the list of as many hoped for goals as possible for W 24 L 6 W(41)
escape no longer can be hoped for nor obtained. Attack, defense W 153 L 3 W(324)
Or is it to be hoped for, met with thanks and W 192 L 6 W(426)
for the experiences which are hoped for. M 22 A M 22 A 2 M(52)
you want and need and hoped to find among the shabby G 2 A 2 G(4)
wavering, yet dimly seen, that hopefullness IS warranted, on grounds that T 25 C 3 T(868)687
26. -6. The therapist (hopefully) does have the role of T 3 G 26 T(165)164
perceiver. (This is also, again hopefully, true of the teacher.) It T 3 G 26 T(165)164
one of reconciling these differences. Hopefully, both will learn to give P 3 A 4 P(3)
expenditures of time and effort, hopefulness and doubt, each one as W 96 L 2 W(189)
hell is guaranteed. Begin in hopefulness, for we have reached the W 122 L 10 W(245)
broken and hopeless? Is it HERE that you T 18 B 10 T(663)490
him, to it unredeemed and hopeless.

--- Manuscript
T 19 L 9 T(730)554
the journey that seems more hopeless and futile than standing where T 22 E 2 T(808)808a
hope lies MUST make you hopeless. Yet is this hopelessness your T 25 C 2 T(868)687
still from giving up the hopeless and unrewarding task you set T 25 C 3 T(868)687
3. It HAS been hopeless to attempt to find the T 29 C 3 T(993)819
L 5. The dreary, hopeless thought that you can make W 196 L 5 W(439)
wholly that escape appears quite hopeless. When you realize, once and W 196 L 10 W(440)
its curriculum be? Into this hopeless and closed learning situation, which M 1 A 4 M(2)
A 8. Into this hopeless situation God sends His teachers M 18 A 8 M(46)
is. We will not become hopelessly involved in defining happiness and W 66 L 3 W(121)
you hopeless. Yet is this hopelessness your choice, while you would T 25 C 2 T(868)687
can never BE undone. And hopelessness and death MUST disappear before T 27 C 6 T(939)765
what was seeming death and hopelessness. Now is the light of W 135 L 26 W(290)
from death to life, from hopelessness to hope. Let us an W 159 L 10 W(346)
and has felt defeat and hopelessness as he is feeling them W 166 L 6 W(365)
us to the ground in hopelessness.

--- Manuscript
W 186 L 8 W(407)
despair, and sense of icy hopelessness and doubt. Seek you no W 200 L 1 W(449)
fallen from the trees of hopelessness you sought before. Now are W 200 L 10 W(451)
of passing time and growing hopelessness; of sickening despair and fear M 11 A 6 M(30)
within a larger dream of hopelessness in which there is no G 3 A 4 G(7)
constant thought-watching. However, if he hopes to spare himself from fearT 2 E 7 T(101)100
you home. Every good teacher hopes to give his students so T 4 B 14 T(191)C 18
with all TANGENTIAL questions, it hopes to hide the REAL question T 4 F 14 T(223)C 50
which looks to weakness, and hopes to find it there. The T 16 B 3 T(603)430
DOES NOT CHANGE. Despite your hopes and fancies, ALWAYS does despair T 25 C 1 T(868)687
support to base your future hopes, and NO suggestions of success T 25 C 2 T(868)687
at all. To place your hopes where no hope lies MUST T 25 C 2 T(868)687
their evil thoughts and sinful hopes, their dreams of guilt and T 25 E 4 T(878)697
your memories and all your hopes. You use its eyes to T 27 G 3 T(954)780
to threaten me. All my hopes and wishes and plans appear W 56 L 1 W(102)
bring uncertainty to all your hopes of ever finding quietness and W 121 L 1 W(241)
from countless disappointments, and from hopes that turn to bitter ashes W 128 L 1 W(261)
it seems to fail your hopes, your needs, your values and W 135 L 8 W(286)
destiny, defeat of all his hopes, his pitiful defense against a W 153 L 14 W(327)
within its withered hand; all hopes and wishes in its blighting W 163 L 2 W(356)
outcome, apt to fail the hopes they once engendered, and to W 163 L 3 W(356)
sighs will now betray the hopes of those who look to W 166 L 14 W(367)
weak and frail, with futile hopes and devastated dreams, born but W 191 L 9 W(424)
satisfied, all cravings end, all hopes are finally fulfilled and dreams W 251 L 1 W(496)
its beliefs, its dreams, its hopes, its plans for its salvation W 330 W12 4 W(583)
still must differ. The patient hopes to learn how to get P 3 A 3 P(3)
to any significant extent. He hopes, in fact, to stabilize it P 3 A 3 P(3)
may return evil FOR evil, hoping that THEIR witness will enable T 17 D 2 T(635)- 462
constant dangers, alone and frightened, hoping at most that death will T 20 D 4 T(741)565
white light against a black horizon, for such it is. If M 18 A 8 M(46)
are geared specifically to widening horizons, and direct approaches to the W 180 IN2 4 W(387)
is shimmering across the wide horizons of our minds. A moment W 220 IN2 10 W(461)
a vertical rather than a horizontal axis. Regarded along the vertical T 1 B 40z T(42)42
In the longitudinal (or horizontal) plane, the true equality of T 1 B 40ad T(43)43
