it represented a battle of intellects, (both good ones, by the T 1 B 37y T(34)34
will not be entirely an intellectual approach, because I doubt if T 2 E 22 T(105)104
We are not concerned with intellectual feats nor logical toys. We W 39 L 1 W(64)
is the basic distinction between intellectualization and thinking. One creates theT 1 B 12b T(4)-4-
T 2 B 25. Intellectualization is a poor word, which T 2 B 25 T(77)77
it control over the body. Intellectualization implies a split, whereas Right-MindednessT 2 B 25 T(77)77
be able to accept it intellectually, it is unlikely that it W 9 L 1 W(15
all those who overestimate human intelligence remember this. (HS questions lastT 2 B 45 T(81) 81
density is the opposite of intelligence, and therefore unamenable to independentT 2 C 18 T(94)93
what, - more beauty, more intelligence, more wealth; or even more T 29 I 8 T(1011)825
me as well now. His intelligent mis-hearing of river as rivet T 5 I 14 T(268)C 95
hand? Is it not more intelligent to thank the One Who W 197 L 5 W(444)
11. B has very intelligently suggested that you both should T 4 F 11 T(221)C 48
DO WHAT GOD DID NOT INTEND, because what He did not T 9 J 6 T(413)- 240
because what He did not intend DOES NOT HAPPEN. Your gods T 9 J 6 T(413)- 240
the very literal sense. Pun intended especially for B, (who originally T 1 B 18b T(5)-5-
originally did not get it.) Intended as a special sign of T 1 B 18b T(5)-5-
God is not mocked was intended as reassurance. You are afraid T 1 B 30c T(18)18
B 40d. Sex was intended as an instrument for physical T 1 B 40d T(37)37
was inserted, and had merely intended to write I will do T 1 B 40l T(40)40
several introductory remarks which are intended to make these explanations lessT 2 A 1 T(62)62
for which the miracle was intended. Nor would it induce the T 2 E 18 T(104)103
split which their therapies were intended to heal had not occurred T 2 E 35 T(109)108
anxiety was an interesting device intended to deny both the instinctive T 2 E 43 T(111)110
know that the course is intended for some sort of preparation T 3 A 4 T(120) 119
failure to utilize what WAS intended for him as a help T 3 A 24 T(126)125
was NOT the gospel I intended to offer him. T T 4 A 9 T(187)?23
message which the crucifixion was intended to teach was that it T 6 B 4 T(273)C 100
the purpose for which God intended it. I must found His T 6 B 9 T(274)C 101
peace for which it was intended. The Apostles often misunderstood it T 6 B 14 T(275)C 102
Son, for whom it was intended. To whom God gives Himself T 14 D 15 T(551)- 378
end for which it was intended, nor is it valued as T 20 H 7 T(757)580
replaced by what they were intended to replace. My thoughts are W 51 L 4 W(92)
give me the peace God intended me to have. W W 55 L 2 W(100)
things are mine because God intended them for me. I cannot W 58 L 5 W(107)
sickness for which it was intended, and thus keep the sickness W 70 L 4 W(131)
It is not what God intended it to be for you W 126 L 6 W(256)
and pain as God Himself intended it to be, and as W 134 L 10 W(283)
are using time for its intended purpose. Let each word shine W 140 R4 6 W(312)
messages which they deliver are intended first for them. And it W 154 L 6 W(330)
make for him whom God intended only joy? W 166 W 166 L 8 W(365)
restore the peace that God intended for His holy Son. Only W 192 L 5 W(426)
give His gifts where He intended them to be. Lesson W 206 L 1 W(455)
manual for a special curriculum, intended for teachers of a special M 2 A 4 M(4)
This manual is not intended to answer all questions which M 30 A 1 M(68)
is the peace that God intended for the Child He loves G 3 A 10 G(9)
will you think that God intends for you a fearful judgment T 30 G 4 T(1034)848
experience the joy that God intends for me. W 82 W 82 L 5 W(165)
which was the experience of intense love that you have felt T 1 B 3c T(1)
you both recognize is so intense that you are afraid that T 1 B 22i T(7)-7-
an example of your own intense separation anxiety, which you have T 4 B 7 T(189)C 16
peace. Its radiance is so intense that it creates in perfect T 7 J 8 T(339)C 66
s destructive urge is so intense, that nothing short of the T 12 B 1 T(485)312
will ever be, is your intense and burning love of God T 12 C 3 T(488)315
we shine with brightness so intense, that none of us alone T 13 D 14 T(520)- 347
with clarity and brightness so intense, you could not wish, for T 14 D 9 T(549)- 376
give you this, is so intense He would not wait, although T 17 C 7 T(634)- 461
of the ego becomes extremely intense, with this shift in goals T 17 F 4 T(647)474
loveliness can yet be so intense and so inclusive it is T 31 G 7 T(1070)884
