Atonement is the egos last-ditch defense of its own existence T 5 I 14 T(268)C 95
replace HAS BEEN replaced. Time lasted but an instant in your T 26 F 3 T(912)731
and emptiness never find any lasting solace. (This really answers B T 3 D 2 T(144)143
between pupil and teacher is lasting. They meet IN ORDER to T 3 G 36 T(169)168
who have a real and lasting sense of abundance can be T 4 C 14 T(202)C 29
may WANT to learn has lasting value.

T 4 F 12 T(222)C 49
mind can experience revelation with lasting effect, because revelation is anT 5 B 1 T(234) C 61
may have been dreaming. Nothing lasting lies in dreams, and the T 6 F 6 T(290)C 117
should remain UNsettled, UNresolved, and lasting in its power of injustice T 25 J 7 T(899)718
hope of healing, and the lasting grounds for hell. If this T 26 H 5 T(919)745
your crippled picture is a lasting sign of what it represents T 27 B 10 T(937)763
a joy, and look for lasting pleasure in the dust. It T 28 G 1 T(985)811
three practice periods today, each lasting three to five minutes. A W 44 L 4 W(75)
cherished for a while. No lasting love is found, for none W 129 L 2 W(263)
created it, and of His lasting union with itself. So is W 154 L 4 W(329)
require, that they be a lasting offering of a thankful heart W 197 L 3 W(441)
1. Correction of a lasting nature, and only this is M 19 A 1 M(47)
they condemn you to a lasting hell which will endure when G 3 A 4 G(7)
As long as perception lasts, prayer has a place. Since T 3 G 17 T(164)163
as long as this delusion lasts. T 4 B 22 T 4 B 21 T(193)C 20
Himself, speaks only for what lasts forever. T 6 F T 6 F 6 T(290)C 117
yourself as long as perception lasts. And perception WILL last until T 7 H 4 T(331)C 158
time, so that, while time lasts in YOUR minds, there WILL T 9 K 14 T(418)245
as the illusion of hatred lasts, so long WILL love be T 16 E 5 T(612)439
with it. And, while this lasts, you are NOT uncertain of T 18 G 13 T(680)507
a dream of specialness which lasts an instant, crumbling into dust T 24 E 5 T(851)670
do so while the problem lasts. It serves no purpose to T 26 C 1 T(904)723
of you while this perception lasts. What is condemned can never T 27 C 14 T(942)768
the dream, and, while it lasts, will wakening be feared. Nor T 28 C 9 T(974)- 800
see to it the idol lasts.

--- Manuscript
T 31 E 3 T(1055)869
Concepts are needed while perception lasts. And changing concepts IS salvationT 31 G 1 T(1063)877
But for the time it lasts it comes to heal. For U 5 A 3 U(8)
just the little space that lasts until it crumbles into dust S 1 E 4 S(10)
The reason you have been late recently (for work) because you T 1 B 37i T(30)30
extremely cold, and also very late. The idea that giving her T 3 A 18 T(124)123
scribal functions and working so late. You HAD committed a serious T 4 A 1 T(185)C 12
as possible and another as late as possible. The third may W 43 L 4 W(72)
1. Bill has asked lately how the mind could ever T 4 C 1 T(197)C 24
to occupy the space so lately left unoccupied and vacant, will T 27 D 6 T(945)771
not cancel Esthers sin (later defined as lack of love T 1 B 23c T(10)-10-
is, to restore the awareness. Later clarification.) You had everything whenT 1 B 23g T(12)12
This and preceding paragraph go later) T 1 B 24h T 1 B 24g T(14)14
this note FIRST. Ask him later if this should be included T 1 B 25i T(16)16
3. We will refer later to projection as related to T 2 A 3 T(62)62
ancillary defenses, to be considered later. For example, dejection, which isT 2 A 7 T(64)64
T(Not was written in later) recognize him. Note, by the T 2 B 12 T(75)75
FEAR. This characteristic of all later theorists, who do not attempt T 2 E 29 T(107)106
in connection with libido. The later theorists denied the split-energy conceptT 2 E 34 T(108)107
2 E 43. The later theoretical switch to the primacy T 2 E 43 T(111)110
B. at the time, and later also toward Louis, both of T 3 A 16 T(123)122
her right mind. However, B later suggested that correct or correct T 3 A 38 T(129)128
and me. HS also thought later: Every time there is anything T 3 E 1 T(147)146
as Freud perceived it. The later theorists have tried to introduce T 3 F 14 T(155)154
that the Holy Spirit in later generations retains the power to T 5 H 10 T(261)C 88
was much they would understand later, because they were not wholly T 6 B 17 T(276)C 103
space are one dimension. The later mathematics support the interpretation ofT 6 C 8 T(279)C 106
NOW, or withdraw to attack later. If you ACCEPT its offer T 9 G 3 T(402)229
D 8. Sooner or later must everyone bridge the gap T 16 D 8 T(610)437
We will return to them later.

