outstanding example of allegiance to apathy, and you have become a T 6 A 3 T(271)C 98
the true meaning of the Apocalypse. Man will ultimately look upon T 2 F 3 T(118)117
Reference to Christ and the apostles walking on water.) T T 2 B 5 T(73)73
which it was intended. The Apostles often misunderstood it, and always T 6 B 14 T(275)C 102
upside-down thinking myself. If the Apostles had not felt guilty, they T 6 B 15 T(276)C 103
am very grateful to the Apostles for their teaching, and fully T 6 B 17 T(276)C 103
new purpose, they are inevitably appalled. Their perception of the relationshipT 17 F 6 T(647)474
that the Nazis spelled their appalling error with capital letters. I T 1 B 37s T(32)32
extremes. This has been very apparent in the course of both T 1 B 25g T(15)15
satisfying nature of reality becomes apparent. The sex impulse IS a T 1 B 41t T(48)48
of God, it is VERY apparent in the creations of man T 1 B 41ag T(50)50
the following will become quite apparent:

--- Manuscript
T 2 A 5 T(63) 63
do likewise. It is quite apparent that this depends on the T 2 A 14 T(67)67
were planned. It became increasingly apparent that all of the defenses T 2 B 42 T(80) 80
obvious than may be immediately apparent. The Soul has been created T 2 C 7 T(90)89
on time, making it quite apparent that charity lies within the T 2 C 21 T(95)94
elects. However, it is quite apparent that so to elect IS T 2 E 54 T(114) 113
examined objectively, it is quite apparent that it is really the T 2 F 4 T(118)117
to you. It was quite apparent that you were extremely cold T 3 A 18 T(124)123
of the Atonement is perfectly apparent. The innocence of God is T 3 C 22 T(137)136
so limited. It was equally apparent to him that the Soul T 3 C 26 T(139)138
destroyed it, it is quite apparent that B. MUST have been T 3 G 30 T(167)166
created at all. Despite the apparent contradiction in this position, it T 3 H 11 T(177)C 4
own position would be quite apparent.

--- Manuscript
T 3 H 14 T(178)C 5
it. This willfullness is so apparent that B. need only perceive T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
precisely because it is so apparent that it CAN be readily T 4 C 4 T(198)C 25
s question, it is perfectly apparent that when she is ego-dominated T 4 C 5 T(199)C 26
It should be quite apparent to you by now why T 4 D 9 T(209)C 36
because it would immediately become apparent that there was no sense T 4 F 15 T(223)C 50
though dissociation is much more apparent in you, and repression is T 4 G 17 T(227)C 54
misdirected. The misdirection is quite apparent. It is directed AWAY from T 5 F 1 T(247)C 74
ordering of thought becomes quite apparent. T 5 H 2 T 5 H 1 T(259)C 86
many contradictions which are quite apparent in his thinking became increasinglyT 5 I 4 T(265)C 92
his thinking became increasingly less apparent to Him. T 5 T 5 I 4 T(265)C 92
the crucifixion lies in the APPARENT intensity of the assault of T 6 B 3 T(272)C 99
are, but it is quite apparent that you can teach wrongly T 6 G 1 T(293)C 120
even though it is quite apparent that I was NOT. An T 6 G 1 T(293)C 120
His perfect Accomplishment is NOT apparent to you. This is why T 6 H 10 T(301)128
the confused? It MUST be apparent that confusion INTERFERES with meaning T 7 C 10 T(309)C 136
in this matter are so apparent that they need no elaboration T 7 F 1 T(318)C 145
for Him. He resolves the APPARENT conflict which they engender by T 7 G 7 T(326)C 153
your need for vigilance is apparent. Your minds ARE dividing their T 7 G 10 T(327)C 154
which may not be so apparent. T 7 I 4 T 7 I 3 T(335)C 162
from the unbelievable MUST be apparent, but it is NOT beyond T 7 I 9 T(337)C 164
it really is. It is apparent that reality CANNOT threaten anything T 8 J 1 T(377)C 204
of the ego becomes perfectly apparent. Though it does not understand T 9 G 1 T(401)228
mind is not yet fully apparent. But this by no means T 11 B 2 T(449)- 276