Recognition of meaninglessness arouses intense anxiety in all the separatedW 13 L 2 W(22)
but a veil drawn over intense fury. W 21 L W 21 L 2 W(36)
of helplessness, misery, suffering, and intense fear of loss. W W 41 L 1 W(68)
be struck with horror so intense that you would rush to W 93 L 1 W(180)
people enter into a fairly intense teaching-learning situation and then appearM 4 A 4 M(7)
a sudden healing may precipitate intense depression, and a sense of M 7 A 1 M(22)
also take the form of intense rage, accompanied by thoughts of M 18 A 4 M(45)
simplicity stands out like an intense white light against a black M 18 A 8 M(46)
B 25e. Revelation is intensely personal, and is actually not T 1 B 25e T(15)15
night I felt briefly but intensely depressed, temporarily under the impressionT 2 B 52 T(82) 82
be expressed, and it is intensely personal to the mind which T 4 H 10 T(231)C 58
the ego is salvation is intensely engaged in the SEARCH for T 11 E 1 T(463)- 290
Your motivation will be so intensified that words become of little W 180 IN2 4 W(387)
Heavens peace and joy intensify when you accept them as W 105 L 3 W(210)
crucifixion lies in the APPARENT intensity of the assault of some T 6 B 3 T(272)C 99
have no idea of the intensity of your wish to get T 11 C 7 T(455)- 282 -
past. Do not underestimate the intensity of the egos drive T 16 H 3 T(626)- 453
keep it joyless. But its INTENSITY is veiled by its heavy T 18 J 5 T(690)514
gain unconscious hold of great intensity, and grip the mind with W 138 L 8 W(301)
far beyond the frenzy and intensity of which you can conceive W 153 L 4 W(324)
him again. Mistake not the intensity of rage projected fear must W 161 L 8 W(351)
love is limitless, with an intensity which holds all things within W 252 L 1 W(497)
attention from another with less intensity of appeal. And a more M 9 A 1 M(25)
it true out of its intensity of desire to have it M 9 A 2 M(25)
facts. Regardless, too, of the intensity of the anger which is M 18 A 4 M(45)
belief that illness varies in intensity; that the degree of threat P 3 E 8 P(11)
and then takes over this intent as its OWN prerogative. It T 5 G 9 T(256)C 83
God, from which your true intent was NEVER absent. Throughout the T 17 F 10 T(649)476
think is lovely. What is intent on your destruction, is NOT T 23 C 18 T(831)650
does not change. Its sole intent is murder, and what FORM T 23 D 1 T(833)652
and will look on his intent in nightmares, where the smiles T 23 D 2 T(833)652
the thought entails. If the INTENT is death, what matter the T 23 D 2 T(833)652
to communicate and the unnatural intent to murder and to die T 23 D 6 T(835)654
it takes conceals the SAME intent. And it is THIS you T 23 E 1 T(835)654
grasp as yet. To minds intent on specialness, it is impossible T 24 E 3 T(850)669
will walk in danger, each intent, in the dark forest of T 24 F 4 T(853)672
perceived as friends, with merciful intent. Their enmity is seen as T 28 C 10 T(974)- 800
new, without your opposition or intent. There will be no attack T 31 B 7 T(1048)862
it. Do not allow your intent to waver in the face W 80 R2 3 W(162)
swings open with your one intent to go beyond it. Angels W 131 L 13 W(271)
causeless and without a meaningful intent of any kind, it cannot W 136 L 1 W(291)
be external to your own intent; a happening beyond your state W 136 L 4 W(291)
purpose, now transformed from the intent you gave it; that it W 138 L 7 W(301)
mind from wandering from its intent. Be not afraid nor timid W 153 L 20 W(328)
love, and of your full intent? What way could give you W 155 L 12 W(335)
s vision. If you are intent on reaching it, you will W 161 L 10 W(352)
1. No-one attacks without intent to hurt. This can have W 170 L 1 W(377)
scattered goals blend into one intent. You are not asked for W 180 IN2 3 W(387)
to give support to the intent which has replaced the one W 181 L 2 W(388)
wherein we practice changing our intent. We seek for innocence and W 181 L 3 W(388)
time of practicing with one intent; to look upon the sinlessness W 181 L 5 W(389)
Two minds with one intent become so strong that what W 185 L 3 W(402)
two can share the same intent. To each, the hero of W 185 L 3 W(402)
is lost to sleeping minds intent on compromise, each to his W 185 L 4 W(402)
want, and join your own intent with what they seek above W 185 L 10 W(404)
with all your brothers, whose intent is yours. W 185 W 185 L 13 W(405)
It is this one intent we seek today, uniting our W 185 L 14 W(405)
you, eager for your death, intent on plotting punishment for you W 196 L 11 W(440)
joined. We wait with one intent; to hear our Fathers W 221 L 2 W(463)
who have shared in one intent. Attack can enter only if M 18 A 3 M(45)