himself, poised to attack, and howling to unite with him again W 161 L 8 W(351)
re first 3 points.) Q (HS) Would you regard this communication T 1 B 3c T(1)
T 1 B 3e. (HS fearful in taxi about a T 1 B 3e T(2)-2-
T 1 B 11b. HS has some fear about 11 T 1 B 11b T(3)-3-
21b. (add for 21. HS considered changing iron to steel T 1 B 21b T(6)-6-
which is still dim to HS) that the reason is not T 1 B 22i T(7)-7-
original phrasing had been singular. (HS aside about liking the first T 1 B 22j T(7)-7-
ashamed of you before God. (HS ? of misquote.) is interpreted as T 1 B 22t T(9)-9-
time. (e.g. given of HS report rewrite for Esther! Esther T 1 B 23c T(10)-10-
are the Everlasting Arms means. (HS explanation: This means that He T 1 B 23e T(10)-10-
SPECIAL EXPLANATION: (In response to HS request re possible corrections.) ChangeT 1 B 23f T(11)11
25d. Note that YOUR (HS) Revelation occurred specifically after you T 1 B 25d T(15)15
sitting at feet of Jesus. HS note.) T 1 B T 1 B 28b T(17)17
1 B 30b. Aside (HS commented on awakening with the T 1 B 30b T(18)18
that you are into light. (HS fearful of writing next part T 1 B 30f T(18)18
30v. Special Revelation for HS T 1 B 30w T 1 B 30v T(21)21
T 1 B 30ad. (HS meeting with Dr. Wise and T 1 B 30ad T(21)21
driven behavior of any kind. HS has other personal material related T 1 B 33c T(23)23
T 1 B 36e. (HS raises point that Biblical language T 1 B 36e T(25)25
T 1 B 36u. (HS note: If you ask somebody T 1 B 36u T(28)28
taxi man couldnt pick HS up, etc.) to show you T 1 B 37j T(30)30
your notes virtue is triumphant. (HS note re submission-dominance, feminine-masculine rolesT 1 B 37z T(34)34
dream about the Bluebird. While HS was looking for this dream T 1 B 37af T(36)36
example of how extremely good HS had become over the intervening T 1 B 37af T(36)36
the visionary level, after which HS wrote If you will tell T 1 B 40l T(40)40
had a terrific impact on HS.) T 1 B 40m T 1 B 40l T(40)40
1 B 40u. NOTE HS objects to doggerel sound of T 1 B 40u T(41)41
is the first time that HS ever said that she would T 1 B 41p T(47)47
mentioned yesterday (refers to discussion HS and B. had) provide an T 1 B 41q T(47)47
41ac. (special Revelation re HS OMISSION 1.) T 1 T 1 B 41ac T(50)50
T 1 B 41ad. HS question re: past memories. Answer T 1 B 41ad T(50)50
re sex under existing conditions) (HS raised previous question about the T 1 B 41at T(52)52
to a visionary experience of HS) introduced some error variance, but T 1 C 6 T(56)56
if you choose. (Note to HS: You are writing this with T 1 C 8 T(56)56
crucial. This is ref. to HS reluctance to take dictations as T 2 A 31 T(72)72
unwarranted fear of a PERSON. (HS story refers to a very T 2 B 13 T(75)75
fell down the stairs when HS had arms open in a T 2 B 13 T(75)75
afterwards, Hinda screamed upon seeing HS.) The mis-step which caused her T 2 B 13 T(75)75
to elevator man who took HS down from her apt.) to T 2 B 18 T(76)76
overestimate human intelligence remember this. (HS questions last sentence, which sheT 2 B 45 T(81) 81
better learners. This increase serves (HS notes that this was written T 2 B 46 T(81) 81
B 49. (Note to HS. The reason this is upsetting T 2 B 49 T(81) 81
taken with great difficulty by HS, and constitute the only series T 2 B 51 T(82) 82
were written very slowly. When HS asked about this, she was T 2 B 51 T(82) 82
B 52. (Aside from HS: Last night I felt briefly T 2 B 52 T(82) 82
made on 1115 by HS re Bs remark concerning T 2 B 59 T(84) 83a
correcting this kind of distortion. (HS scalded hand, and looked for T 2 B 64 T(86)85
T 2 B 73. (HS request for special message for T 2 B 73 T(88)87
properly singular subject - - HS - - and remember that T 2 E 6 T(101)100
other way around - - HS. Answer: This confusion arises out T 2 E 38 T(110)109
theory.) (Dictated without notes by HS) T 2 E 46 T 2 E 45 T(112)111
(Dictated without notes by HS) T 2 E 57 T 2 E 56 T(116)115
The following Introduction dictated by HS without notes.) The following isT 3 A 15 T(123)122
rather than a love reaction. (HS notes that she was going T 3 A 22 T(125)124
gentle way.) (B. did call HS) T 3 A 36 T 3 A 35 T(128)127
to the obvious fact that HS was still clearly not in T 3 A 38 T(129)128
D 7. (Reply to HS question: Is this all? The T 3 D 7 T(145)144
