hostility, but a fear of involvement or RECOGNITION. You had misinterpretedT 1 B 36i T(26)26
implies any sort of level involvement, or, in fact, anything except T 2 A 9 T(65)65
take the form of oedipal involvement and concomitant castration anxiety. T 2 E 49 T(112)111
is misused as an ego involvement. If you become afraid, it T 4 B 22 T(193)C 20
risk of your own ego involvement. The whole process represents a T 11 A 2 T(449)- 276
observe your passing thoughts without involvement, and slip quietly by themW 44 L 7 W(76)
to you with as little involvement or concern as possible, dismissing W 65 L 5 W(120)
hazard to success has been involvement with your past and future W 181 L 4 W(389)
are afraid of all complete involvements, and believe that they lessen T 4 G 21 T(228)C 55
Part of their Atonement value involves just that. Note that the T 1 B 23f T(11)11
this hurling connotation, because it involves hurling something you DO NOTT 1 B 30e T(18)18
Revelation. This is why it involves PERSONAL choice. A guide does T 1 B 30l T(19)19
That is what projection always involves.) T 1 B 30r T 1 B 30q T(20)20
the angels because your role involves creation as well as protection T 1 B 30y T(21)21
for reality testing, which always involves the necessary distinction between theT 1 B 32c T(22)22
communion through the body. This involves not only the improper self T 1 B 37p T(31)31
commitment. Only the DOING aspect involves the channel at all. This T 1 B 40s T(41)41
is reciprocal because it ALWAYS involves equality. T 1 B T 1 B 40ac T(43)43
implies lack, by definition. It involves the recognition, conscious or unconsciousT 1 B 41ah T(50)50
the accompanying fantasies. Homosexuality ALWAYS involves misperception of the self ORT 1 B 41ay T(52)52
is more characteristic of B., involves only the second error. However T 1 C 3 T(55)55
should be noted that 1) involves only the body, and 2 T 1 C 17 T(59)59
only the body, and 2) involves an attempt to associate things T 1 C 17 T(59)59
refusing, a term which necessarily involves a perception of what is T 2 A 7 T(64)64
rather than people. The third involves the endowment of the physical T 2 A 15 T(68)68
implies a split, whereas Right-Mindedness involves healing. T 2 B T 2 B 25 T(77)77
degrees precisely because time itself involves a concept of intervals whichT 2 E 51 T(113)112
readiness. Mastery of love necessarily involves a much more complete confidenceT 2 E 55 T(115)114
A 1. All learning involves attention and study at some T 3 A 1 T(120) 119
it cannot serve. The lesson involves not only the individual himself T 3 A 7 T(120) 119
of reality, because the latter involves a time awareness, since memory T 3 B 7 T(131)130
to two factors. The first involves a fundamental error which Cayce T 3 C 24 T(137)136
in many ways, because perception involves different interpretations, and this meansT 3 E 4 T(147)146
induces only thought (thinking). Perception involves the body even in its T 3 E 10 T(149)148
F 13. Perception ALWAYS involves some misuse of will, because T 3 F 13 T(155)154
misuse of will, because it involves the mind in areas of T 3 F 13 T(155)154
something. This is why perception involves an exchange, or a translation T 3 F 17 T(156)155
open to error because it involves the perception of meaning. All T 3 G 6 T(160)159
Unless perception, at every level, involves selectivity, it is incapable ofT 3 G 12 T(162)161
G 14. Only perception involves partial awareness. Knowledge transcends ALLT 3 G 14 T(163)162
difference in order, but this involves only knowledge. Neither parents nor T 3 G 38 T(170)169
H 2. Judgment ALWAYS involves rejection. It is not an T 3 H 2 T(174)C 1
of will, except that making involves doing, and creating involves active T 3 I 1 T(180)C 7
making involves doing, and creating involves active willing. Their resemblance liesT 3 I 1 T(180)C 7
which the ego has made involves a contradiction in terms. This T 4 B 2 T(188)C 15
shown himself responsible, but this involves no confusion about the child T 4 B 33 T(195)C 22
THE MIND as when it involves physical presence. THINKING about another T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
with any opposite. Knowledge NEVER involves comparisons. That is its essentialT 4 G 4 T(225)C 52
one instant that sharing it involves anything BUT gain. T T 5 C 4 T(236)C 63
always so clear. Anger ALWAYS involves PROJECTION OF SEPARATION, which mustT 6 A 1 T(271)C 98
sinners. ANY concept of punishment involves the projection of blame, and T 6 B 18 T(277)C 104
you consider what it really involves. The ego, which is not T 6 E 5 T(285)C 112
to love, since ALL healing involves replacing fear with love. The T 8 I 5 T(374)C 201
is competitiveness, because it ALWAYS involves ATTACK. It is a delusional T 9 G 2 T(401)228
who REALLY believed this question involves conflict? If YOU made the T 10 A 2 T(419)- 246
for to perceive with Him involves no strain at all. HIS T 10 G 3 T(439)266
WORLDS, for each of them involves a different kind of seeing T 12 G 1 T(505)332
is quite impossible, for it involves a contradiction of what miracles T 16 C 3 T(604)431
first to realize that it involves a great amount of pain T 16 F 1 T(615)442
impossible, is love. But fear involves substitution by definition, for it T 18 A 3 T(659)486
9. To DO anything involves the body. And, if you T 18 H 9 T(684) 631c
from one thing to another involves a fairly constant time interval W 12 L 2 W(20)
teaching level. Each teaching-learning situation involves a different relationship at theM 4 A 1 M(6)
6 A 1. Healing involves an understanding of what the M 6 A 1 M(18)
7. Any specific question involves a large number of assumptions S 1 A 7 S(3)
The prayer, or asking-out-of-need, always involves feelings of weakness and inadequacyS 1 C 2 S(5)
be tolerated, a strange compromise involving BOTH insatiable possessiveness and insatiableT 1 C 25 T(61)61
be tolerated, a strange compromise involving BOTH insatiable possessiveness and insatiableT 2 A 16 T(69)69
of the authority problem as involving the concept of USURPING His T 5 G 4 T(255)C 82
practice periods are recommended, each involving no more than a minute W 10 L 5 W(18)
In the situation involving , I would like to happen W 24 L 5 W(41)
again include two phases, one involving the world you see outside W 32 L 2 W(53)
for today: In the situation involving in which I see myself W 38 L 4 W(62)
cannot do. In the situation involving in which sees himself, there W 38 L 4 W(62)
if properly understood, shares the invulnerability of the Atonement to two-edgedT 2 C 8 T(90)89
remembrance of love therefore brings invulnerability with it. Do not side T 9 I 10 T(409)- 236
the recognition of your OWN invulnerability is so important in the T 11 F 2 T(465)292
For if you accept your invulnerability, you are recognizing that ATTACK T 11 F 2 T(465)292
But the recognition of your invulnerability has more than merely negative T 11 F 2 T(465)292
T 11 J. Guiltlessness and Invulnerability (N 1064 8:168) T 11 J 0 T(480)307
is merely this; guiltlessness IS invulnerability. Therefore, make your INVULNERABILITY manifestT 13 H 7 T(531)- 358
IS invulnerability. Therefore, make your INVULNERABILITY manifest to everyone, and teachT 13 H 7 T(531)- 358
attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability. W 26 W 26 L 0 W(44)
thoughts are. Attack thoughts and invulnerability cannot be accepted together. TheyW 26 L 2 W(44)
to understand that vulnerability or invulnerability is the result of your W 26 L 4 W(44)
attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability. How can I know who W 56 L 1 W(102)
pain. It will restore the invulnerability and power God gave His W 62 L 3 W(114)
that serves the Spirit is invulnerable.) T 1 B 29 T 1 B 28c T(17)17
knowledge will make the individual invulnerable. This is the reaction formationT 1 C 21 T(60)60
the Separation, the mind was invulnerable to fear, because fear did T 2 B 66 T(86)85
which can make him perfectly invulnerable.

