, because it is appropriate for NOW. You and B T 1 B 41au T(52)52
Flight from error is perfectly appropriate..

--- Manuscript
T 2 B 29 T(77)77
in PHYSICAL terms is not appropriate. But the next step is T 2 B 65 T(86)85
It is necessary that this appropriate use of the defense BE T 3 A 7 T(120) 119
emphasized that awe is not appropriate in connection with me, BECAUSE T 3 A 12 T(122)121
NOT sacrifice, is the ONLY appropriate gift to His OWN altar T 3 C 22 T(137)136
his actions are capable of appropriate variation. His belief in himself T 3 G 35 T(169)168
handle abstractly. Being incapable of appropriate concreteness perceptually, because her egoT 4 C 5 T(199)C 26
you. The word create is appropriate here, because once what YOU T 5 G 2 T(254)C 81
help? No response can BE appropriate EXCEPT the willingness to give T 11 B 1 T(449)- 276
HIS. ONLY appreciation is an appropriate response to your brother. GratitudeT 11 B 4 T(450) 277 -
your FORMER goal was QUITE appropriate. You can ESCAPE from your T 17 F 7 T(648)475
are but MEANS, each one appropriate to the end for which T 20 H 7 T(756)579
sin the ego deems quite appropriate, and smiles approvingly. IT has T 21 E 1 T(777)598
process, and hallucination a more appropriate term for the result? W 23 L 3 W(38)
you have no guide to appropriate action, and no way of W 24 L 1 W(40)
your eyes would not be appropriate. Do not miss a practice W 40 L 2 W(67)
that active searching is not appropriate for todays exercises. Try W 42 L 6 W(71)
as He defines Himself is appropriate for use. We are trying W 67 L 2 W(124)
call on you to make appropriate defense. W 135 L W 135 L 2 W(285)
used as the giver deems appropriate? Such is not giving but M 7 A 3 M(22)
behavior. You cant behave appropriately unless you perceive accurately, becauseT 1 B 36f T(25)25
correctly applicable. It is NOT appropriately applied to miracles, because aT 1 B 40v T(41)41
idea what is happening, how appropriately can you EXPECT him to T 9 C 8 T(390)217
merely asks that you respond appropriately to what is NOT real T 30 G 2 T(1033)847
and hence variability in behavioral appropriateness. T 1 B 36g T 1 B 36f T(25)25
self-destructively, you are GIVING them approval for their misperceptions.
T 3 G 34 T(168)167
IMAGES. You believe that their APPROVAL of your image will exalt T 4 B 18 T(192)C 19
self the world smiles with approval, for it guarantees the pathways T 31 E 4 T(1056)870
is to select what you approve, and disregard what you consider W 135 L 18 W(288)
you will say what he approves. This is not the real T 1 B 36u T(28)28
shares my trust and always approves my Atonement decisions, because my T 4 G 14 T(227)C 54
study of itself, and thoroughly approves the undertakings of the students T 14 F 9 T(556)- 383
students who would analyze it, approving its importance. Yet they but T 14 F 9 T(556)- 383
deems quite appropriate, and smiles approvingly. IT has no fear to T 21 E 1 T(777)598
daily extended practice periods at approximately the same time each day W 65 L 4 W(119)
For NOW is the closest approximation of eternity that this world T 12 D 8 T(494)321
W(321) April 1, 1970 Lesson 152 W 152 L 0 W(321)
W(324) April 7, 1970 Lesson 153 W 153 L 0 W(324)
W(329) April 8, 1970 Lesson 154 W 154 L 0 W(329)
W(333) April 15, 1970 Lesson 155 W 155 L 0 W(333)
W(337) April 17, 1970 Lesson 156 W 156 L 0 W(337)
W(339) April 20, 1970 Lesson 157 W 157 L 0 W(339)
W(341) April 20, 1970 Lesson 158 W 158 L 0 W(341)
W(344) April 21, 1970 Lesson 159 W 159 L 0 W(344)
W(347) April 21, 1970 Lesson 160 W 160 L 0 W(347)
W(350) April 23, 1970 Lesson 161 W 161 L 0 W(350)
W(354) April 23, 1970 Lesson 162 W 162 L 0 W(354)
W(356) April 24, 1970 Lesson 163 W 163 L 0 W(356)
W(359) April 28, 1970 Lesson 164 W 164 L 0 W(359)
W(362) April 28, 1970 Lesson 165 W 165 L 0 W(362)
W(364) April 29, 1970 Lesson 166 W 166 L 0 W(364)
Possession versus being possessed is apt to be seen as the T 1 C 9 T(57)57
Witchcraft is thus particularly apt to be associated with 3 T 1 C 16 T(59)59
pseudo-corrective mechanism of three is apt to be more varied because T 2 A 19 T(70)70
took HS down from her apt.) to make that remark to T 2 B 18 T(76)76
is quite simple, but particularly apt to be overlooked. I will T 2 D 15 T(99)98
not create himself. He is apt to forget this when he T 2 E 44 T(111)110
not create himself. He is apt to forget this when he T 2 E 57 T(116)115
unfortunate, because frightened people are apt to be vicious. Sacrificing othersT 3 C 15 T(136)135
defenses. The partly innocent are apt to be quite stupid at T 3 D 3 T(144)143
those who are afraid are apt to be vicious. If we T 3 G 27 T(166)165
many of the students are apt to suffer considerable perceptual distortion T 4 B 37 T(196)C 23
only because the fearful are apt to perceive fearfully. T T 6 B 1 T(272)C 99
We said that this is apt to INCREASE conflict temporarily, and T 6 G 3 T(294)121
and are, in fact, very apt to confuse them. The Holy T 7 K 1 T(341)C 168
of things which you are apt to hold grievances for. Are W 72 L 3 W(137)
of forgive, for it is apt to be distorted and to W 134 L 1 W(281)
gain, uncertain in their outcome, apt to fail the hopes they W 163 L 3 W(356)
the period of overlap is apt to be one in which M 5 B 5 M(10)
difficult, but because it is apt to be perceived as personally M 10 A 2 M(28)
which comes to mind is apt to be very concrete. Unless M 22 A 2 M(52)
fear, so sickness will be apt to strike again. False healing S 3 C 2 S(21)
because you have become the arbiter of what is possible, and T 18 E 9 T(673)- 580
another. He is not an arbiter of vengeance, nor a punisher T 25 G 1 T(883)702
destiny and time’s domain, and arbiter appointed for the world. G 1 A 4 G(2)
means is that you are arbitrarily endowing something quite beyond your T 8 J 2 T(377)C 204
it very dear. Selectively and arbitrarily is every concept of the M 20 A 3 M(49)
therefore totally chaotic, governed by arbitrary and senseless laws, and withoutT 11 D 10 T(462)- 289
It appears to be quite arbitrary. Yet there is no step W 158 L 3 W(341)
be gained, and all the arbitrary names the world bestows can W 184 L 7 W(399)
would you choose such an arbitrary basis for decision-making? Wisdom is M 11 A 4 M(29)