--- Manuscript
W 4 L 4 W(7)
will be given increasing stress later. W 18 L 2 W 18 L 1 W(31)
is attempted, and sooner or later it is always successful. We W 41 L 8 W(69)
one a half an hour later. You need not give more W 110 R3 10 W(229)
with knowledge but an instant later. For in grace you see W 168 L 4 W(371)
something is enough. Sooner or later that something will rise in P 4 B 3 P(21)
a good example of the latter. T 1 C 12 T 1 C 11 T(58)58
in his Right Mind. The latter required the endowment of man T 2 A 9 T(65)65
the unconscious, so that the latter became increasingly obscured. The resultT 2 E 42 T(111)110
order of reality, because the latter involves a time awareness, since T 3 B 7 T(131)130
SALVATION depends on disinhibiting the latter. T 4 D 8 T 4 D 7 T(209)C 36
the former, because if the LATTER is true, the subject WILL T 7 D 2 T(310)C 137
for the atheist, and the latter for the martyr. Martyrdom takes T 8 J 7 T(378)C 205
reactive against abandonment and the latter against retaliation. The atheist maintainsT 8 J 8 T(379)C 206
line with this course. The latter, in particular, might be incorrectly T 8 K 1 T(382)- 209
perception of yourself. Toward the latter part of the exercise period W 35 L 5 W(57)
L 7. In the latter phase of the practice period W 47 L 7 W(84)
of these ideas, and the latter part of the day to W 80 R2 1 W(162)
the former and minimizing the latter. There is, however, considerable confusionM 11 A 1 M(28)
of being tired. When you laugh at someone it is because T 3 H 6 T(176)C 3
him as debased. When you laugh at yourself, you are singularly T 3 H 6 T(176)C 3
you are singularly likely to laugh at others, if only because T 3 H 6 T(176)C 3
His answer, you too will laugh at your fears and replace T 10 H 17 T(447)- 274
his funeral, and hear him laugh at death. The sentence sin T 19 I 2 T(721)545
of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the T 27 I 6 T(963)789
real effects. Together, we can laugh them BOTH away, and understand T 27 I 6 T(963)789
on its foolish cause, and laugh with Him a while. YOU T 27 I 9 T(964)790
the Son of God but laugh, if idols could intrude upon T 29 I 9 T(1011)825
are not endangered. You can laugh at popping heads and squeaking T 30 E 3 T(1027)841
You can indeed afford to laugh at fear thoughts, remembering that W 41 L 10 W(69)
of thought, you could but laugh at this insane idea. It W 92 L 2 W(177)
to them in your happy laugh. W 100 L 3 W 100 L 2 W(200)
them lightly, with a little laugh, and gently lays them at W 134 L 6 W(282)
He has judged can only laugh at guilt, unwilling now to W 151 L 9 W(317)
exile? He would make you laugh at this perception of yourself W 166 L 8 W(365)
love and loving. We can laugh or weep, and greet the W 186 L 8 W(407)
understands what giving means must laugh at the idea of sacrifice W 187 L 6 W(411)
The time has come to laugh at such insane ideas. There W 190 L 4 W(419)