On Wed. evening, Nov. 24, HS had sudden flash of illumination T 3 E 1 T(147)146
release both him and me. HS also thought later: Every time T 3 E 1 T(147)146
A 1. (Aside to HS. You were both wise and T 4 A 1 T(185)C 12
4 D 16. Note: HS became very fearful here, and T 4 D 16 T(211)C 38
change your mind about them. (HS doubtful whether this is accurate T 4 E 9 T(215)C 42
learned it better than H., (HS doubtful about accuracy here) that T 4 E 10 T(215)C 42
There is no need to hug it to your heart, and G 1 A 6 G(2)
The hanging-on to guilt, its hugging-close and sheltering, its loving protectionP 3 G 1 P(14)
of validating the material, and Hugh Lynn is perfectly aware that T 3 C 37 T(143)142
and this is far beyond human evaluation. T 1 B T 1 B 3b T(1)
cobwebs of iron. They unite human frailty to the strength of T 1 B 21 T(6)-6-
stated. The part about uniting human frailty with the strength of T 1 B 22e T(7)-7-
e., lack of love) which human beings could not otherwise correct T 1 B 23e T(10)-10-
that He will backstop whenever human miracles will not suffice for T 1 B 23e T(10)-10-
or RECOGNITION. You had misinterpreted human encounters as opportunities for magicT 1 B 36i T(26)26
that a name is a human symbol that stands for a T 1 B 36n T(27)27
to die. Death is a human affirmation of a belief in T 1 B 36o T(27)27
powerful source of motivation for human action. All behavior is essentiallyT 1 B 41aj T(51)51
Denial of fear, in human terms, is a strong defense T 1 C 2 T(55)55
Endowing the Spirit with human possessiveness is a more INCLUSIVE T 1 C 15 T(59)59
attempt to associate things with human attributes. Three, on the other T 1 C 17 T(59)59
AFRAID, you are VALUING WRONG. Human understanding will inevitably value wrongT 2 B 1 T(73)73
wrong, and by endowing all human thoughts with equal power, will T 2 B 1 T(73)73
peace of God which PASSETH (human) understanding. T 2 B T 2 B 1 T(73)73
incapable of being shaken by human errors of any kind. It T 2 B 2 T(73)73
Let all those who overestimate human intelligence remember this. (HS questionsT 2 B 45 T(81) 81
T 2 B 46. Human beings can learn to improve T 2 B 46 T(81) 81
healing remains among the stronger human protections. This is because healingT 2 C 21 T(95)94
lies within the framework of human

--- Manuscript
T 2 C 21 T(95)94
as an expression of true human charity, can only shorten it T 2 C 22 T(96) 95
in this world, because the human being has many things he T 2 E 7 T(101)100
this, which is perfectly true. Human beings are not used to T 2 E 17 T(104)103
attempt to correct the fundamental human error that fear can be T 2 E 55 T(115)114
well. There is probably no human error that is
T 3 A 17 T(123)122
own phrases, This kind of human tragedy is far easier to T 3 A 32 T(127)126
has been some controversy (in human terms) as to whether seeing T 3 C 19 T(136)135
It is quite evident that human beings are not. Nevertheless, they T 3 G 4 T(160)159
that is entirely alien to human thinking, in which if any T 3 G 15 T(163)162
of the illusions from which human perception suffers is that what T 3 H 3 T(174)C 1
also to join My Resurrection. Human living has indeed been needlessly T 4 A 9 T(187)?23
Do not make the pathetic human error of clinging to the T 4 A 9 T(187)?23
have spoken of many different human symptoms, and at this level T 4 B 1 T(188)C 15
past does not matter in human terms, and history would not T 4 C 1 T(197)C 24
equated with the pull of human appetites. T 4 D T 4 D 6 T(209)C 36
4 D 12. No human love is without this ambivalence T 4 D 12 T(210)C 37
C 79 HUMAN ideas can conflict in content T 5 F 15 T(252)C 79
completely eliminated by any living human being anywhere. Essentially, this wasT 5 I 9 T(266)C 93
You might remember that the human eye perceives them as if T 6 C 8 T(279)C 106
the strangest beliefs that the human mind has ever made. This T 8 J 1 T(377)C 204
He is the guide. The human therapist can only LET HIM T 9 D 11 T(394)221
or far, important or unimportant, human or unhuman, with your eyes W 25 L 6 W(43)
you think are part of human destiny. Today we take the W 127 L 6 W(259)
the slave of time and human destiny. But when I willingly W 317 L 1 W(568)
Voice speak through it to human ears. And these ears will M 13 A 4 M(33)
symbolizes that which has no human symbols at all. The Holy M 22 A 3 M(52)