for it would be quite apparent that it had NOT taught T 11 E 3 T(463)- 290
in this mind is so apparent, when it is uncovered, that T 12 C 7 T(489)316
of this course should be apparent. For this is a course T 12 D 1 T(492)319
perception and knowledge becomes quite apparent, if you consider this: thereT 13 A 2 T(510)337
what is not, is PERFECTLY apparent, yet you do NOT see T 13 G 3 T(528)- 355
and the obvious are NOT apparent to those who would make T 13 G 3 T(528)- 355
their complete incompatibility is instantly apparent. One WILL go, BECAUSE theT 14 D 5 T(548)- 375
because it would be quite apparent to you that you do T 15 F 1 T(577)404
miracles, but it is QUITE apparent that you have NOT done T 16 C 4 T(605)432
effect relationship that is PERFECTLY apparent. Yet, within you, is EVERYTHINGT 16 D 4 T(609)436
the special relationship, the more apparent it becomes that it MUST T 16 G 3 T(622)- 449
then does it become perfectly apparent that they had no effect T 17 A 1 T(630)457
of the relationship is SO apparent that they CANNOT co-exist. Yet T 17 F 4 T(647)474
and for this, it is apparent that IT MUST BE CLEAR T 17 G 1 T(651)478
is so OUTRAGEOUSLY violated, becomes apparent. Yet they ARE a way T 18 C 2 T(664)491
thinness and transparency are not apparent, until you see the light T 18 J 6 T(691)515
how they operate is less apparent, though it follows directly from T 19 B 3 T(695)519
the LINE, its wholeness is apparent. T 19 D 6 T 19 D 5 T(703)527
lies beneath them all becomes apparent. Here is the golden circle T 22 A 5 T(796)- 617
in the road is quite apparent, you cannot go ahead. You T 22 E 1 T(808)808a
stand could not be more apparent than emerges here. Here is T 23 C 6 T(826)645
mean. This is apparent. The MEANS of madness MUST T 23 C 14 T(830)649
place of death is not apparent, that it will not return T 23 D 6 T(834)653
senselessness of conquest is quite apparent from the quiet sphere above T 23 E 9 T(837)656
B 7. It is apparent that a mind so split T 25 B 7 T(867)686
focus on the BODY is apparent, for it is ALWAYS an T 26 A 1 T(901)720
truth, its senselessness is quite apparent. Kept APART from truth, it T 26 H 2 T(918)744
Yet space between you is apparent NOW, and cannot BE perceived T 26 I 3 T(925)751
Why are not its effects apparent, then? Why in the future T 26 I 6 T(926)752
it is. But HEALING is apparent in specific instances, and generalizes T 27 F 7 T(952)778
And it will ALSO be apparent that your many DIFFERENT problems T 27 F 8 T(952)778
his own attack upon himself apparent still, for it is he T 27 H 1 T(957)783
It merely goes from one apparent lesson to the next, in T 31 A 2 T(1042)856
love. It will quickly become apparent that there is no-one against W 68 L 5 W(127)
it is perhaps not so apparent why holding grievances is an W 72 L 3 W(137)
The bodys apparent reality makes this view of W 72 L 5 W(138)
the way to safety in apparent dangers which appear to threaten W 121 L 1 W(241)
death. Yet it is perfectly apparent to the eyes that see W 127 L 5 W(259)
to let our sinlessness become apparent. We instruct our minds that W 181 L 3 W(388)
convolutions of the worlds apparent reasoning but serve to hide W 189 L 6 W(417)
different characters and different themes apparent but not real. They are W 193 L 3 W(428)
a seeming loss or feel apparent pain, who suffer cold or W 195 L 5 W(436)
is obvious, and its effects apparent. All the world shines in W 293 L 1 W(542)
a chance meeting of two apparent strangers in an elevator, a M 4 A 2 M(6)
corrected where it is most apparent, and errors can be recognized M 18 A 3 M(45)
of degree. Either truth is apparent or it is not. It M 18 A 4 M(45)
the world’s thought system becomes apparent. A magic thought, by its M 18 A 5 M(45)
contrast stands out clear and apparent. Yet when peace is found M 21 A 3 M(50)
nothing else. This is never apparent to the patient, and only P 3 C 3 P(6)
D 4. It is apparent that this step cannot be S 1 D 4 S(8)