time. The sudden shift from horizontal to vertical perception which the T 1 B 41 T(43)43
again. One of the more horrible examples of inverted or upside-down T 1 B 37s T(32)32
and history is full of horrible examples of this) is the T 1 B 37s T(32)32
s purpose brought to your horrified awareness. They step AWAY from T 20 I 11 T(762)584
purpose rises to meet his horrified awareness, and pursue him still T 23 D 2 T(833)652
you would be struck with horror so intense that you would W 93 L 1 W(180)
closed, think of all the horrors in the world that cross W 14 L 4 W(24)
is your personal repertory of horrors at which you are looking W 14 L 6 W(25)
underlying EXTREME superstition of the horse racing addict. Here, the conflictedT 1 C 25 T(61)61
underlying EXTREME superstition of the horse racing addict. T 2 T 2 A 16 T(69)69
or compulsive gambler, particularly the horse-racing addict. Here, the conflicted driveT 1 C 25 T(61)61
or compulsive gambler, particularly the horse-racing addict. Here, the conflicted driveT 2 A 16 T(69)69
psychiatrists, or medical boards, or hospital administrators, even though most ofT 4 I 6 T(232)C 59
and keep it as a hospital for pain, a sickly place W 190 L 6 W(420)
becomes gracious, both to the Host within and the stranger without T 1 B 39 T(36)36
error is responsible for a host of related fallacies, including the T 3 C 9 T(134)133
cannot speak to an unwelcoming host, BECAUSE HE WILL NOT BE T 10 C 6 T(426)253
hostage to the ego or host to God? You will accept T 10 C 9 T(426)253
hostage to the ego or host to God? Let this question T 15 D 5 T(571)- 398
creation, He ESTABLISHED you as host to Him forever. He has T 15 D 6 T(571)- 398
All honor is due the host of God. Your littleness deceives T 15 D 7 T(571)- 398
the Name of Christ, eternal Host unto His Father.
T 15 D 7 T(571)- 398
awareness of magnitude, to the host whom God appointed for Himself T 15 D 8 T(572)399
his extensions to you, as host to Him. T 15 T 15 D 8 T(572)399
in honor of Him Whose host you are. You know not T 15 D 9 T(572)399
in you, for you are host to Him. Before the greatness T 15 D 9 T(572)399
shabby littleness, that binds the host of God to guilt and T 15 D 10 T(572)399
gladly give, HAVING received. The host of God need not seek T 15 D 12 T(573)400
the Son of God is host to Him. T 15 T 15 D 12 T(573)400
on the side of His host, for it protects ONLY the T 15 D 13 T(573)400
littleness. God would have His host abide in perfect freedom. T 15 E 3 T(574)401
your mind that IS the host to Him. Would you learn T 15 E 4 T(574)401
in the mind of the host of God, depends on willingness T 15 E 5 T(575)- 402
to acknowledge that you ARE host to God, and hostage to T 15 E 9 T(576)403
in your holy mind. The host of God CAN have no T 15 H 3 T(584)- 411
therefore, that if you are HOST to it, IT will enable T 15 H 4 T(585)- 412
belongs not around the chosen host of God, who CANNOT make T 15 H 5 T(585)- 412
God, who CANNOT make himself host to the ego. In the T 15 H 5 T(585)- 412
YOU WERE. For the holy host of God is BEYOND failure T 15 I 4 T(589)- 416
it is possible to be host to the ego, or hostage T 15 J 6 T(595)- 422
price, for getting WHAT. As host to the ego, you believe T 15 J 7 T(595)- 422
who think they are its host. T 15 J 8 T 15 J 7 T(595)- 422
from you, and NOT be host to Him. For to Him T 15 J 10 T(596)- 423
Nor can you be partial HOST to it. T 15 T 15 J 10 T(596)- 423
ALL meaning. For He is Host to God. And you need T 15 K 2 T(597)- 424
ALREADY, by recognizing that His Host is One. And no thought T 15 K 2 T(597)- 424
No fear can touch the Host Who cradles God in the T 15 K 2 T(597)- 424
time of Christ. For the Host is as holy as the T 15 K 2 T(597)- 424
offers thanks to the holy host who would receive Him, and T 15 K 9 T(599)- 426
are one with Him, being host to Him Who created them T 15 K 9 T(599)- 426
but only a little. The host of God has called to T 16 C 7 T(606)433
6. You who are host to God, are also host T 16 D 6 T(609)436
host to God, are also host to THEM. For nothing real T 16 D 6 T(609)436
think thus: I who am host to God AM worthy of T 18 E 6 T(672)- 499
AGAINST him. This is the host of God that YOU have T 18 G 7 T(678)505
are THEY, now that the host of God has found another T 24 H 2 T(860)679
home, and battle with His host. Regard him gently. Look with T 26 J 1 T(928)754
the Living God rebuilt as host again to Him by Whom T 26 J 7 T(930)756
where He can find His host, nor where His host can T 29 C 5 T(994)820
His host, nor where His host can meet with Him. And T 29 C 5 T(994)820
are unworthy of Him Whose host you are. And thank Him W 45 L 9 W(80)
Son of God as worthy host? W 135 L 6 W 135 L 5 W(286)
Embodiment of fear, the host of sin, god of the W 163 L 2 W(356)
abide within you who are host to Him. This course removes W 165 L 7 W(363)