--- Manuscript
T 2 B 67 T(86)85
Son of God, he WAS invulnerable.

--- Manuscript
T 3 C 39 T(143)142
coexist. The truly helpful are invulnerable, because they are NOT protectingT 4 H 11 T(231)C 58
to joy. This makes it invulnerable to the ego, because its T 5 G 2 T(254)C 81
peace is unassailable. It is invulnerable to disruption BECAUSE it is T 5 G 2 T(254)C 81
retaliative. You are invulnerable to its retaliation BECAUSE I T 8 E 21 T(359)C 186
belief that you are NOT invulnerable? This is a particularly appealing T 8 H 4 T(370)C 197
J 12. You are invulnerable BECAUSE you are guiltless. You T 11 J 12 T(483)310
being wholly pure, you ARE invulnerable.

--- Manuscript
T 11 J 15 T(484)311
Those who accept Atonement, ARE invulnerable. But those who believe they T 13 H 9 T(532)- 359
SELF HAS CHANGED. Are YOU invulnerable? Then the world is harmless T 31 F 5 T(1062)876
be attacked you are not invulnerable. You see attack as a W 26 L 1 W(44)
believe that you are not invulnerable. Attack thoughts therefore make youW 26 L 2 W(44)
wants to make the vulnerable invulnerable and the finite limitless. The P 3 A 3 P(3)